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Chapter 670: Suddenly Wealthy Young Master Xu, Happiness Doubled

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“Hahaha, she actually said that you needed protection.

That was hella amusing.”

On the way back to the First Pavilion in the Sky, Xin Gugu couldnt stop laughing.

Even Mo Mo and the others couldnt help but laugh at the words Xiaolian said at the last of her sentence.

However, Xiaolian did give them a useful piece of information.

It seemed that among the people that the Holy Palace was recruiting, elixir masters were the most wanted.

As long as one qualified for the Imperial City Trial as an elixir master, one could bring in two guardians below the Master stage who didnt need the trial jade pendant.

“What a pity.

If only they allowed us to bring Sovereign stage guardians.”

Xu Xiaoshou was thinking that if he could bring Xin Gugu into the trial, then he wouldnt have to stay in the Yuan Mansion and help him cheat in secret.

Instead, they could openly crush others.

After this, he spent some effort to understand the situation.

The elixir master trial was different from the heaven geomantic battle.

They were going to hold a big competition soon.

Dongtianwang city was huge, but it would only give out ten slots for trial through the elixir master examination.

One could imagine how intense the competition would be.

Xu Xiaoshous confidence in conducting alchemy was a little lacking.

At the moment, the best he could create was a seventh-grade Origin Court Pill or something similar.

If he were to attempt anything higher than that grade, the stability of those master stage elixirs would be very uncertain.

He wondered if those who would participate in the competition would all be Master stage elixir masters…

If that was the case, he might as well place his hopes on the heaven geomantic arena or snatch a trial jade pendant.

After all, Innate stage guardians were dispensable to Xu Xiaoshou.


The group returned to the First Pavilion in the Sky to rest.

Xin Gugu continued interrogating the two night-raiders who were locked in the cultivation room.

Mu Zixi was still regretting that she could not finish the last match and did not obtain the qualification to participate in the trial.

It was fine though since she could just participate in the competition again the next day.

This might not be the case for Xu Xiaoshou.

However, Young Master Xu was very relaxed.

He did not think too much about it.

After changing his clothes, he looked out of the window at the night for a while in a daze.

Then, he called Xiao Wanfeng over.

“Go guard the door and change the door couplet.

If there is any movement, ring the wooden bell in the hall immediately.

When that time comes, Mu Zixi will get the signal and contact me in time.

Also, if you see anything, dont be rash.

After you ring the wooden bell, go back to your room immediately.

No matter how big the problem is, dont leave your room.”

Xiao Wanfeng was stunned by what he said.

He was originally calm and was about to accept the job as a doorkeeper other than serving tea and pouring water.

After all, he could see that there were little in the First Pavilion of the Sky.

However, Young Master Xu made it sound so serious that Xiao Wanfeng was instead starting to feel afraid.

“Isnt it just guarding the door Is there a need for that Who dares to provoke us” In Xiao Wanfengs impression, with Master Si Ren guarding this place, it was even safer than the Holy Divine Palace.

“Take this.”

Xu Xiaoshou directly handed the door couplet to him and said with a smile, “You just need to change the door couplet into these, and remember what I said.”

Xiao Wanfeng took the door couplet in a daze and looked at it.

His expression immediately changed.

“Do not enter without matters, we will welcome every guest.”

He was stunned!

It was so late at night, who else could come… something was wrong.

Could it be that not only “people” would come to this place in the middle of the night

“The First Pavilion in the Heaven is haunted” Xiao Wanfengs legs began to tremble.

It was only normal that Young Master Xu and the others were not afraid of ghosts, but he was a mere mortal, and ghosts were most mortals biggest fear.

“What are you thinking about”

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but laugh as he patted him on the shoulder, he pointed at the door and said, “Just go and stand there.

I reckon that even if there really is someone standing in front of you, you might not be able to detect him.

In short, go and try to have more courage… Youre one of my followers, so you must first be bold.

It would not be very good if you were scared to death by our people.”

Try to have more courage…

Xiao Wanfengs face turned green.

He held the door couplet in his hand and hesitated, unwilling to move.

Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

Everything about Xiao Wanfeng was fine, except for the fact he was a coward.

His movement technique was excellent, but he only ever used it to escape.

Xu Xiaoshou even suspected that Xiao Wanfeng was a master swordsman, though he might still be oblivious to it, and thus did not dare to draw his sword on outsiders.

Using the Hidden Sword Technique as an excuse to not kill

How could he let this be

“Practice makes perfect!”

After leaving the matter of guarding the door to Xiao Wanfeng, Xu Xiaoshou returned to his room.

He had a warrant that allowed him to observe the entire building, nothing would happen to the young man.

At the moment, he had an urgent matter that he had yet to resolve, so it was a given that Xu Xiaoshou could not accompany Xiao Wanfeng all the time.

“Such a small matter!”

He entered the cultivation room.

