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Chapter 671: Close-bounds Force Field

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“Successful Awakening!”

“Sharpness (Awakened: Close-bounds Force Field)!”

Force field

Xu Xiaoshou was slightly stunned when he saw the name of the awakened skill.

It was within his expectations that he would succeed after eight tries, but the direction of the Awakening seemed to be a little unclear.

Things like “The XX Sword Body” did not appear.

Instead, what appeared was this so-called “Close-bounds Force Field”…

Xu Xiaoshou did not intend to make wild guesses.

He directly sat cross-legged on the big bed, pinched his fingers together, and pointed at the ceiling.

His expression became ardent.

“Lets do this! Summon! Close-bounds Force Field!”

Chi, chi, chi…

Golden light bloomed as he expected, but the cool appearance of the Berserk Giant did not appear.

Instead, the soft mattress under his buttocks turned into small pieces of cotton with the sound of fabric tearing and continuously sprayed in all directions.

“This” Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a moment.

“Whats this”

He raised his hand and observed it carefully.

Surprisingly, he could see that a semi-transparent membrane-like thing had appeared around his arm.

“This is the force field”

Upon closer inspection, this membrane force field was filled with endless “sword light” that was constantly shuttling back and forth.

The membrane covered his entire body.

The mattress under his buttocks had been cut into small pieces by the high frequency of the “sword light” in the force field.

When he used his “Perception” to probe, Xu Xiaoshou could not help but recall Bazhunans body.

He had once seen Bazhunans body filled with endless shuttling sword light after his body was shattered.

However, the sword light then seemed to be the residual damage left behind by Hua Changdeng and was not initiated by Bazhunan himself.

TheClose-bounds Force Field that he created was filled with sword light as well, but it seemed more to be…

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts suddenly came to a halt, and he suddenly understood something.

“The Glow of Sharpness!”

He recalled the special additional attribute of sharpness, which was theGlow of Sharpness that he had neglected for too long.

It was also because of the existence of this thing that his hair, the tip of his tongue, his fingernails, and so on had all become as sharp as swords.

And now, the “Close-bounds Force Field” he obtained from Awakening seemed to have strengthened theGlow of Sharpness attribute.

“So, theGlow of Sharpness left my body and transformed into a small-scale domain-like existence around my body.

Although it is only a thin layer on my entire body, it can be used for protection”

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but feel a little disappointed.

This was far too different from how cool he imagined it would be.

But on second thought, the Awakening skill couldnt be so useless.

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts immediately became active, and he pondered on how he should use the “Close-bounds Force Field”.

“Defensive function…”

Floating in midair, Xu Xiaoshou observed his body from left to right.

With this kind of protection, he didnt seem to be afraid of any sneak attacks

“Lets give it a try!”

He shot out the weaving spirit thread, drew the chipped seventh-grade spiritual sword over, and thrust it onto his body directly.

A jaw-dropping situation appeared.

“Clang, clang, clang…”

The fierce and sharp sounds of weapons colliding rang out, and the instant the seventh-grade spiritual sword came into contact with the “Close-bounds Force Field,” the tip of the sword instantly turned into iron shards that were sent flying.

The spiritual swords momentum didnt decrease, and it continued to charge forward.

However, it wasnt able to advance even by a millimeter.

Under the effect of the membrane force field, it was as if it had been swallowed.

The entire sword, including the guard and hilt, was completely cut into pieces, turning into iron shards that floated in the air.

The surroundings quieted down.

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbstruck.

“This f*cking…”

He was scared out of his wits!

Because with the existence of this “Close-bounds Force Field”, even if it was only a thin membrane, his skin didnt feel any pain from being stabbed.

Did this mean that the seventh-grade spiritual sword was completely shattered before it could pierce through the Close-bounds Force Field

“A humanoid iron crusher” Xu Xiaoshou stood up in excitement.

As a result, with a single stomp and not the slightest obstruction, he directly pierced through the mattress and the bed board.

He didnt even feel the stones on the ground as he fell, and it was like he was about to fall straight into hell.

Feeling a strong sense of weightlessness, Xu Xiaoshou immediately stopped himself.

Looking at the large peach-shaped hole in the mattress and the small holes that were penetrated through the bed board by his feet, he was completely dumbstruck.

“I penetrated the bed and the floor No, thats not right! Its because theGlow of Sharpness in the force field was cutting, which shredded the mattress and the bed board into powder, resulting in the effect of penetration.

Even a seventh-grade spiritual sword cant withstand the cutting force of theClose-bound Force Field, so how could the ground withstand it So…” Xu Xiaoshou thought in a daze, “So I became a humanoid… tunnel boring machine”

This discovery caused Xu Xiaoshous understanding of theClose-bounds Force Field to be overturned once again.

How was this a defensive skill This was also a divine offensive skill!


Yes, this force field was only a thin layer of membrane.

On top of that, theGlow of Sharpness was also semi-transparent.

