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Was he crazy

Xu Xiaoshou was a little dumbfounded when he heard that it was one of Chiefs of the Six Divisions.

He had never sensed so many experts during the previous round of observation outside the trade fair!

These people hid themselves too well.

At the same time, he could easily tell how powerful the holy divine palace was this time by comparing Gou Wuyue of the White Cave with them.

“Why are there so many people here”Xu Xiaoshou asked through telepathic communication.

“Because of Rao Yaoyao!”

The storyteller understood Xu Xiaoshous thoughts and explained,

“Back in the White Cave, Gou Wuyue was only half a member of the Holy Divine Palace.

When he went to battle, the Holy Divine Palace had the intention to test him, so the combat strength allocated to him would not exceed the limit.”

“But Rao Yaoyao is different… your friend, Xuan Wuji, said that if Rao Yaoyao was leading the team this time, the combat strength allocation would definitely be the maximum.”

“Why”Xu Xiaoshou did not understand.

He understood that Rao Yaoyao was also one of the Seven Sword Deity.

But there was no reason to treat her so differently!

The storyteller said in a serious voice, “Rao Yaoyao was a sword deity nurtured by the Holy Divine Palace.

Of course, more importantly, her surname is Rao…”


Xu Xiaoshous eyebrows twitched.

What did this have to do with her surname

A figure appeared in his mind, Rao Yinyin.

Xu Xiaoshou had seen people with the surname Rao before.

Tiansang Spirit Palace had a senior sister from the inner yard.

Apart from that, there were thousands of geniuses with the surname Rao in the entire continent, right

These were all from the same family

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Demi-Saint Family(ies)

Thats why the Holy Divine Palace was so cautious about this

It wasnt to the extent that… Xu Xiaoshou rejected this idea.

Because if that was the case…

His surname was Xu, so he probably had some connection with one of the true Xu families in the five domains of the continent.

But this was obviously impossible.

He wanted to get a response, but the storyteller slightly shook his head and didnt explain anything.

He changed the topic, “Xu Xiaoshou, theres an abandoned Cao Blacksmith Shop on Gu Xun Road, Phoenix Street, Central Zone.

Go in and move the bellows on the right side of the table.

Theres a teleportation portal.

With the Saint Servants command token, you can enter the secret basement through the teleportation portal.

Theres another teleportation portal in the basement that can send you to your brother…”

“What do you mean”Xu Xiaoshous eyes narrowed as he interrupted him.

The storyteller became anxious, “Go there! Dont go to the trade fair anymore.

If Rao Yaoyao leads the team, its very likely that there are more than two Chiefs of the Six Divisions there, so the most important thing now is to hide well!”

When he said this, Xu Xiaoshou could even hear a hint of determination in his voice.

The tall figure of the Chief of the Combat Division at the end of the Long Street had become so oppressive at this moment.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt have such an obvious feeling when he met Wang Dachui, the Chief of the Physical Division, and the scruffy-looking man had volunteered to cover the rear.

Because he knew that the uncle was very powerful.


The storyteller was at the peak of the Cutting Path (stage) , even though he had completed the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.

The Chief of the Combat Division not far away, higher void (level) !

Moreover, this kind of character from the previous era.

Could it be that he had only broken through to the higher void (level) now

That must be the old higher void (level) .

How could the storyteller possibly win

“How is it”

At this moment, a soft laugh sounded from the end of the Long Street, “Have the two of you decided whether to fight one-on-one or together This lord has been waiting for a long time.”

“Rumble –”

At the right time, a thunderous boom exploded in the blue sky of the rainy night.

The silver electric snake split into pieces and instantly crawled into the entire area of the void, lighting up the night for an instant.

Everything fell back into darkness.

Xu Xiaoshous heart suddenly contracted and then accelerated.

He had never felt such a strong sense of nervousness even after using the Saint Servant.

Perhaps this was the reason why even with Bazhunan as the Chief of the Saint Servant, an entire Saint Servant organization with many higher void (level) and Cutting Path (stage) as the Nine Saint Servants, still needed to hide in the dark and avoided the light of the Holy Divine Palace.

“Can you survive”Xu Xiaoshou suddenly asked.

He saw the storyteller suddenly smile in relief and said seriously, “Give me thetell me the truth kind of answer.”

The smile on the storytellers pretty face froze, then he withdrew it and replied solemnly, “Maybe.”


Xu Xiaoshous heart sank, and he asked again, “Wheres Cen Qiaofu There are other people from the Nine Saint Servants.

Does Bazhunan value you so much Why sending you out like this”

The storyteller didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “Dont you think that hes a little too weak Back in the central region, Gou Wuyue couldnt even take him down.

Do you think that Teng Shanhai is more powerful than Gou Wuyue”

Xu Xiaoshou had already understood somethin,.

“Gou Wuyue is just an outsider, and he doesnt have any helpers.”

The storyteller said, “Cen Qiaofu is still recovering from his injuries, and hes trying his best not to make a move.

