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Chapter 649: The Moguls Aura Was Shocking

“Passive points: 570,212.”

In just a short while, the passive points had increased by more than 100,000.

In other words, he had only just reached the peak of profit after preparing for the entire morning.

How could he just close the stall

If he is facing this group of raging city guards any other time, Xu Xiaoshou might have chosen to give up.

However today, he is Young master Xu, the descendant of the demi-saint family.

With such high profits behind him, how could he possibly end things rashly

“Fang Zheng, right”

Xin Gugu, who was pressed down by the white-clothed man, was scared out of his wits.

Xu Xiaoshou stepped forward to confront the guard, “What if my answer isno”

“There is nono option.” Fang Zhengs response was rather calm, but his words were full of unquestionability.

He knew young master Xus arrogant style, so he had long prepared a response that could not be resolved peacefully.

However, Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand.

“I have bought this pilgrimage tower under the name of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Today, Im only trying to recruit one person.

May I ask what rules have I violated in the Imperial City”

“The rules were not violated, but the resulting impact is serious.

Therefore, please close the stall as soon as possible,” Fang Zheng replied politely.

“This building belongs to me.

Why cant I set up a table and put a sign outside my house”

“Its not that you cant, but its not good to do so.”

“Not good”

Xu Xiaoshou sizzled, “Since I did not violate any of the rules, and the impact is caused by the people in line, its not my wish.

Then may I ask, where did thenot good come from Who should be taking responsibility for this”

Fang Zheng was stunned.

Before he could reply, Xu Xiaoshou said, “Based on my understanding, the city guards are supposed to maintain the order of the Imperial City.

“Since the order of this place has been messed up, you can just make things right.

Why do you have to go against the rules and directly come at me

“Could it be that you think I am easy to bully, so you want to solve the problem starting from the root so that you can easily complete your work”

In just a few seconds, Fang Zheng was suppressed.

It seemed that it was not too much to understand

“What Young master Xu means…”

“What I mean is that the First Pavilion in the Sky will continue to recruit people.

All of you will be responsible for maintaining the order of the crowd and preventing chaos from happening.

That is all,” Xu Xiaoshou interrupted.

Once he said this, the crowd exploded.

Everyone was shocked.

One had to know that in Dongtianwang City, the highest faction should not be offended.

In addition, the city guards of the City Lord Mansion are one of the few who have the right to question the highest faction.

Above them, is the Holy Divine Palace, which is in charge of managing the world.

However, they would not be bothered with a matter of such a small level.

They are scheming to attack all the dark forces in the world.

Therefore, strictly speaking, whenever the city guards of the city Lord Mansion make a move, it can be considered a huge matter.

Yet today, this Young master Xu did not even show the City Lord Mansion an ounce of respect

“Damn, this guy is too valiant!”

“Is this the confidence of the demi-saint family, where they dont even care about the City Lord Mansion”

“Who doesnt know about Commander Fang He is famous for his hot temper.

Yet now, he is actually being so polite to Young master Xu of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

I have seen him in action for a long time.

This is the first time I have seen such an amiable commander Fang.”

“The most important thing is… what Young master Xu said isnt wrong!”

“His recruitment is the matter of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Maintaining order is the matter of the City Lord Mansion.

No one is wrong.

We shouldnt interfere in each others business and just mind our own business, but…”

The person who spoke was chattering, but he suddenly couldnt continue.

Everyone understood the logic.

However, every time the City Lord Mansion made a move, even the highest faction would have to give them some respect, right

After all, in Dongtianwang City, if anyone else was offended, it may not be a huge problem, but who would dare to offend the City Lord Mansion

To provoke someone of that authority is equivalent to digging their own grave!

Fang Zheng did not say anything, but the other guards behind him were all angered by Xu Xiaoshou and the surrounding discussions.

When had they ever been provoked like this

In the past, as long as the city guards came out, which faction would not give them some respect

This brat in front of them wanted to use the fact that he had someone backing him to forcefully suppress the local authority

“From what you mean, you want us, the city guards, to maintain order and help you with the lineup” A younger guard behind Fang Zheng said angrily.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at this person.

To be able to work as the city guards at about 27 or 28 years old with the cultivation level of a master.

It could be said that this guards future is limitless.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and looked back at Fang Zheng who frowned but remained silent.

He said, matter-of-factly, “If Commander Fang really wants to understand it that way, so be it.”

The crowd was in an uproar.

“Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!”

“Damn it, this is the first time Ive met a guy who dares to speak to Commander Fang like this.

