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“Where am I”

Waking up from the darkness, Xu Xiaoshou looked at the white room in a daze.

He remembered that he was in Dongtianwang City, in the Central Zone, and he was even teasing one of the Seven Sword Deity, Rao Yaoyao.

In the next second, Rao Yaoyao pulled out her sword, and he turned into this ghastly appearance.

Reality proved that the Seven Sword Deity couldnt handle any teasing…

“Secular Sword”

It seemed that even when he was unconscious, all the information that came from the divine senses could be fed back into Xu Xiaoshous spiritual world.

As for Rao Yaoyaos sword, it didnt need to be said by outsiders.

After personally experiencing it, Xu Xiaoshou knew what this sword was about.

Nine major sword techniques, relation sword technique, Secular Sword!

The Secular Sword is capable of cutting through the seven emotions and six desires and breaking the will of a human.

Xu Xiaoshou had already asked Bazhunan about all the basic information of the nine major sword techniques.

The other party didnt teach him much, but he had a clear understanding of the concept.

Among the nine major sword techniques, there were also different realms.

Altogether, there were eighteen realms.

In every sword technique, there would be the first and second realms.

However, only the relation sword technique had the third realm, while the hidden sword technique only had the first realm.

This realm was similar to what the Upanishad would comprehend after reaching the final stage of sovereignty.

Therefore, it was extremely rare and difficult for ordinary people to comprehend.

And the Sword Rao Yaoyao used against him was the first realm of the relation sword technique, the Secular sword.

Xu Xiaoshou was trapped in the Secular world and only had the holy power to feed him.

He could wake up from time to time.

Naturally, he knew.

After the Secular Sword passed, he could not withstand the trial of truth-seeking and quickly aged.

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Furthermore, when he was not capable of turning the situation around, it felt as if the Secular Sword was going to end him, making him walk to the end of his life.

In the end, the image of the world changed and he fell into this white world.


“Whats going on”

Xu Xiaoshou tried to get up.

He found that he was lying down, and then he struggled…

He couldnt get up!

His body was weak but his mind was active.

It was almost like he was in a vegetative state.

He could only use his soul to peep at this small white room.

At this moment, he thought of something, and Xu Xiaoshou was covered in sweat.

“A ward”

The scene in front of him was very similar to the ward in his previous life.

It was a gray art that used a monotonous color like white to describe the despair of the world and the loneliness of people.

It was an extreme art!

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but tremble.


“Thats not right.”

“Its not transmigration…”

At that moment, Xu Xiaoshou even felt that he had transmigrated back to reality.

The experience on the Shengshen continent was just a dream.

But he was soon certain that it wasnt!

Because in this white room, no white-clothed demon would open his heart to him and talk about the strange and bizarre emotional world outside that didnt belong to him, Xu Xiaoshou.

There was only silence.

Xu Xiaoshous spirit moved, and his sharp senses sensed something strange.

In the white wall, there were three swords leaning against it.

Two black swords and a fiery red sword.

“Hidden Bitter, Fourth sword, Flame Python!”

Xu Xiaoshou was overjoyed.

With these three things, it proved that he was currently in the fantasy realm of the enemy.

His body was still in the Shengshen continent.

“Hum –”

At this moment, two of the three swords in the corner of the wall didnt move at all.

Seeing that Xu Xiaoshou had noticed it, Hidden Bitter straightened its back in excitement.

Then, it jumped up high and arrived on top of Xu Xiaoshous head.

It began to twist.

It was twisting rapidly like a black water snake.

The whole sword was twisted so badly that it looked like a cheap sword.

Moreover, Xu Xiaoshou could clearly feel that Hidden Bitter was extremely passionate as if the two of them could talk to each other face to face.

“Youre here”

“Eh, you cant move.

Why Is it like this Its so tragic…”

“Look at me, I can move!”

“Ill twist, Ill twist…”

Xu Xiaoshou stayed quiet.

He was speechless for a moment.

However, his fear was greatly diluted by Hidden Bitters comedic actions.

