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“I can let your friend leave the venue of the trade fair, but how far it can run depends on its own luck.”

Lan Ling said seriously, “You know, its precisely because youre the higher void (level) and we dont want to cause too much bloodshed, which is why we have such an outcome.

But its also just because youre both ghost beast, red-clothed people cannot to sit back and watch any of you escape.”

The black shadow was silent.

Only the right to leave the venue of the trade fair..

This was far from enough for him.

Because he knew that there would definitely be red-clothed people and white-clothed people encircled outside.

At that time, it was still uncertain whether the crescent scorpion tail would really be able to successfully break out.

However, even if the concessions given by red-clothed people were far from enough in the eyes of the black shadow, it was already earth-shattering news to everyone in the arena.

“red-clothed people and ghost beast can also negotiated with each other”

“No way.

In my opinion, white-clothed people and red-clothed people had made such a big scene this time, is there really no higher void (level) ”

“Its fine as long as we dont directly take them down.

Whats there to talk about Our little lives are still in this place!”

“Shut up! Cant you see that a red-clothed people has already been taken down”

“The other party is obviously not simple…”

As the old saying goes.

One should stand aloof from things of no personal interest

However, when a ghost beast really appeared at the trade fair and it was a ghost beast at the higher void (level) .

At this moment, the Spiritual Cultivator at the scene could be said to have a common enemy.

They all wanted to first get rid of this malignant tumor that threatened the social order of mankind.


In the private room, under the suppression of the several great Cutting Path (stage) , the scorpion-tailed ghost beast did not have any extra strength to resist.

She could only roar in a low voice to express her resistence.

However, the black shadow did not care about this.

He listened to the chattering people beside him and was not angry at all, rather he spoke to Lan Ling again, “It is far from enough to just leave the venue of the trade fair.

I can do all of these easily.

I can even make us two leave together.”

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Lan Ling frowned, “From what you said, do you have any other requests”

The black shadow pointed at the scorpions tail, “Let her leave.

give her another two hours.

As for the rest, I dont care what the red-clothed people does.”

“Impossible!”Lan Ling denied flatly.

Two hours.

Cutting Path (stage) risked his life to escape at full speed could have them even escape from Dongtianwang city… No, from the Eastern Sky Realm to another realm!

Seeing that Lan Ling refused, the black shadow didnt say anything.

He suddenly pointed to the sky.

The next second.

Without the slightest Spiritual Source fluctuation, the several great Guarding Array that covered the trade fair suddenly exploded.

“Rumble –”

After a shocking explosion.

The sparkling and translucent barrier fragments slowly withered and shattered from the sky.

The arena suddenly turned into silence.

Everyone looked at this scene in shock.

Just now, they had vowed to attack with their lives.

Even if they used all their strength, they would still be unable to break this multiple layers of spirit-gathering array

The ghost beast shattered them with a single finger

“The spirit-gathering array has shattered…”

When someone finally said this, everyone felt an itch in their hearts.

The spirit-gathering array had shattered.

Based on the strength of everyone present, as long as they ran separately, white-clothed people and red-clothed people wouldnt be able to stop them.

Even if they could stop a portion of them, there would definitely be people who could secretly escape from the trial dilemma.

However, with the spirit-gathering array in cover, everyone dared not to resist.

Now that the spirit-gathering array had shattered, even the red-clothed Night Guardian had been taken down.

Everyone looked at Lan Ling and the black shadow who were confronting each other in the private room in front of them, and suddenly, they did not dare to act rashly.

Humans were actually like this many times..

When they were separated by a layer of absolute defence, everyone dared to open their mouths and let loose their voices to curse, fight, and clamour.

But once the barrier was removed, they would really have to face each other face to face.

Some things that they had forgotten while crazily clamouring under the protection layers immediately surged back into their minds.

For example, order.

Or for example, the previous sentence of the night guardian, “Everyone, if there are any troublemakers, treat them as the accomplices of the ghost beast and implicate the whole clans!”

“Run, what are you waiting for Even the barrier is now broken…”at this moment, someone was encouraging them in a low voice.

“Thats right, run.

This is a great opportunity, why arent you running”Someone seconded.



“As long as we escape in all directions, white-clothed people and red-clothed people wont be able to stop us.

The law wont punish everyone.

Furthermore, Im not guilty, why should I accept judgement from the red-clothed people”

“Yes, then run!”

“Alright, Ill count.

Everyone, lets go.

Three, two, one…”


No one dared to move.

Someones calf was instigated to lift off the ground.

However, when they turned around, they realized that everyone was waiting, waiting for the first one to take the lead.

