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Chapter 709: Perhaps, I Can Order Her Around

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The moment Hua Ying appeared, everyone was shocked.

Everyone was familiar with this girl.

Didnt she just walk out of Room 183

Wasnt her the beat-masked woman who led the group to give away the treasure


Since she walked out of Room 183, she should be someone from the Magic Pill Techniciains Association.

Why did President Dong Ling speak up for their small leader of treasure presenting team Meanwhile, why did the leader speak up for the disrespectful “Old Aunt”

Before everyone could even sort out the situation, they were once again confused by Hua Yings words.

“Whats wrong with her”

“Does the Magic Pill Techniciains Association think they can play around as they please as if its the Pill Pagoda here”

“Thats right.

It seems like Room 172… Young Master Xu, was it a misunderstanding Did President Dong Ling make a mistake”

“In that case, the Magic Pill Techniciains Association went to give the treasure… Or it was an excuse they used to create trouble, then President Dong Ling stepped out to make a big fuss”

“What do they want”

Everyone analyzed the situation in bewilderment.

Thats right, what did they want

No one knew!

Even Dong Ling didnt know!

This battle came too suddenly, it even got halted out of nowhere.

The situation changed drastically with the appearance of Hua Ying.

The good reputation of the Magic Pill Techniciains Association was now at a risk of being tarnished with Hua Yings words.

Indeed, according to Hua Yings words.

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The current situation was purely the Magic Pill Techniciains Association acting on their own.

Meanwhile, Young Master Xu was standing in a corner, not daring to move…

How pitiful he looked!

He was burned by President Dong Lings Primal Purple Fire.

After that, he still had such a good attitude.

It was as if he could forget about the past even after being messed with.

Looking at the Alchemist badge, tenth grade…

That was an Alchemist badge no matter what!

“Why did President Dong Ling mess with their own people”

Everyone was whispering to each other as they watched the battle.

Unlike the audience, the one who suffered the most damage from Hua Yings words was actually President Dong Ling, who had attacked out of anger.


Without saying anything, Dong Ling only turned her head and gave an inquiring look.

Her previous attack was actually for the sake of protecting Hua Yings identity.

No matter what had happened to this girl in Room 172, in a battle, the Magic Pill Techniciains Association had to protect the envoy from the Holy Palace.

But now, even the envoy herself turned around and said,

“Dong Ling, youre wrong.”

“You shouldnt have stood up for me.”

Who on earth could take this

If it was someone else, Dong Ling would have probably brought that person back to Pill Pagoda and punished her!

But it was Hua Ying…

Dong Ling was irritated but she didnt show it.

On the other side.

Hua Ying could only shake her head with a bitter face.

She knew that Young Master Xu was wanted.

It was impossible for him to explain anything in public.

Telepathic communication was more likely to be intercepted in this trade fair where there were many Cutting Path and Higher Void masters.

Hence, other than showing a dumb expression, Hua Ying couldnt give further response.

However, this expression showed a different meaning in Dong Lings eyes.

“Are they threatening you” As Dong Ling spoke, she turned a cold face towards Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hands repeatedly, “How would I dare”

“No, no, no…”

Hua Ying also shook her head.

How would Young Master Xu need to threaten her

If he wanted to teach her a lesson, he would only have to give an order.

Then, she would have to return to her master to receive her punishment.

At this moment, Dong Ling noticed something from Hua Yings unexplainable expression.

She faintly reacted.

Hua Ying did not look like she was threatened.

It was more like she had a bigger pressure on her, so she could not say it out loud.

Then, what was that

“Has she found the right person” Dong Ling thought as she looked at Xu Xiaoshous face again.

She could not help but feel slightly stunned.

From Shi Tis reminder just now, she got more certain in her heart.

“She had really found the right person!”

However, it was too surprising.

It was far beyond Dong Lings expectations.

Young Master Xu of the First Pavilion in the Sky was the person Hua Ying was looking for… This conjecture was merely a juniors speculation.

It was just the speculation of a junior who came from a small city like Tiansang city.

Previously, it was completely untrustworthy.

To be honest, the purpose of Dong Ling here was definitely not to “look for someone”.

It was just to train them and let them get some exposures.

She allowed Hua Ying to verify his identity by sending the “Bodhi Root” with the mind of ” no harm trying”.

But subjectively, it was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Yet, she did it in one shot.

Dong Ling had never even dreamed about it.

But now it seemed like…

It worked!

With just an experiment, did Hua Ying verify his identity successfully

So Xu Deye was the person she had been looking for

In the Pill Pagoda, Hua Ying did not reveal the identity of the person she was looking for.

She had never told anyone from the Magic Pill Techniciains Association, including Dong Ling.

