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Master (stage) !

Heavenly Image!

With the support of the power of the Saint Statue.

Xu Xiaoshou broke through to the Master (stage) of the Heavenly Image State during this battle.

It could be said that he had ruthlessly swept away the aura of the higher void and Sword Deity.

However, there wasnt much time for everyone to be shocked.

They saw that Xu Xiaoshous aura of the Great Path to the Master was suddenly swallowed up by some unknown energy.

It was gone!

There was no aura of path energy around him anymore.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was even more like an ordinary person who had returned to his original state, compared to his Innate (stage)Stealth.

“Passive points: 2861,180.”

This was the total amount of passive points that Xu Xiaoshou had accumulated after the entire battle, witnessed by all the Spiritual Cultivator in Dongtianwang City.

What others did not know was why Xu Xiaoshous aura of path energy had disappeared after his breakthrough.

Xu Xiaoshou knew everything about it!

All of this was due to that damn Passive System.

As expected, the Passive System that had killed his aura after his breakthrough was active in the information bar.

“Upgrading of Passive System] , do not disturb!”

[Watched, Passive Points 4,233]

[In Awe, Passive Points 864]


“Congratulations, [Passive System] upgrade successful!”

[Unlocked New Module, Evolution Tree! ]

[Acquired Special Passive Skill, Disillusionment Finger! ]

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[Surprised, Passive Points, 6,211]

[Watched, Passive Points 1,152]


“Passive Points: 1,867,446.”

The sharply reduced Passive Points stunned Xu Xiaoshou for a moment.

A second ago, he was still immersed in the joy of the Passive System finally being upgraded again.

He remembered that the last upgrade had to date back to a few months ago, right

After this upgrade, as expected, special items like “Awakening Pool”and “Passive Fist”appeared again.


The next second, Xu Xiaoshou saw the row of numbers below the information bar that belonged to the Passive Points, and he went crazy!

From 2.8 million to 1.8 million

Damn it, the last time the system upgraded, it had swallowed three of his Innate Elemental Power for no reason.

This time, it was even worse.

He, Xu Xiaoshou, had accumulated so many Passive Points.

wasnt it so that after he breakthrough, he could use all his Passive Skills to reach the Sovereign stage

However, this damned system had swallowed one million of his Passive Points!

“One million…”

Xu Xiaoshou staggered in mid-air.

His breakthrough aura and the Saint Statue were enough to suppress the magnificence of the higher void (level).

Before he could leave a deep impression in the hearts of the people in the city, he almost fell into the ground due to this stupid system.


He didnt have the Innate Elemental Power to take, yet the Passive Points were eaten up

One million…

That was a figure that he could only earn by putting his life on the line and grandstanding to the extreme!

The battle was tough, and the situation was critical.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt have much time to complain in his heart.

Soon, his mind turned to the new special Passive Skill that he paid the most attention to.

“Disillusionment Finger: Spiritual Counterattack.”

“Disillusionment Finger: when receiving a Spiritual Attack, it will increase the charge point.

Every 1% increase in charge point can trigger theSpiritual Awakening technique to break the mind control and choose whether to cast Disillusionment Finger”.

“A person can not always be hallucinated.

Sometimes, he needs to take the initiative to attack.

When it gets intolerable.

theres no need to endure anymore!”

“Disillusionment Finger (charge point: 0.00%)(Evolvable)”

Seeing this, Xu Xiaoshou fell into a deep silence.

After a long while, he cursed in his heart.

“What a good skill!”

“But, can you come out a little earlier”

“Do you know that in the days when you werent around, when I was facing those almighty experts who completed Enlightenment, I was tormented by Spiritual Attacks until I broke down…”

Special Passive Skill, Disillusionment Finger.

As well as the special Passive Skill that appeared the last time, Passive Fist.

Xu Xiaoshou finally understood a little.

One resisted the physical attack, and the other resisted the spiritual ones.

The Passive System truly deeply explained the Passive Path.

One would either die in the Passive Path, or grow in it, resist, and kill the enemy eventually.

It was simply just like the nameXu Xiaoshou.

It was all forced!

It was only after going through everything that there was a counterattack!

“Damn it…”

Xu Xiaoshou was pleasantly surprised that he did not bother with such small details as he obtained a special Passive Skill that was the type of Spiritual Counterattack.

After entering the Imperial City, he fought head-on with the expert above the Sovereign (stage) .

He had just begun to understand that these fellows who had comprehended the Way of the Heavens, sometimes those Spiritual Attacks were really just a casual trigger of the Way of the Heavenss control.

He, Xu Xiaoshou, was unable to withstand it entirely because he was an Innate (stage).

He had yet to comprehend the Way of the Heavens, so he was still far from being able to deal with damages and defend against Spiritual Attacks.

