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Chapter 692: Little Hua Ying Is Looking for Masters Brother

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Today was the day that the delegation from Tiansang City arrived at Dongtianwang City.

The members of the delegation included the inner yard disciples of the Tiansang Spirit Palace, the young Alchemist of the Magic Pill Technicians Association, the young Spirit Array Caster of the Spirit Array Caster Association, and so on.

Although these factions did not like each other in Tiansang City and were at daggers drawn.

Now being members of the same delegation, they were participating in the Imperial City Trial.

There was a feeling of mutual appreciation between them, and they wanted to be part of the same team.

After all, under the pressure of the absolute power of the Imperial City, there were other factions of the counties and cities eyeing them covetously.

If people from the same city did not choose to band together, they could only be crushed by external forces.

And this delegation from Tiansang City had three main leaders: Ye Xiaotian, Shi Ti, and Chao Zhidao.

“President Shi Ti, please wait! Theres danger over here!”

The delegation had just stepped into the headquarter of the Magic Pill Technicians Association when the reception staff inside let out a cry of surprise.

This time, everyone was nervous.

Anyone could see that the atmosphere in the inner hall of the Magic Pill Technicians Association was very strange.

The elder, Chao Zhidao, took a step forward with a tower-shaped array wheel appeared in his hands.

The aura surged and the tower-shaped barrier protected the young talents behind it.

As the President of the Tiansang Spirit Palace, Chao Zhidaos first reaction in dealing with such a situation was to protect the members of the delegation.

Ye Xiaotian floated at the back of the team.

He didnt move, but the disciples of the Tiansang Spirit Palace were immediately turned by the spatial power and were all sucked to his side.

“Is this”

Shi Ti was the calmest person.

Only he knew the power of the headquarter of the Imperial Citys Magic Pill Technicians Association.

Naturally, he didnt think that any accidents like the explosion of the Pill Pagoda in Tiansang City could happen.

He stopped at the door and looked past the receptionist to the center of the inner hall, the center of all the attention.

A girl!

No matter how good-looking this girl was, she would not attract Shi Tis attention.

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However, there was a very eye-catching bathtub standing beside her.

To others, this “bathtub-shaped” alchemy cauldron might really cause misunderstandings and chaos.

But, to Shi Ti, this thing was simply too impressive!

“Xu Familys Alchemy Cauldron” At this moment, another old man standing beside Shi Ti stood out.

He wiped his blurry old eyes and spoke with some surprise.

His name was Yun He.

He was the first victim of the explosion of the Pill Pagoda in Tiansang City that day.

Seeing this standard Xu Familys Alchemy Cauldron, he was naturally even more excited than Shi Ti.

“I shouldnt be wrong.

It should be the alchemy cauldron.

There arent so many coincidences in this world.”

“Theres no doubt about it.

That kid with the surname Xu used this kind of bathtub for alchemy that day… This is indeed the alchemy cauldron.”

“This girl is with that kid with last name Xu”

“I think thats right…”

There were many seniors from the Alchemist Association in Tian Sang City.

Every time the Imperial City Trial prior to the Holy Palace selection was the only reason for these old fellows to leave the city.

This was because conducting alchemy was a great way for the alchemists to exchange experiences and improve on their own deficiencies.

Among these people, the alchemy cauldron owned by the little girl not far away, was naturally no stranger to them.

After all, on that day, Xu Xiaoshou had left an indelible impression on almost all the old alchemists in Tiansang City.

“What happened”

Shi Ti narrowed his eyes and asked.

He pointed at the guards who had formed a group in the inner hall and asked, “Where is the discipline for the headquarter of the Association to act in this manner”

As the President of the Magic Pill Technicians Association in Tiansang City, Shi Ti was at the same level as the honorary vice president of the Magic Pill Technicians Association even when he was in Dongtianwang City.

In terms of real power, even if he was a level lower, he would still be at the level of the seniors group.

In fact, he was at a very high level.

“President Shi Ti.”

The receptionist stepped forward and bowed slightly nervously, then immediately explained, “This lady is here to visit President Dong Ling, but she didnt have any keepsake to prove her identity nor theres a record of her appointment.

The key is…”

She lowered her voice, “President Dong Ling and other vice presidents as well as the elders have already gone to the Holy Divine Palace with the people from the City Lord Mansion to discuss the details of the “alchemy trial”.

At this moment, the higher-ups of the Associations headquarters are vacant, so…”

As the receptionists superior spoke, she stopped, and it was obvious that there was no need to say anything else.

It just so happened that the President was no longer around, and a young lady as such, who knew how to refine people appeared out of nowhere.

Her intentions and combat strength were still a little hard to fathom, so who wouldnt be nervous

Shi Ti thought for a moment and waved his hand.

“Let them leave first.”

These words were directed at the guards.