Xu Xiaoshou tried to communicate with Hidden Bitter using his spirit, just like how he used to hold a sword, and the two of them communicated telepathically.

“Where is this”

The room trembled.

His spirit spread through the air in the form of ripples.

Then, Hidden Bitter got very close in surprise.

It used its sword body to touch Xu Xiaoshous forehead, which he could not resist at all, and transmitted a very confusing emotion.


Xu Xiaoshou could keenly sense that this idiot was using the human method to see if he had a fever…

But clearly.


This answer made Hidden Bitter sink into deep thought.

“Stop fooling around.

Where is this place” Xu Xiaoshou became serious.

Hidden Bitter was stumped by the question and fell into hesitation.

The sword body began to stop twisting.

It was as if it had encountered a need to use a limited amount of knowledge to explain the most basic and difficult concept of the basic world.

In other words, it was using human language to explain the essence of a phenomenon that was recognized by the public but was completely ignored in normal times.

After a long time, Hidden Bitter had an answer.

He trembled slightly and answered tentatively,


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

At this moment, his soul trembled.

Under Rao Yaoyaos sword, all the experiences he had experienced in the mortal world came one after another.

In the end, Xu Xiaoshou came to a realization.

The fear in his heart was gone and he was completely relieved.


As he muttered softly, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly laughed bitterly.


This was “Home”.

This was the final step of the secular worlds experience.

At the end of his life, he experienced endless loneliness, an empty “Home” that belonged solely to him.

The end of a lifetime.

However, what was different from the others was this.

Xu Xiaoshou had two lives in the mortal world!

In this second life, the way he lived was exactly what all the spiritual cultivators who had been struck by the sword would experience after reaching the end of their life in the first life…

Merciless, unlustful, unimpeachable.

Neither angry nor mad, neither happy nor sad.

In short.

At the end of the great path, other than death and returning all the gifts of life, there was only eternal life and the endless loneliness that accompanied eternal life.


Xu Xiaoshou had completed his death in the first world of the secular world but obtained eternal life in the second secular world.

The eternal life and loneliness that others found difficult to experience.

It was precisely Xu Xiaoshous previous life!

Moreover, when his loneliness and self-talk became an instinct.

The truth-seeking trial was originally a joke.

Or in other words, the time spent in the previous life was as long as years.

Xu Xiaoshou had already experienced this so-called Secular Sword…

Countless swords!


Xu Xiaoshou murmured again, and he felt that he could finally move.

He opened his eyes first, and then he opened his mouth, making an obscure and dry sound.

Then he smiled.

Rao Yaoyao probably wouldnt know that there was such a person at his innate stage who could break her Secular Sword in such a different way

Was this a coincidence

Xu Xiaoshou didnt think that it was a coincidence.

He thought of the time on the Shengshen continent when he faced the “Why” of the final question, and the difficulty he couldnt overcome.

It was because he had feelings, friends, and teachers on the Shengshen continent.

Even when he was completely unconscious, there were strands of things that he had never experienced before, so he didnt know what they were… feelings

Seven emotions and six desires, a lifetime, and a second strike.

How could it be easy to comprehend the true meaning of life in the fantasy realm of the secular world, between eternity and an instant

He couldnt let it go.

This was what Xu Xiaoshou felt the most.

He believed that this was also the fundamental reason why ordinary people would sink into the Secular Sword and be completely unable to escape.

But in his second life, which was Xu Xiaoshous previous life…

Everything was resolved.

This was the bottom line.

“What else can I lose”

Xu Xiaoshou asked himself.

He realized that he really had nothing to lose.

There was family, friendship, love…

This was very good.

What people wanted was nothing more than this.

But if there wasnt, then he would return back where he originally started!

This was the simplest way to return to the original “Me”.

When a person had nothing, anything they received was a gift.

Xu Xiaoshou did not ask for a gift, but he had long learned to enjoy loneliness.


When he repeated this word, Xu Xiaoshou understood.

This place was indeed home.

It was not the reality, but also the reality.

This was the last fantasy of a person who walked from the fantasy realm to the end.

