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There was a mistake in his breakthrough.

Actually,Situ Yong was not the only one who realized this.

Everyone in and out of the arena saw Xu Xiaoshous reaction after breaking through to Master (stage), all came to the same conclusion.

After all, a normal Master (stage) wouldnt be able to restrain their aura of path energy at all.

Moreover, Xu Xiaoshous aura of path energy was so pure that it was as if someone had taken away all the aura of path energy around him.

To be able to do this, it meant that Xu Xiaoshou had not returned to his original state, but only experience the phase of returning to his original state, but there was no transition to a high-level aura of path energy.

The scruffy-looking man landed beside Xu Xiaoshou and asked solemnly, “Did you have an accident during your breakthrough”

He was using telepathic communication.

Xu Xiaoshou was a little confused when he heard this.

What did he mean

However, he reacted in an instant.

This time, he had broken through to Master (stage).

Because the Passive System had swallowed his aura of path energy and that one million point, it had created the illusion that he had broken through forcefully.

In addition, his reaction to the “price increasing craze” had caused outsiders to misunderstand…

Xu Xiaoshou immediately wanted to reply “no problem” to ease the concern of the uncle, storyteller, and the others.

However, he changed his mind.

He was currently using Xu Xiaoshous identity.

There was also Young Master Xu at the fair.

The trial in Dongtianwang City could not be attended with the cultivation level of a Master (stage) .

Elder Sangs request, Bazhunans mission..

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Many, many!

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Would he be able to create a new path at the end of the day in such a complicated situation Would he be able to create a new heaven that the big shots of the various schemes could not see

Perhaps, it all depended on this.

Thus, Xu Xiaoshous expression tensed up.

Then, he returned to his usual calmness and said what he wanted to say.

It was at a very low voice.

It was said to the scruffy-looking man in a suppressed voice.

But of course, everyone could hear it.

“Dont worry, my breakthrough come naturally and theres no accidents at all!”

All the big shots suddenly fell silent.

At this moment, there were even people who had begun to use telepathic communication to intercept Xu Xiaoshous reply.

Because they knew what questions the scruffy-looking man would ask.

But no one had expected Xu Xiaoshou to respond so calmly, as if he was afraid that no one else could hear him, it was also as if he had a second meaning, “I know you guys want to intercept my telepathic communication, so Ill tell you all about it, as he said that “his breakthrough has no accidents.”

At this moment..

“Suspected, Passive Points 9999.”

The information bar popped up, and Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

As expected, this should have been provided by all the spiritual cultivators in the imperial city who were paying attention to the battle situation.

It was not purely red coat or white-clothed!

And this wave..

This wave was profiteering!

Xu Xiaoshou felt a little comforted in his heart.

This was exactly the kind of effect…

How could these people possibly guess Lord Xus true thoughts

If they could guess, then I, Xu Xiaoshou, will change my name to Zhou Tianshen!

“Theres really no accident.”

Faced with the uncles questioning gaze, Xu Xiaoshou seemed to be alerted this time.

He used telepathic communication to reply with a slightly bitter smile.

As for whether it was a bitter smile for the breaking through, or for the uncles disbelief, it was a matter of peoples different opinions.

However, when this sentence came out, the information bar shook once again.

“Suspected, Passive Points 423.”


Xu Xiaoshou immediately exclaimed this in his heart.

Although he had just become a Master (stage) and his cultivation level was very low, wasnt everyone showing him too little respect

After all, Im still the Saint Servants Xu Xiaoshou!

How come there were more than 400 of them blocking the telepathic communication openly

At this moment, the uncle saw that the Saint Statue Nine Dragons Burning the Ancestor behind Xu Xiaoshou was already showing signs of dying after a series of battles.

He immediately said, “Xu Xiaoshou, you should retreat and consolidate your cultivation level first.

Leave the rest to me.”

Xu Xiaoshou was touched.

This was great!

As expected, if he wanted to live in this world, he would have to have the support of a big tree to live more happily, right

He did not try to be brave.

Master (stage) to Sword Deity.

To be honest, there was not much of a difference between Innate (stage) to Sword Deity.

These were all ants in Rao Yaoyaos eyes.

At most, they had broken through and become a little stronger.

But it was just an extra sword move!

Although at this moment, Xu Xiaoshou still did not understand why Rao Yaoyao could bypass the Saint Statue and cast the Red Dust Sword at him without suffering the backlash of the Holy Power.

