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Chapter 711: How Dared You Suppress the Holy Divine Palace

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Although there were only a few wisps of faint purple mist above the puddle, Xu Xiaoshou saw hope.

“Maybe I can really cultivate the Bodhi Ancient Wood” Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself.

People always had this idea of “If others cant, I can”.

Even though Xu Xiaoshou knew that the amount of Primordial Purple Mist needed to cultivate the Bodhi Ancient Wood was far greater than he could imagine, he could not help but insert the Bodhi Root into the small puddle.

There was no special fluctuation.

The mud in the puddle was extremely soft.

After the root was inserted, the few wisps of purple mist were sucked by the Bodhi Root.


“Its gone” Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He looked at the Bodhi Root that did not give him any feedback and felt that the world was f*cked up.

“The world that I worked so hard to cultivate! The few wisps of purple mist that were just born were swallowed by you just like that, and yet, you have no reaction”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the Bodhi Root that was still dry.

He did not know if it was an illusion, but he felt that the root seemed to have become mellower.

It was like a thin man who had been hungry for several years suddenly gulping down a bowl of warm meat soup.

He didnt gain any weight but his appearance seemed to have improved a lot.

“D*mn it…”

Xu Xiaoshou knew that he was lying to himself.

But now, he didnt know much about the Primordial Purple Mist, and he didnt know how to make the most of these wisps of purple mist.

Thus, nothing much could be done after planting the root.

Whether or not it would grow into a Bodhi Ancient Wood was a matter for another day.

After all, the Yuan Mansion had just been born, and it would continue to grow in the future.

If this puddle could give birth to so many wisps of purple mist, then after snatching better treasures of suppressing barrier, it was believed that it would continue to grow.

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Moreover, the Spirit Mark of Life was hanging above the Bodhi Root.

Under the continuous infusion of vitality spiritual energy, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he could gamble on a future.

If he failed, he could obtain a thin man with a little more vitality at the very least.

If he succeeded, that would be one of the Nine Great Ancestral Trees!

“Come on.”

Xu Xiaoshou encouraged the root with a slightly sorrowful expression.

He turned around and used his spiritual senses to warn Xu Xiaoji and the Greedy the White Cat Spirit, telling them not to touch the Bodhi Root.

After that, he exited the Yuan Mansion.


After his spiritual senses returned to the private room, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had a goal.

The Yuan Mansion was expanding.

He needed more supreme treasures like the “Spirit Mark of Life” and the “Path Pattern Initial Stone” to enhance the power of the world.

And the trade fair was obviously full of those things.

“Where are we”

Looking around, Xu Xiaoshou asked casually.

The surrounding people were clearly still immersed in the trade fair.

Their attentions were on the heated Spirit Crystals battle.

Liu Lu replied, “Young Master Xu, most of the people on the private seats have left.

I reckon that the second half is about to begin.

The really good things are all in the hands of those big shots in the private rooms.”

Hearing this, Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

He counted his assets.

Although he had caused a lot of trouble since he entered the trade fair, it seemed that he had not taken the initiative to bid for any treasures.

On the contrary, he had raised the value of the previous void token, which caused Xu Xiaoshous wealth to soar.

He originally had seven billion, plus three void tokens.

If one void token worth six billion…

“Twenty-five billion…”

Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fists.

To him, money was just a number.

On this night, he planned to spend all the money he had and make himself a pauper with many treasures.

Then, on the next day, he would go to the Plenty Gold Company using the elixirs refined by the Greedy the Cat Spirit to seek funds.

“The road to wealth and strength will be born tonight!”

At the venue of the trade fair.

Just as Liu Lu had said, the people in the private seats went up to the high platform one by one, replacing their idle treasures with the spiritual medicine and Spirit Crystals that they needed the most.

At this time, there werent many people who hadnt gone up yet.

Xu Xiaoshou had waited for a long time, but he hadnt found anything he liked.

His standards were too high.

The supreme spiritual medicine, spiritual weapons, and spiritual technique that these people took out… were mostly not what he wanted.

Perhaps taking them down would be quite useful.

However, if it couldnt be used as a treasure of suppressing barrier, it would be useless.

Even if he took it down, it would only be collecting dust in his spatial ring.

Thus, Xu Xiaoshou suppressed his impulse.

Good steel should be used on the blade.

Finally, after a large group of people took turns, another trader went on stage.

Xu Xiaoshou saw something that made his eyes light up.


The new person who went up on stage to display the treasure was a Green-clothed Orc on a private seat.

He held a scroll in his hand and introduced, “This is the production scroll for a small-scale Spatial Teleportation Array Wheel.