If one didnt pay close attention, they wouldnt be able to notice it at all.

More importantly, even if theClose-bounds Force Field caused damage, its control over its power was completely superb.

It wasnt like a large-scale destruction machine that would shatter the surroundings when it caused damage to a single point.

On the contrary…

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the bedboard that had been penetrated by his feet.

The incision was unusually smooth, and it was precisely the size of the Close-bounds Force Field.

As for the mattress, if he did not take the small pieces of debris on it into notice, its folds did not even change.

“This is too terrifying!”

Xu Xiaoshou was terrified as he thought about it.

If he were to place a finger that was covered with the force field on the enemys neck, wouldnt he be able to directly pierce through the enemys throat

As he thought about it, he lifted his foot.

With a tearing sound, a thigh-thick mark tore through the mattress, but nothing around it moved at all.

Xu Xiaoshou then placed his palm on the mattress.

This time, his finger had completely penetrated the bedboard, but he still couldnt feel any obstruction.

It was as if all the obstruction had been removed by the “Close-bounds Force Field” in advance.

“High-frequency cutting, then completely shredding…”

Xu Xiaoshous heart began to beat wildly.

He walked while carefully using his spiritual source to make himself float in the air for just a tiny margin.

Then, he used the edge of theClose-bounds Force Field to approach the ground.

By doing this, the ground was completely unaffected.

Not even the dust was disturbed.

Then, his body sank and he returned to his usual walking posture.

“Chi, chi, chi…”

Shallow engravings of his footprints were immediately left on the ground.

“Absolute Cutting! Xu Xiaoshou was excited.

He subconsciously looked at the wall and walked towards it.

However, halfway through, he suddenly thought of a very realistic question.

“What about clothes Can clothes ignore theClose-bounds Force Field”

Xu Xiaoshou was very glad that he thought of this question at the first moment.

Because he was used to sleeping naked, he did not have to worry about the problem with his clothes at the moment, but he had to make sure!

The “Close-bounds Force Field” extended from the skin.

If it treated clothes as foreign objects and directly shred them…

He did as he thought.

Xu Xiaoshou deactivated the “Close-bounds Force Field”, put on a set of clothes, and activated this Awakening skill once more.


In just an instant, his skin came into contact with the temperature of the air.

His clothes were all shredded!

“F*ck, indiscriminating attacks” Xu Xiaoshou felt his balls ache.

He tried again.

Because theClose-bounds Force Field was too thin, he used his spiritual source to make his clothes bigger so that they would not come into contact with the force field.

This time, it was very successful, and his clothes were not shredded.



The moment he took a step toward the wall, the wall and the barrier were cut into pieces like tofu, just as he had expected.

However, the legs of his pants were also pressed towards his body and instantly turned into pieces.

“…” With this, Xu Xiaoshou froze on the spot.

“Thats not right.

If I activate this force field in a fight, wont the enemy be able to gain a feast with the view”

He didnt hurry in going through the wall.

Instead, he started thinking on the spot.

“Can the Close-bounds Force Field leave my body”

With a thought, the force field opened up, and the ground under his feet instantly turned into dust.

A hemisphere-shaped pit with very smooth edges appeared.

“Ten feet!”

Xu Xiaoshou instantly gained enlightenment.

This force field could at most leave his body by ten feet.

In other words…

“Within a radius of ten feet, I have an absolute domain”

Xu Xiaoshous pupils constricted.

He was only at the Innate stage, yet he already had a ten feet domain that was similar to the Sovereigns domains

With a thought, the force field that covered his body instantly began to transform, converging on his right hand.

Then, in Xu Xiaoshous palm, it transformed into a shadowless sword as thin as a Cicadas wing.

The force field could morph!

This force field domain could change shapes!

It could be stretched to be outside his clothes, turned into a shadowless sword, or…


He spread out his hand, and the force field shrank, turning into a transparent small ball in his palm.

“Buddhist Kingdom in the Palm…” Xu Xiaoshou murmured in a daze.

This move didnt have the boundless power of the Buddhist Kingdom in the Palm, but on a certain level, it was a world on its own.

A world that could swallow the enemys soul and destroy everything in its path!


Xu Xiaoshou was shocked by this Awakening skill.

He finally did not have to worry that this force field would shred his clothes because it would not harm anything outside of the force field.

As long as he familiarised himself with it, he could even make the force field stick to his clothes and change its shape according to the rustles of his clothes.

In this way, when he was acting cool, he could move!

“This is too strong, simply too strong.

Absolute defense, absolute domain… I wonder what are the attack limits it can withstand”

Xu Xiaoshou was pondering as such, but he knew that even if there was an attack that the “Close-bounds Force Field” could not withstand, after that attack passed through the force field, the damage would probably be reduced to nothing.

As for the rest, if he, Xu Xiaoshou, with his full set of passive skills had failed to handle the remaining damage, that could only prove that the opponent was either at the Cutting Path stage or was a Higher Void.