Once the door was locked, Xu Xiaoshou impatiently rushed onto the bed that Xin Gugu brought over.

Then, he glanced at the information bar.

“Passive Points: 2241319.”

“Oh my God…”

Two million! ! !!

When Xu Xiaoshou saw this number, his eyes immediately popped out.

Then, he covered his mouth and rolled back and forth on the bed, afraid that he would scream and break through the soundproof barrier, which would lead to the misunderstanding of the night raiders.

However, the waves in his heart could not be stopped.

He still remembered that before he entered the arena, he took a glance at his passive points at that time.

After that, he did not pay any attention to the changes in this thing.

At that time, the number was only 800,000.

But now, it was more than two million…

“One competition gave me more than a million passive points”

Xu Xiaoshous body was stretched straight as he bounced on the bed.

He was already on the verge of losing control.

“My dream has been fulfilled!”

Getting one million passive points just by creating trouble once… if this wasnt a dream, what was it

Looking back at the competition, Xu Xiaoshou knew that the upper limit of the information bars passive points was “9999” per time.

In the past, even if he fought to the death, he had only triggered such extreme situations a few times.

But today, there were too many of them!

From the most ostentatious appearance to the most amusing exit, he had garnered a lot of attention from the audience.

He believed that more than half a million of the passive points came from the beginning and the end of the competition.

As for the period during the competition, there was nothing much he could do…

No matter how shocked one was at a certain thing that another did, it was impossible for one to continuously be in a state of emotional change and continuously provide him passive points.

People would become numb to it.

Therefore, in the middle of the competition, even Xu Xiaoshou was extremely impudent and tried his best to impress the audience, the audience members who were shocked to the point of numbness rarely provided him with the extreme of “9999”.

Though no matter how bad that sounded, there were still a few thousand passive points he had earned during the competition.

The duration of the heaven geomantic battle was not short.

During this period, as long as the average person experienced more than a hundred emotional fluctuations regarding him, Xu Xiaoshou would be able to earn a lot of passive points!

“As expected, I have to perform in places with a large audience…” Xu Xiaoshou was sighed.

Tonights competition had helped him determine the direction of his future development.

“So, how should I use the two million passive points” Xu Xiaoshou began thinking.

Currently, his cultivation was already at the peak of the Innate stage.

Towards the end of the heaven geomantic battle, he had sucked a mouthful of Luo Yins power of the Higher Void with this “Breathing Technique”.

The pure energy almost made him fail in suppressing his cultivation stage.

The movement this happened, Xu Xiaoshou knew that he was not far away from becoming a Master.

He believed that he would be able to complete his breakthrough by taking a handful of elixirs at the critical moment or by sucking a huge gulp of the enemys energy.

After the breakthrough, he could immediately be able to have the Sovereign physique as well as a large number of passive skills that could allow him to go head-on with the Sovereigns.

“Something seems to be off!” While thinking, Xu Xiaoshou gritted his teeth.

It seemed that two million passive points might not be enough

“Forget it, the Imperial City Trial requires the cultivator to be at the Innate Stage, so I still have to suppress my cultivation stage for the time being.

In this period, I might even be able to get a few million more passive points.

Even if I encounter an accident and need to immediately breakthrough to the Master stage… By leaving a million passive points, even if the system is greedy, I can still be able to get the Sovereign physique, right Thus, I should invest in my skills!”

Xu Xiaoshou composed himself.

With so much wealth, it was impossible for him to not spend some of it.

As the old saying goes, investing in oneself will never be a loss.

“Ill level up my skills first.”

He placed his attention on the skill bar and the various rankings appeared.

Compared to the beginning when he had just obtained the passive system, Xu Xiaoshous current passive skills could already be considered a lot.

Fundamental passive skills: Breathing Technique (Master Lv.1), Eternal Vitality (Master Lv.1), High Spirits (Master Lv.1)

Extended passive skills: Strengthen (Master Lv.1) – Berserk Giant, Recoil (Master Lv.1) – Exploding Posture, Agility (Master Lv.1) – Ascending to the Heavens in a Single Step, Stealth (Master Lv.1) – Vanishing Technique, Perception (Master Lv.1),

Transformation (Master Lv.1), Sharpness (Innate Lv.1), Toughness (Innate Lv.1)

Expertise passive skills: Sword Technique Expertise (Master Lv.1), Cooking Expert (Master Lv.1), Weaving Expertise (Master Lv.1)

Status passive skills: Swallow the Mountains and Rivers (Master Lv.1)

Special passive skills: Passive Fist (charge point: 0.02%)

“I have so many…” Xu Xiaoshou looked at the list happily.

Soon, his sight was attracted by the two Innate stage skills.

“What kind of joke is this I, the millionaire Xu Deye, still have Innate stage passive skills What kind of shabby life was I leading before this”

With a wave of his hand, 50,000 passive points were exchanged for level two skill points which he directly used to raise Toughness to the Master stage.