But now, he wanted to put him, who just broke through, into the back of the battle.

That was because the reason of why he made such a big commotion tonight wasnt to fight, nor was it to earn Passive Points.

It was to help the people from the First Pavilion in the Sky to successfully escape from the trade fair.

The kind of escape that was justified!

“Uncle, come on.

Kill that Sword Deity and youll be the new one.

I think you can do it.” Xu Xiaoshou encouraged him and chose to retreat.

The uncle couldnt help but laugh.

At this moment, everyones attention finally returned to the previous scene when Xu Xiaoshou escaped from the Red Dust Sword and broke through to the Master (stage) .

“great buddha chop…”

Some of the spectators murmured in their hearts.

When the main characters of the battle were handed back to the uncle and Rao Yaoyao, an equilibrium appeared on both sides.

Everyone couldnt help but think of an illusory figure.

It was an image that they had never seen before, but had already used countless myths and legends in their minds to describe it.

And at this moment.

This mythical image in everyones mind leaped up and completely overlapped with the scruffy-looking man who was carrying a sack in the sky.

Although it was somewhat unsightly..

That form of the great buddha chop seemed to have already announced something to everyone.


Rao Yaoyao paused for a long time.

Indeed, she didnt want to make things difficult for the juniors.

She only spoke hesitantly to the scruffy-looking man.

Before this, she was able to pay attention to the battle situation in the Central Zone.

However, the uncle didnt use any special moves.

At most, his attire would be that of a Bazhunan imitator.

However, that great buddha chop was related to the Fantasy Sword Technique and the Heart Sword Technique.

Bazhunan imitator could be proficient… yes, he wasproficient, but they were not meant to befamiliarwith these two sword techniques.

Moreover, to even even materialize them into sword moves and use the great buddha chop.

It didnt exceed..

The number of palm strikes!

Rao Yaoyaos words were directed at everyone in the entire Shengshen Continent!

Therefore, when one of the Seven Sword Deity, Rao Yaoyao, asked this question, all the spiritual cultivator and swordsman in the Imperial City instantly went into a frenzy.


“God! He really is him!”

“I knew it! The moment this guy appeared and soared into the air, I felt that his appearance was so strange.

It must be that person!”

“Tsk, didnt you say that this person was pretending to be Bazhunan and had no form or spirit He was even carrying that big sack thats so embarrassing.

Now that the Sword Deity suspects so you changed your words the moment the great buddha chop was unleashed”

“Just now What just now I was sleeping just now.”



This huge battle tonight eventually would let hose innocent people who were hiding did not even bother to pretend to be asleep.

They all went out to the streets and stayed up all night to observe.

After all, the battle for the Sovereign (stage) was already rare.

The battle for the higher void (level) was even more of a fantasy in this usually peaceful Dongtianwang City.

The most terrifying thing was that tonights battle was essentially one between an Innate (stage) with a Holy Statue on his head, torturing the higher void (level) ..

— a rare scene in a hundred years!

“Why does a name even matter”

In the void, faced with Rao Yaoyaos doubts, the uncle chose to give an ambiguous answer.

He spoke with a faint smile and spread out his hands.

Everyone already felt that they didnt need to hear the name.

They just needed to look at his hands to match the legend with reality.

Rao Yaoyao stared at Bazhunan, and her eyes still filled with shock and doubt.

If this was Bazhunan, he was about to explode and have a huge battle with her.

She couldnt hold on!

Rao Yaoyao knew that it would be difficult for her to hold on, but Bazhunan definitely wouldnt feel good either.

This was because according to the intelligence, Bazhunan was currently seriously injured.

If he were to face the Cang Godhood Sword again, he would definitely die.

But if this wasnt Bazhunan..

Back in the White Cave, Gou Wuyue had led a team of white-clothed people over and personally witnessed the rebirth of Bazhunan.

The battle scenes in the Eighth Palace were also transmitted back to the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace through the Divine Secret.

However, he had never personally experienced the aura of Bazhunan, who had returned to the world decades later.

The only person who had seen Bazhunan was Gou Wuyue.

Everyone else had died as well.

It was cruel but realistic.

However, Rao Yaoyao really couldnt recognize the person in front of her.

Could it be real

“Alright, lets pretend that you are Bazhunan…”

Rao Yaoyao spoke at this moment.