However, Haitanger and the others are still in the imperial city.

Theyre probably already at the trade fair, so you dont have to worry about that side.

You should go back first.”

Xu Xiaoshou:”…”

This change of topic was a little too stiff!

But he didnt say anything more.

Because at this time, Teng Shanhai had already taken a step forward.

One step at a time, he left a deep footprint as he walked over from the opposite side of the Long Street.

Bang Bang.

Teng Shanhai, who was covered in the Cang God Armor, was like a violent giant beast that had begun its foraging operation.


The storyteller pushed Xu Xiaoshou away and said, “Disappear.

Do not show yourself.”

Xu Xiaoshou took a few steps back and gritted his teeth.

He knew that if he stayed here, he would still be a burden.


After saying his last words, Xu Xiaoshou disappeared and left.

Too weak…

No Time…

No time to grow…

Xu Xiaoshou once again felt that he did not have enough time.

Even though his cultivation speed was very fast, as fast as flying.

He even felt that other than Bazhunans three breaths for innate stage, three years for Sword Deity kind of abnormal growth speed, there werent many people on the continent who could compare to him.

But this was still too slow.

But this was something that couldnt be helped with.

How could it be easy to compare with the higher void (level) figures of the previous generation with the talent of a youth

On the Long Street.

Teng Shanhais bounded domain opened up, and the storytellers ancient book realm clashed.

The two of them understood each other and disappeared outside the limits of Xu Xiaoshous perception.

The battle between the Cutting Path (stage) and the higher void (level) could only be fought within the bounded domain.

Once it broke out in the imperial city, it would be a disaster for the people.


Teng Shanhai stared at the famous man in the red dress with only one eye.

He looked behind him and asked, “Is that Xu Xiaoshou”

“No,”the storyteller shook his head and said, “His name is Wen Ming.”


Teng Shanhai sneered, “Ive long heard that Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, has an innate cultivation level and is able to play around with the Sovereign (stage) and the Cutting Path (stage) .

Now that I look at him, he is just a person who ran away from the battle.

Doesnt seem to be powerful at all.”

The storyteller mocked, “Youre just a higher void (level) , and you still want to bully a junior”

“Thats true…”Teng Shanhai shrugged.

The Cang God Armor made a clanging sound, and he changed the topic, “However, do you really think that a person who is pleaed to the eyes of the Chief of the Six Divisions will be able to leave safely if I let him go”

The storyteller narrowed his eyes, “What do you mean”


Teng Shanhai laughed out loud, “Ning Honghong Is that right Ive investigated you, and you should be called by this name.

Why do you have to wade into the muddy waters of the Saint Servant instead of becoming a normal storyteller and singer”

However, the storytellers mind was not on this at all.

Teng Shanhais words made him realize how terrifying it was.

He asked, “Six Divisions, how many people have come this time”

“Not many, just four.”

Teng Shanhai actually answered, as if he was stating the reality of the world to a daed body, “Other than the Wang Dachui and I that you saw, theres also the pair of Ye Xiao and Yi.”

The storytellers pupils constricted.

At this moment, he immediately shattered the ancient book space and returned to the outside world.

he shouted loudly, “Xu Xiaoshou, come back! ! !”

“Its too late.”

Teng Shanhai opened up his bounded domain and smoothly enveloped the entire space, completely seizing the geographical advantage.

He tilted his head, and his bones crackled.

Then he clenched his fist, and the two fists collided with a bang, then a blast of air exploded from his fist, pushing the entire void space.


“Let this lord see how the storyteller escaped from Gou Wuyues hands.”

“Or perhaps, Gou Wuyue has been going easy on the mission all these years!”

On the other side.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was running so fast that he couldnt hear the storyteller at all, felt that his brain had turned into mush as he ran.

“Phoenix Street, what road is it after and, the Caos Blacksmith Shop”

He clearly had a good memory, but at this moment, he couldnt remember anything.

There were too many things!

There were too many things in his mind!

Bazhunan, uncle, storyteller, Bazhunan..

Tonight was simply the opening of the big picture in the Imperial City.

There were all sorts of exciting events, causing people to be anxious.

If one was not careful, they would be left a step behind.

If one missed a step, the carriage and cannon soldiers would face a head-on clash, and death would be the only outcome.

“Phoenix Street, Xungu Road… Yes, Xungu Road!”

“No, it seems to be Guxun Road…”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly recalled.

But whether it was “Guxun”or “Xungu”, he remembered this place and immediately wanted to go there.

But then, the image of Xuan Wuji calling for help across space appeared in his mind.

To be able to make Mo Mo call for help across space, one could imagine how chaotic the scene of the trade fair was.

“Junior sister…”

Xu Xiaoshous heart was anxious.

Elder Sang was gone, but junior sister could not die!

He immediately turned his head and wanted to fly in the direction of the trade fair.

But the words of the storyteller appeared in his mind again.

Haitanger had already passed, what was the point of him going there this time

It was better to directly find the teleportation portal and go to Bazhunans side to be safe.