It was similar to…

The spiritual world!

Xu Xiaoshou had opened the Origin Court at the innate stage, and there was a “Passive System” hanging high in the Origin Court.

He had always thought that that place was his spiritual world.

But now he finally realized that it wasnt.

That beautiful and magnificent world was the spiritual world in his imagination, and it was the beautiful world that people pursued.

When he threw all of this aside and pointed straight at his heart, this small space that was exposed between the paleness…

The ward!

This was the spiritual world of Xu Xiaoshou!

But now, it was different.

After walking through the trial of truth-seeking, Xu Xiaoshou no longer felt that this space was as lonely as before.

This place was very warm.

It was a brand new world.

There was the spirit of Hidden Bitter.

There was the spirit of Fourth Sword, Flame Python, and other unawakened spirits that urgently needed to form a bond with him.

Sitting up straight, Xu Xiaoshou looked elsewhere.

On a white wooden table, there was a fire seed and an ice lotus.

On the other side, Elder Sangs straw hat stood quietly.

Besides the straw hat, there was a bottle of Saint Blood and two other elixir containers that contained Saint Statue and Virtual Image.

“Yes, Saint Blood, Virtual Image and Saint Statue.

Elder sang gave them directly to my spiritual world.

So they are here…”

Xu Xiaoshou was enlightened.

He staggered to his feet.

At this moment, he didnt even realize that he could already make a move.

He looked at another area.

There was clearly nothing there.

But suddenly, an ancient book called “Sword Observation Manual” appeared.

The moment the ancient book appeared, Fourth Sword trembled and reacted slightly.

Xu Xiaoshou was delighted.

“I came, I saw, I conquered, so I have!”

In the spiritual world, he was the omnipotent god, so what was there to be lonely about

He had once spent a full three years sketching out this world where he was omnipotent.

It was so subtle that even the smell of the soil, the leaf patterns of the plants, the way people talked and behaved.., all of them were omnipresent and omnipotent.

How could he be lonely when he was so rich

“Thank you.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Hidden Bitter and thanked him from the bottom of his heart.

The beginning when his spirit began to be rich indeed came from Hidden Bitters one word — home!

Hidden Bitters voice trembled loudly.

He smugly tapped the sword body again and again and replied, “Just one more sentence, that you really enjoyed using me.”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

He flicked his finger viciously at the black sword.

With a bang, Hidden Bitter was embedded into the white wall.

Following that, the wall cracked open.

People and items in the outside world appeared faintly.

“Its time to go out…”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou stepped forward.

At this moment, outside the crack in the wall, a strong golden light entered his eyes.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

Then, he smiled again.

“No longer lonely…”


Even if he couldnt solve this fantasy realm.

In that place, there were still people who cared about him and wouldnt let him continue to sink into the sea of suffering inside the Secular World.


“I, Xu Xiaoshous will, can be compared to the Holy Emperor!”

“If you continue to talk nonsense, the Holy Emperor will only have one life.

I, Xu Xiaoshou, have two lives… The sky is one foot high, Bazhunan, the saint is one foot high, Xu Xiaoshou is one foot high!”

“What can a mere Secular Sword do to me”

At that moment, Xu Xiaoshous eyes shone brightly and his chest was filled with pride.

He took a step forward.

There was no need for Golden Buddhist light.

He looked down on all the Saints in the world.

Along with a loud bang in his mind, the predicament of the Secular world collapsed and his spiritual world was completely shattered.

It was as if he was looking back in time.

Xu Xiaoshous white hair, which was in midair, suddenly turned black.

At this moment.

The entire Dongtianwang city seemed to be pulled and suppressed by Xu Xiaoshous rebirth of path energy.

Under the magnificent contrast of the Saint Statue, his aura seemed to be able to suppress the heavens.

Everyone present looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who was supposed to escape from the Secular Sword under the help of the Great Buddha Chop…

He actually came to the imperial city with the talent of an emperor!

“He solved the Secular Sword” Mei Siren was shocked.

“He solved the Secular sword!” Rao Yaoyao widened her eyes as if she had seen the most shocking thing in the world.

