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Chapter 650: A Higher Void Serving Tea

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No one would have thought that such a pretentious old man would suddenly appear in between the two sides and interject the conversation.

However, after a few breaths of silence, the crowd began to boil.

“Damn, who are you, old man”

“Youre trying to find a loophole, arent you A peacemaker… I see that youve set your eyes on this idle job of serving tea and pouring water, and you are trying to act as the middleman to earn a difference in price!”

“Damn it, I can be a peacemaker too.

Old Man, get down here.

Stop pretending to be calm and reserved.

Who doesnt know what youre thinking”

“Thats right, thats right.

Didnt you just line up behind me How did you squeeze past me Get back!”

“Come back!”

“Come over!”

The group of people pushed forward, causing the situation to go out of hand.

At this moment, despite the fact that the city guards are still watching from the side, everyone rushed forward.

They were afraid that if they were a step slower, Young master Xu would be persuaded by this old man, causing them to lose their target job.

“Dont push me… Ouch, dont step on my hand! The back of my hand… Wah!”

Xiao Wanfeng, who was almost broken into pieces by the stream of people, fell to the ground immediately.

In his misery, he saw a narrow opening and moved to the side.

He stared at the situation that had suddenly gone out of control.

His face was filled with hesitation.

“This is mine…”

His face wrinkled and his entire body fell to the ground.

“He almost promised me…”

“Back off!”

When Fang Zheng saw that a large number of people had fallen to the ground in an instant, he immediately rebuked angrily.

Fortunately, most of the people lining up here are spiritual cultivators.

Otherwise, if such a wave of people rushed up, one foot after another, who knew how many innocent people would be trampled to death.

Once the aura of the sovereign was suppressed, everyone regained their calm.

However, there were still some words that were being shouted out.

“Young master Xu, dont.

Ill be the peacemaker.

I can be the peacemaker, serving tea, and pouring water, I can also…I can even help you clean the latrine!”

“That position is mine! Get out of my way… You shameless bastard, you still want to go to the first floor in the sky to use the latrine Is this a place for you to use the latrine”

“The First Pavilion in the Sky.

Just listen to this name, you will know that anyone who can go in is someone who doesnt need to use the latrine!”

“Immortal! Do you understand An immortal doesnt need to use the latrine… Damn it, who bumped into me”

“Get out of the way, dont step on my foot.


“My crotch… Damn it, dont push me over! F*ck! !”

“PFFT –“

Fang Zhengs heart skipped a beat when he heard the noise.

He thought that his brain had been crushed.

However, when he managed to focus on what he saw, he was relieved that the person was only squeezed to the point that water was spurting out of his mouth.

For a moment, he was really confused by these guys who had lost their minds.

If he hadnt seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed that a mere position of a server could attract so many people and drive them to the point of turning crazy just to chase after him.


His eyes darkened.

He opened the Sovereign Domain, and with a swish, thousands of people were lifted into the air.

Then, with a wave of spiritual source, these people fell from the sky again.

It happened in a split second.

However, those guys, who had experienced the taste of heaven and hell, suddenly broke out in cold sweat due to the inexplicable force and were instantly silenced.

“Being sought after, passive points, 6,210.”

“Subjected to contention, passive points 4,559.”


The information bar suddenly exploded.

Xu Xiaoshou was not surprised.

Instead, he was delighted.

He wished that this group of people, who could not cause any trouble, would lose control again.

However, this time, they were all suppressed by Fang Zheng.

Everyone became much more obedient.

They were cowering and did not even dare to contribute their passive points.

Xu Xiaoshou sighed regretfully and turned to look at the old man.

He was a little surprised.

He had seen it clearly just now.

In the entire arena, the only people who werent affected by Fang Zhengs bounded domain were the few sovereigns that he had spoken to earlier.

This old man remained as steady as Mount Tai.

“Who are you” Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but be curious and looked over.

“This old mans surname is Mei.”

Elder Mei was still holding a folding fan in his hand and slowly tapping his palm.

He didnt even look at Fang Zheng.

He only stared at Xu Xiaoshou under the surprised gazes of the onlookers and repeated, “What do you think of this old mans suggestion, my young friend”

Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself, how could this be a problem that could be solved by recruiting one person

Today, the feeling of being drunk didnt lie in the person, but in the passive points!

How could he close this stall

However, this old man did not seem to have any spiritual source fluctuations, yet he was able to completely ignore Fang Zhengs bounded domains influence.

He is really very strange.

Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to directly reject and only asked, “What do you have to offer… Hmm, what value do you have that can allow you to defeat the thousands of competitors here, and thus impress me”

When the crowd heard this, they immediately exclaimed.