However, no one took the lead!

Therefore, even if someone really wanted to, they indeed lifted their feet.

In the next second, their faces twitched, and the corners of their lips curled up.

They cursed as they returned to their original positions.

“Sect Leader Leng, you take the lead!”

Some people were indignant.

If no one took the lead, who would dare to move

Before the barrier was broken, Leng Qi, Great Xuantian Sect Leader, was the first to resist.

But now, he didnt even want to raise his feet.

How could this be

“You want to claim the moral high ground against me”Leng Qi couldnt help but laugh.

“If you want to run, then run.

In any case, I wont move.”

“Thats not what you said just now!”Someone immediately said angrily.

Leng Qi swept his gaze over, “Thats right.

I didnt know whether Master Chengs method was just an excuse.

Now that the ghost beast has come out, why dont you try running”


Everyone frowned and fell silent.

If you try, youll die!

The commotion in the middle of the trade fair and the heavy atmosphere in the private room formed a stark contrast.

Initially, Lan Ling was worried that the moment the barrier was broken, everyone present would riot.

But now that everyone had turned into cowards, she couldnt help but rejoice.

The arena was not stirred up by the black shadow this time was all because of the weakness of human nature.

“What a huge formation!”

After breaking the barrier, the black shadows eyes swept upwards as he said solemnly.

He had clearly seen how big the white-clothed and red-clothed peoples encirclement was this time.

Looking at Lan Ling again, the black shadow said solemnly, “You still have three breaths to consider.

Either you give her two hours, and Ill surrender and follow you, or everyone present… will be buried together with you!”

Lan Lings eyelids twitched when she heard this.

She had already greatly overestimated the strength of the ghost beast in this place, but the other partys ability to break the barrier with one finger had truly stunned her.

“Two hours is absolutely impossible.” Lan Ling replied seriously.


The black shadow did not care and started counting.

This time, the people outside the arena panicked.

Someone cried out in shock, “Senior red-clothed people, if you cant protect us, let us leave first.

This is a war between the red-clothed people and the ghost beast, what right do you have to use us as a bet”


Originally, there were still people who were calm.

However, when the death gods horn sounded again without any explanation, everyone couldnt withstand the pressure.

Even Leng Qi couldnt help but retreat a little.

“Senior red-clothed people!”

Someone had already jumped up in shock, “Either agree to him, or Im leaving first! What the f*ck, what the f*ck is going on Ive been living for so long that I havent even touched a single woman.

Do you want me to be buried here with you”

Lan Ling looked back and shouted angrily.

“Shut up!”

However, this time, there were even more sounds of resistance.

They were cursing and swearing and could not stop.


The black shadows expression turned cold as he raised both of his hands high up.

At that moment, everyone in the scene gathered their strength and stood up.

It was as if they were going to directly grow wings and escape in the next second.

“I promise to give her the time of one burning incense!”

Lan Ling closed her eyes and said, “However, I can only give you the time it takes for an incense stick to burn.

As for the rest of the punishment, I will bear it alone.”

Seeing that the black figures hands were still raised, he was unmoved.

Lan Ling hurriedly said again, “I am the commander of the red-clothed people.

This is my highest authority.

If you dont agree, no one can give you more than that!”

When the black shadow heard this, the attack in the hands was finally put to a stop.

At this moment, everyone present let out a sigh of relief.

However, in the next breath, the black shadow attacked again.

In a flash, a jet-black shadow shot into the sky and bloomed into the shape of a black octopus.

“Oh F*ck!”

Someone was shocked and quickly flew away.

When they were halfway there, they realized that it was not the black shadow who wanted everyone to die with him, but was merely a signal, so they returned to the ground in embarrassment.

“A signal…” Lan Lings eyes were filled with anger, “What are you doing”

The black shadow replied indifferently, “I agreed to your deal, taking the time for one incense stick to burn.”

Lan Ling looked at the black octopus signal above her, “What about this”

The black shadow was unmoved, “The deal between us is just a deal between us.

It doesnt involve any other means.

Ive never said that if I dont make a move, no one else can.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this.

The other party was calling for help

“Dont worry, theres no more ghost beast.”

The black shadow smiled as if he could read everyones thoughts,”Do you really think that a mere Dongtianwang city can hide more ghost beasts besides us”

Lan Ling frowned.

At this moment, messages sent by the white-clothed people rang in her ears:

East City District, South City District, North City District.

When the signal of the octopus rose, almost all of the highest faction in the land realm started to riot.

Lan Ling immediately understood.

This was the black shadows many years of power reserve.

