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Chapter 661: Dear Lord, You Must Be Kidding Me

In the north of the northern zone, everyone was still savagely killing one another.

However, behind that wall of humans, many people were shocked by the domineering Young Master Xu in the southern part of the northern zone.

Yes, he was way too domineering!

Bi Kong was a Peak Innate (Stage) expert and a few days ago, he had even obtained excellent results of being the last three survivors in the Heaven Geomantic Battle.

The metal attribute of his body was like a solid golden spear.

That accompanied with his spiritual source that shielded his entire body with an armour, he could execute his surprise attacks with no worries.

There was no weak spot in this combination of his.

But in front of Young Master Xu…

A slap and hes done for

There were too many people paying attention to Young Master Xu.

Everyone had prior expectations because of the fact that he was a demi-saints descendant.

Who would have thought that upon entering the arena, he would be a fledgling who had never seen blood before.

However, once you try attacking him, youd find that the attacker was like a piece of paper.

In front of Young Master Xu, he had no means of defending himself.

Was it an illusion

“Yes, youre not imagining things.

I was the one who beat you.” Xu Xiaoshou waved his right palm, indicating that it was the part which he used to hit him.

Bi Kong, who was in the midst of launching his surprise attack, was stunned.

He immediately realized that the person in front of him wasnt as weak as he thought.

That guy really was a demi-saints successor through and through.

Even though he might look a little thin, but a dead camel was still bigger than a horse.

How could such an existence be easily challenged by someone like him


After chanting that in his heart, Bi Kongs figure immediately dimmed.

His escape techniques were extremely strong!

Otherwise, he would not have chosen to become an assassin instead of developing his invulnerable metal attribute and pursue the path of direct combat.

With a swoosh, Bi Kong turned around and his body swayed.

He felt his soul move few tens of feet away in an instant, far away from Young Master Xus attack.

However, as far as the naked eye could see, his stunned companions were still standing on the same spot.

The distance between them and him wasnt much different from before he used his escape techniques!


Bi Kong suddenly felt his neck tighten, as if something was strangling him, making him feel rather uncomfortable.

He tried to take a leap but he missed his footing.

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

“Yes, you are still in my hands.”

Xu Xiaoshous voice was indifferent, as if he was the god of death who ruled over all living things.

It was as if he was handling a chicken.

He grabbed the guy who dared to sneak an attack on him and lifted him up in the air without any hesitation.



“Blow up!”


The clamor was still incessant.

Those people who were blinded by the desire of berserk beasts were still waving the scythe of the god of death to their hearts content not far away, reaping each others lives.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes flashed with hesitation.

It was not his first time seeing blood, but it was his first time seeing such a crazy and bloody slaughterhouse.

In this moment, after he had calmed down, he was able to completely block out the disturbances by external forces.

However, facing such a guy who wanted to sneak a surprise attack on him and is out for his life in a place like this, Xu Xiaoshou could not help but have a philosophical problem flash through his mind.

To kill or not to kill This was a problem.


Bi Kong, who was in Xu Xiaoshous hands, caught this fleeting opportunity while Xu Xiaoshou was in a trance.

As a hunter, even if he fell into the trap of his prey, he would always be able to escape from adversity, relying on his survival instinct.

“Golden Wheel Dance!”

A magnificent golden light exploded from Bi Kongs body.

This was a supreme spiritual technique that could shake the opponent, and it could always save his life at critical moments.

In the past, even if he was caught by his prey, Bi Kong would always rely on this technique to shake the opponent away slightly, and then rely on the opponents momentary daze to counterattack and kill him.

Based on his experience, the instant the golden wheel dance was quaking away, Bi Kong would turn his head around at light speed.

At the same time, the dagger in his hand would slip out again and stab towards the back of the opponent with no hesitation.

Even without the use of spiritual senses, based on his many years of counter-killing experience, Bi Kong could clearly understand…

The dagger should always aim for the heart!


However, reality was always the opposite of fantasy.

Even this sudden sound that was made ended up being so special as well.

The scenes that he had expected could not be perfectly executed.

In fact, his fate had already been sealed in his first step.

Golden Wheel Dance was a Peak Innate Stage spiritual technique, but it could not even blow up Young Master Xus fair and tender hand in the slightest bit…


To use the term “blow up” would be a little too exaggerated.

In fact, what everyone on the periphery saw was just a flash of golden light on Bi Kongs body and the vibration of Young Master Xus clothes.

However, the hand that was holding the chicken did not even tremble.

Under the tight lock, Bi Kong subconsciously chose to turn his head 180 degrees..


“Cough cough, uh… Cough!”

His widened eyes bulged out.

The blue veins on his neck that had popped up due to the pain were dyed bright red under the thick blood flow.