However, after all, the old man was still standing where he was, and the image of him not being affected by the bounded domain was right in front of them.

There were not many who dared to make a sound.

However, when there are more people, there would always be a few who could not hold their ground and wanted to jump out.

“Thats right, damned old man… In the end, you just want to cut the queue.

Who doesnt know your cunning thoughts”

“Thats right.

Dont think that just because Commander Fang respects the old and loves the young means that you can have the audacity to… Huh Why are you stopping me”

“Shh, do you really think that Commander Fang held back on him”


“Shut up, you.

This old man doesnt look simple…”

“Dont pull me… Let go! Isnt this simple Look, he doesnt have any spiritual source fluctuations, nor does he have any path energy.

Under such circumstances, could he still be someone of the Cutting Path stage”

“What a fool.

Why would a Cutting Path come to apply for the job of serving tea”

“Oh, thats true!”

To everyones surprise, after the impulsive speaker finished speaking, elder Mei turned his head to look at him and nodded his head seriously.

“Thats right, this old man is at the Cutting Path stage.”


Everyone present was petrified and could not speak at all.

Fang Zheng raised his eyebrows slightly.

To be honest, he really did not go easy on them.

He wanted to hang everyone present aside from Young master Xu and the other two to calm down the situation.

It was strange that this old man could escape from his control.

However, just like what the passerby said, even Fang Zheng couldnt sense any point of path from this old man.

He looked like an ordinary person.

But how could an ordinary person escape from his control

Xu Xiaoshou was also surprised.

Since he came from the White Cave, he was confident that he had his fair share of experience with a lot of Cutting Paths.

At the very least, he knew what kind of aura and feeling a cutting path normally has based on his “perception”.

However, this elder, with the surname Mei in front of him, didnt have any special characteristics of a Cutting Path.

At a glance, he was just like Xiao Wanfeng.

Even his energy reserve seems empty, without any spiritual source or path energy.

“Old sir, are you joking” After a moment of silence, Xu Xiaoshous mouth twitched.

He couldnt believe that someone of the Cutting Path stage would come to apply for a server job for the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Could it be that this old man could see that he, Xu Xiaoshou… was the chosen one


Faced with everyones doubts, Elder Mei couldnt help but laugh and shake his head.

The next second, his hand shook, and he opened the folding fan and gently shook it a few times.

Everyone could see it clearly.

There were a total of four big words on this fan: “Truly a cutting path”.

Then, the elder turned the fan with his fingertips.

He raised his chin and shook it a few more times, giving off a refined aura.

Everyone was stunned.

Because this time, there were still four big words facing everyone, but the content was changed: “No need to doubt”.


The scene froze for less than half a second before someone burst out laughing on the spot.

After this sound, everyone burst out laughing in twos and threes.

“Damn it, this old fellow is a liar, right Who would write these words on their fan”

“Thats right, how many times has he been suspected How much effort has he wasted to clarify before he came up with such a solution”

“‘Truly a Cutting Path,No need to doubt… Hahaha, Im impressed.

Theres no silver here.

This is the first time Ive seen such a stupid old man.”

“PFFT, hahaha –“

The entire crowd did not know whether to laugh or cry.

At the back of the city guards, the white-clothed people could not help but laugh.

The only one with a solemn expression was Xu Xiaoshou and the few sovereigns scattered in the crowd.

Fang Zheng was bewildered.

Xin Gugu frowned and stared at him.

The sovereign spies sent by the other factions, who participated in the recruitment event but were rejected, also felt that something was wrong.

Xu Xiaoshou stared at the old man in front of him seriously.

He waited until the laughter of the people around him had subsided before he asked in a serious voice, “Old sir, are you serious”


Elder Mei nodded indifferently.

Then, he turned around and looked at the crowd.

“Im not bragging.

Regardless of whether you were laughing or not earlier, as long as I want to, with this fan, the thousands of people here will all have to kneel down.”


This casual tone of voice really choked the remaining laughter to death.

Everyone stared blankly at this old fellow who didnt know what was going on, and for a moment, they were speechless.

Even laughing felt a little forced.

After all, there are those who are arrogant, those who are ignorant.

But such an ordinary and confident person… Where did he get the confidence to say such words that would make people unable to even feel the desire to ridicule him

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the information bar, but there was no movement.

He subconsciously glanced at Xiao Wanfeng.

Is he an ordinary person like this fellow…

Or is the other party really speaking the truth

A person at the cutting path stage really took a fancy to the position of the ” serving tea and pouring water”


Xu Xiaoshou rubbed his chin and was silent for a long time.

