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Chapter 715: Wolfs Lair! Ghost Beast Conference

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Knock Knock Knock.

There was a knock on the door.

Liu Lu quickly went forward and opened the door, welcoming the White-haired Orc outside.


The White-haired Orc mans crisp footsteps had just fallen into the box.

The ground seemed to have been shattered by time fragments.

Time suddenly slowed down..

At this moment, without the barrier and without the spiritual array, the white-haired beast-faced man stepped into the door of Room 209 in an unguarded manner.

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat, his pupils constricted, and all the pores on his body suddenly exploded.

“Startled, passive points, 1.”

At the same time.

He could feel the White-haired Orcs body slightly stunned, as if he had encountered something unbelievable that shocked him to the extreme.

All the muscles in his body tensed up before he forcefully relaxed again.

However, Xu Xiaoshou still managed to capture that moment of stiffness.

That was because mo mo and Xin Gugu, who had the same reaction as the White-haired Orc, were also covered by spiritual senses.

It was almost at the moment when both parties met.

Mo Mo and Xin Gugu were both frozen for a bit before they immediately relaxed.

“F * ck…”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou began crying in his heart.

He had previously thought that if this White-haired Orc wanted to ask about the ghost beast, would it really be a newly born ghost beast host body that was ignorant and wanted to ask some questions

However, this thought was mercilessly abandoned after it was born.

Because this was the venue of the trade fair!

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Night Cat was watching, so was the Holy Divine Palace, and there were even more unknown dark faction watching!

With so many eyes watching, how could the ghost beast host body dare to stand in front of the stage and talk about the Ghost Beast

However, the little reaction of the White-haired Orc, Mo Mos and Xin Gugu, as well as their own experience with ghost beasts, left their “Perception”to directly capture the ghost beast…

All of this made Xu Xiaoshou understand.

The White-haired Orc was undoubtedly an iron wolf!

However, following this, there were endless questions:

How did this person dare to do so

Was this “the darkest place is under the candlestick” kind of situation

Was the most dangerous place also the safest place

Hiding under the eyes of the enemy, doing what the enemys was doing, and making the enemy misunderstand that this was an ally

“He must have eaten the courage of a leopard!” Xu Xiaoshou looked at the White-haired Orc, his heart filled with terror.


At the same time, after a moment of stiffness, the few people on both sides tacitly returned to their most ordinary state.

To Xu Xiaoshou, the fact that the White-haired Orc was a ghost beast host body was shocking, and there was no doubt about it.

However, to the White-haired Orc, there were two ghost beast host bodies squatting in Room 209.

This fact almost had him, a master of the Cutting Path Level, to drop the jade box and run away!

“This is simply bad luck!”

“How dare these people They are gathering under the eyes of the Holy Divine Palace to cause trouble And they are even making a direct bid… do they want to die !”

The White-haired Orc really had the impulse to turn around and leave without saying anything.

What kind of stupid ghost beast host body would do such an unlucky thing

Was this “the darkest place is under the candlestick” kind of situation

Was the most dangerous place also the safest place

Hiding under…

“Oh My God!” The White-haired Orcs state of mind collapsed.

He really had to leave, but he couldnt move his feet!

Those two wolves…

Their green wolf eyes..

Just stared at him like that!

Who could leave

There were so many people watching.

Only the ghost beasts knew the connections between them while the others did not.

The White-haired Orc felt that if he really turned around and left, he wouldnt have to wait for the two wolves to reveal their identities.

Someone with a heart would check it out.

It was all over!

Spirit Gem Trade Fair wasnt a place to stay for too long anyways, and he had to move around every time he came.

And now

There was a private room here, and there were three ghost beasts..

What kind of bullsh * t joke was this!

The following red-clothed people heard the sound and came over.

Even if they were to capture all of them in one go, it would not be enough to describe such a fruitful battle result, right

“Old gentleman, how should I address you”

The first person to break the awkward and silent atmosphere was Xu Xiaoshou.

When he said this, the three ghost beast host body reacted at the same time.

This time, the ones who were supposed to be in a daze remained in a daze, the ones who were supposed to be on guard stayed on guard, and the ones who were supposed to reply… the three of them didnt show any flaws at all.

“Young Master Xu.”

The White-haired Orc cupped his hands and suppressed the trembling in his voice.

“Im Liu Changqing.”


Liu Come here, please sit, please sit.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked as if he had heard of his name for a long time.

He quietly stood up and walked forward, welcoming Liu Changqing to the sofa.

Liu Changqing actually wanted to take a step back.

But once he entered the wolf den, it was as deep as the ocean.

