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The rain poured down.

On top of the tower pearl of the first pavilion in the sky, there was an elder with white hair and green robes.

He looked like a celestial being.

The Mei Siren looked at Qing Ming.

He had been standing there for a long time and had witnessed the rain in the royal city that night.

From the drizzle to the pouring rain.


“Truly wonderful.”

The pagoda pearls have a panoramic view of the entire city.

The Mei Siren did not need the pagoda pearls at all.

They only used their spiritual senses to cover the entire Dongtianwang City.

Everything that had happened tonight could be seen at a glance.

“Xu Deye, Xu Fuji, Xu Xiaoshou…”

Looking in a certain direction, the Mei Si people muttered to themselves, “So, the saint servants hand is so long”

He felt that it was a little funny.

He had long felt that the royal city could not have produced such a genius in the way of the sword for no reason.

Then, it was unknown to the world and only the Bazhunan could see it.

So, this was the Bazhunans people.

“That kid…”

The Bazhunan shook his head and sank into his memories.

He still remembered that afternoon when the Bazhunan and the Wen Ting youth were full of confidence and high spirits.

Who would have thought that time flies so fast

After so many years, the youth from that day had grown to the point where he could stir up the continent.


The Mei Siren looked at the night rain in the imperial city.

Their paper folding fans lightly tapped on their palms.

Their eyes were lost in thought as if they could see the figures of their good friends from the past.

“You Tu, is this themost beautiful scenerythat you speak of”

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In the past, the Mei Siren had once discussed with You Tu the technique of brewing tea.

At the same time, they had placed their bets on the continents destined child and the future.

The difference was that You Tu had chosen to place all his bets on that brat called Bazhunan.

He, Mei Siren, had chosen not to place his bets.

Not placing his bets meant that he had no stance, and it also meant that he did not think highly of the future of the continent.

Or to put it another way.

This third additional option represented the stand of the Mei Siren.

Watching from the side was equivalent to betting on the orthodoxy of the continent.

Betting on the chosen one, the current Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace, Dao Qiongcang, who had been pushed to the peak by the new era.

It was just that the Mei Siren didnt want to admit it.

He had always felt that the previous Bazhunan was too murderous and too stubborn.

Dao Qiongcang had only been pushed to the surface and became the chosen one.

The two were essentially the same.

But today was different.

Today, on top of the first pavilion in the sky, Mei Si had seen everything that had happened in the imperial city.

He had also seen Bazhunans choice.

He had thought that it was just a coincidence that he had met Xu Xiaoshou.

In reality.

You Tu, Bazhunan, Xu Xiaoshou…

Everything had already been predestined in the dark.

“Willing to be kind…” the people of Bazhun muttered and smiled under the rain.

He felt that this was a rare quality.

At least, this point of Xu Xiaoshou was completely different from Bazhunan.

One of the abilities of the chief of a different division was to bewitch the domain.

However, the essence of bewitching was nothing more than magnifying a certain obsession in a persons heart.

According to what the Mei Siren saw.

If the person who passed by that street was Bazhunan from the earlier years, not Xu Xiaoshou.

The other party would not even take a second glance at him, so how could he choose to help that little girl who he had never met before and look suspicious by just looking at her

“Higher void (level) bullied the innate (stage) and even used the bewitching domain.

Holy Divine Palace, the more you live, the more you get over it…”

You Tu sighed.

Then, he jumped down from the tower pearl of the first pavilion in the sky.

During the tea-making debate, You Tu, who had been conferred the title of the head of the seven sword deity at that time, was advised by You Tu not to enter the stage!

Because it was not worth it.

After cultivating up to this point, was it not just for the sake of transcending

Being a chess watcher and player was far more comfortable than being a chess piece that could be manipulated by others.

wasnt this a simple and easy-to-understand principle

But at that time, You Tu only shook his head and smiled lightly, not saying a word.

At that time, the Mei Siren thought You Tu was funny and pretended to be enigmatic, which was even more comical.

But now, he felt that he understood You Tu a little.

Outside of the game, he could not control the situation.

When all the predetermined facts of fate were advancing in front of him in a way that could not be changed, but he could do nothing about it.

That kind of futility was like a chess piece in another sense.


“You Tu, this old man is coming!”

With a soft cry, the Mei Siren disappeared into the rainy night.

This time, he decided to enter the game.

This kind of chess game was something that he, as the seven sword deity, could never get out of once he entered.

But at this time, the Mei Siren no longer hesitated.

Cicadas chirped in summer, not knowing the coolness of autumn.

Short-lived flowers, not seeing the day.

But in the end, these two were much more exciting than the life of an ordinary person.


“Bang Bang!”

On the other side, the storm on the streets was getting heavier and heavier.