But indistinctly, everyone knew that it was Hua Yings closest relative.

At the very least, he must be a senior in the Holy Palace.

Wait, a senior

Looking at that young face and his arrogant words…

Xu Deye didnt look like a senior at all!

Dong Ling stared at Xu Xiaoshou in a daze while Xu Xiaoshou responded with a silly smile.

This time, Dong Lings state of mind collapsed.

“Is he the one”

“Isnt this guy the descendant of the Demi-Saint in the Northern Region How is he related to the Holy Palace”

“The point is, according to Hua Yings description, shouldnt she be looking for one of her seniors”

“How come her senior look so young”

The scene fell into a complicated state.

Dong Ling was surprised by Xu Deyes identity.

Hua Ying was deep in thought on how to explain to Dong Ling.

This matter might not be complicated in other places, but it became very difficult to explain at the trade fair.

Xu Xiaoshou, on the other hand, did not move.

He quietly watched Hua Yings movements, wondering why would this girl suddenly betray her team and choose to join his side.

The triangle of power stood still and remained quiet.

Everyones sudden silence and cease fire turned the scene into a cold cellar.

Indirectly, it created an inexplicable, strange scene…

It was extremely awkward!

Among them, the most awkward one was actually the trader on the platform.

He was originally in high spirits, selling a supreme treasure worth hundreds of millions.

Halfway through, he was suddenly interrupted by the explosion of Room 172.

Following which, he was forced to leave the platform by President Dong Lings Primal Purple Fire.

At this moment, he was standing below the platform to avoid the unknown threats!

Who would have thought that these people were about to start a war… stopped fighting even before anything started.

How on earth were they here to trade treasures

Others were here to trade, but they were here to sell anxiety!

On top of that, they didnt even take the money and forcefully stuffed anxiety to people at the trade fair, including the trader who was hiding under the high platform.


With the small hammer in his hand, the trader wanted to speak and break out the silence.

Just now, his treasure was hitting 1.3 billion bid, he did not want it to stop here.

However, when he saw the three parties above, the trader ultimately chose to remain silent.

Finally, at the last critical moment, the organizer, Night Cat spoke up.

“So its a misunderstanding…”

Nangong Yin chuckled as he flew up.

The Higher Void expert followed closely behind.

However, neither of them chose to vent their anger at the three partied for disrespecting Night Cat.

In fact, the shrewd Nangong Yin sensed something from the triangular formation.

Young Master Xu, from the Demi-Saint faction, that went without saying.

Dong Ling was a member of the Magic Pill Techniciains Association, no explanation needed.

More importantly, that beast-masked woman…

At this moment, everyone could see that this woman wasnt a member of the Magic Pill Techniciains Association.

However, this was the crux of the problem.

How could a small figure provoke a Demi-Saint like Young Master Xu by sending a treasure How could she make President Dong Ling disregard the rules and stir up the trade fair

That was impossible!

Nangong Yin was very dissatisfied with Dong Lings forceful move.

If it was someone else, they would at least scold Dong Ling to keep their pride as organizer.

However, Nangong Yin was very smart and wouldnt do that.

In Dongtianwang City, everybody knew that Dong Ling was someone who would follow the rules.

At this moment, she broke the Night Cats rules for a junior.

That could only mean that the Night Cat trade fair might not even be comparable to this beast-masked womans background!

She had such a daunting background and somewhat related with Young Master Xu.

As for Young Master Xu, he was a tenth grade elixir master.

Essentially, he was one of the members of Magic Pill Techniciains Association.

So, after all, it was an internal fight…

“These three parties originally belong to the same family, but for some strange reasons, they started fighting at the trade fair”

Thinking of this, Nangong Yin was about to puke out blood.

No one would even try to stop these three parties from clearing own mess if they were in another place.

But at this moment, these people were clearly bringing shame to the Night Cat!

But what could Night Cat do

All three of them were not easy to deal with.

At this moment, other than swallowing all their woes, what else could they do

The arena was filled with anticipation as they waited for the Night Cats higher-ups to settle this matter.

After all, if there was a scale of disrespect to the trade fair, these people could have been the top.

They were the worst.

Unexpectedly, Nangong Yin did not show the resentment as everyone imagined.

On the contrary, he flew to the middle of battle with a calm and unperturbed expression.

“A misunderstanding.

Its all a misunderstanding…”

While laughing, Nangong Yin braced himself and became the peacemaker.

“Since its a misunderstanding, it wont be a problem once its resolved.

If the three of you want to fight, you can move to the outside of the trade fair.”

“If not, Night Cat can change the rooms for the three of you.”