Disbelief was written all over her face.

“This kid…”

The scruffy-looking man was also shocked.

He was the one who used the Great Buddha Chop.

Naturally, he understood that this chop hadnt even reached Xu Xiaoshous secular fantasy realm.

Xu Xiaoshou no longer needed him.

At the same time, what others could not see was that almost all the mighty figures present could see that Xu Xiaoshou had not been saved by the Great Buddha Chop, but had broken free himself.

“What kind of tenacious will is this”

The Secular Swords power was known not only by the ancient swordsman but also by most of the spiritual cultivators who had heard of the sword.

Not to mention Xu Xiaoshou, who was only at the innate stage.

Even a sovereign and cutting path would find it difficult to regain their consciousness under Rao Yaoyaos Secular Sword.

What outsiders couldnt do…

Xu Xiaoshou did it!

“You, how is this possible” Rao Yaoyao, who was in the distance, exclaimed in surprise.

She was still holding the Singer of the Stars and Moon, but at this moment, Xu Xiaoshou seemed like a different person in his eyes.

He held the Fourth Sword in his hand…

He turned his head…

The light in his eyes…

It was a light that could suppress an entire era.

It was the arrogance that looked down on all people in the world.

It was the peerless magnificence of a sword in his hand!

At a certain moment, Rao Yaoyao even saw Bazhunan when he was young.

And at this moment, Xu Xiaoshous figure with the Fourth Sword in his hand actually perfectly overlapped with Bazhunan!

“How is this possible…”

Xu Xiaoshou softly repeated Rao Yaoyaos question.

He felt that there was something in his body that was collapsing and breaking apart.

But after experiencing two lives in the secular world, at this moment, Xu Xiaoshous gaze was extremely calm.

Even if it was a Sword Deity holding a sword in front of him, it could not shake his heart in the slightest.

“The Secular World asked the heartwhy”

“Whywhy There is nowhy.”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed as he spoke.

This was the most profound sentence he felt he had ever said in his life.

He looked up at the sky.

The night was still as before.

Xu Xiaoshou thought.

If the trial of truth-seeking was to askwhy, he understood that there should not be awhy.

If he really wanted to give a complete answer to life and to being alive, he, Xu Xiaoshou, did not know what other people would say.

But just as he said, “Whywhy There is nowhy.”.

Being alive.

Sometimes, it was the best and most basic answer.

The sky shook.

The path patterns in the void rose.

Xu Xiaoshou faced the wind and opened his hands.

He suddenly thought:

Just like this “Heaven”, why was it called “Heaven”

Actually, it was just what people wanted it to be.

And if “Heaven” did not have “Heaven”, how could there be an “Image”

“Heavenly Image…”

Holy Power was enlightened.

Two lifetimes of experience in the secular world.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that there were some things that he could no longer suppress.

But it was precisely because he had completed this journey that he understood that these things could be done as they pleased.

If he could not suppress them, then he would no longer suppress them.

“Heaven has no image, the path has no intangible.”

“Heaven is called by the image, the path is formed!”

He took a step forward.

Xu Xiaoshou understood the true meaning of the Heavenly Image at a master stage.

At this moment, the void shook and ten miles of sword cries sounded.

An ordinary person reached the master stage.

After reaching the master stage, he reached the sovereign stage.

Xu Xiaoshou resisted the holy will and hid his cultivation level.

He didnt expect to enter the secular world to train.

He used two lifetimes to awaken the true meaning of the great path.

“A master”

“The one who reached the master stage”

“I reached the master stage early, but Im not much!”

Xu Xiaoshou was talking and laughing in the void.

At this moment, the great path returned to its original form and was gathered under the pressure of the Saint Statue of the Nine Dragons Burning the Ancestors.

Even the Seven Sword Deity could not help but look at the young man in shock.

At this moment, he had stepped into the master stage of the Heavenly Image state, yet even a higher void had to lower their head slightly.

This was the true energy that could swallow the mountains and rivers!

This was the true return of the great path to its original form!


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