But now, it was different!

Disillusionment Finger…

Xu Xiaoshou pondered, and he noticed a small detail.

“Disillusionment Finger.t (charge point: 0.00%)(Evolvable)”

As expected, the passive system shamelessly did not take into account the fantasy realm attacks, bewitching, and manipulation that he had suffered previously, but this was not important.

What was important was that this special Passive Skill, Disillusionment Finger, had a brand new suffix at the end — evolvable.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his attention to another special Passive Skill:

“Passive Fist (charge point: 8.82%)(Evolvable)”

As expected…

This evolution was suitable for all special Passive Skills.

Roughly, this time, the systems awakening brought about a new thing similar to the Awakening Pool — the Evolution Tree.


Xu Xiaoshou looked at the charge point of the Passive Fist and fell into deep thought.

He remembered that the Passive Fist, which had not accumulated much power before, had been wiped out by him.

And then, he had only received one attack from Teng Shanhais Xiao Divine Spear…

One attack!

At that time, he had Holy Power to protect his body, and he also had 聖道Enlightenment.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou used the Sleeveless, Red Scorched Hand to receive the Xiao Divine Spear.

However, his body was completely shattered by the Xiao Divine Spear.

The pain disappeared the moment his body was shattered.

In the next second, he was completely healed by Holy Power.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou didnt know that the power of the Xiao Divine Spears strike was so terrifying!

If he didnt have the protection of Holy Power at that time, he would have been blown into pieces by the Chief of the Combat Division

Higher Void (level) ..

It was indeed disgusting!

He thought for a moment and returned to the new module of the Evolution Tree.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the other Passive Skills, but none of them had the suffix “Evolvable”.

He suddenly understood.

The last time the Awakening Pool appeared, only the extended Passive Skills could be awakened.

This time the Evolution Tree appeared, only the special Passive Skills could evolve.

As for the special Passive Skills, he only had two..

Was it a loss


Xu Xiaoshou did not feel that it was a loss.

He had long experienced the terror of the Passive Fist.

He had never used the Disillusionment Finger before, but through the introduction, he already understood the terror of it.

Before these two had evolved, they both had such terrifying effects.

If they really evolved, what kind of destructive power would it have

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt even imagine what kind of special Passive Skill this Evolution Tree could give him.

So he looked at the other part of the Passive System.

There, other than the foggy, unclear, stupid lottery wheel, and the resentful Awakening Pool that requires 10,000 Passive Point to play one-time ducks and drakes, which may eventually be a real ducks and drakes, there was another tree.

It was a very bald tree with two forks.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the store.

There was one more item in the store.

“Evolution Water (buy: 1,000,000 Passive Points)”

Xu Xiaoshou:

He was stunned.

Then, he used his spiritual senses to materialize his hand, wiped his eyes, and looked over again.

“Evolution Water (buy: 1,000,000 Passive Points)”

Xu Xiaoshou:”! ! !”

What the F * ck..

At this moment, he almost cursed!

Raising a tree and watering it once cost 1,000,000

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous worldview exploded.

He felt that this damned system had once again refreshed his understanding of the word “greedy”.

This isnt just “greedy”, is it

You should be called “Greedy the Cat Spirit”, right

So, Greedy the White Cat Spirit is the entity of your Passive System, right

At a certain moment, Xu Xiaoshou even had the intention to pick up Greedy the White Cat Spirit and give it a good thrashing, until he realized that he was a little resentful…

“Watering with Evolution Water once, the Evolution Tree bears fruit once, and the Evolution Fruit can be used to evolve special Passive Skills”

Xu Xiaoshou understood the way to play the Evolution Tree in his mind.

Then, he fell into a sighing state.

Looking at the remaining 1,800,000 Passive Points, he once again possessed Mu Zixi and began to curse this damned Passive System.

Eaten up my 1,000,000 Passive Points!

The remaining 1,800,000 was not even enough to evolve the two special Passive Skills on the spot!

If this was not a scam, then what was

Yes, there were also Skill Point and Passive Key…

Thinking of these rich people who ate meat without spitting out bones and would inadvertently grind all the Passive Points, Xu Xiaoshous liver trembled again as he carefully looked at the other items in the store.

“Tier 1 Skill Point: 1,000 Passive Points.”

“Tier 2 Skill Point: 5,000 Passive Points.”

“Tier 3 Skill Point: 10,000 Passive Points.”

“Passive Key: 10,000 Passive Points.”

“Awakening Stone: 30,000 Passive Points.”


At the physical level as there are bystanders watching, and to save his face, Xu Xiaoshou steadied himself.

However, in terms of his soul, the moment he saw the series of numbers, Xu Xiaoshou began to spurt out blood, lots of, lots of blood until it could not be spurted out anymore.