Bi Kong finally realized that the sound just now was not the sound of a dagger entering flesh.

It was the sound of bones cracking, or it was coming from his neck.

“Was that really necessary”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the guy who had his back facing him, but his head was forcefully turned around.

He sighed, “This young master hasnt even decided whether to kill you, but you ended it yourself.”


The corpse that looked up at the sky from a strange angle and was lying on the ground finally lost all signs of life as its trembling grew weaker.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that it wouldnt be enough to kill this fellow with just a slight twist of his head.

Even if it wasnt enough, he could still use elixirs to save himself with his Innate (Stage) life force.

But if someone were to take the blame, it would be that fellow and his shaking spiritual technique, the golden wheel dance.

“Strengthen”, “Toughness”, “Recoil”, “Sharpness”..

As long as he could restrain his opponent with this passive technique, how could he allow his opponent to resist

The opponents golden wheel dance hadnt even been able to trigger the unleash of his “Eternal Vitality”, but due to the recoil of the skill, Bi Kongs neck bone was shattered and he died.

In Xu Xiaoshous eyes, the cause of death was crystal clear.

However, in the eyes of others, this unbelievable scene was unimaginable.

“He… he died”

“How could he die Hes Bi Kong.

Didnt he use the golden wheel dance How did he…”


“You must be joking! Bi Kong couldnt shake off his opponent with the golden wheel dance, so he chose to commit suicide out of shame and anger”

“Im bewildered!”

Not only were the onlookers stunned, but the audience was also shocked by Young Master Xus first move on the battlefield.

That was the demi-saints successor.

It could be said that from the moment he entered the arena, he had been the most eye-catching existence in the entire Heaven Geomantic Arena.

Who wouldnt want to witness the moves of a demi-saints descendant with their own eyes.

However, what the reality gave them was the opponent jumping in like a moth drawn to a flame, seeking his own destruction, before Young Master Xu had began making his first move.

“This match must be rigged! Hes Bi Kong right I bet on him getting in to top ten.

Is this guy crazy”

“Why did he just threw himself at him Shouldnt he have played it more safe Is a demi-saints descendant someone he can even think of messing with”

“Fame and fortune, what mortals pursue… it is precisely because of the demi-saints descendant entrance into this arena where life and death are uncertain, that there are even more people who want to use this opportunity as a stepping stone and climb to the top.”

“Its not to that extent.

How could anyone climb to the top just with that I even suspect that this guy was bribed by Young Master Xu in advance so that his death would serve to intimidate others.

Then, the others wouldnt dare to attack Young Master Xu in the early stages of the Heaven Geomantic Battle.”

“Then your imagination is really over the top.

For what reason could he possibly give up his life for”

“This… I dont know.”

The audience was clearly stunned by this sudden move.

Some people had thought that when the demi-saints descendant had entered the stage, he would wreak havoc on the entire venue and slaughter everyone.

While others thought that the flashy Young Master Xu would fall from grace and be beaten up by the rest of the savage contestants…

However, such an outcome was out of everyones expectations.

After thinking about it, it seemed that the most plausible thing that accounted for Bi Kongs death was his cry of surprise at the start.



—Thatts just ridiculous!

“Suspected, passive points 4,151.”

“Speculation, passive points, 3,348.”

“Attention, passive points, 6,687.”

The information bar counted emotionlessly.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the corpse in front of him who had its head turned around and eyes wide open and he seemed to have something in his mind was enlightened.

“This is a cruel world.

Though its possible to have abide by the principle ofI wont offend others if they dont offend me, but if one doesnt have the awareness ofRetaliating when others cross you, death is only a matter of time.”

He was still just an Innate (Stage)… With his eyes half-closed, Xu Xiaoshou truly calmed down, and even his heartbeat returned to normal.

At this moment, being in this arena, he felt like he was taking a leisurely stroll.

It was as if this arena was like a private backyard, and human lives were like grass.

Weeds could grow.

But if they grew a little too much, he just had to pull them out.

“You want to kill me”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly raised his head, and a smile appeared on his face.

“Come on, whoever can really make me bleed, Ill reward him with 10,000 Spirit Crystals! Whoever can cut off my arm, Ill reward him with 1,000,000 Spirit Crystals!”


The arena was filled with gasps of shock.

“Is he crazy This Young Master Xu”

“What is he doing Does he know what he is doing”

“This is the arena!”


This was the arena.

At the slightest movement, it was possible that an ice blade or a wind blade could be hidden.

In this place, not to mention scraping his skin, it was very likely that he would be beheaded for no reason.

This Xu Fa Ther, where did he get the courage to offer such a large sum of money for a drop of his blood and an arm

“Hes courting death!”

The audience went crazy.

They wanted nothing more than to rush to the arena and participate in the reward battle.