The guards clearly recognized President Shi Ti who had come to the headquarter many times, so they immediately retrieved after receiving the order.

Shi Ti gestured for the internal members of the Pill Pagoda to calm down.

He stood up and walked in front of Hua Ying.

With a pleasant expression and said, “Miss, Can you show me your Alchemist Badge”

No matter who it was, as long as they carried the pill cauldron to the Pill Pagoda, they should not be treated as if they were surrounded.

Even if this pill cauldron looked very strange.

This was Shi Tis thought.


Hua Ying shook her head and immediately asked in return, “You are the President of the Alchemist Associations branch Your Name Is Shi Ti”


Shi Ti nodded.

He was somewhat surprised by the ladys calmness in the face of danger.

She did not seem like a bad person.

As for her tone, there was a hint of respect in it, but it was more of a condescending attitude.

At this moment, it was more like Shi Ti was a junior, and the little girl in front of him was a person of high seniority.

Respect was due to her age.

She called him by his name because she could not call him senior, otherwise, the relationship would be messed up.

Shi Ti had a strange feeling in his heart.

He could vaguely see the shadow of his friend, sang Qiye, on this little girl.

But more importantly, he saw elder Sangs disciple, Xu Xiaoshou, who was even more arrogant and despotic.

“Youre the branch President Thats easy!”

Hua Yings eyes lit up when she received an affirmative answer.

She patted the alchemy cauldron and asked, “Do you know this big treasure”

“Ah –”

A blood-curdling scream came from within the alchemy cauldron at the right time.

Shi Ti frowned.

He could tell that it was a humans scream, and the strange feeling in his heart became clearer.

“I know it,” Shi Ti nodded.

At the same time, he was a little doubtful, “I just dont know if thebig treasure you mentioned is the same thing as thebig treasure that I know.”

“If you know it then itll be easy!”

Hua Ying slapped her thigh, not caring about her own image at all.

Others might not know how rare the infernal lineage was, but she knew it herself!

In this world, those who could use such a scale to refine pills were all on the same side.

Even if the person Shi Ti knew wasnt her Masters Brother, Xu Xiaoshou.

He must also be Masters Brothers disciples, or disciples of disciples, the genius alchemist of her generation!

“Lets go, lets go to the secret room to discuss.”

Hua Ying held Shi Tis hand as if they were family and was about to walk to the private room of their Associations headquarter.

However, after just a few steps, she remembered that this was not her home.

She turned to look at the receptionist in embarrassment, “The private room you mentioned, where is it”

The receptionist was stunned.

She was not the only one who was stunned.

Even the members of the delegation from Tiansang City were stunned so as the onlookers in the Pill Pagoda.

Where did this girl get the confidence from to hold President Shi Tis hand like this

Didnt she know to respect the elders, and theres differences between male and female

“Miss, please pay attention to your words and behaviours…” the boss of the receptionist angrily looked at Hua Ying.

Shi Ti didnt mind.

He was now more or less certain of his inner thoughts so he said to the receptionist, “Its alright.

Special personnel are treated with special ways.

Its a matter of cultivating ones body and character.

Dont be impulsive.

We have to learn to be tolerant and magnanimous…”

As he said this, Shi Tis gaze passed through the crowd and looked at Ye Xiaotian, who was guarding at the back of the group.

“Principal Ye, please come over for a moment.

It might be someone looking for you.”

Ye Xiaotians brows twitched.

He silently reminded Zhao Xidong beside him in a few more words before floating forward.


Shi Ti, who was seated in the private room, pulled out his hand that was being held by Hua Ying and said to the two of them.

After that, Shi Ti looked at the team again, “Brother Chao, Ill have to trouble you to lead the team.

Follow the Pill Pagoda staff and rest for a while!”

“Okay.” Chao Zhidao nodded and arranged the team behind him.

In the private room.

“You said that youre looking for someone Is that person your Masters Brother His surname is Xu, and his name is Xu Xiaoshou” Shi Ti repeatedly confirmed to the girl in front of him.

“Yes.” Hua Ying nodded.

“So you are”

“I cant tell you that.

My identity has to be kept secret.”

“Then you…,” Shi Ti was silent for a moment.

His was a bit confused right now, “Can you describe your Masters Brother, Xu Xiaoshou.

What does he look like His approximate age, characteristics”

Ye Xiaotian was also intrigued as he looked at the girl.

“Age, characteristics…”

Hua Ying mumbled as the image of her Master, Bai Lian, appeared in her mind.

“Im not too sure about the specifics, but he should be a middle-aged man, right Male… Yes, hes a male! He should also be an extremely powerful alchemist and his combat strength should also be extraordinary…”

“Thats right!”

Hua Yings eyes suddenly lit up as she described her Masters Brother that she had imagined.

