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Raindrops fell on the ground, and small circular ripples appeared on the small puddles on the road.

With a splash, the puddles were crushed by the white-clothed, hard-soled shoes that were in a hurry and scattered in all directions.

In the blink of an eye.

The figures of the white-clothed team at the end of the road disappeared.

At the trade fair.

After seeing many white-clothed people go to the North City District to support, the white-clothed and red-clothed commanders in the teahouse were all silent.

After a long time, someone finally spoke.

“Holy power”

“Yes, it cant be an illusion.

I think someone must have learned of the Spirit Gems operation and decided to act on another place.”

“Who is it”

“In Dongtianwang City, other than the Holy Divine Palace and demi-saint faction, Im afraid there are only the new Jiang clan and the First Pavilion in the Sky.”

“It must have been the Jiang clan then.

After all, these people didnt show up tonight, and the First Pavilion in the Sky is at the scene of the trade fair.”

The exchange between the white-clothed commanders was very simple.

After a few sentences, the situation was clearly analyzed.

“Taking this opportunity to attack the demi-saint Jiang clan, what is the intention” Another person asked.

“Jiang clans Jiang Xian and the Three Loathsome Eyes…” Another white-clothed person speculated.

After this sentence, the tea room quieted down again.

The Three Loathsome Eyes.

If that was the case, this would not be a small matter.

As the white-clothed people who kill the evil, they were the only ray of light in the darkness.

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How could the people present not know that the Three Loathsome Eyes was a huge matter that involved many people

The reinforcements had already been sent, so everyone was silent.

Man proposes, God disposes.

They could only hope that the situation in the North City District would not be a tragedy.


At this moment, Chu Lisheng who was warming the tea behind them suddenly spoke.

His expression was grave as he interrupted the conversation of the white-clothed people.

“Whats the matter”

The white-clothed commander immediately looked over.

“Theres bad news…”

Chu Lisheng held the communication bead in his hand as he said sorrowfully, “We just received a message from the Yao family in the Imperial City.

They said that the old master of the Yao family, Yao Ye, died tonight.

The person who made the move is someone called Bazhunan.”

At the white-clothed and red-clothed tables, everyone stood up in shock.


Night Guardian was astonished.

“The real person or an imposter”

Chu Lisheng looked over and said with disappointment, “The red-clothed seniors are not from the imperial city.

You might not know that Yao Ye of the Yao family is the sword-bearer of the 21 famed swords, Taiyi Shengshui Sword, with the cultivation level of the higher void.”

The pupils of the Night Guardian shrunk.

A higher void.


For Chu Lisheng to say such words, Yao ye must have really fallen.

And the fluctuation from the death of the higher void was so small

In fact, they were all sitting calmly in the teahouse.

White-clothed and red-coateds attention was attracted by the Spirit Gem and holy power.

They did not expect that a higher void would die in battle tonight.

“If thats the case, it could only be the sword cries just now…”

One of the white-clothed commanders said.

Indeed, before the holy power erupted, there were sword cries that came from the west.

But no one took it seriously at that time.

After all, hearing sword cries from the Yao Residence was quite normal.

How could they have expected that it was Yao Yes final sorrowful cry!

“Testing the sword”

A white-clothed commander with a sword asked.


Chu Lisheng nodded.

“In a simple sword sparring, regardless of anything else, Yao Yes failure to protect his sword and his death belongs to the path of the ancient swordsman.

This is a serious matter.”


If it was during any other days, everyone would be willing to believe that this was serious.

But tonight, the wind was howling and the cranes were jittery.

This happened at the same time, so how could this feel serious

“So, its really the Eighth Sword Deity”

Night Guardian turned his head to look at the people around him.

The battle in the Eighth Palace outside the white cave appeared in his mind.

At that time, their mission had ended, and white-clothed was in charge of the rest.

Therefore, Gou Wuyue ordered the red-clothed people and the others to leave the scene first.

