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Chapter 722: Young Master Xu Is Upright.

There Is No Need To Panic

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He dug out three void tokens from a pit

Xu Xiaoshou, who was on the stage, said that even he didnt believe it himself.

The people in the private seats all felt that they had become idiots in Young Master Xus eyes…

This person isnt here to trade treasures at all.

He is here to crush the intelligence of everyone present!

“Are you crazy or am I crazy” Someone said angrily.

“Do you really think that we are all here for you, Xu Deye, to play with”

“There are so many big shots here, some of them started from scratch, there are also those who are from the evil and good-willed factions… Do you, Xu Deye, really think that we are fools to play with”

Everyone ridiculed him.

Cheng Ji, who was in No.1 private room, could not hold on to the windowsill anymore.

His hand trembled and he almost lost control of his strength.

He broke through the window and array and went out of the hole.

“Theres something wrong with this person with the surname Xu!” Chu Lisheng also said sternly from behind.

One pit, three void tokens.

Either there was something wrong with the minds of everyone present, or there was something wrong with the Abyss Island, or there was something wrong with Xu Deye…

Even if what Young Master Xu said was true…

Why was it that it was so difficult for others to obtain a single command token, but Xu Deye alone could dig out three void tokens in one pit

“Investigate thoroughly!” Cheng Jis eyes contained a hint of ruthlessness as a flash of light flashed past.

He had long suspected the First Pavilion in the Sky, but he had no evidence.

Most of the things that this faction had done were just ridiculous things.

But to say that there wasnt enough evidence now was really blind.

The person on the high platform was clearly playing around with the entire audience as if they were retarded!

How could there be such a coincidence in this world

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Faced with everyones doubts, Xu Xiaoshous heart didnt waver at all.

He had already thought about how unbelievable it would be if three void tokens were released at the same time.

But so what if they didnt believe it

Xu Xiaoshou, who was on the high platform, had such a thought in his mind.

He had long assumed that he was the true chosen one who “started the game by digging up three treasures”.

At this moment, he was so moved that he almost took off his beast mask, and his voice was full of tears.

“Everyone, you really dont have to suspect me…”

Xu Xiaoshou put the hammer in his hand on the high platform as if he was tired, and said sorrowfully,

“I really dont want to take the risk of holding the void tokens, so I planned to trade them all out.”

“Think about it, everyone!”

“If I really want to hide them, isnt it the best outcome to take out one of these three void tokens”

“Not only will I make money, no one will doubt me.

Wont everyone be happy”

“But now…”

He braked in time, leaving a blank space for the audience to imagine.

In the end, he sighed and said, “Forget it, I wont say anything else.

The starting price is 18 billion.

The deal begins.”


The hammer struck, and everyone was absent-minded.

The audience was still immersed in the atmosphere of “Yes, he has a point.”, however, not long after, they were almost scared to death by the unexpected “18 billion.”.

“Good grief…”

“How much money does the First Pavilion in the Sky need for him to take such a risk by taking out three void tokens”

“You believe his nonsense” Someone immediately refuted.

“I dont believe it!” Someone else said, “But if it werent for the lack of money, I would only be able to take out two void tokens at most.

Why would I take out all three void tokens Wouldnt that attract suspicion”

“Maybe hes doing the opposite”

“Try to do the opposite.

Can you bear the risk of doing the opposite”

“Uh… even if thats the case, you wouldnt shout about it”

“If you ask me, Ill admit it! In this world, theres really a coincidence of three void tokens being dug out of a pit.

Maybe they just happened to be lucky!”


It had to be said that the audience below the stage had been divided by Xu Xiaoshous white space.

Now, there was a difference between what they suspected and what they believed.

However, it was obvious that even if some people believed Xu Xiaoshous story, there was no doubt that he would be investigated by the Holy Divine Palace after he took out the third command token at great risk.

One pit, three void tokens

Since it was such a coincidence, no matter how much they investigated, it wouldnt be too much.

“18 billion.

Sect Master, what do you say”

In No.

13 private room, Ding Kui looked back and asked for instructions.

At this moment, he really didnt know what to do.

Leng Qi was speechless and just slumped onto the sofa in a daze.

It was a mistake!

He didnt care whether the First Pavilion in the Sky dug out three command tokens or not.

All hes worried about is the third void token.

Is it really the last one

If it werent for…


If it werent for…


“Sect Master!” A shout from Ding Kui woke up Leng Qi from his trance.

“Do not increase the price…” Leng Qi recovered from his thoughts and sighed.

It felt like he had just aged several decades at this moment.

Great Xuantian Sect cant afford to raise the price anymore.

It wasnt because of the 18 billion, but the price of the precious treasures.

In this trade fair, their Great Xuantian Sect was definitely the one that paid the most.

Using the last straw to crush the camel to death to fight for the last void token was an uncertain decision…

For the first time, Leng Qi discovered that his judgment was somewhat lacking and powerless.

He didnt know if the First Pavilion in the Sky still had a backup plan.

