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Chapter 775: Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou.

His Name Shook the Five Regions!


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“Passive Points: 279,472.”

This was unexpected.

After finishing his awakening, he still had so many Passive Points left.

Xu Xiaoshou originally thought that he would lose all his underpants after his awakening.

However, after this seclusion, he obtained far more than he had imagined.

Level-up, lucky draw, awakening..

‘This wave of increase in combat strength was something that he had never dared to imagine before entering seclusion.

He felt that even if he relied solely on his own methods, as long as he didnt encounter a Path Level Sovereign (stage) , he would still be able to crush him with his comprehension of the Great Path.

Basically, he would be able to destroy him with a flip of his hand.

“The Dual Sovereigns Sect isnt a joke.”

“Furthermore, I still have so many passive techniques to protect my body…”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered to himself and began to think about the necessity of continuing to awaken.

It didnt seem very big

The three to four hundred thousand Passive Points that he had originally reserved were prepared for awakening a passive skill.

Now that the awakening had been brought forward.

‘An awakening skill had appeared out of over one hundred thousand.

He felt that he had used up all of his good luck.

If he were to take another gamble, he would either lose everything or awaken another skill that he didnt know the direction of.

He felt that the possibility of the former was even higher..

Previously, he had wanted to awaken bothTransformation andPerception.

However, since he had done it in advance, why didnt he take advantage of the fact that the system could not react in time to properly use the remaining Passive Points to level up and apply them to the Passive Skills, catching the system off guard

“two hundred and seventy thousand Passive Points, two stable Passive Skills for the Sovereign (stage) , or take a gamble on an unknown fate”

Xu Xiaoshou only hesitated for a moment before he made up his mind.

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Good luck would not favor a fool.

He had obtained enough from the lottery and awakening this time.

However, there were still two Passive Skills that he wanted to obtain at the Sovereign stage even though he had dragged it out until now.

“Agility” and “Sharpness”!

One would increase his reaction speed and movement speed in all aspects.

‘An attack-type Passive Skill that was not inferior to “Strengthen”.

He had wanted to try it for a long time.

What was the difference between the “Sharpnessof the Sovereign stage and the previous one.


Thinking too much was useless.

Xu Xiaoshou spent two hundred thousand Passive Points to buy a Level Three Skill Point.

“sharpness (Master (stage) Lv.1)

“Sharpness (Sovereign (stage) Lv.1)

“Agility (master (stage) Lv.1)”

“Agility (Sovereign (stage) Lv.1)”

‘There were no big changes.

After activating the Passive Skill, Xu Xiaoshou looked at his body from top to bottom.

With the “Strengthen” of the Sovereign stage, even if “Sharpness” was on the Sovereign (stage) , he didnt feel that there was anything special about it.

As for Agility, it was completely hidden.

Xu Xiaoshou looked tentatively into the distance.

This time, he didnt use “Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step”, but in an instant, he fell from the far east of the Yuan Mansion world to the far west.

“So Fast…”

He looked back in shock.

With his “Perception”, he could see that under the high speed of teleportation, the afterimages gradually disappeared and landed on the ground.

This was too fast!

Agility at the Sovereign stage was still a Passive Skill.

It did not seem like it was a movement spiritual technique that one had to take the initiative to use.

This meant that…

There were no restrictions.

Wherever he wanted to go, he would go!

“Theres alsoSharpness.

Lets try it too…”

With his thoughts in mind, Xu Xiaoshou put his two fingers together and gently slashed at the air.


Ablack line appeared.

With 10 Sections of the Finger Sword and the “Sharpness” of the Sovereign (stage) , he could actually cut open space with just his physical body.


Xu Xiaoshou was scared out of his wits.

He felt that even the sacred physique could not do this.

This was because the sacred physique was meant to activate bloodline power.

Its super strength was mainly displayed in its high defense and large-scale destruction.

Similar to cutting and single point damage, it was far from being comparable to his “Sharpness” and Finger Sword.

But it could also be because he was ignorant..

After all, he had not seen many sacred physique and did not know the uses of the various sacred physique.

However, Xu Xiaoshou felt that his “Sharpness”and “Strength” alone were enough to create a sacred physique with special effects.

And this was what demi-saints descendant, Xu Deye, needed.


After strengthening himself to this point, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he was truly impeccable.

Before entering seclusion, he still had many weaknesses.

After entering seclusion, these weaknesses were infinitely reduced, and his own strength was infinitely magnified.

“I still have 70,000 passive points…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the remaining passive points and pondered for a moment before choosing to give it his all.

He spent 30,000 to exchange for an Awakening Stone.

“awakening failed!”

He spent another 40,000 to exchange for the Passive Key.

Crab, crab, thank you for your patronage*4.

Four consecutive kneels!

He didnt even get another “Spoonful”!

“As expected…”

Xu Xiaoshous mouth twitched, and his expression changed slightly.

His good luck was indeed squeezed dry.

“Passive Points: 9,472.”

If he rounded it up, the remaining number was equivalent to zero.