“My Masters Brother should be very famous in the Eastern Sky Realm.”

“If the two of you know that theres a person called Xu Xiaoshou, then he must be my Masters Brother.

After all…”

“A nameless person cant possibly be my Masters Brother!”

Hearing this, Shi Ti fell silent again.

Xu Xiaoshou, male… he was familiar with him!

However, the middle-aged man who had superb skills in alchemy and extraordinary combat strength, and was famous in the Eastern Sky Realm..

This was somewhat at odds with the impression of Xu Xiaoshou!

Ye Xiaotian listened from the side.

Suddenly, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly as he interjected, “Youve never met your Masters Brother”

“Uh… mm.” Hua Ying nodded in acknowledgment.

“Then where did you hear these adjectives from Or is it just your imagination” Ye Xiaotian asked again.

“Part of it was told to me by my Master, and the other part…”Hua Ying fell silent as she spoke.

She remembered now.

It seemed that Master Bai Lian didnt tell her much but only theres a Masters Brother of hers and a name,

Was the rest really all in her mind


Hua Ying looked at the white-haired disciples in bewilderment.

This person knew quite a lot.

was he a roundworm

Ye Xiaotian suddenly burst into laughter, “Whats your Masters name”

“Bai… uh, I cant say.”Hua Ying stopped in time.


Ye Xiaotian pondered over this surname in his mind.

He couldnt remember any other familiar person with the surname Bai.

However, his thoughts suddenly came to a halt and his attention fell on the title “Masters Brother” that this girl kept mentioning about, and he immediately realized something.

“Mu Ling, who is him to you”Ye Xiaotian raised his eyebrows.

“You!” Hearing this, Hua Ying jumped up from the sofa.

Her face turned pale, and her eyes were filled with astonishment, “You, you, you… Who are you !”

She clearly did not reveal anything.

How did this white-haired shorty know the name of her grandmaster !

Ye Xiaotian saw the little girls reaction and knew that there was no mistake.

He really did not expect that he would meet the disciple of someone he used to know in the Dongtianwang city on such a small trip in the Shengshen Continent Disciple Grand-disciple

“You are from the Holy Palace, the infernal lineage” Ye Xiaotian said calmly.

Hua Yings pupils constricted, and she was so shocked that she could not speak, “You, you, you… how… do you know”.

This time, even Shi Ti was shocked.

People from the Holy Palace…

“Holy Palaces Emissary”

Shi Ti immediately realized.

Every time before the Imperial City Trial, Holy Palaces Emissaries would go out in disguise to search for the best seedlings.

However, there were five regions in the continent, and just the eastern region alone had 108 barriers, and Holy Palaces Emissaries were extremely rare.

Shi Ti had never expected that the emissaries from the Holy Palace would come to Dongtianwang City this year and coincidentally bump into him.

He hurriedly stood up and said in a panic, “So you are the Holy Palaces Emissary.

Im sorry, Im sorry…”

As he said that, Shi Ti was about to bow.

However, at this moment, Ye Xiaotian straightened his body.

Although he was sitting, he floated up slightly from his seat and placed a hand on Shi Tis shoulder.

“Im afraid that you want her to shorten her life.”

Shi Ti looked back and didnt understand why Ye Xiaotian stopped him from taking the bow.

This was a Holy Palaces Emissary!

The worlds Magic Pill Technicians Association, even the main headquarter of the Association in the Central Region, was nominally controlled by the Holy Divine Palace.

And the Holy Palace, as the cultivation base of the worlds saints, was on equal footing with the Holy Divine Palace.

If the other party was the Holy Palaces Emissary, then his status as the President of the Tiansang Citys Alchemist Association branch under the jurisdiction of the Eastern Sky Realms Dongtianwang city was extremely insignificant.

If he didnt bow now, Shi Ti wouldnt be able to bear the consequences if the Holy Palace punished him later!

“Just sit properly.”

Ye Xiaotian pushed Shi Ti back to his seat.

The two of them had completely different thoughts, and they were on completely different channels.

What Ye Xiaotian was thinking was that as Elder Sangs good friend in the past, even if Shi Ti was only the President of a small branch.

As long as the Holy Palace did not remove Elder Sangs name from the infernal lineage.

In this world, there were very few so-called “Emissary” that Shi Ti had to condescend to receive, no matter where they came from!

Moreover, the identity of this girl being an Emissary was still up for discussion.

Outsiders did not know, but Ye Xiaotian did.

There was no need for the Holy Palaces Emissary to be so secretive and mysterious to not even revealing her identity.

As for the Infernal lineage…

Since when did they have the time to accept this bullsh*t mission of sending the Holy Palaces Emissary

Did Demi-Saint Infernal, Long Rongzhi (Molten Dragon), fall

Or was it that the Infernal lineage had been completely eliminated from the Holy Palace


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