He was afraid that when the army was defeated, he would have to share a part of the pursuit force.

“Its just a drop in the bucket…”Lan Ling shook her head in disappointment.

The black shadow said indifferently, “Consider it my last gift to you.

You dont need to spend any more effort to find and remove it.”

Lan Ling asked, “Do you really think that she can run away in the time of one burning incense”

The black shadow said, “At least I fought for it.”

Then, he looked at the scorpion-tailed ghost beast.

At this moment, the eyes of the scorpion-tailed ghost beast with scarlet eyes were already filled with tears which shocked everyone.

Ghost beast actually had feelings

“Lets go.

In the time of one burning incense, well meet again if were fated.”

At this moment, the black shadows body suddenly solidified as he spoke.

He had transformed into a middle-aged man who was extremely handsome, and his hair was jet-black, straggled down casually.

His entire body was black as well, and within the awe-inspiring evil, there was only a hint of gentleness left.

He could only look back at the scorpion-tailed ghost beast.


The scorpion-tailed ghost beast let out a furious roar, and the surrounding space instantly collapsed.

Cheng Ji hurriedly made a move to prevent the shattered space from harming the people at the trade fair.

After that, everyone saw that the scorpion-tailed ghost beast, after exchanging a deep glance, no longer had any lingering feelings.

It turned around and fled into the spatial fragment.

WIth so much reluctance leave.

There was no turning back.

Everyone sighed as they watched.

Some people lamented that the ghost beast was snobbish.

As expected, it was only the final betrayal that came in exchange for the deep affection.

However, most people knew in their hearts that if they dragged this out any longer, neither of the two ghost beasts would be able to escape!


The black-haired man watched his partner leave and rose into the air.

This movement shocked everyone and they immediately became alert.

However, he did not make a move.

He only placed his hands behind his back and flew higher and higher.

Finally, he looked longingly at the majestic Dongtianwang city below.

More than ten years..

Even a person could develop feelings, let alone a ghost beast

“Its the time for an incense stick to burn.”

The black-haired man retracted his gaze and said, “When the time is up, I will follow you.”

Lan Ling was anxious.

This was completely different from what they had agreed on.

However, the black-haired man had already ignored her.

He turned his head to look at the endless void.

“Since Ive said it, you should be able to trust my words, right, Rao Yaoyao”

The void rippled and a woman appeared.

Rao Yaoyao carried the Xuan Cang Spiritual Sword on her back and smiled, “Of course, I can wait for the time it takes an incense stick to burn.”

Box 209.

When the black-haired man revealed himself, Xin Gugu could no longer sit still.

“Senior Wu Xia…”

He recognized him.

This person was one of the previous elders of Xu Yue Grey Palace.

However, because he had disobeyed the orders of the palace, he chose to defect and had not returned to Xu Yue Grey Palace for more than ten years.

In that case, the other person could only be his partner, elder Yue Xie..

“Do you know him”Mo Mo asked through telepathic communication again.

Xin Gugu felt something was wrong again.

Something was very wrong!

Was this guy stupid enough to make a move with Power of the Sovereign… Mo Mo had to ask him clearly.

“I know him.”

This time, Xin Gugu replied with certainty.

It couldnt be said that he didnt know him.

They were simply too familiar with each other!

Wu Xia and Yue Xie were forbidden characters in the Xu Yue Grey Palace, but they were also legends.

In the early-stage of the Xu Yue Grey Palaces establishment, the aim was to protect the remaining ghost beast on the continent.

This included only good ghost beast.

However, as the development progressed and more ghost beast joined, the Xu Yue Grey Palace gradually became a mix of fish and dragons.

As the palace grew stronger, the factions in the palace inevitably began to fight over factions.

In the end, two factions gradually split up.

One faction was the conservative faction that still adhered to the early-stage goal of building the palace.

The other faction was the main faction that was dissatisfied with the red-clothed peoples ban and wanted to recruit more powerful ghost beast to join them.

As it developed until now, the red-clothed peoples ban became stronger and stronger.

At this moment, there were very few people in the conservative faction of Xu Yue Grey Palace who could stick to their own ideas.

Although the palace master of the Xu Yue Grey Palace could only be the successor of the conservative faction.

In fact, most of the power in the palace had been taken over by the people of the faction of war.

Wu Xia and Yue Xie were the elders of the conservative faction more than ten years ago.

However, after the faction of war took over the power, they kept issuing orders to corrupt orders given by the elders of the conservative faction.

Because of these orders, some people chose to submit.

And some others chose to leave.

Wu Xia and the Yue Xie were naturally the representatives of those people.


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