He also didnt know if Young Master Xu would still have the void token if he didnt have a backup plan.

If that was the case, the Great Xuantian Sect wouldnt be able to hold on for much longer!

“Three void tokens…”

Leng Qi tightly gripped the void token in his hand and shouted in a low voice while enduring the pain, “Enough! We wont bid!”

“18 billion!”

While everyone was still hesitating, No.

7 private room made a bid.

At this moment, everyone knew that No.

7 didnt set out for the high price of 18 billion, but only to prevent No.

13 from owning all the void tokens.

Only a faction that was also an overlord knew how terrifying a monopoly can be.

How terrifying is a monopoly!

“Alright, the bid is up! 18 billion going once…”

Almost at the same moment that Xu Xiaoshou raised his hammer and turned his head, the people in the private seats looked in the direction of No.

13 private room at the same time.

Leng Qi felt the gazes from many people in the private room, and his heart was bleeding.

At this moment.

The thought of “another gamble” suddenly appeared in his mind

However, Ding Kui sat down silently at the side and gently pressed his shoulder.

Leng Qi exhaled heavily.

“Alright, we wont raise the price.”

His reply only echoed in the private room.

The arenas people could only hear the silence in No.

13 private room.

Xu Xiaoshou was greatly astonished on the high platform.

“18 billion going twice… Why, its our last chance, but everyone seems to be afraid.

Wheres the aura from before”

His gaze was fixed on No.

13, full of anticipation.

Seeing that No.13 private room was still silent, Xu Xiaoshou explained again:

“Its really the last one.

This young master really doesnt have any more.

Digging four command tokens in a pit, are you guys being stupid or am I the one being naive Do you guys think thats possible”

Everyone was speechless.

According to what you said, digging three command tokens from a pit isnt stupid or naive

“Despised, passive points, 262.”

“20 billion!” No.13 didnt say anything, but No.

66 did.

It was an organization that had participated in the void token auction before.


“20 billion!”

Xu Xiaoshou instantly changed his target and said excitedly, “Some people have no money, but some still have money! Lets see if No.

7 will choose to fight back.”

Leng Qi, who was in No.

13 private room, was so shocked that he almost rushed out to hit a certain someone.

At this moment, he only felt that why did President Dong Ling choose to hold back

At that time, if he had set Young Master Xu on fire, wouldnt that be something that everyone would be happy about now

In No.

7 private room.

Xiu Mingyue was called out by Xu Xiaoshou on the high platform.

She couldnt help but laugh and shake her head.

The Guardian beside her, Mo Qing, was trying to persuade her, but she didnt care.

“Add another two billion.

If someone offers, just let it go.”

“No…” Mo Qing was stunned.

He was speechless.

“Sigh, forget it, forget it.”

With a sigh, Mo Qing raised his token.

“22 billion!”

The entire hall was silent.

With the void token being hyped up to this point, everyone felt that their desire to ridicule had been snatched away some time ago.

At this moment, other than turning their heads back and forth to move their eyes, they had completely lost the desire to even let out a scream.

A certain someone on the high platform was still shouting the loudest.

He was the most passionate as if his entire body was brimming with vitality and would never retreat:


“22 billion going once… is there anyone else Is there anyone else is this enough to subdue all of you”

“I dont believe it!”

What do you mean by you dont believe it, who would believe you…

Everyone was speechless as they quietly watched the performance of a person on the high platform.

In the end, all that was exchanged for was silence.

“What a pity.”

He shouted until his throat was hoarse.

Even though the Night Cat had started the telepathic communication, Xu Xiaoshou still could not wait for the next one.

He sighed and hammered down three times.

“Deal, deal.”

“Im leaving.

This time, theres really no void token.

Its such a pity that you guys didnt bid for the last one.

Its simply a waste of a gods gift.”

Forcing himself to pull himself together, Xu Xiaoshou asked the servant to go up on stage and trade the Spirit Crystals and treasures.

He then said loudly, “Alright.

In the end, let us congratulate No.

7 private room for winning the opportunity to become a saint with a low price of 22 billion.

Congratulations to them!”

Clap Clap Clap…

The entire venue was filled with sparse applause.

Low price

The crowd had no energy to ridicule him.

Xu Xiaoshou faced the “Dislike” and “Disdain” of the crowd before staying at the venue to pick off the last wave of fleece.

He then returned to the box in high spirits.


“Were rich!”

In No.

209 private room, after seeing the entire crowd, he couldnt sit still anymore.

As if welcoming the return of the god of war, he welcomed Xu Xiaoshou into the private room.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, Xu Xiaoshous cheap auctioneer trading method was indeed devaluing.

But in the eyes of his own people, as long as this method could make money, it was good enough.

“Young Master Xu! You have become rich!”

Mu Zixi pounced over, her eyes shining with a spirit crystal light.

As soon as she stepped forward, she looked around for the Spirit Crystal Card.

She had already planned it out for her senior brother.

The three void tokens sold for a total of 40 billion spirit crystals.

This, this, this…

Even if they were distributed piece by piece, they could benefit 40 billion commoners!