Who would have thought.

Right after they left, they heard that in the battle in the Eighth Palace, the white-clothed had lost 700 people.

Even the Moonless Sword Deity was defeated by a withered branch of the Saint Servants chief.

The identity of the other party was also revealed.

“The Eighth Sword Deity…”

Lan Ling muttered in a low voice, “He also came here.”

There is no one who could be unafraid of the three words,Eighth Sword Deity.

That would be a myth!

It wasnt from ancient times, but from the eastern region decades ago.

It could be said that it was… a true myth of the present era!

After the battle in the Eighth Palace, the declaration of war by the Saint Servant and the Eighth Sword Deity was actually suppressed by the Holy Divine Palace to avoid arousing panic and the followers of the dark faction.

Although outsiders did not know, their own people understood!

The chief of the Saint Servant was the Eighth Sword Deity, Bazhunan.

This point was known by everyone in the white-clothed and red-clothed.

As soon as the situation at the Spirit Gem Trade Fair was put on the table, the other side took action.

“This is too fast!”

Night Guardian was amazed by the Saint Servants speed.

These people seemed to have eyes of the great path, as if they were constantly watching every move of the Holy Divine Palace.

And once the Holy Divine Palace was caught off guard in any way…

That fatal blow in the dark was delivered right to their heads!

“But, why did he want to target Yao Ye and not us”

“A personal vendetta”

Some people suspected.

Then, someone thought of a very ancient legend.

“21 famed swords…”

“Thats right, Bazhunan should be eyeing these 21 famed swords.”

“From ancient times until now, no one has gathered all the famed swords, but there is also a legend that when all the famed swords are gathered, this will be another path to becoming a saint.”

In the past, everyone felt that the rumors were false.

When the Eighth Sword Deity had yet to appear in the real world, even more so, no one would believe in such an absurd path.

21 famed swords.

Even if all the famed swords were gathered, no one would have 21 hands to wield the swords at the same time.

This, how could this be another path to becoming a saint

However, when Bazhunans identity was confirmed and he acted, white-clothed immediately reported this information to the higher-ups.

Regardless of whether this deduction was accurate or not.

In short, the enemys intentions.

The Holy Divine Palace only needed to stop them.

The holy power leaked and Bazhunan made his move…

At such a sensitive time like the Spirit Gem Trade Fair, such a disgusting event had erupted.

Even though the white-clothed and red-clothed commanders here had experienced a lot, they were still slightly apprehensive.

“Are our people not here yet”

At this moment, the Night Guardian looked at Chu Lisheng and asked.

He was one of the few people who had seen such a grand scene in the Eighth Palace, so he knew how terrifying the Eighth Sword Deity was.

Since the other party had decided to make a move, it was obviously not as simple as snatching a famed sword.

That was because Xu Xiaoshou might still be at the scene of the trade fair.

The saint servant could not sit idly by.

In that case.

Even a dark faction like the saint servant would intervene in this situation.

At that time, even Gou Wuyue would be suppressed.

This trade fair was so grand.

Even if there were many people.

Without a big shot overseeing it, how could the operation succeed

“They should be coming soon…” Chu Lisheng replied subconsciously.

As he spoke, he suddenly looked at the other side of the void and changed his words, “They arrived!”

As he said that.

The void rippled.

Following that, a complicated path pattern formation spread out and covered half of the sky, causing the night to shine.

The next breath after the divine array formation was completed, a small-scale spatial passageway expanded and two young figures, a man and a woman, walked out from it.

The man was tall and handsome.

he had a pair of sword-like brows and starry eyes.

He seemed to be in high spirits.

The woman had a graceful figure.

Her face was covered with a light veil, and her starry eyes were shining brightly.

When this combination appeared, it was as if an emperor and a fairy had descended from the heavens.

The two of them had a refined temperament and were not tainted by any hints of anger.

The originally austere night was decorated with an extremely gorgeous stroke, and it became elegant and graceful.