However, when his gaze landed on Sharpness, Xu Xiaoshou hesitated for a moment.

The passive skill Sharpness was a little too special.

It wasnt a matter of money.

It was a matter of whether he could have future generations, and it was extremely serious.

However, on second thought, if the concept of theSword Body mentioned by Master Si Ren could be established, then the evolution direction ofSharpness could also be controlled.

If that was the case, this passive skill might be even more terrifying than “Strengthen”.

“Its worth a try!”

Xu Xiaoshou gritted his teeth.

In the end, Luo Yin was the one who gave him the confidence to gamble.

After all, he verified in the finals of the heaven geomantic battle that the sacred physique was even more terrifying than the Master physique.

The sacred physique was not afraid of “Sharpness”, it was afraid of “Sword Cognition”.

Therefore, even if he lost in this gamble, he could just find a girlfriend with a sacred physique.

A mortal physique

Heh, its not that he didnt like mortal women, but he couldnt possibly deliberately hurt others…

“Toughness (Master Lv.1)”

“Sharpness (Master Lv.1)”

With 100,000 passive points, he successfully leveled up all of his passive skills to the Master stage.

At this time, he felt a sense of accomplishment and a sense of relief from his obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The more Xu Xiaoshou looked at the skill bar, the more satisfied he became.

He felt his body.

The effects of the upgrade in “Toughness” were still not obvious.

After all, this was a hidden passive skill that would have to be triggered by others.

But the same could not be said for “Sharpness”.

It brought the intuitive feeling very clearly.

On top of that, it was what Xu Xiaoshou had expected… it had developed in the worst direction!


He casually took out an Innate spiritual sword and slashed it at his arm.

His body didnt feel any pain at all.

If it were someone else who did this, they wouldnt even be able to trigger his message of “Being Attacked”.

On the contrary, a small opening cracked open on the spiritual sword.

It was as if it had been slashed by a higher-quality spiritual sword.

The Innate spiritual sword couldnt withstand Xu Xiaoshous “Master spiritual sword” at all.

“What the f*ck…”

Xu Xiaoshou realized that it was very likely that he had really become a “Sword Human”.

He used his finger to swipe across the floor and easily tore a hole in the ground.

“Damn it, this is too strong! Master stageSharpness and Master stageStrengthen which corresponds to the Master sword and the Master physique…”

While he was agonizing over himself, Xu Xiaoshou could not help but worry about his opponent.

His situation could be resolved by just finding a girlfriend with a sacred physique.

However, his enemy would probably find it difficult to resolve the situation he had to face even if he had a sacred physique.

It was very likely that one who punched Xu Xiaoshou would suffer from the Recoil of the Master physique and be cut into two from the punch…

This was without taking into account the effects of the Infernal White Flame, the Three Days Frozen Calamity, and the sword cognition.

If he were to use all of them, he didnt even need to attack others, he just needed to wrap them around his body…

Whoever made a move against him would die first!

“Gosh.” Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

How could there be such a strong person in this world

“Ive used 100,000 passive points, I still have more than 2,000,000 left.

Should I try a lucky draw”

He thought about it again, but for the time being, he didnt think that he needed too many passive skills.

In that case, Awakening should be more cost-effective.

Thinking of Awakening, he couldnt help but focus on Sharpness.

In the past, he didnt dare to level it up because he didnt know about the option of finding a girlfriend with a sacred physique.

But now that he was on the path of being a trueSword Human, he might as well go all the way.

In terms of damage, out of all the extended passive skills, probably onlyStrengthen could be slightly comparable toSharpness.

Not to mention that “Strengthen” had only achieved this effect with bonuses by skilled such as “Recoil” and “Toughness”, which allowed it to have additional attack attributes other than the Master physique.

“Sharpness” did not need all this.

The moment this passive skill appeared, Xu Xiaoshou knew that this skill was something that killed 1,000 enemies but caused 800 damage to the user.

That being said, it was absolutely the strongest!


He was drowning in money, so there was no need to hesitate in Awakening.

Xu Xiaoshou directly exchanged for ten Awakening Stones that cost 10,000 passive points each.

Then, he used his spiritual senses to bind the skillSharpness to the stones and threw them into the Awakening Pool one by one.

Since he had a lot of money, he didnt feel disturbed when he spent it.

Just like at this moment, concluded from his previous experiments, Xu Xiaoshou knew that he was guaranteed a one-in-ten chance of Awakening, thus he didnt cower from throwing the stones.

Today, even if he was unlucky and had to use twenty or thirty Awakening Stones to successfully awakenSharpness, he would do it!

He, Xu Xiaoshou, wanted to see just what the Awakening Skill that was comparable to the Berserk Giant looked like.

“Awakening failed.”

“Awakening failed.”


He threw the Awakening Stones untiringly.

After throwing money down the drain again and again, finally, at the eighth time, the situation turned for the better..


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