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Chapter 728: Hello, Im looking for Bazhunan.

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The invitation from the past was still valid.

Night Guardian felt that his invitation came earlier than the Saint Servants chief.

Plus, based on Xu Xiaoshous emotional words in the White Cave, he was definitely not sincere in joining the Saint Servant.

He was a fool that didnt believe in various major factions , he only believed in himself!

But at the same time, he was also a genius that had started his own path!

He was such a rare genius.

If he were to get too involved in the Saint Servant, he would not be able to return!

At that time, the Night Guardian had laughed at Xu Xiaoshou for having Bazhunan ambition, but not being down-to-earth.

But after thinking about it for days and nights, he felt that he was wrong.

Xu Xiaoshou was not being too far-fetched.

On the contrary, he was taking one step at a time.

According to what he had said, he wanted to find out the truth of this world.

He was now rushing on his way.

Thats right!

In the eyes of the older generation, the other geniuses would be staggering along their journey.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was moving forward as if he was flying with his wings.

At that time in White Cave, the Night Guardian had found Xu Xiaoshou, but he letXu Xiaoshou slipped away.

After more than half a month, he finally received news about Xu Xiaoshou now…

If he could not catch Xu Xiaoshou this time, there was no hope for him in the future.

“Night Guardian!”

Night Guardian was about to move, but Lan Ling still stopped him sternly, “If you go in now, can you catch him without causing trouble”

“Yes!” Night Guardians eyes were bloodshot, and he was about to take off.

Xin reached out and pressed on Night Guardians shoulder, not saying a word.

The atmosphere was dead silent for a long time.

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Night Guardian finally calmed down.

He panted heavily and realized that Lan Ling was right.

Going in at this time would only ruin their bigger plans.

With that, he calmed down.

Suddenly, Night Guardian thought of Xu Xiaoshous demonic “Vanishing Technique” and his “spatial teleportation” back at White Cave.

In other words, the spiritual array at the trade fair might not work on him!

In that case, based on his personality, he would definitely escape.


At this moment, he was listening by the side!

“Who is it”

Immediately, the Night Guardian closed his eyes and turned his head to the side.

His path energy bloomed.

Without physically seeing, his spiritual senses were wide open, trying to find the person who might be eavesdropping.

The few people around instantly became alert and made a move in unison.

The four people in white-clothed stood up in front of the table, but their perception failed to detect anyone.

The red-clothed left the table and searched the surroundings.

Similarly, they found nothing.

Chu Lisheng followed and used his spiritual senses blindly, but he could not sense any living or dead beings other than the white-clothed and red-clothed.

The Night Guardian slowly turned around and came to the waist-height railing of the teahouse.

He looked at the long street.

Under the night sky.

A cool breeze accompanied by a drizzle swept across the courtyard.

Night Guardian clearly could not see it, but he had this feeling.

That person was right in front of him, right across from him, right in the drizzle of the long street a few steps away!

Night Guardians lips twitched a few times, and his voice trembled slightly.

There were thousands of words he wanted to say, but the moment he spoke, he could only sigh in disappointment,

“Xu Xiaoshou, its time to turn back!”

“Its time to turn back…”

Three steps away from the teahouse.

Xu Xiaoshou stared blankly at the Night Guardian in front of him.

The lingering long sigh lingered in his ears and in the air.

To be honest.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was moved.

In the past, he could feel the kindness of the Night Guardian, but he never believed that someone would treat him so well.

Even for Elder Sang, he only began to trust Elder Sang after he was fed the fire seed.

Only then, Xu Xiaoshou was able to confirm that Elder Sang was a trustworthy person.

What had the Night Guardian been after all this time

Xu Xiaoshou actually wanted to believe in this person, but he never dared to.

However, listening to the Night Guardian after he became invisible allowed him to see the Night Guardians heart clearly.

So someone like that did exist in this world…

A person who simply valued talent and did not want to see Xu Xiaoshou go astray!

“A successor”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of the past.

He understood the intentions of the Night Guardian, but he could not face it directly.


Xu Xiaoshou acknowledged this person.

He acknowledged the Night Guardians attitude towards the Ghost Beast as a red-clothed, his resolute and decisive character, as well as his intention to train Xu Xiaoshou to become the next successor of the red-clothed…

But he couldnt agree with the Night Guardians “Dao”!

Or rather, Xu Xiaoshou felt that the Night Guardians Dao wasnt complete.

Xu Xiaoshou had always been sticking to his principles.

“Perhaps the Ghost Beasts sins deserve death, but it shouldnt implicate everyone in the clan.”

This was too much!

Xin Gugu was one of the stupid Ghost Beast Host Body, similar to the pure human Zhou Tianshen.

If there was someone guiding this kind of Ghost Beast Host Body, it would not pose any threat to the safety of the continent.