Her beautiful eyes flickered as she tried to follow her train of thought.

However, suddenly, her ears twitched and her expression changed.

She asked in a cold voice, “You are not Bazhunan! Why are you siding with the Saint Servant Arent you afraid that your faction will be investigated by the white-clothed !”

The certainty in her voice was so strong that even Xu Xiaoshou, who had been gathering strength in the backfield, could tell that she was certain.

Someone must have passed on some information to Rao Yaoyao at this moment, which made her completely calm down.

But who could it be

Xu Xiaoshou didnt understand.

Those who had seen the real Bazhunan in the Eighth Palace were all dead.

Gou Wuyue wasnt the leader this time either.

She had disappeared without a trace.

Moreover, the Sword Deity of the first generation would not send telepathic communication in secret, but would only stand out openly.

Therefore, the person who sent the telepathic communication could not be him.

Then, who could be so sure that the scruffy-looking man in front of him, the fake Bazhunan who Xu Xiaoshou could only rely on theSword Observation Manual to confirm his identity, was a fake

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the sky in shock.

Although the power of his Saint Statue was rapidly depleting, he still had it.

His Saint Consciousness was powerful.

The entire Dongtianwang City was in a state of flux, and all sorts of variables were under his control.

However, he was unable to find any results.

The arena seemed to be filled with a faint feeling that there was still one last person who had not appeared in this battle.

That person had been watching the entire battle of the Imperial City from the shadows, recording, plotting, and brewing something.

He was like a real chess player behind the scenes.

The chess pieces could not see through him.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly thought of the torrential rain that was getting heavier and heavier earlier.

The torrential rain in the Imperial City had started for no reason.

It was easy for Xu Xiaoshou, who was in a precarious position, to associate it with Yu Lingdi, the Spirit Division Chief.

However, the problem was that Yu Lingdi had already been killed by Elder Sang.

Even Gou Wuyue had that kind of reaction and helpless look at that time.

It was impossible for Yu Lingdi to survive.

Therefore, this rain, at most, was the higher void (level) that triggered the Way of the Heavens, and the rules were affected by sadness and joy.

The rain fell as the heavens wept.

The ones who wept were innocent people.

However, other than this, Xu Xiaoshou really could not think of anyone else who could control Rao Yaoyaos thoughts and make her believe so firmly.

This scruffy-looking man, not Bazhunan!

The clouds dispersed and the rain disappeared.

At this time, the weather was clear and the sky was slightly bright.

The rainstorm had long since been swept away by the Holy Power and the infernal white flame after Xu Xiaoshous Dragon Melting Realm exploded.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the sky and thought about it.

He felt that he could not think about it anymore.

If the uncle and Rao Yaoyao really came into a fight, it would really be a chaotic battle between the mobs and thejustified force.

At that time, if he still could not rescue the people from the First Pavilion in the Sky, then it would really be too late.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou began to put aside his thoughts and continued to cultivate his unstable state.

His thoughts were different from others.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he needed a great ceremony to enter the arena of the Master (stage) .

The ceremony would burn the last power of the Holy Statue and bring an end to the arrangement of the various big shots in Dongtianwang City.

Then, he would save the First Pavilion in the Sky from the brink of collapse.

The energy reserve in his hand was empty.

Xu Xiaoshou stood in midair.

After the confrontation between the uncle and Rao Yaoyao were formed, under thestealth effect, the Passive System swallowed the Heaven and Earth Path Energy around his body, the Aura in his body could no longer be exposed to the spiritual senses of others, and it began to crazily compress the Spiritual Source…

The power of the Infernal Original Seed and the Three Days Frozen Calamity was activated…

The power of the Holy Statue was extracted.

It looked like it was self-weakening, but in fact, it was because of Xu Xiaoshous sudden madness..

His body began to spasm.

His cells began to tremble.

It was not until the destructive aura in his body, which had suddenly changed after adding the Holy Power, could no longer be suppressed that a faint power of the Great Paths destruction spread out from his pores.


The uncle and Rao Yaoyao, who were in the middle of a confrontation, suddenly realized something.

At the same time, the storyteller turned around in surprise and looked at Xu Xiaoshou.

“Whats the situation”

Mei Siren was hiding in the Way of the Heavens far away from the street.

He had long been discovered by Rao Yaoyao, but if he didnt make a move, it meant that he had no position and no one would care about him.