The price had risen!

All of them had risen in price!

The appearance of a Tier 3 Skill Point could be said to be the only thing that Xu Xiaoshou was not surprised about.

He even felt that the price tag was too low, something that did not conform to the systems nature.

The price of the Passive Key also rose, and even rose to 10,000.

Although he wasnt mentally prepared, when the system upgraded, the price of the Passive Key had risen once after all, so Xu Xiaoshou could understand.

Awakening Stone

What the f*ck does the system upgrade have to do with your Awakening Pool Why did you raise the price

Previously, 10,000 was already killing people.

Now, 30,000 wasnt just killing people, it was also killing hearts!

Breaking through to Master (stage).

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was filled with regret.

He truly realized that he was wrong.

Perhaps, he wouldnt be able to accumulate Passive Points from the start.

Instead, he would have to spend all of these Passive Points at the Innate Stage.

At most, he would leave a million for the system to upgrade and swallow..

At the very least, the other party returned the favor and spat out aDisillusionment Finger.

One million for one Disillusionment Finger.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt feel that it was a loss.

However, the price of the Awakening Stone had risen along with it.

Xu Xiaoshou had really been impressed by that and It was the kind that made his scalp tingle.

Disgusting people, not paying with their lives!

Damned stupid system!

Central Zone, within the battle area.

Everyone presenting watched the most eye-catching young man in the sky, with a peerless aura, forcefully broke through to Master (stage) under the Sword Deity Rao Yaoyaos sword strike!

Everyone gasped in shock.

However, this shock couldnt even last for three breaths of time.

The face of the young man in the sky suddenly turned white, then green, then purple..

In the end, he was completely immersed in the dark face mode.

There wasnt much time, only a few breaths of time.

However, when the young man in the sky opened his eyes to look at the world again, everyone felt that the temperament on his body had changed!

It is a greedy, selfish, the kind thats filled with “I want, I want, I want all”.

People didnt know what this guy wants

Money, maybe Spirit Crystal

But it doesnt matter.

Importantly, this strange temperament was also mixed with a terrible desire of desire, that was brought out by the Red Dust Sword and came out after the rage of breaking out the situation, which required some kills to vent.



Vent, vent, vent again!

At this moment, what everyone could see from Xu Xiaoshou was this thing.

Yu Zhiwen rushed over from the Southern District and even used the Divine Secret.

At the end, she stopped outside of the battle.

Because at this time, Xu Xiaoshou didnt need her help at all.

He had even broken through to Master (stage) .


“How could this side of him be shown to everyone”Yu Zhiwens heart was filled with suspicion.

In her impression, although Xu Xiaoshou did sometimes become someone like that, it was only when he was alone that he became like this.

Was he forcefully breaking through to Master (stage) , creating a problem and having nowhere to deflate

Very quickly, Yu Zhiwen denied all of this.

No one knew better than her how terrifying Xu Xiaoshous foundation was.

If it werent for the suppression of his cultivation level, he would go beyond Master (stage) and even Master Heavenly Image State.

“There was an accident when he broke through!”

Situ Yong caught up from the side, but he said firmly.

At this moment, Situ Yong looked at Xu Xiaoshous unnatural reaction in the distance.

He was secretly pleased and continued to mock,

“Without the path energy of a Master… This is too funny.

How can he be considered a Master (stage) ”

“If he hadnt forcefully broken through to the Heavenly Image State of a Master (stage) in front of everyone, Im afraid that when the higher void (level) descended, everyone would think that this fellow is at most an Innate (stage) .”

“Also, forcefully breaking through to the Master (stage) and losing the Way of the Heavens…”

“This is all he will be able to do for the rest of his life.”

Turning his head and looking at Yu Zhiwen, even though Situ Yong was a calm person, he couldnt hide his excitement at this moment, “Xu Xiaoshou has no future!”

“Shut up.”

Yu Zhiwen could not bear it anymore and turned around to scold him.

Situ Yong:

His face turned green.

Yu Zhiwen obviously realized that she was being too harsh, she added to explain, “I have fought with Xu Xiaoshou… before.

He is very powerful.

It is unlikely that he is like what senior brother just said.

If you want to be his opponent, it is best not to underestimate him.”

Situ Yongs expression was better now, but it was still very unpleasant.

The phrase “shut up” kept echoing in his mind.

He realized that perhaps Xu Xiaoshous, this guy, had already deeply rooted in junior sisters heart.

Even though he had been paying attention to his words, this time, he still accidentally touched the forbidden area.

And to dig the roots, he had to start from the side…

At that moment, Situ Yong restrained his expression and nodded indifferently, “Of course, senior brother understands this very well.”


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