The rain falling from the sky was swept into a ball by the howling squall in the air.

Then, like a thousand-pound boulder, it hit the roofs, eaves, and the ground one by one.

In such a huge storm.

However, there were two figures, one big and one small, holding hands and moving forward calmly.

“Big Brother, is the ice-sugar gourd really for sale”

The little girl held by Xu Xiaoshou was still sobbing.

When this little girl cried, it was as if the world was about to cry.

The focus of the world could not help but gather here.

“There is.

There is no rush.

Lets walk over slowly.”

Xu Xiaoshou, who had a dull look in his eyes, stroked the little girls head while fighting against his inner self.

He felt as if he had entered the state of a ghost pressing down on his bed.

He clearly felt that there was something wrong with everything around him, but for some reason, he could not muster up the strength to resist.

He wanted to take a look at the information bar.

He knew that the information bar was constantly bombarding him with bullets.

However, once there was such a trend of action, his consciousness would be twisted uncontrollably and he would notice the other miscellaneous “Nothingness”.

He couldnt do anything, and he couldnt remember anything.

“Big Brother, I want to walk faster.”At this moment, the little girl urged him.

“Take your time.

Theres no rush to buy ice-sugar Haws.

Your Big Brother is very rich.

When the time comes, Ill buy you a lot of ice-sugar Haws.”Xu Xiaoshous eyes were dull, and he subconsciously replied.

When the little girl heard this, the corners of her mouth couldnt help but Twitch, but then she cried out, “Sob sob sob sob sob, I want to hurry…”

“Okay, okay, okay!”

Xu Xiaoshou was helpless.

He could only pick up the little girl and began to run wildly.

The storm washed over.

Xu Xiaoshou ran at full speed.

He rarely ran like this, but once he ran at full speed, it was as fast as lightning.

“Chi Chi…”

The droplet of rain poured down one by one.

However, when Xu Xiaoshou ran at full speed, he did not even have the time to touch it.

He was burned into mist in midair.

“Chi Chi…”

The sound became louder and louder.

The little girl in Xu Xiaoshous arms looked around and was a little flustered.

“Big Brother, you, why are you burning up”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were still dull, but this time, he didnt reply as usual.

He just kept running forward, and his body became hotter and hotter.


Until this slight sound appeared, the little girl finally realized that something was wrong.

She suddenly looked up.

In the next second, her pupils constricted.

She saw that a tattered straw hat had appeared on top of Xu Xiaoshous head.

This straw hat was too shabby.

It was even leaking water!

However, this tattered straw hat, which had experienced countless battles, was able to hide from the little girls perception.

It appeared on top of Xu Xiaoshous head out of the blue.


The little girl was shocked and shouted.

He really wanted to stand up, but Xu Xiaoshou, who was holding him in his arms, clenched his hands tightly.

However, he turned a deaf ear and continued to speed up, rushing forward.

The straw hat kept the rainstorm away from his head, leaving the silence for the youth.

At this moment.

Xu Xiaoshou was running, and a withered figure seemed to have appeared.

The target he was running towards had been replaced.

For some reason, a strong impulse arose in his heart.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly pounced forward.

He saw clearly who this figure was.




His vision darkened.

The scene blurred.

“PFFT –”

A familiar echo appeared in his ears.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that the world was peaceful.

“This is”

He looked around curiously.

This was a vast white world that stretched as far as the eye could see.

It was vast and boundless.

The land was scattered with Infernal White Flame, emitting a warm aura.

The world was peaceful.

There were not many flames, only a few feet tall.

It was as beautiful as a painting.

“Hehe, youre here”

A very familiar laughter suddenly came from behind.

That Sly Smile broke the beauty of this illusory world on the spot.

Xu Xiaoshous pupils trembled.

He suddenly looked back and cried out in surprise, “Damn Old Man”


Elder Sang slapped Xu Xiaoshou down with a straw hat and conveniently put it on his eldest disciple (apprentice)s head.

Xu Xiaoshou lifted the straw hat with a face full of surprise.

The person in front of him was really elder sang!

Elder sang was sitting cross-legged.

He was still wearing a straw hat, and his dark circles were still hot.

Even without the straw hat on his head, he was still hot and bald.

“Are You Dreaming”

Xu Xiaoshou was too happy.

He did not know how all this happened.

He only asked, “Did you miss me so much that you dreamed about me”

“Youre the one whos Dreaming!”

Elder sang rolled his eyes and realized that he had been led astray again.

He corrected himself, “Its not a dream, its reality.”He pointed at the formal path.

“Reality”Xu Xiaoshou was confused.

Elder sang smiled, he said arrogantly, “This is the higher void (level) world.

You can think of it as the enhanced sovereign domain, an existence that transcends space and time… I used to be in the higher void (level) world, but I was seriously injured and fell in level.