But, is this really good

Everyone is fighting, but I am hiding…

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly remembered another person.


He still had one more person to use!

“Master Siren…”

If tonights battle at the Holy Divine Palace was led by Rao Yaoyao from the Seven Sword Deity…

Then the only person who could resist her would probably be the Mei Siren who was also ranked same as the Seven Sword Deity!


The Mei Siren should still be in the First Pavilion in the Sky.

“Ask him to come out!”

Xu Xiaoshou made a prompt decision and wanted to go back to the first pavilion in the sky.

However, at this time..


A crisp sound disturbed Xu Xiaoshous complicated thoughts.

After escaping from the nightmare of the inner demon, the sound of raindrops falling on the ground came back to his ears, and the sound of cold wind on a rainy night appeared again.

Not far away, the sound of a little girl wailing could be heard.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that he was anxious.

He finally realized that he was still a young man after all, and he had too little experience.

No matter how smart he thought he was, he could not compare to those old foxes.

Once he got into a dead end, it was tantamount to suicide.

The multiple predicaments of the enemy were probably the result of his cultivation deviation at this moment!

“Waaaah –”

The sound of crying grew louder, and Xu Xiaoshou turned his eyes to look over.

It was a little girl bathing in the torrential rain on the streets.

She was kneeling in a puddle of water, wailing loudly at the ice-sugar gourd in the dirty water that was still half-licked.

“Whose child is so naughty”

Xu Xiaoshou was in a godhood as he watched.

Not sleeping in the middle of the night, letting such a little girl run out on an empty street..

Wasnt he afraid of being abducted

“Bewitched, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou had suffered a loss from Yu Lingdi last time, so he had been keeping an eye on the information bar.

When the information bar refreshed again, his attention was immediately drawn.

However, at this moment.

The little girl with a high ponytail in the puddle suddenly stopped crying.

She grabbed the Bingtanghulu in the dirty water and put it straight into her mouth.

“Are you crazy”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately threw himself at her.

“You cant eat this!”


His hand struck forward, but it missed.

At this time, Xu Xiaoshou was still in the disappearing state.

Even if he wanted to hit the Bingtanghulu, he couldnt do anything.

He staggered, and his body even passed through the little girls body.

Then, he turned around and looked at the little girl who had taken a bite of the Bingtanghulu from the dirty water.

At this moment, she was already clutching her throat and starting to retch.

Obviously, the feeling was not good.


Passive points, 1.”

The Information bar jumped again.

Xu Xiaoshous attention shifted, and he already realized that something was wrong.

But at this moment, the little girl was suddenly choked by the Bingtanghulu.

She coughed, rolled her eyes, and continued to vomit, but she could not let out anything.


Xu Xiaoshou reached out his hand.

He felt that his thoughts were somewhat out of his control.

At this moment, two thoughts actually coexisted in his mind:

One was that he wanted to pull back and leave this matter alone.

But the other was that he despised the despicable and evil thoughts of this idea.

A kind person would definitely not even think of such a small idea.

In the end, justice prevailed over evil.

Xu Xiaoshou was hoping for a fluke.

He dispelled the disappearing state of his two fingers at the speed of light and helped the trapped little girl pull the Bingtanghulu out.

“Wah Wah Wah –”

The little girl was so touched that her eyes were filled with tears, but she was still crying.

Her two small hands quickly hugged the fingers that appeared out of thin air in front of her.

At this moment, his speed was actually already slow.

This was because Xu Xiaoshou pulled out the Bingtanghulu and immediately activated the Vanishing Technique.

However, the little girl still ended her crying in a flash.

Her small hands grabbed the index finger that Xu Xiaoshou had disappeared too slowly.

“Humhum, Big Brother, my Bingtanghulu is gone…”

In the rainstorm, the little girl raised her head.

Her big eyes were full of rain and tears.

Her eyelashes were wet and stuck to her eyeballs and eyelids, causing her eyelids to blink.

Her cheeks were red from crying, her nose was twitching, and her small mouth was pursed into a curve.

Together with her big eyes that were filled with tears, she looked so pitiful.

Xu Xiaoshou only felt a chill run through his body the moment his index finger was grabbed.

In the next second, he forgot about this and forgot about the information bar.

He could not help but dismiss the Vanishing Technique.

“Okay, Big Brother will buy you a new Bingtanghulu.

Dont cry…”Xu Xiaoshous eyes became dull.

He bent his knees and squatted down, gently stroking the little girls head.

The little girl was still crying, “Sob, sob, where can I buy it Theres no place to buy it!”

“Theres a place that sells it…”

Xu Xiaoshou held the little girls tightly clenched little hand with one of his fingers.

He stood up in the rainstorm and looked in the direction of the trade fair in a dull expression and he said,

“Look over there!”

“Theres a big sister with the surname Rao.

She sells Bingtanghulu..

We can just look for her.

Dont cry, Haha”


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