As Nangong Yin spoke, he pointed at the completely shattered windowsill in Room 172.

Right now, the outsiders could see the tangled vines inside through the broken windowsill…

Nangong Yin paused for a moment before adding, “However, I can change the rooms for you, provided if you promise that there wont be a next time!”

The arena immediately erupted into a clamor.

“There wont be a next time…”

This was what President Dong Ling had said when she forgot to wear the beast mask earlier on.

Now that Nangong Yin repeated the statement, didnt he feel ashamed

The organizer had totally lost their pride to go this far!

However, before these people could make any noise, the arena fell silent when the Higher Void masters behind Nangong Yin released their aura.

Those who didnt understand the situation truly felt embarrassed for Night Cat.

However, the arena was filled with experienced people.

From the way Night Cat dealt with the situation, they could tell that these three parties werent small potatoes.

Everyone knew about the Magic Pill Techniciains Association.

The other two…

This was the first time they had heard of her, especially for the beast-masked woman!

“Go and find out who is that beast-masked woman who got Dong Lings cover!”

“Also, find out the relationship between Young Master Xu, that woman, and the Magic Pill Techniciains Association…”

“We have to find out!”

Almost at the same time, the threat of the First Pavilion in the Sky increased drastically in the eyes of the leaders of the major factions.

A while ago, the Magic Pill Techniciains Association only gave away treasures.

Everyone thought that they were trying to befriend each other.

Everyone noticed that the Magic Pill Techniciains Association acted highly upon them.

But now

The Magic Pill Techniciains Association wanted to befriend the beast-masked woman, while she was trying to befriend Young Master Xu from the First Pavilion in the Sky.

With that said, did that mean the First Pavilion in the Sky was ranked above the Magic Pill Techniciains Association

Who could resist that

A faction like that suddenly appeared in the Imperial City, and it was a new faction…

Initially, no one was allowed to sleep soundly in their territory.

Right now, this faction had rooted and fallen asleep in the Imperial City.

If they failed to find out the background of this faction who was sleeping soundly, they could only have nightmares from now on!

The battle was full of talk but no action.

When Xu Xiaoshou was asked by Nangong Yin to leave along with Hua Ying and President Dong Ling, he was a little confused.

“Thats it”

Xu Xiaoshou was actually prepared to start a war.

He had warmed up his tongue and gritted his teeth… he was about to use his perfect speech to be on the same page with President Dong Ling.

After playing the family card, he believed that President Dong Ling wouldnt care about him calling her “Old Aunt”.

But now, out of nowhere, Dong Ling stopped because of Hua Ying.

Nangong Yin even threw aside the fact that they had broken the rules of the trade fair.

Nangong Yins words and actions were to befriend them.

While Xu Xiaoshou accepted the pleasure of being fawned on by others, he actually felt a little guilty.

He knew that all these happened not because of the First Pavilion in the Sky itself.

Hua Ying was the one who elevated the status of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

“So, who is she”

Right then, Xu Xiaoshou began to think about Hua Yings identity.

Before this, he did not pay much attention to her, but Hua Ying was too strong.

With just one sentence, she changed the situation in the arena.

Now, Xu Xiaoshou had to start thinking about how to benefit… Pfft, pay attention to her identity!

“Infernal Heavenly Flames, big bathtub…”

Could it be that Hua Ying was from the Infernal lineage Was she Elder Sangs disciple or grand-disciple

However, she grew up in the Holy Palace, which was why she had such a status

According to Zhou Tianshens foolish way of asking, outsiders wouldnt be able to tell anything, but Xu Xiaoshou knew that he was helping Hua Ying to look for someone…

“Hua Ying is looking for someone and Im the one shes looking for” Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes as he thought about it.

Putting aside the conspiracy theory, was Hua Ying was actually on his side

After all, she seemed to respect him from the beginning.

Was she looking for him so urgently because Elder Sang was in prison and he was the only one left of the Infernal lineage

“So, shes anxious”

Xu Xiaoshous brows relaxed.

He reckoned he had figured out 70% .

The remaining 30% was the conspiracy theory from before.

Hua Ying was the descendant of the corrupted Infernal lineage…

However, from Hua Yings attitude which had changed several times during this battle, Xu Xiaoshou felt that the former possibility was much higher!

Therefore, he began to fall into deep ponder again.

“One of my own… Hmm, even if shes not, I can tell that this girl is very alike with Zhou Tianshens, so theres a high probability that she can be tricked into being one of my own”

“In addition to this girls respectful attitude, I can tell that her status in the Infernal lineage isnt very high…”

Xu Xiaoshous heart suddenly palpitated.

He felt that this was an opportunity.

“Perhaps, I can try to order her around”


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