Is it normal for me to do this You Dont believe me”

Xu Xiaoshou still had a suspicious look on his face.

“Werent you imprisoned How can you still be reckless”

Higher Void (level).

He had experienced similar worlds before.

Back in the White Cave, the wretched Saint had pulled him into a similar fantasy realm through the famed sword and flame Python.


“Flame Python”


At the thought of this, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly understood without waiting for elder sang to say anything.

“Its this thing”

He took off the straw hat on his head and was shocked for a moment.

Elder sang was currently locked up in the prison of the Holy Divine Palace, so it was impossible for him to have the strength to come out.

In this case, it could only be said that this was a backup plan that he had left behind in the past!

In the past, he thought of the last time he saw Elder Sang.

The old man blocked the arrow for him, then threw a straw hat to him and pushed him into the spatial crack.

Xu Xiaoshou thought that the straw hat was just a symbolic inheritance.

He didnt expect it to have practical significance!

“It seems that you understand…”

Seeing Xu Xiaoshous enlightened look, elder sang was a little disappointed.

It seemed that he couldnt be as mysterious and tall as the other master in front of his disciple (apprentice) .

Because this disciple (apprentice) of his could always find out his plan ahead of time.

Elder sang sighed and no longer hesitated.

He returned to the main topic and said,

“Since you can see me, you must have encountered great danger.”

“And based on your ability, I dont think that the sovereign (stage) and cutting path (stage) can bring you such great danger that you can trigger the higher void (level) .”

“And among the demi-saint, besides that shameless ai Cangsheng, who else would dare to punish you”

“So, you met higher void (level) !”

Elder sangs tone was firm.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

At this moment, he remembered.

He seemed to be helping a little girl buy ice-sugar candied haws!

This was an urgent matter.

Why did he come to see Elder sang for no reason

Xu Xiaoshou was so anxious that he stood up.

subconsciously, he wanted to go out and buy ice-sugar candied haws.


He transcended reality and entered the higher void (level) world.

Xu Xiaoshou was suddenly able to think out of the habit again.

“Why would I want to buy ice-candy candied haws for a little girl at such a crucial time”

Now that he was clear-headed, Xu Xiaoshous face was filled with shock.

He held his head and felt like he was going crazy from his stupidity!

There was so much chaos tonight.

He was actually working hard for a sugar-coated gourd


“That little girl is higher void (level)”

When Xu Xiaoshou realized this, his eyes were so wide that they almost split open.

Higher Void (level)!

Higher Void (level) pretended to be a little girl to tease Xu Xiaoshou

At this moment, he felt that the world was so ridiculous.

Was there a need to go so far!

He had already designed to deal with an innate (stage), and he was still playing role-playing

What a psychopath!

“It seems that you understand again…” Elder Sang sighed again.

He was only a remnant of his spiritual senses at the moment, so he did not know what had happened to Xu Xiaoshou.

Everything that could be done was only the program that he thought of when he set up this higher void (level) world.

However, looking at Xu Xiaoshous expression, Elder Sang could also understand that this kid understood.

“Its good that you understand on your own.

You Dont have to say anything to me.

My Time is limited.

Let me show you a few things First!”

As Elder sang spoke, he waved his hand, and three pill bottles appeared in front of him.

After Xu Xiaoshou woke up, he knew that this higher void (level) world was hard to come by.

This elder sang in front of him did not have long to live, so he immediately followed him into the main topic.

He squatted down and wanted to reach out.

However, Elder Sang glared at him and slapped his hand back.

“What is this”Xu Xiaoshou could only ask obediently.

“Three things.”

Elder sang said some nonsense and then sighed, “I dont think I have given you many decent things.

Of these three things, choose one and Ill give it to you.”

“Its not elixirs”Xu Xiaoshou recognized the old mans meaning.

“No.” Elder sang shook his head.

“This is the last time, right”Xu Xiaoshou raised his head and asked sincerely.

“It should be.”Elder sang nodded.

“Then… since its the last time, why do you keep the other two To give air give them all to me.

Im not a child anymore.

I want them all.”Xu Xiaoshou stared at him and said matter-of-factly.

Sangs old face twitched, and then he revealed an expression of “As expected” and laughed.


“All for you!”

Xu Xiaoshou:

The other side agreed too quickly.

He felt that there was a trap, so he immediately took a few steps back.

“In that case, I choose not to take any of them.”


Elder sang slapped Xu Xiaoshous head again and scolded angrily, “You dont want anything for free.

Youre simply embarrassing me!”

This time, Xu Xiaoshou was sure that this was a good thing.

This should be elder Sangs last… Bah, before he left….

Bah, when he was caught, he felt that he couldnt hide it anymore and wanted to give it to him.


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