A country in the secular world didnt even have a population of 40 billion!


“So much small money…”

Mu Zixis eyes lit up as she muttered in a daze.

She rubbed her hands and was a little hesitant, but in the end, she couldnt help but be curious.

“Young Master Xu, I want to see a card worth 40 billion…”

Xu Xiaoshou held his forehead.

He was just about to push down his junior sister when he saw Xin Gugus face that was filled with stars.

When he turned his head, Xiao Wanfeng and Liu Lu looked the same.

Even Mo Mo…

Mo Mo couldnt sit still anymore.

40 billion…

Not to mention such a large number, Mo Mo had never even seen a small amount of 100 million.

“Its all thanks to that trap!” Mo Mo said with a smile as she stepped forward.

She blocked the way for Mu Zixi and Xin Gugu who might ask “Young Master Xu, where did you get those three void tokens from”.

Although she didnt know where Xu Xiaoshou got the void token from.

The arena, however, didnt stop her from cooperating with Xu Xiaoshou to put on a show.

“Not bad.”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt even hesitate for a moment before he accepted the show.

He took off his beast mask as soon as he entered the room, filling himself with memories.

Si Yi, who seemed to have a trap, was exposed under the spiritual array of the night cat.

She could only sigh:

“That pit is too valuable!”

“I really didnt expect to dig it with my bare hands without even a hoe.

I dug out 40 billion.

Its simply… Tsk tsk!”

Mu Zixi and Xin Gugu were stunned.

They subconsciously understood something.

Before they could speak, Xu Xiaoshou took out a card each and rubbed it in front of the three of them.

He raised his hand and chuckled.

“Touch it”

Xiao Wanfeng was stunned.

He really did not expect that Young Master Xu would also lift a card towards him, and it was the most valuable one.

“Are you really giving it to us” Mu Zixi and Xin Gugu were also suspicious.

Even though that was the case, it did not stop the three of them from going forward together.

They reached out and touched the three cards in Xu Xiaoshous hand.

The moment the card was touched.

Xu Xiaoshou put it back into his spatial ring and pursed his lips.

“Touching is touching.

How can I give it to you Do you want to eat your farts”

The first three people touched the card that was worth tens of billions for less than half a second.

Before their intoxicated expressions could come out, they were choked to death.

“Cursed, passive points 3, 1, 1, 1…”

“Right, your money, Ill return it to you.” Xu Xiaoshou turned to look at Liu Changqing.

He didnt care about the old mans evasion and forced out the spirit crystal card to clear the debt on the spot.

He didnt have the bad habit of owing people favors.

The Blood Trees Yin Branch was worth 20 billion.

To put it bluntly, Xu Xiaoshou still made a profit.

After all, this thing was really practical.

It was really fresh out of the oven, the kind that had just been plucked…

With the name of the nine great ancestral trees, it itself was priceless.

Why did Xu Xiaoshou have to pity this 20 billion

Immediately after the money was transferred, Liu Changqing was once again touched.

He had originally decided to become a consultant of the First Pavilion in the Sky who could come and go as he pleased.

He only wanted to save his life.

He didnt expect that Young Master Xu really didnt intend to take his Blood Trees Yin Branch for free…

20 billion, that was a lot of money!

Mu Zixi, Xin Gugu, and Xiao Wanfengs envious gazes instantly shifted from Xu Xiaoshou to Liu Changqing.

“This is half of Young Master Xus wealth…”

“This old man is worth a lot of money…”

The three of them stared at Liu Changqing, muttering to themselves.

He wondered if these little fellows would directly go up and ignore his cutting path cultivation level and pounce on him like three hungry wolves.

After all, aside from cultivation level…

These people are Young Master Xus trusted aides.

After settling everything, Xu Xiaoshou did not plan to stay any longer.

“Pack up your things and get ready to leave!”

He instructed everyone and turned to look at Liu Lu.

“We dont plan to stay any longer.

We want to leave early.

After all, were afraid of encountering any danger in the end.

This shouldnt be a problem, right”

Liu Lu immediately nodded.

“Of course.”

In the past, there was no lack of treasures that could satisfy the next transaction.

They would immediately choose to protect themselves and escape.

The other party wanted to leave so as to prevent a big battle from happening in the end.

Night Cat was too happy to stop it, so how could he stop it

However, when he nodded his head, Liu Lus ears twitched, and his expression suddenly became a little ugly.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were observant, and he could see everything clearly.

In addition to his heart palpitating for no reason, he knew that it was a whim.

When the two combined, he was slightly shocked by the change in Liu Lus expression.


Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows and looked a little surprised.

“We cant leave”

Liu Lu opened his mouth and listened carefully before nodding his head.

“Yes, Young Master Xu.

Master Yuan said that the Holy Divine Palace has just issued instructions that no one can leave this trade fair ahead of time.”

“But dont worry, Young Master Xu.

The Holy Divine Palace will ensure the safety of everyone in this trade fair.”

“Young Master Xu is upright, there is no need to panic.”


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