Xu Xiaoshou did not know about other Ghost Beast Host Body.

However, as long as there was Xin Gugu in this world, even if there was only one, the Ghost Beast and Ghost Beast Host Body should not be treated like that.

Night Guardian was a soldier.

However, Xu Xiaoshou thought that what he saw was only the tip of the iceberg of the Ghost Beast Path.

Perhaps, once upon a time, the Night Guardian had met those so-called “Different” kind of Ghost Beast.

However, the Night Guardians path had already been cut.

The facts that he had decided could not be changed.

Perhaps, he would use another method of self-deception to transform this “Xin Gugu” type Ghost Beast.

Night Guardian could do that.

As for Xu Xiaoshou, could he do that


Outside the railing, beside the long street.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was three steps away, solemnly shook his head at the Night Guardian in front of him.

He did not even hesitate for a moment.

If it was in the past, he might spend time to contemplate and ponder over such questions.

Now, he would not.

Along the way, what Xu Xiaoshou perfected was definitely not just the Cultivation Level Dao.

The Way of the Heavens should be completed before being cut off.

The Way of Humanity should be fully understood before one could set out to pursue his life goals.

The Sovereign Dao realm of the Night Guardian was not complete.

His understanding of this world was incomplete too.

This was Xu Xiaoshous thought.

Perhaps, he could have been too narrow-minded judging from the perspective of an Innate level junior, trying to figure out the Sovereign level senior.

However, Xu Xiaoshou had a very clear understanding of himself.

He believed that the Night Guardian was not bad, but his Dao was incomplete!

Yes, the Night Guardians Dao was not wrong.

In fact, Dao itself had no right or wrong.

If he was to blame someone, it would be just the Night Guardians incomplete understanding.

That was all.

Xu Xiaoshou could not follow this incomplete Dao!

“Its time to return…”

The murmurs of the Night Guardian lingered in his ears.

However, Elder Sangs face and his Qiu Long words appeared in Xu Xiaoshous mind at this moment.

“If it would the same torment to return, then why would turning back be consideredtranscendence”

In the drizzle of the night, in the tea shop on long street.

Three steps away, it was as if a lifetime had passed.

Xu Xiaoshou who was in the invisible state, walked forward and bowed although the Night Guardian couldnt see him.

After he thanked the Night Guardian for acknowledgment, he floated away and did not stay any longer.

As a conclusion.

Different paths, different ways, they wouldnt be partners.

It was late at night.

Other than the Southern District.

In the land realm around the trade fair, there was no curfew.

Even though the leaders of various factions were not around, the people at the bottom of the hierarchy were still living in an orderly manner.

The streets were still brightly lit, and the people who stayed up late for work or back from work were still walking in a hurry.

“Its raining!”

It was almost the full moon.

In a few days, the family would be reunited.

However, right now, children were already playing with lanterns, basking in the tranquil night sky under the drizzling rain.

However, these mischievous ones would only end up being dragged home by their parents.

They would get beaten and scolded until they were home to shower.

In the dark alley.

A young man walked out from the corner.

He walked quietly under the rainy night, but the people around him didnt see to see him at all.

They ignored him and brushed past him.

Xu Xiaoshou had long turned off the Vanishing Technique.

This was the passive effect of “Stealth”.

Personally, it was fine for him as long as there were no rules of Cutting Path like in the White Cave.

With the “Vanishing technique” and ” Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step”, no matter how hard the Holy Divine Palace tried, it would not be able to trap Xu Xiaoshou.

However, it was different from the past now.

In the past, Xu Xiaoshou lived for himself, but now it was different.

He was no longer alone!

He took out the communication bead.

This was a communication bead from Bazhunan.

To be honest, Xu Xiaoshou had no intention of using it.

However, the current situation was a little difficult to resolve, so he dialed the unknown number on it.


After a busy tone, a rustling sound came from the other side.

Xu Xiaoshou did not speak, but he kept his ears open until the other side spoke, “Who is it How do you have this number”


It was actually the Storyteller!

Xu Xiaoshou had always thought this communication bead that came from Bazhunan was directly connected to him.

Who would have thought that it was actually the Storyteller

No wonder…

No wonder when the Storyteller came to First Pavilion in the Sky that day, he said that if Xu Xiaoshou could look for him if theres anything.

So it turned out that this was the way to look for him…

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou even had the urge to cut off the communication.

But he couldnt, he had to save lives!

So Xu Xiaoshou braced himself and said, “Hello, Im looking for Bazhunan.”

“Xu Xiaoshou”

The Storyteller was surprised, and the rustling sound of clothes stopped.

Then he said with surprise, “Why did you call me so late, are you lonely”

Lonely my ass… Xu Xiaoshou felt uncomfortable and said, “Wheres Bazhunan, do you have his phone number… uh, contact information Im looking for him.”