Wont he be smashed to death with a hammer”

“Youre thinking too much.

Hes the wealthy Young master Xu.

Just based on his boldness of buying the Pilgrimage Tower, even the Holy Divine Palace would have to give his First Pavilion in the Sky some respect.

A mere Commander Fang is… HMM, cough cough!”

“Impressive, all of you, back off.

I just want to watch a battle between the Sovereigns.

Ive been stuck at the peak of Star Worship State for a long time.

All I need is to watch a battle to help me achieve a breakthrough.”

“Wow, the peak of master stage Youre also here to apply for the server position”

“… Shut Up!”


The cheers of the crowd were undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire.

It directly provoked the anger of both sides to the extreme.

Xin Gugu stood in front of Xu Xiaoshou and glared at the group of white-clothed people.

He knew that this is not the “White-clothed”.

However, if a battle escalated and ended with all of these peoples blood staining the door of First Pavilion in the Sky, the true white-clothed and red-clothed people of the Holy Divine Palace would certainly appear.

By then, it would definitely not be easy for him to clean up the mess…

However, if Xu Xiaoshou wants to fight, he could only be the one at the front line.

There is no other reason!

His hair and beard flew in the wind.

After a whole morning of order maintenance, who doesnt know that the young man in front of young master Xu is actually of the sovereign stage

Naturally, Fang Zheng had read up about their information.

Therefore, he also knew that this fellow, who looked like a junior, was actually a bodyguard from the demi-saint family.

His strength is about the same as his.

He did not meet Xin Gugus sharp gaze.

Instead, he continued to look at Young master Xu with an indifferent expression.

“Young master Xu, youre exaggerating.

If the situation was a little smaller, I wouldnt mind splitting some of my manpower to help you.”

“But todays impact is too severe.

The city guards have other jobs as well.

Its impossible for all of them to gather here and do trivial things.”


“So you can find some servants to help me out.” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly interrupted.

He laughed, “There wont be any trouble here, and theres no need to fight.

Commander Fang can just send some ordinary people to maintain order.

I believe that everyone would be more willing to show the city Lord Mansion respect.”

This wave of attacks caught Fang Zheng off guard.

Even the guards behind him were shocked by Young master Xus words.

What a fellow, he really did not hold back at all!

Setting up the steps was to let you walk down, not to climb up!

“Young master Xu has gone too far.”

Fang Zhengs eyes turned solemn, and his expression turned cold.

His sharp eyes could see that this burly Commander Fang already had veins popping out on his neck.

After all, he is not a good-natured person, so how could he tolerate him so easily

“City guards of the City Lord Mansion do not have the time to help Young master Xu maintain the order of the public!” Fang Zheng said sternly.

“Thats a pity…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the passive points again.

In the time it took for them to talk for a while, almost nine thousand passive points had entered his account.

If it was him, how could it be so simple

He also said sternly, “If the City Lord Mansion wants to use their power to bully us, commoners who have not broken the law, forgive me, but I will not be the first to entertain them!”

“You!” The younger city guard who stood behind could not hold it in any longer.

With an angry expression, he wanted to step forward but was held back by Fang Zheng.

“Boss Fang…”

“Stand down!”

Fang Zheng ordered his subordinates to back off.

He could let his subordinates do whatever they wanted, but Young master Xu could not.

Putting everything aside, based on this guys background, a few city guards of the city Lord Mansion could not do anything to him.

Furthermore, its just like the other crowd said.

Just with the act of renting the pilgrimage tower for half a year, even if the Holy Divine Palace really sent people over, they would also have to treat him politely.

But just because youre not impulsive doesnt mean youre not planning something.

Fang Zheng smoothed out his anger and said calmly:

“Young master Xu, the City Lord Mansion did not explicitly state that your actions have violated the rules.

However, as long as it has a serious impact on the maintenance of security by the guards, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, we have the right to demand that you end it immediately.

“In terms of the current situation, it is a special period of the Imperial City trial.

It is not easy to maintain law and order.

At that time, if something happens because of your actions…

“Or if someone with ulterior motives takes advantage of the chaos here and creates some negative effects.

“At that time, even if you are Young master Xu, you will not be able to bear this responsibility!”

“Oh, bear…” Xu Xiaoshou fell into deep thought when he heard this.

He seemed to have thought of something and suddenly said, “You want compensation, right So thats what you want.

Tell me, how much money do you want I can afford it.”

“I…” Fang Zheng choked for a moment.