Even if he didnt want to go forward, he had to.

He looked left and right at female wolf, Mo Mo, and male wolf, Xin Gugu…

The two green hungry wolves from the other party.

He was just a newborn baby wolf.

Thus, Liu Changqing took the lead and handed over the jade box and said, “Young Master Xu, this is what you traded for.

Take it first.”


Xu Xiaoshou took the jade box and put it into the ring with a flip of his hand.

He paused for a moment and said, “Its like this.

Ill give you the money later, but I cant take it out now.”

Liu Changqing:

At this moment, his heart exploded.

20 billion!

The other party had grasped his identity and was going to go back on his words

Little did he know that Xu Xiaoshou was indeed telling the truth.

His money could only be received after the three void tokens were traded.

At this moment, even adding up all his money, only the additional conditions could be considered valuable.


Liu, do you have anything to ask”Xu Xiaoshou changed the topic.

Liu Changqing let out a long sigh of relief.

He didnt want to care about these worldly possessions anymore.

At this moment, he only wanted to live.

Live well!

The moment the bounded domain opened, the entire private room was enveloped.

Then, Liu Changqing used the Way of the Heavens power to isolate Young Master Xu, Mo Mo, and Xin Gugu, connecting them to a special telepathic communication track.

“Alright, this time, the higher void (level) is unable to intercept the telepathic communication.

In other words, if anyone tries to pry into the telepathic communication, I will be able to detect anyone below demi-saint.”

Liu Changqing closed his eyes solemnly,”Speak!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked left and right.

After Liu Changqing had done all of this, even if he had opened his bounded domain, he did not isolate himself, Mo Mo, and Xin Gugu into another dimension.

On the contrary, everyone was still seated in the private room, as if they were discussing in a normal and peaceful manner in front of Liu Lu.

“What are you talking about”Xu Xiaoshou asked with a smile.

“Lets get down to business!” Liu Changqings tone could not contain his anger anymore.

There was a strong sense of helplessness and grief after being deceived.

“What else can I say Lets just talk about this matter right now…”

“Shouldnt you be the one asking and me answering” Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

“This old man…”

Liu Changqing choked and felt that his anger could not be contained.

“If this were any other… person… it would be you asking and me answering.

But you two… the two of you, whats going on”He looked at Mo Mo and Xin Gugu, and his words were full of cautious terms after his careful consideration.

Xu Xiaoshou was not a ghost beast host body that Liu Changqing could sense that.

However, the reason why he also connected to the telepathic communication channel was that Liu Changqing discovered that Young Master Xu had long discovered that he was a ghost beast host body.

Moreover, the two beside him did not appear by Young Master Xus side in human form, but young master Xu chose to accept them.

Therefore, Liu Changqing did not care about Young Master Xus human identity and connected him to the telepathic communication channel.

A round of greetings.

Xu Xiaoshou did not respond.

Instead, he turned his head to look at Mo Mo and Xin Gugu, asking the same question.

Xin Gugu was the first to speak, “Is your telepathic communication track safe”

“Its safe!” Liu Changqing said angrily.


Xin Gugu nodded and immediately turned to Xu Xiaoshou, explaining,

“A newly born ghost beast host body, I reckon that it was only a month ago!”

“Considering that the ghost beast host body should still be in a weakened state after being parasitized, and the host body is at the Cutting Path (stage) … Thus, it should be Liu Changqings will that is leading the way at the moment.”

“Of course, in terms of strength of the ghost beast, this fellow shouldnt be able to match… her.”

Xin Gugu said as he looked at Mo Mo..

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

This was something that he hadnt expected.

Therefore, was this a brand new ghost beast host body that had been messed up by the ghost beast and waned to use The Blood Trees Yin branch as the only way to get rid of the ghost beast

“Is that so”Xu Xiaoshou looked at Liu Changqing.

Liu Changqing was dumbfounded.

It took him a long time to react.

Xin Gugus words were to explain his current state to Young Master Xu.

He had originally wanted to shout it out sternly.

However, the weak voice in his body was struggling to make a sound even though it was being suppressed by his own power of the Cutting Path (stage) It wanted him to be more wary of that woman and not have one dead body and two lives..

This time.

Liu Changqing, who was already frightened by Xin Gugus words, had lost his judgment.

An Innate (stage) …

That damned thing in his body told him to be on guard against her…

The scene in front of him was too shocking, and it was out of Liu Changqings original intention to make the trade, and even more out of his expectations.

He was out of ideas.

“Yes.” Swallowing his saliva, Liu Changqing nodded and decided to adapt to the situation.