The Storyteller was disheartened.

It turned out that Xu Xiaoshou was not looking for him, but for his brother.

Then, a voice came from the communication bead, “Its for you, its that brat.”

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

The Storyteller should be in the Imperial City at this moment.

From the way he spoke.

Bazhunan had obviously arrived in the Imperial City.

When did he arrive

This big troublemaker was hiding in the dark.

How big of a mess was he planning to stir up


Most importantly!

Wasnt the Storyteller putting on his clothes

Was Bazhunan beside him


At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous eyes were as wide as copper bells.

If he had the fixed-point teleportation technique and knew their location, he would definitely teleport to the Storytellers room at this moment to see what they were up to.

Not long after, a long-lost hoarse voice came from the communication bead.

He went straight to the point.

“Are you at the trade fair”

“And youre trapped”

“Asking for help”

Apart from the hoarseness because he had not spoken for a long time, Xu Xiaoshou could also hear some mockery in Bazhunans voice.

But these were not important.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that Bazhunan was intelligent, so he was not surprised.

He asked, “What are you doing”

“Im in a meeting.”

“A meeting What kind of meeting is it that you have to wear clothes while having it”

Bazhunan suddenly fell silent.

The corner of Xu Xiaoshous lips lifted.

Before he could speak, Bazhunans voice was heard again.

“It seems that you have escaped and are still quite carefree to joke… Youve misunderstood.

No one is wearing clothes.

The Storyteller is working on some women job.”

“Women job”


“The kind of women job that intertwines with each other”


Bazhunan fell silent again.

The smile on Xu Xiaoshous face grew wider.

Bazhunan did not reply but said, “Tell me, hows your escape that you need my help I thought that you wouldnt use this communication bead.”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered.


He needed help

It was just that the members of First Pavilion in the Sky were trapped at the scene of the trade fair, and they could all probably die.

Why would he need help

“Im not here to ask for help.

Im here to give you a chance,” Xu Xiaoshou said.

“A chance”

“Yes, tonight is a chance.”

“What do you mean” Bazhunan sounded amused.

Xu Xiaoshou put on a serious face and explained the thoughts in his mind.

“The Holy Divine Palace has surrounded the venue of the trade fair.

There are a lot of people here, even more than the people in the White Cave.”

“I guess this is the same group of people in the Imperial City trial to prevent the unexpected situation on the Abyss Island.”

“At this moment, most of them should be here.”

“Then” Bazhunans voice still sounded as if he was smiling.

Xu Xiaoshou was so angry that he gnashed his teeth when he heard the unmoved and mocking voice.

He moved the communication bead away and snorted disdainfully.

Then, he rolled his eyes and took the communication bead back.

He said calmly,

“I also know that the Jiang clan, the Demi-Saint of the Imperial City, might have an emergency tonight.”

“There is an organization called Yama.

They have their eyes on Jiang Xians Three Loathsome Eyes.”

“If nothing goes wrong, they will make a move tonight.”

“So” Bazhunans tone did not lose its smile and became even more playful.

Xu Xiaoshou moved the communication bead away and waved a few fists at this thing.

He even flashed his finger sword in the air.

Then, he took back the communication bead and said calmly,

“The Jiang clans Demi-Saint descendant will definitely disperse the people of the Holy Divine Palace in that case.”

“If the news is leaked, the Holy Divine Palace will have no reason to let the Demi-Saint descendant die in the Imperial City!”

“Therefore, their power will definitely be dispersed.”

“This is an opportunity.

You guys… Hmm, we, the Saint Servant, will attack at the last minute and blow up the matter.

We can catch them off guard and reduce the defensive power of the Abyss Island.”

“Reduce the defensive power” Bazhunan repeated and chuckled.

“Do you think I need to reduce the defensive power”

Xu Xiaoshou ran out of words.

At this moment, he was really annoyed.

Did Bazhunan know what he just saw

If that huge trap of the trade fair had been laid in the White Cave…

With Bazhunan struggling for his life with just a single move, he would have been exhausted to death!

Hes so arrogant…

When Xu Xiaoshou thought of that, how could Bazhunan not think of it

In a short while, Xu Xiaoshou was once again suspecting this masked man.

This guy, what kind of backup plan did he have

He didnt seem to care at all, its simply detestable..

Thinking in his heart, Xu Xiaoshou didnt reveal anything on his face.

He only sighed,

“Sigh, it seems that you still dont understand what I mean.

Now that this big net has landed in the Imperial City, the Yunlun Mountain Range isnt that place empty”

“Youre planning to waste such a great opportunity”

“Are you going… Cough cough!”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly coughed violently and swallowed the words that was coming out of his mouth..

With a serious face, he said, “Im sorry, my throat got stuck just now.”


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