“My little daughter, Yu Zhiwen, greets the seniors.”

The moment she appeared, Yu Zhiwen took the lead to shake her delicate hand and bow.

Then, her starry eyes turned and looked at the table where the red-clothed gather with slight surprise.

“Sister Lan Ling…”

“Sister Zhiwen!”

Lan Ling was also surprised by the person who came.

The cooperation with Yu Zhiwen in the white cave last time allowed her to experience the terrifying divine secret technique of the young generation.

She also understood why the Holy Divine Palace dared to gradually send young people to cooperate with the red-clothed and white-clothed.

It wasnt just training.

They were really useful!

They were so useful that other than the “Run” on the Lijian Grassland, Lan Ling couldnt find anything wrong with Yu Zhiwen.

And that shout of “Run” disturbed her heart…

To be honest.

Until the end, Lan Ling didnt dare to ask directly whether it was from Xu Xiaoshou or Yu Zhiwen.

The matter was over.

So she let it go.

Pursue it

There was no point.

Descending from the sky, Yu Zhiwen floated to the red-clothed table and approached Lan Ling.

Lan Ling smiled and said, “Why is it you I thought you had already returned to the central region to report.”

Yu Zhiwens brows curved, she also replied with a faint smile, “Ive disappointed sister Lan Ling, but Master told me to continue to stay in the eastern region and wait for orders.

He said that theres still a need for me.

He also brought me a helper.

It just feels right for me to be of use now.”

“Whats there to be disappointed about…”

Lan Ling laughed and shook her head.

Following Yu Zhiwens gaze, she looked at the young man who was still floating in the air.

He seemed to be high and mighty, but also seemed to be waiting for someone to introduce him.

He was curiously sizing up the land realm.

“This is” She asked.

Yu Zhiwen introduced expressionlessly, “My senior brother, Situ Yong, is the first on the Heaven Roll of the path division.

Hes the beloved disciple of the Hallmaster Dao.

His strength is much stronger than mine.”

Everyone was shocked.

The path division was one of the six divisions of the Holy Divine Palace.

The Heaven Roll of the path division was a ranking board that focused on studying the mysteries of the world.

The person who was ranked on it had extremely deep attainments in the divine secret technique.

Everyone already knew that Yu Zhiwen was ranked second on the Heaven Roll of the path division.

They didnt expect that the person who came this time was actually her senior brother.

Ranked first on the Heaven Roll.

This also meant that among the younger generation, this person was the one with the strongest divine secret technique.


He is the beloved disciple of Hallmaster Dao!

It could be said that this voice allowed everyone to truly see the background of the young man floating in the air.

The current Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace, Dao Qiongcangs disciple.

In layman terms…

This was the crown prince!

“Junior sister, you must be joking.”

At this moment, Situ Yong, who had received the introduction, slowly landed and said,

“Im just a few years older and have learned a few more years of the divine secret technique.”

“Junior sister was already ranked second on the innate list and is now a master.

You have just learned the way of the heavens.”

“Once the Pearl Gem Star Eyes are opened, its still uncertain who will win or lose.


Situ Yong had a refined temperament and his expression was very modest.

When he spoke, his words were watertight.

However, under Yu Zhiwens veil, she only pursed her red lips and did not reply.

Situ Yongs expression was calm.

Upon noticing that Yu Zhiwen was speechless, he calmly turned his head to look at the white-clothed and red-clothed around him.

“This junior Situ Yong greets all the seniors.

Since we are here, we can be at your disposal.”

It had to be said.

Other than the condescending scene just now, Situ Yongs performance was impeccable.

He also looked gentle.

However, Chu Lisheng, who was holding a teapot at the back, frowned slightly.

Perhaps he had been in the officialdom for too long, which made it difficult for Chu Lisheng to have a good impression of this young man.

In front of so many white-clothed and red-clothed seniors, he, Chu Lisheng, had to speak politely.

