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Were they really that bad

Actually, they were doing okay.

However, Xu Xiaoshou realized that he had severely overestimated those two because of their strengths.

For a real life-and-death battle, the factors that determined survival consisted of more than just ones cultivation level, unless one were up against two complete idiots.

An arena battle was completely different.

Factors that determined survival included timing, location, and personal agency…

He couldnt do without any of them.

Hed been able to realize their intentions because of Sense, which had also caused him to misjudge their true strengths due to the cultivation level and the accidental geographical changes resulting from the lucky draw.

As such, hed had to make a series of guesses.

Of course, it was undeniable that his adaptability had saved his life.


To be frank, he was just smart!

Xu Xiaoshou was a little scared, because if he hadnt managed to intimidate those two, leading them to initiate the battle first, the end result couldve been vastly different.

Yet again, after this battle, he felt that even if the two of them had stuck together, they still wouldnt have been able to defeat him.

“Im getting a little too cocky…” Xu Xiaoshou patted himself on the head.


Staring at Goose Lakes misty rain, Xu Xiaoshou fell into deep silence.

The first rain he had witnessed in this world had taken two lives away.

Including Wenchong, hed already claimed three lives.

As hed expected, the world he was in now was completely different from the previous world hed lived in.

If he couldnt adapt well to the rules of survival here, he might be the next one to die.

“Hmm” he thought.

“Wen Chong

“These two, were they here to seek vengeance for Wen Chong”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly remembered that although he couldnt be held accountable for the battle in the arena, and that Wen Chong was the one whod assaulted him first, there was no evidence to suggest that Wen Chong didnt have companions.

It totally made sense that there were people seeking revenge for him after his death!


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned, as hed just realized that he was at a disadvantage because of his orphan status.

He hadnt at all thought that people would seek revenge for their companions.

Looking at it from this perspective, this made sense.

Two assassins had been killed today, and he expected there to be more tomorrow…

“Oh my god, is this a never-ending nightmare!” Xu Xiaoshou hugged his head.

“Thats right!

Who were these two

Some mere killers

Could they be

Since they were able to move through the Spirit Palace so freely, they must be a part of the inner palace, which was to say they were a part of them.

However, it didnt make sense to categorize them as Inner Yard disciples.

He wouldve bought this at the start, but definitely not now.

They were so weak.

Could they really be the disciples who had cultivated inside the Inner Yard for more than two years

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt that something was wrong here.

Could it be that it wasnt that they were too weak…

But that he was too powerful

“I am really getting too cocky…” Xu Xiaoshou slapped himself again.

The only thing he was curious about was if that dull guy could really take his sword skill…

“Hes at least of Voidness Level.

He shouldnt be so weak…”

Xu Xiaoshou could declare that even after swallowing ten Spiritual Cultivation Pills, his Blade-draw Technique had indeed strengthened, but not to the point of doubling the power.

“How is it possible that…

“He couldnt even block it!

“Even Mo Mo could take one sword!

“Could it be that Mo Mo was actually stronger than that dude” Xu Xiaoshou thought.

He was dumbfounded, but then he suddenly remembered Mo Mos right hand and her mystical sealed power.

To his knowledge, nobody but her possessed such an eerie power.

Even for the two hed just fought, he could barely deduce their Innate Elemental power.

The first one should be metal element, which was similar to his own Sharpness.

All he did was one strike.

The second one was most likely blood element, his blood hand…

Hmm, he couldnt even land an effective hit!

“Sealing Technique…”

Xu Xiaoshou was thinking vigorously.

Perhaps, maybe there were some people out there who were as talented as him!

“Ive got to ask Elder Qiao sometime…”

He wasnt too bothered, as the world was huge and there were many interesting things.

His Innate Level physique was probably a miracle in others eyes too.

Hed ended up acquiring Innate sword will too…


Xu Xiaoshou calmed down.

This battle had definitely made him more conscious of his battle capability.

He had unknowingly acquired ranged attacks, and it was a very powerful instant cutting skill.

After swallowing the pills, it seemed like even the powerful individuals from Voidness Level couldnt block it.

Hmm, except for some special people.

Close combat…

That was supposed to be his forte, but he had saved it as a last resort tonight and ended up not using it.

From the dudes attack in the courtyard, he could tell that with his Recoil skill, not many people could instantly kill him.

So his close combat skills were probably invincible, as he also had the great eight innate passive skills…

“Theres only one conclusion: what doesnt kill me only makes me stronger.

“Hmm, and that disgusting Infernal Heavenly Flame…”

Actually, it should be counted as Infernal Heavens, but it was pure Spiritual skill.

Since his cultivation level was stuck, he couldnt use it at all.

It would be pretty lucky to just burn at least one target.

The fires could burn a radius of ten thousand miles.

“Hmm, lets go back to sleep.

Who knows what will come in my dreams.

“Still got to cultivate properly!

“If my strength could allow me to thrash around brainlessly, then fighting wouldnt be so tiring.

Its actually wasting my brain cells…”

Xu Xiaoshou stretched and yawned, consumed by endless exhaustion.

The night was…

He was thoroughly tortured by Infernal Flame Seed, and then experienced a dozen rounds of extreme mood swings.

Before he could finish his wet dream, he was abruptly interrupted and had to waste countless brain cells killing two people…

It was indeed phenomenal!

“Better go back to sleep, lest there be more troubles.”

Xu Xiaoshou was about to turn around when the information bar in his brain suddenly updated.

Gazed, Passive Points, 1



Xu Xiaoshou was completely stunned and didnt know whether to turn around or not.

“Whats going on” he thought.

“I was only thinking about it.

I didnt say anything out loud, so I didnt say anything bad!”

What, now the thoughts in his brain could be manifested automatically

Xu Xiaoshou was terrified.

He repeatedly activated Sense but couldnt sense anyone around him.

He swallowed his saliva, and greeted with much difficulty, “Elder Sang”

Nobody answered.

Xu Xiaoshou was going crazy, as he realized that the information bar was a terrifying existence.

A random line of words could very well shock him to death.

No words could describe his urge to erase the word “gazed” from his dictionary and never see them again.

Who could it be

If it wasnt Elder Sang, then who had the sick hobby of gazing at him

Could it be the third killer

This wasnt important, but the fact that he could gaze at him without being sensed suggested that this person was of at least Elder Sangs level!

Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to move an inch, so he inched back to the white jade railing and leaned on it.

“Its so beautiful…

“The night is beautiful!

“The rain is also beautiful…

“So so so beautiful!”

He tried to enlarge the sensing area and finally discovered a shadowy figure at the end of the road in the direction of the woods.

So far

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned and was no longer afraid.

He turned around, wanting to get a better look.

A pair of pitch-black eyes abruptly appeared in his line of sight.

They were as close as a few punches away.

“What the heck!”

Xu Xiaoshous heart almost leapt out of his throat, and a black sword shot out of his chest.


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