Who would have thought that Young master Xus focus would be so weird He immediately misunderstood what he meant despite the sincerity in his advice.

Should he want money, why would he even go to this extent

More importantly, he is not someone who would beat around the bush like this!

How could this fellow beat him up into someone who had been in the officialdom for a long time with his words

“Xu… You!”

The young guard could not hold it in any longer.

He wanted to scold Xu Xiaoshou with his full name but changed his words at the last minute.

His anger and aura were cut off, and his face turned green.

After pausing for a while, he said in a heavy voice, “When did our Boss Fang even imply that Dont misunderstand his intention.

When we told you to close the stall, we were simply just asking you to close the stall.

Why do you have so much nonsense”

Xu Xiaoshou turned to look at him, “How much do you want One million, ten million… or one hundred million”

After saying that, he frowned and muttered, “Just to maintain order.

It doesnt need to suck peoples blood so much, right Or is the price of Dongtianwang City so expensive One hundred million”

Then, after muttering to himself, he didnt care about the other partys reaction and patted Xin Gugu.

“Prepare to take the money.”

In an instant, everyone present was shocked by young master Xus magnanimity.


“Are you kidding me He is giving out 100 million just like that Did his spirit crystal come from a strong wind The key is 100 million spirit crystals, how heavy is that… a strong wind wont be able to move them!”

“Oh my god, the First Pavilion in the Sky is too exaggerated.

I have never seen such an unreasonable person since I was young… can someone throw spirit crystals at me too”

“I came to the right place! Be it serving tea and water, the weight of working in the First Pavilion in the Sky is definitely heavy enough… Yes, Im talking about the Spirit Crystals.”

“God, this guy is really godly!”

Even if Fang Zheng was proud and unyielding, he could not help but be stunned by this sudden “100 million”.

He carefully calculated.

If it was really as Young master Xu had said, the City Lord Mansion would send over a dozen idle people to maintain order, and they would be able to earn this amount.

It did not seem like it was a loss at all

However, with a flick of his head, Fang Zhengs thoughts immediately cleared up.

He said solemnly, “Young Master Xu, a wise man does not beat around the bush.

You know that I do not mean this.”

“Then what were you trying to say What do you mean” Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

How could he not know what the other party meant

However, this is the central city district.

Even if someone dared to stir up trouble, they would not choose this place.

Did he really think that the City Lord Mansion, the Holy Divine Palace, and the faction of the Spirit Tamer Association were all just for show

Even if he wants to stir up trouble, he would probably be suppressed in an instant.

If he set up his own stall, the only thing that would be affected would be the traffic.

However, this was not a problem.

If he could use the money to settle it, it would be easier for everyone.

Wouldnt that be the best of both worlds

Most importantly, now that he had successfully drawn in thousands of passive points, how could Xu Xiaoshou give up on this recruitment activity!

Fang Zheng was so angry that his heart was filled with pure anger.

The guards even pressed their hands on the hilts of their swords.

On the other side, Xin Gugu did not turn around and leave even though he was asked.

He knew that the money was actually with Xu Xiaoshou.

After renting the building, he still had a surplus, so there was nothing to prepare.

What he really needed to prepare was for this group of guards to attack so that he could protect Xu Xiaoshou immediately.

Both sides faced off in anger, and the situation turned intense.

No one wanted to make the first move, yet no one was willing to back down.

After all, it would look extremely embarrassing on them.

“Let this old man say a few words”

At this moment, a burst of old laughter sounded out from the crowd.

Following this, an elder with white hair and green clothes walked out from the long line of people who had been pushed back.

The elder held a folding fan in his hand and lightly tapped his palm.

His aura was extraordinary.

His gaze swept back and forth between the two parties before he smiled and said, “How about this This old man will be the peacemaker and everyone will take a step back.”

“What about you…”

He took the lead to look at the city guards and smiled, “Actually, as long as Young master Xu closes his stall, he can end the mission and complete his own work, right

“As for you, youngster…”

He then looked at Xu Xiaoshou and nodded kindly, “The main purpose of your recruitment is to choose a suitable person to serve tea and water.

This old man is quite familiar with this aspect.”

“I see!”

He held his fan and said solemnly, “This old man shall reluctantly work hard for a while and accept this job.

First, I will work on the First Pavilion in the Sky for a period of time.

“The goal of todays activity is to recruit only one person.

Youngster, you have completed your goal.

You can close up the stall now.

“As for the few friends of the city guards, they can successfully complete their mission and leave.

Both sides will be happy..

What do you think of this solution”


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