The moment Situ Yong appeared, he first treated them with respect, then ignored the seniors.

Only when he could not get along with his junior sister did he turn to the white-clothed and red-clothed people.

Although his attitude was humble and polite, Chu Lishengs first instinct was that this person was too arrogant.

However, when he turned around and noticed that the red-clothed and white-clothed seniors did not seem to care about the order of address, Chu Lisheng suddenly felt ashamed.

Thats right!

How could these white-clothed and red-clothed people, who were at the tip of the blade of life and death, care about the order of address of a Junior

Their stance was firm.

Their abilities were sufficient.

Thinking about it was enough.

“Lets begin!”

The white-clothed commander didnt waste any more words and said to Yu Zhiwen and Situ Yong.

Situ Yong looked back at him and didnt say anything.

Then, he turned to Yu Zhiwen and smiled gently, “Junior Sister, shall we begin”

Yu Zhiwen didnt say anything.

She just silently stretched out her hand and formed a seal, slowly pressing it into the air.

In an instant, a complicated divine path pattern appeared.

The divine array that sent the two of them here expanded once again, and the spatial passageway became even sturdier.

Situ Yong stared at it for a long time, smiled, and returned to his senses.

He also stretched out his hands.

“Buzz –”

The spiritual essence of the throne was injected, and the void hummed.

Then, path patterns appeared on Situ Yongs body, and they extended into the void through his spiritual senses.

In an instant, everyone could feel that the divine array pattern had undergone an earth-shaking transformation.

If Yu Zhiwens divine secret technique allowed this spatial passageway to receive the greatest consolidation.

Situ Yong had inserted wings into the spatial passageway, allowing this divine path pattern to undergo a qualitative transformation.

“So powerful…”

Lan Lings eyes were filled with shock.

She was a spirit array caster, so she knew how powerful Situ Yong was.

Such a young man not only had the cultivation level of a sovereign, but he also had such a powerful divine secret technique.

One had to know that it wasnt a fixed large-scale teleportation portal, but a spatial passageway that could instantly connect the two domains.

Since ancient times, only a divine sorcerer at the level of Hallmaster Dao could do it.

And now, two juniors had accomplished such a feat.



Just as he was in deep thought, an excited cry came from within the spatial passageway.

“Its here, its here.

The spatial passageway has finally come out.

I can finally come out and play around.

Hahaha, what the hell is with the Body Division Chief seat After so many years of sitting, my butt is about to transform!”

Amidst the strange cries, a dwarf-like short hunchback old man jumped out.

As soon as he appeared, this persons eyes were suffused with a green light as he excitedly sized up his surroundings.

“Little girl!”

The moment he saw Yu Zhiwen, the hunchback old mans eyes lit up.

This kind of beauty, even though she was wearing a veil, was simply something he had never seen in his entire life.

Immediately, the hunchback old man jumped up high and swish his presence.

Then, he rubbed his hands and excitedly asked, “Little girl, whats your name… Hmm”

When he realized that the spatial passageway was constructed by this girl in front of him, the hunchbacked old mans eyes were slightly surprised.

Then, he changed the topic and said urgently,

“Stop, Stop!”

“Its enough that you have me.

Theres no need to call out the others.

This time, I guarantee that I will smash them with my hammer.”

He waved his hand.

Yu Zhiwens neck was oozing with sweat, but she did not dare to stop what she was doing.

At this moment, the moment the hunchbacked old man finished speaking, another loud and fierce voice came from the interior of the spatial passageway:

“Wang Dachui, what an arrogant and smelly tone.

Arent you afraid that your smell would smoke others!”

“Back then, Kui Leihan smashed you into a hunchback with a single strike of his hammer.

Now, it seems that your f*cking injuries have yet to recover, and you dare to speak so arrogantly”

“Youre alone with no one holding you up.

If you jump up, will you even be able to hit the enemys knees”


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