The arenas players, on the other hand, were all trembling and cowering, not daring to go forward.


“What are you afraid of”

“Hey you guys would usually do anything, even forsake your lives, just to get some Spirit Crystals.

Now that the opportunity is right in front of you, how can you be so cowardly”

“Are you guys scared silly Even the Spirit Crystals cant rouse your fighting spirit A bunch of cowards!”

The audience was cursing furiously.

However, no one knew that it wasnt that the people in the arena didnt want to move, but under Young Master Xus unbridled attitude, almost half of the people in the northern zone were suppressed by an unknown aura.

The arena in the northern zone seemed to have an additional gravity field.

A portion of the people were clearly not in front of Young Master Xu and were still fighting with their opponents.

However, their actions were pulled back by an unknown force and slowed down significantly.

Even the trajectory of the slashing swords had become so predictable.


Xu Xiaoshous sharp senses had realized something.

This was “Swallow the Mountains and Rivers”!

He immediately didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Werent these guys a little too weak

With just a word from him, just his aura alone could completely restrict the movements of these guys with boiling beast blood

But at the same time, he also finally realized the gap between him and his peers and just how big was the gap between them.

A passive skill was simply invincible among those of the same level!

There were noWhat-ifs!

“Xu, Young Master Xu…”

“Save me!”

Xu Xiaoshou broke his aura with a silly grin on his face.

At the same time that he suppressed his emotions to the point where he was once again still as an ancient well, a few exclamations sounded from behind him.

Everyone trembled as they regained their mobility.

At the same time, they simultaneously looked towards the source of the sound.

They saw a youth dressed in hemp clothing that had patches on it running over.

He held a wooden sword in one hand and a tea tray in the other.

On the tray, there was a steaming hot teapot as well as a golden teacup.

This guy was going around in circles, rolling and crawling.

His body and face were covered in blood.

However, he managed to escape from the group of people chasing after him.

He forcefully maintained the balance of the teapot and rushed in front of Young Master Xu, panting heavily.

“Why did you come in” Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

Did Xiao Wanfeng want to die How dare he act recklessly in this place

“Brother Xin, its Brother Xin…”

Xiao Wanfengs face was full of grievance.

He felt so extremely wronged and he had no outlets of releasing his emotions.

However, when he was about to complain, he suddenly put on a serious face and raised the teacup in front of Xu Xiaoshou.

“Its my duty to serve tea.

How can I let Young Master Xu be thirsty”

Xu Xiaoshou:

He picked up the Teacup in a daze.

He really wanted to probe this kids forehead to see if he had a fever.

However, his gaze was quickly attracted by the group of people chasing after him from behind.

These people were obviously chasing after him from another sub-zone in the northern zone.

As for the target, it was undoubtedly Xiao Wanfeng.

“How did you escape” Xu Xiaoshou was astonished.

This guy wasnt even a spiritual cultivator.

How could he move freely in this slaughterhouse

“Perception” focused and replayed the scene from a few moments ago.

After Xiao Wanfeng entered the arena, he began his escape as the competition began.

A large group of people were chasing after him, but he managed to dodge them all with his movement technique.

His identity was agile and somewhat strange, and was ambiguous and real at the same time.

–It was full of path energy!

Xiao Wanfeng seemed to have used himself as a soft sword on the spot.

He was forced between the left and right axes, like a dragon playing with water, not getting wet.

“Good guy…”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly understood why this kid was able to barge into Pixiu Mountain without dying.

He had stepped into so many dangerous places for so many years, yet he was still able to grow so big.

He did not have a sword body, nor did he have the aptitude for spiritual cultivation.

However, his comprehension of the way of the sword was probably just as he described himself… once he learned it, then he really would have mastered it!

“The combined entity of a man and sword…”

Xu Xiaoshou felt like he had caught a treasure.

He smiled as he looked at those outsiders who did not dare to chase after him because of his identity as Young Master Xu.

He then looked back at the cowards who had been shocked by a certain persons suicide.

A plan formed in his heart.


Amidst the chaos, Xu Xiaoshou casually held a teacup and took a sip.

He was as calm as the wind breeze sweeping through an army.

He looked around and put down the teacup, then said to the crowd, “What I said earlier is also applicable to this kid.

One drop of blood, 10,000 Spirit Crystals, one arm, 1,000,000 Spirit Crystals!”

Xiao Wanfeng didnt even have time to air his grievances.

It was as if he had been struck by lightning.

His face was instantly devoid of blood.

It was as pale as paper, as if he wanted to hide millions of precious blood into the deepest part of his body.

Then, he raised his head mechanically.

His pupils shook violently, and his eyeballs bulged as if they were trying to suck Young Master Xus soul out of his head.

“De- Dea- Dear Lord, you must be kidding me!”


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