It involves a portion of the Divine Secret, but it still mainly uses the Nested Spiritual Arrays structure.”

“The contents of the scroll are complete.

I guarantee that you wont find anything missing.”

“As long as you understand it, follow it and youll be able to produce it.”

The Green-clothed Orcs first introduction had attracted the attention of most of the people present.

The Spatial Teleportation Array Wheel was very attractive.

In this world, there was basically a market for anything that involved the Way of Space.

Moreover, this was not a “Spatial Teleportation Array”, but an “array wheel”.

It was portable.

However, some people noticed the hidden meaning in the Green-clothed Orcs words.

They immediately asked, “Small-scale”


The Green-clothed Orc remained calm in the face of the doubt.

He only nodded and said, “The excellence of this array wheel is reflected in its safety.”

“It has abandoned large-scale teleportation ability but consolidated the construction of the teleportation channel.”

“Therefore, its single teleportation can not exceed three people.”

“However, if the power of the Sovereign or Cutting Path intervenes during the teleportation, it can not destroy the teleportation channel immediately.

On the other hand, spatial teleportation only needs a few seconds.”

He raised a finger, and the meaning behind his words was obvious…

As long as the external force could not destroy the portal at the first moment, people could be teleported immediately in the face of danger once the array wheel was activated.

No doubt, the scroll was very attractive.

However, his words were too exaggerated, and some people did not believe.

“The power of Cutting Path can also be blocked”

“What level is this array wheel of yours”

The Green-clothed Orc laughed when he heard this.


What I said was not about defending the power of the Cutting Path.

Im saying it could resist the moment when the power of the Cutting Path strikes.”

“Then isnt there still a risk!” The people at the scene had it figured out.

How was this being able to defend against the power of the Cutting Path

Now it was clear that it might not even be able to resist an expert who had just entered the Cutting Path.

“Risks would definitely present.

How can there be absolutely zero risks in everything” The Green-clothed Orc was unmoved.

He then changed the topic, “But any Spirit Array Master could produce the array wheel with my scroll.”

Spirit Array Master…

Sovereign stage!

Now, someone was tempted again.

Who among the large factions did not have one or two Spirit Array Masters

Although everyone present was still wary of the risk of this scroll, if what the Green-clothed Orc said was true, then this array wheel would be able to withstand the first strike of the power of the Cutting Path.

If it was specifically used to escape, then it would be comparable to a treasure of the Cutting Path Stage.

And a treasure comparable to the Cutting Path Stage could be made by a Spirit Array Master of Sovereign rank…

“How much is the starting price” Someone was tempted.

“The starting price is 300 million.”

As the Green-clothed Orc spoke, he saw that most of the peoples appetites had been piqued.

He raised his hammer high and wanted to knock it down.

“Hold on.”

At this moment, someone in the No.

209 private room spoke.

Everyone was stunned and looked back at the same time.

This was the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Ever since the farce earlier, this was their first bid.

In the private room, Xu Xiaoshou was sitting on the sofa.

To be honest, even though this scroll had its flaws, he was still tempted.

He was here to cause trouble in the Imperial City, and he would attract trouble later on.

It was best to have as many escape methods as possible.

Even if he might not need it due to “Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step”, he could give it to Xin Gugu, Mu Zixi, and the others.

Furthermore, if he really wanted to use the array wheel to escape, it would be pretty good to use it to withstand the attack from a Cutting Path cultivator!

At this moment, he probably wouldnt be able to provoke a Higher Void expert.

In front of the Cutting Path cultivators, who would be prepared for such a lousy move if he suddenly used the array wheel to escape while feigning an attack

Others might not know, but at least Xu Xiaoshou felt that every time he used “Ascending to the Heavens in A Single Step”, no one would think of it.

Most of his enemies were only shocked after the event.

Therefore, this array wheel was enough!

However, the crux of the problem was that this traders introduction was too vague.

In his impression, Xu Xiaoshou vaguely remembered that Elder Qiao Qianzhi was a Spirit Array Master.

But during the restoration of the Yuan Mansion, Elder Qiao had to ask Ye Xiaotian for help when he came across something that involved the Space Order.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou felt that an ordinary Spirit Array Caster could not make this array wheel…

Thus, he spoke.

Seeing that everyone was looking in the direction of his private room, Xu Xiaoshou raised his voice and said, “If the Spirit Array Master you mentioned can make an array wheel, he should be a space type Spirit Array Master, right”

The people present werent stupid.

In just a short while, everyone reacted.

He was right!