“How did you get possessed by a ghost beast and then come to the trade fair to trade information on the ghost beast” Xu Xiaoshou was still puzzled and couldnt help but ask.

At this moment.

Mo Mo, who was on the side being silent, spoke up.

Her voice was hoarse and neutral.

“You dont care about your life.

You ran to the Abyss Island, broke The Blood Trees Yin Branch, and then got possessed.

After that, the parasite used your body to escape”

The grey mist figure was clearly asking a question, but his tone was similar to statement, as if making explanation to Xu Xiaoshou on what he didnt understand.

Xu Xiaoshou came to a sudden realization.

He turned his head around and finally fixed his gaze on Liu Changqings beastly eyes, waiting for confirmation.

Liu Changqing was dumbfounded on the spot.

He wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

Of course, he could hear that the mismatched voice that appeared in this womans body was the same thing that was inside his body — the ghost beast!

What was even more terrifying…

Was that they were all true!

Everything the other party said hit the mark!

At this moment, Liu Changqing had a deeper understanding of this young woman whom his ghost beast had warned him about.

He stammered, “This old man didnt run into Abyss Island on purpose.

This is a fortuitous coincidence.

A spatial crack appeared just like that, and there was magical brilliance inside…”

“No need to say anymore!” Grey mist figure interrupted him.

He didnt want to listen to these details.

Liu Changqing clenched his fists.

He felt very ashamed.

He was clearly at Cutting Path (stage) , but in front of these two at Innate (stage) and the one at Sovereign (stage) , his status was completely inferior.

This made him very unhappy.

However, if he didnt deal with the ghost beast, once he met the red-clothes people… he would die without a doubt!

Liu Changqing was going crazy.

This was a situation where he would definitely die!

He had cultivated to the Cutting Path (stage) , so how could he not have heard of how terrifying the red-clothed people and the white-clothed people were in this world

However, this information about the ghost beast, which he wanted to avoid by focusing only on cultivation, was something he didnt even want to understand.

At this moment, it actually became his biggest flaw.

“I just want to know, how do I get rid of this thing”Liu Changqing looked at Xu Xiaoshou and said sincerely.

He felt that this person was not simple.

He could take in a ghost beast host body as a subordinate.

This demi-saints descendant was either a ghost beast host body or a ghost beast host body.

Xu Xiaoshou still looked the same.

He turned his head and looked at Xin Gugu.

“Theres no way.

At least I dont know.”Xin Gugu shrugged.

Xu Xiaoshou continued to tilt his head and stared at Mo Mo.

“Stop thinking about it…” the grey mist figure suddenly let out a sinister laugh, as if mocking Liu Changqings ignorance, “Stop your struggle in vain and you can only live like this from now on.

Let It Speak!”

Liu Changqing did not give up.

Following Young master Xus gaze, his gaze fell on his last hope — Young Master Xu himself.

“Dont look at me.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand repeatedly and said,

“You should be able to sense that Im not a ghost beast host body.”

“So, naturally, I cant provide you with the method to escape from the ghost beast host.”

“But Ive always firmly believed that there are good and bad ghost beast host bodies in this world.

As for you… If there arent any major problems, just like my friend said, let it out and Ill diagnose you”

As Xu Xiaoshou spoke, he stretched out his hand, wanting to feel the white-haired old mans pulse.

Liu Changqing almost spurted blood on the spot.

Screw that speeches about the good and bad ghost beasts…

Once it got to be the host and got caught by red-clothed people, death would be the only outcome.Who are you trying to fool!

At this moment, the grey mist figure said again, “Let it out.

I want to see who is so talented to circumvent the Gods Punishment, Eyes of the Great Path, Void Array, and so no and forced itself out.”

“Is it very difficult”Xu Xiaoshou asked in surprise.

He had never heard of what the grey mist figure just said.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou also knew that the grey mist figure came from the Abyss Island.

However, the way this guy appeared was very special.

It was born with the help of the extradimensional space and appeared as the Spirit of Planes.


The grey mist figure nodded, “Almost 100% chance of a Saint Falling.

Dont you think its difficult”

Saint Falling… Liu Changqing was on the verge of collapse when he heard this with his face ashen.

In his entire life, he had not been frustrated more times than he had been in the past few months after being parasitized by the ghost beast.

Saint Falling.

This was a respectful title for demi-saint, Holy Emperor, and others who had fallen!

Wasnt the Abyss Island the foundation of the Saint Ascension Path and the blessed land

Why were there still people there

Why did they call themselves Saint

I thought that the person who parasitized me called himself “This saint” were to scare me, but now it seems..

Maybe Im not dreaming!


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