Under such circumstances, again the absolute suppression of strength, it would already be hopeless.

“Disgusting, really disgusting… Isnt this Awakening skill a little too unreasonable!”

Because he was constantly paying attention to the consumption of his spiritual source, Xu Xiaoshou learned that the activation and continuation of this force field didnt consume his spiritual source at all.

Only when he was attacked, or rather when he attacked the found, then only was his spiritual source consumed by just the tiniest bit.

Xu Xiaoshou guessed that the “Close-bounds Force Field” should consume his spiritual source based on the intensity of the attacks it faced.

In other words, as long as he was not attacked, Xu Xiaoshou could keep the force field open at all times to prevent sneak attacks from others.


Its a little dangerous…”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly thought of something.

If he kept his force field activated at all times like this, and a good friend came over to shake his hand…

With one shake, his hand would be gone!

What should he do

“In the face of enemies! Yes, Ill only use it when Im facing enemies.

People in this world are very courteous.

Before a fight, its should be fine to give the opponent a polite hug or something.”

Xu Xiaoshou rubbed his chin and nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, Ill activate my force field when I give the opponent a force.

With the activation of the force field, I wont even need to fight, and the opponent will be gone.”

The emotions in his heart were surging and were difficult to suppress.

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou felt that this Awakening skill was too abnormal.

It was impossible to guard against it!

If he activated his force field when he was in the Berserk Giant form…

“Whoo!” Xu Xiaoshou shivered in disgust.

“Inhumane, too inhumane!”

He didnt even dare to think further.

This Awakening skill simply had no humanity to speak of.

Right at this moment, outside the hole in the wall that was penetrated by Xu Xiaoshous foot, two large black eyeballs suddenly appeared.

“Whos there” Xu Xiaoshou looked over vigilantly.

“Whats this” Xin Gugu stuck his butt out as he raised his head to look at the small oval hole between the wall and the ground and was somewhat puzzled.

In his memory, Xu Xiaoshous room did not seem to have this hole…

Without thinking further, he went to the door and knocked.

Xu Xiaoshou opened the door and Xin Gugu stepped in.

“Its out!”

“Whats out” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“The results of the interrogation!”Xin Gugu stared at him.

“Werent you the one who asked me to interrogate those two guys”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly realized that Xin Gugu was talking about the two night-raiders.

“What did you get”

“Nothing.” Xin Gugu shook his head.

Seeing that Xu Xiaoshous expression changed, he immediately added, “These two guys are very stubborn, and I couldnt get anything out of them.

Though I did get their original forms by giving them a good beating.

One of them is from the Jiang Family.

I think its that arrogant guy who mocked the First Pavilion in the Sky that day… Jiang Tai”

As he spoke, he paused for a moment when he saw the hemispherical pit behind Xu Xiaoshou.

This thing… He remembered that he didnt see such a thing when he moved the bed earlier!

“This is” Xin Gugu pointed at the pit on the ground and then looked back at the small hole at the entrance of the wall.

Both of them had the same properties — the edges were unusually smooth.

Xu Xiaoshou moved aside.

Obviously, his small body couldnt cover such a big hole.

“I was cultivating,” He replied.

“Cultivating” Xin Gugus eyelids twitched.

After Xu Xiaoshou moved aside, he could see that there was even a smooth opening on the bedboard with unknown origins.

“You call this cultivating” Xin Gugu asked in shock.

“Youre alone, how can the bed be in such a state through cultivation The bed is broken and yet you refused to end your cultivation You even cultivated with the ground…”


Xu Xiaoshou knocked Xin Gugus head hard.

Of course, this time, he had deactivated the force field.

Xin Gugu was at a loss for words.

He covered his head and stared blankly at Xu Xiaoshou, who could cause the bed and the ground to be in such a state through cultivating alone.

He had evil thoughts in his heart that could not be said.

“Change the bed for me tomorrow!”

Seeing his secret had been discovered, Xu Xiaoshou was not in the mood to continue the Awakening lottery.

He said, “Lets go and take a look at those two guys.”

Xin Gugu had a mournful look on his face.

That was a new bedboard!

He had just moved it here, but in the end, it only lasted for less than a day…

“Right,” Xu Xiaoshou walked to the door and suddenly turned around to ask, “You can be reborn from blood, right”

“What” Xin Gugu was stunned.

“Hand,” Xu Xiaoshou extended his hand to him.

“Weve known each other for so long, but weve never shaken hands before, have we”

Xin Gugu felt that something was wrong from the bottom of his heart, but when he saw Xu Xiaoshous extended hand, he couldnt think of anything else for a moment.

He only felt that this fellow was just like him in the aspect that they became affectionate late at night.

Therefore, Xin Gugu hesitantly reached out his hand, and Xu Xiaoshou held it.

In the next second.

“Ah –” A shrill cry echoed throughout the First Pavilion of the sky.

Even Mei Siren who was in his room was surprised.

“Someone is attacking us”


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