How could an ordinary Spirit Array Caster be capable to make a space type treasure

If one did not have a basic understanding of the Space Order and followed the instructions, they would at most produce a substandard item.

By then, not to mention being able to withstand a Cutting Path cultivators attack, even a strike from the Sovereign expert would be difficult to deal with.

The distance and location of the teleportation would also be a big problem.

Most of the people present did not react immediately purely because space type treasures were too rare, so due to the inertia of their thinking, they naturally overlooked this important problem.

And the Green-clothed Orc on the high platform had obviously made use of this inertia of their thinking.

Who would have thought that this question would appear midway Even if there was a big problem, everyone was still very interested in this scroll.

Young Master Xu, Xu Deye only wanted to haggle over the price!

“Uh…” After a moment of hesitation, the Green-clothed Orc helplessly nodded, “Yes.”

An uproar immediately arose in the crowd.

At this moment, everyone felt that they had been deceived and began to criticize him.

The Green-clothed Orc could not hold on any longer.

He knocked with his small hammer and said, “The starting price is 300 million.

The transaction begins!”

The crowd instantly exploded.

“F*ck your mothers starting price.

Isnt this a scam 300 million I think even 100 million is too much!”

“Thats right.

Its hard to find a space type Spiritual Cultivator in the entire Imperial City, and you were saying a space type Spirit Array Master! You must be crazy about money!”

“300 million I shall see which idiot would pay 300 million for a piece of trash…”

This person hadnt finished speaking.

A timely voice came from the No.

1 private room, “500 million!”

The crowd was silent.


1 private room was undoubtedly someone from the Holy Divine Palace.

Someone from the Holy Divine Palace had taken a liking to this scroll

Even the Green-clothed Orc on the high platform was somewhat shocked at this moment.

After a question was thrown out from the No.

209 private room, he felt that no one might be interested in this treasure.

However, he did not expect that the hammer had only just fallen and the person in No.

1 private room had taken a liking to it

Other people also began to ponder at this moment.

Indeed, this scroll had a huge flaw.

However, there must be a reason for the person in the No.

1 private room to make a move.

After a while, someone thought of something.

“Divine Secret”

With this voice, everyone recalled.

Just now, the Green-clothed Orc had said that the array wheel production involved a small part of the Divine Secret, and the main structure was a Nested Spiritual Array.

Perhaps for ordinary spiritual arrays, the Divine Secret was a difficult problem.

But for those who wanted to study the Divine Secret, they could use this scroll to deduce the combination of the Divine Secret and the Nested Spiritual Array instead of using it to make a Spatial Teleportation Array Wheel!

Thinking of this, a small number of people were tempted.

However, it was someone from the No.

1 private room who spoke, so who would not show some respect

Thus, once the “500 million” was said, no one dared to speak.

After the Green-clothed Orc was slightly stunned, he immediately reacted and struck with his hammer.

“500 million going once, 500 million going…”

However, before he could finish his sentence, the reckless female voice of No.

209 private room appeared once again.

“600 million!”

Everyone was shocked.

She was really brave!

However, everyone had clearly not experienced anything more shocking…

Before the female voice from No.

209 private room, which had been modified by the beast mask, could finish her sentence, another voice was heard, “600 million, those at the opposite, theres…”



There was clearly a threatening sound that forcefully stopped the female voice.

At this moment, everyone was shocked to the extreme.

That voice just now was planning to threaten the Holy Divine Palace

Who was courting for death

How could she behave like this

Didnt she know that No.

1 private room belonged to the Holy Divine Palace

It couldnt be!

That meant that this person really had guts…

In the private room, Xu Xiaoshou was loudly berated, “Are you crazy Cant you see that they are from the Holy Divine Palace”

Mu Zixi and the others were dumbfounded.


This was really stupid!

People in No.

1 private room obviously did not expect that someone would snatch it.

After a moment of silence, a voice was heard from it again.

“Seven hundred million.”

However, the people in No.

209 private room did not even give others time to catch their breath.

A voice unceremoniously suppressed.

“One billion!”

The hearts of everyone present were in turmoil.

They thought that this was a true warrior who even dared to suppress the Holy Divine Palace.

At this moment, the Holy Divine Palaces small treasury obviously could not take out more than a billion.

They did not make a sound.

The Green-clothed Orc waited for a long time until a rude voice came from No.

209 private room, “What are you waiting for!”

He finally reacted.

“One billion going once, twice, three times… Deal!”

The entire arena was silent.

This was the first time that the First Pavilion in the Sky had taken down a treasure.

After the farce, everyone felt that the First Pavilion in the Sky was not simple.

But now…

It seemed that this organization was more arrogant than everyone thought


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