He couldnt do anything.

At this point, the millions of Passive Points were finally used up by him.

And this time, Xu Xiaoshous Yuan Mansion seclusion had improved by more than a little.

“Its time to go out…”

He calculated the time.

He had stayed in Yuan Mansion for too long.

It would probably be one or two days.

Ninety-nine percent of the time was spent on comprehending the expertise Passive Skills.

In the past, he didnt need such a large amount of time to level up.

But comprehending the Way of the Heavens was like cultivating in the mountains.

Fortunately, he didnt close his eyes and the time passed in the blink of an eye.

Otherwise, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he would cry himself to death after coming out of seclusion.

The wonderful world is still waiting for me!

“Lwonder what kind of transformation the outside world has undergone over the past two days…”

Finally, he looked at the Passive Skill bar and reviewed the results of his seclusion.

Xu Xiaoshous figure gradually disappeared from the world of Yuan mansion.

Fundamental Passive Skills:

Breathing technique (Master (stage) Lv.1)

Eternal vitality (sovereign (stage) Lv.1)

High Spirits (sovereign (stage) Lv.1)

Extended Passive Skills:

Strengthen (Sovereign (stage) Lv.1)– Raging Giant!

Recoil (Master (stage) Lv.1) — Exploding Posture

Agility (Sovereign (stage) Lv.1) — Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step

Perception (Sovereign (stage) Lv.1)

Transformation (Master (stage) Lv.


Stealth (Sovereign (stage) Lv.

1) — Vanishing Technique

Sharpness (sovereign (stage) Lv.

1) ~- Close-bounds Force Field

Toughness (Master (stage) Lv.


Transformation (Sovereign (stage) Lv.1) — Feast

Expertise Passive Skill:

Sword Technique Expertise (Sovereign (stage) Lv.


Cooking Expert (Sovereign (stage) Lv.


Weaving Expertise (Sovereign (stage) Lv.


Painting Expert (Sovereign (stage) Lv.


Status Passive Skills:

Swallow the Mountains and Rivers (Sovereign (stage) Lv.1)

special Passive Skills:

Passive Fist (charge point: 8.82%)

Disillusionment finger (charge point: 0%)

Dongtianwang City, dusk.

The afterglow of the sunset shone on the Sky City above the Imperial City, donning a golden scale armor on the ancient majestic city that was pulled out from the spatial fragment.

Below the Sky City.

The Dongtianwang City, which was covered by the ancient city, had already entered thenight quite some time ago.

To other places, it was currently dusk.

To the Dongtianwang City in the past few days, nearly two-thirds of the time in the day was dusk.

The rest was all night!

‘There was no day…

However, Spiritual Cultivator would only be surprised at the first moment.

After that, it didnt matter.

In this bizarre world, there was no need to mention a city above the city.

Even if the sky really collapsed, it was still an acceptable thing.

People came and went on the streets.

There was an endless stream of customers in the small taverns.

‘The news that Sky City was about to descend on the Yunlun Mountain Range didnt even take two days.

In just half a day, even the other four regions outside of the eastern region received the news.

“foundational roots of Saint Ascension”

Just these four words were enough to make the leaders of the various factions go crazy.

The number of visitors to the Imperial City had increased dramatically over the past few days.

Even though there was a limit, the number of people staying in the Imperial City had increased by nearly a third.

In the world of Spiritual Cultivator.

Human nature hadnt been wiped out.

On the contrary, the characteristic of “good news” had been magnified infinitely.

“Did you hear Just yesterday, another wave of terrifying factions came to the Imperial City.

The Western Region, the Southern Region, the Northern Region, the Central Region, and even our Eastern Region… almost all the major factions with the ability to activate the teleportation portal of the five

regions immediately sent people over.”

“For the Sky City”

“Of course!”

“But didnt the Dongtianwang City issue a restriction order Anyone with cultivation level above the Sovereign (stage) has to go through a registration process.

Those with cultivation level above the Cutting Path (stage) and above are not allowed to enter.

Its even more impossible for them to enter the

higher void (stage) .”

“Hehe, these factions are all here to participate in the Imperial City Trial.”

“Huh The quota for the Imperial City Trial has long been set.

Even if its the heaven geomantic arena, there are only a few slots left in these few days.

Is it enough to compete”

“Of course its not enough, but that doesnt stop them from bringing their clan elders into the city!”! “As long as the name isI want to participate in the trial, even if its someone from other regions, the Dongtianwang City can not refuse to enter.

Otherwise, they will be punished by the Holy Palace.”

“Tunderstand now.

You pretended to participate in the Imperial City Trial for the sake of the foundational roots of Saint Ascension of the elders in the clan”

“shh! You better shut up.

Its good that you know these things in your heart.

Dont say it out loud.”

“Sigh, the geniuses of the Eastern Sky Realm are suffering now.

Previously, they only needed to compete with the geniuses of one world.

Now, it has turned into a competition with the geniuses of the five regions.

Can they compete with them”

“Tsk tsk, thats right, its tragic!”