At this moment, he was also frightened by Xu Xiaoshous aura.

“This is…”

Yu Zhiwen was at the back of the battlefield, and her gaze never left Xu Xiaoshou.

When this destructive power appeared, she immediately recalled all the classic scenes from Xu Xiaoshou in the White Cave.

The shocking explosion when the Flame Python was born..

The shocking explosion after the interweaving of ice and fire in the Spirit Fusion Swamp…

The world-shaking explosion when the world of the storyteller in the Lijian Grassland collapsed..

And the final explosion in the White Cave!

Why was this smell so familiar

Yu Zhiwens starry eyes suddenly widened as she realized something.

She stared blankly at the Saint Statue on Xu Xiaoshous body that was rapidly weakening and about to dry up.

She suddenly realized that what this guy was going to do next..

Saint level explosion!

“Run –”

Yu Zhiwen immediately shouted.

Detonate the Holy Power and ignite the entire Imperial City

This was something that no one would do.

But if his name was Xu Xiaoshou, it was very uncertain.

This move, Xu Xiaoshou was definitely going to have the red-clothed and white-clothed people to struggle with the next shocking explosion.

And this explosion, perhaps Xu Xiaoshous original intention was not to kill innocent people.

But if the Holy Divine Palace did not deal with it properly, Xu Xiaoshou would really become a scourge of that world!


Something did not seem right..

When she thought of this, Yu Zhiwen even felt that her brain was in a knot.

Why did Xu Xiaoshou have to be judged by the Holy Divine Palace on whether he was a scourge

And to prevent Xu Xiaoshou from really harming innocent people, it seemed that the Holy Divine Palace had no choice but to take this saint-level explosion head-on

This was very Xu Xiaoshou!

Almost at the moment when Yu Zhiwen shouted that sentence at Rao Yaoyao.

All the white-clothed and red-clothed people realized that something was wrong.

Everyone suddenly pounced over from all directions.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou also raised his eyes in shock.

On each of his ten fingers, ten pitch-black, high-pressure energy points that were vibrating at high speeds and could easily cut through space appeared.

These energy points contained Holy Power.

Saint Seeds on All Five Fingers

“Uncle, Stop Rao Yaoyao.”

Xu Xiaoshou said to the scruffy-looking man who was also looking at him with a shocked expression.

He stopped this guy from trying to escape first.

Then, he ignored all the red coat and white-clothed people who were pouncing on him.

He looked down at the entire Dongtianwang City that was enveloped by the Holy Will.

Since the Holy Divine Palace had treated me, Xu Xiaoshou, as a member of the Dark Fraction, and were going after me with all their might.

Since I, Xu Xiaoshou, had used the name of the Dark Factions Saint Servant as the prefix for my name.

Then tonight, I will be a complete villain, a devil who will stop at nothing!

This explosion.

Is dedicated to those who truly need protection.

Is dedicated to this world where the concept of black and white has already been mixed up.

And to those who were truly behind the scenes, those who couldnt be seen, but were forever act like chess players who could create a could with one flip of a hand and produce rain with another.

Xu Xiaoshou crazily drained the last bit of the Holy Statues power.

He used the absolute suppressive power of the Holy Image against the Holy Statue to the extreme.

Then, he gathered the ten “Ice and Fire Saint Seeds”at his fingertips and waved his hand in the air.

Ten black lines shot out of the light.

They looked like the casual strokes of a painter, but they embellished the most beautiful stroke in the sky.

At that moment.

The sky broke into dawn.

The sun rose.

Previously, in the dark night, it was the White Flame that symbolized light fighting each other.

Now that day had arrived, it was the pitch-black Ice and Fire Saint Seed that was guiding the light.

The Ice and Fire Saint Seed that exploded first in the Nine Heavens and turned into countless black raindrops that fell down from the sky looked like a flowing graupel.

It was elegant and moving.

Time seemed to have slowed down.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou, who saw the black raindrops colour the sky, felt like a clown from another world.

The difference was that he was not as sick as the clown.

But this so-called other world needed urgent treatment!

“The Dongtianwang City tonight, shall have a grand fireworks display as the final baptism.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled as he faced the numerous red-clothed and white-clothed people pouncing on him and dispersing.

He spread out his hands, and then with a pop, his figure completely disappeared into the void, leaving only the last lingering sound.

“Wash away the delicate splendor, and fade into the dust!


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