After a long while, his gaze shifted to Fang Zhengs face, and he suddenly asked, “Then, old sir, if this young master accepts your suggestion and some eyesores appear in front of me, can you help me to kill them”

Fang Zheng was puzzled.

Elder Meis smile froze on the spot.

“Young master Xu, thats not good.

After all, this old man is also here to be the peacemaker…”

“Are you really at the cutting path stage ” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly asked.

“Yes!” The elders looked as if it was a matter of course.

“Deceived, passive points 1.”

It reacted!

The information bar suddenly jumped.

When Xu Xiaoshou saw the information, he knew that this person is definitely a spiritual cultivator whose strength even he could not see.



He was stunned for a moment.

There was no reaction when he asked about the cutting path stage previously, and now there is a reaction when he asked

“Thats not right!”

His mind jolted, and Xu Xiaoshou, who had a terrifying memory, immediately recalled.

The questions he asked just now were too general, such as “Are you serious”.

Perhaps this old man had thought that when he was asking, “Are you serious about joking”.

Combined with his words that could send everyone flying with a fan…

This old man was serious about “joking”

But the system had judged it to be true!

In that case, if he wasnt at the cutting path stage, and could really send tens of sovereigns flying…

“Youre at the higher void level” When Xu Xiaoshou asked this question, his eyeballs almost popped out.

Elder Mei was puzzled.

He had a surprised expression on his face, and he even stretched out his hand to poke Young master Xus head.

“No, didnt this old man say it just now I am at the cutting path stage”.

He waved the folding fan in the distance and held it high, motioning for the young man to take a closer look.

Truly a cutting path…

No need to doubt…

Xu Xiaoshous eyeballs froze on the surface of the fan that was flipping back and forth, but his mind was completely in a trance.

“Deceived, passive points 1.”

Higher Void!

He really is a higher void!

F*ck, it turned out that everyones speculation… was true!

This old man is really a liar.

However, the direction in which he deceives was completely opposite to what everyone had expected.

An old man pretending to be a cutting path…there are two different ways of interpreting it!

Xu Xiaoshou felt a headache coming on.

He really didnt think that this recruitment could give him such a thrilling experience.

A Higher Void, coming to the First Pavilion in the Sky to serve tea and water

“Old sir, what… Uh, what reason do you have For you to want to use your identity as a cutting path to serve tea and water for the First Pavilion in the Sky”

Xu Xiaoshou almost said “Why did you bother”, but he did not dare to expose the truth that he had already seen through the old mans strength, so he could only try to avoid it.

Elder Mei, however, looked at him in surprise.

Both of them seemed to have read each others thoughts at the same time, and they were both surprised.

He waved his fan and replied, “In the world, there is only thinking and not thinking.

There is no such thing as to why.”

“Yo, you old man…” Xin Gugu was so angry that he was amused.

He stepped forward and grabbed the old mans collar.

“Our Young Master is asking you a question.

What is with your attitude”

“AH !” With this roar, even Fang Zheng felt like his eardrums were about to burst.

Xin Gugu knew the reason for Xu Xiaoshous question.

He was afraid that something dirty had gotten into the First Pavilion in the Sky.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded by this action.


He rushed up and grabbed Elder Mei before Xin Gugu could pick him up like a chicken.

Xu Xiaoshou stepped forward and almost chopped off the ghost beast host body.


Xin Gugu removed his grip in pain.

Xu Xiaoshous hand knife was like a sharp blade hidden in a heavy hammer.

The stabbing pain and the pain of getting stabbed came at the same time.

It was a nightmare.

He turned around in a daze and looked at Xu Xiaoshou who had suddenly gone crazy.

His face was full of shock.

“Whats going on Didnt you tell me to be arrogant”

Xu Xiaoshou glared back fiercely.

His gaze implied, “I told you to be arrogant, not to send yourself to your death!”

Unfortunately, Xin Gugu could not understand the hidden message in the Young Masters gaze.

He even turned around and pointed at the old man in a rather rude way.

He hissed, “Consider yourself lucky today that my Young Master is magnanimous.

Ill let you off.

Dont let me catch…”

“Shut up!”

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but send a telepathic communication when he heard Xin Gugus self-destruction words.

This time, Xin Gugus heart trembled.

He is not stupid.

For Xu Xiaoshou to resort to this, it could only mean that this old man is not simple.

Then, was what he said just now actually true

A Cutting Path

His soul suddenly turned cold.

Xin Gugu suddenly felt even greater pain in his wrist.

He sucked in a breath of cold air and raised his left hand, knocking heavily on his fingers that were pointing at the old man.

“What the hell, relax!”

Then, he raised his head and chuckled at the elder, “Hehe, its a cramp, a cramp….”


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