The various stations and taverns spread such information almost all the time.

The foundational roots of Saint Ascension had great temptation.

It also happened to coincide with a crucial period like the Imperial City Trial, so a blatant excuse was given.

Even if the imperial city was unwilling to allow high-rank Spiritual Cultivator to enter, it was afraid of causing trouble.

But now that the rules were in place, it was time for others to take advantage of the loopholes in the rules.

At this moment, a group of red-clothed and white-clothed people flew over from the north.

They did not even have the slightest bit of cover as they flew directly into the Holy Divine Palace from the sky above the Imperial City.

The people of the Imperial City had seen this scene a few days ago.

But outsiders were different.

Red-clothed and white-clothed people were legends.

They were basically not seen on normal days.

Since when could these two large organizations mix together and fly in batches

“If Im not mistaken, the woman of the red-clothed people leading the group is Sword Deity Rao” Outside a certain tavern, someone was shocked.

Clearly, he recognized the origins of Seven Sword Deity, Rao Yaoyao.

“Thats right! The capitals pill-conducting alchemy and spiritual array trials are about to begin tomorrow.

This group of people should have come from the Yunlun mountain range.

I wonder if the matters there have been settled.”The person in the tavern waved with a smile.

“The Yunlun Mountains”The outsider clearly did not know much about them.

“Hehe, arent you all very curious as to why the Imperial City of the eastern sky realm is in such a state of disrepair Actually, it is precisely because of the great battle two days ago…”

The person in the tavern sighed.

‘The arena felt as though he had just escaped death when he thought of that tragic battle.

‘When he saw the geniuses from the five regions looking over, he could not help but puffed out his chest and described the scene from that day.

“You dont know how crazy that night was!”

“Seven Sword Deity, Rao Yaoyao, chief of the six divisions, Wang Dachui, Teng Shanhai, Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, storyteller, and even a swordsman who was close to the Seven Sword Deity, who was suspected to be the Eighth Sword Deity, as well as the ghost beast, were all blown out.”

“The Eighth Sword Deity” Some people were shocked.

Other names could be ignored, but no one dared to ignore this crucial point.

“The Eighth Sword Deity is not the most important…”

The person who started the story leaned against the bar counter and shook his head, as if he did not understand what was going on, he sighed and said, “The arena has begun.

The main character of this story has to start from an Innate (stage) junior who is on par with the Seven Sword Deity.”


Everyone was dumbfounded.

Someone who could fight against the Seven Sword Deity… an Innate (stage) junior


“Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou!””

A large group of people suddenly gathered in front of the counter of the Little Wine Pavilion.

They couldnt help but feel itchy and their curiosity was piqued.

“Tell me quickly, who is saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou Ive only heard of Saint Servants storyteller, and theres also a sleeveless… Xu Xiaoshou Saint Servant has nine seats.

Whats his rank”

“Speaking of this Xu Xiaoshou, his background is really big…”

The old man who was leaning against the counter suddenly paused and pointed at the empty seats in the tavern.

he shouted, “Everyone, sit down and listen!”

“Sit your mother, hurry up and tell me.

This f*cking story ends here.

Do you believe that I will chop you into pieces” Someone was indignant.

The old man chuckled, “Order a plate of peanuts, order a jar of wine, and listen to a story.

Doesnt it smell good”

This time, everyone was stunned and came to their senses.

“Old Thief!”

“Damn it, so youre the store manager!”

“F*ck, give me a jar of wine and two catties of beef, then hurry up.

Its best if you follow Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshous Saint Statue.

The last time I heard others talk about it, he said in the middle that he didnt dare to see what happened next.

Im so angry!”

“Saint Statue”

“Yes, yes! Just sit down and listen.

That Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, is amazing! With his Innate cultivation level, he withstood the Red Dust Sword from the Seven Sword Deity, Rao Yaoyao.

At that time, Im f*cking excited when I heard about it back then..”

“Thats called a surge of emotions, right” Someone weakly corrected him.

“Shut up!”

“Oh, oh, then continue”

The shop owner saw that this group of people were about to be pulled away by a customer, so he quickly called the waiter to let everyone sit down and continued his story.

In the past few days, just the grand story ofSaint servant, Xu Xiaoshou‘had already made the courier stations and taverns in the Imperial City rich.

How could they let others steal their business

“Customers, please sit down.

I will tell you a complete story.

The story takes place in the most dilapidated area of the southern city district.

There are also relics of a small tavern there.

How about this, I will tell you about it from the Spirit Gem Trade Fair!”

Just as he finished speaking.

Outside the tavern, a group of green-robed swordsmen passed by.

“Eldest senior brother, I seem to have heard someone talking about… Xu Xiaoshou”

“Eldest senior brother, second senior brother, I also seem to have heard someone talking about Xu Xiaoshou.

is he that Xu Xiaoshou from Tiansang City”

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Fortunately, my mind was firm and I persisted in updating! Xiaoshou gets out of isolation, go, go, go!


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