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Chapter 647: Absurd Work.

Passive Points Skyrocketing

Xiao Wanfeng traveled from all walks of life to seek the footsteps of the Eighth Sword Deity.

However, a mortal body is weak.

By the time he reached White Cave, the battle had already ended.

After traveling around, he came to Dongtianwang City again.

He wanted to pass the imperial city trial and test the strength of sword prodigies from all walks of life.

However, because of the Pixiu Mountain incident, he was hunted down by the Night Cat and the other hidden factions in the imperial cities.

Resigned, he heard that the first pavilion in the sky, which had just entered Dongtianwang City like him, was a demi-saint family.

They were also in the midst of a lively recruitment event, and the treatment was quite good.

Once the idea of being assured of protection and benefits under an influential power came to him, he could not stop himself.

He had already lined up with the crowd early in the morning.

After queuing for the whole morning, he finally stood at the front of the line.

He was worried about whether the quota had been filled, but since Young Master Xu of the First Pavilion in the Sky had not announced the end of the activity that day, he still stands a chance.

While his mind was running wild, a white-robed sovereign beside him suddenly patted his shoulder.

“Little buddy, whats the situation with the first pavilion in the Sky”

Xiao Wanfeng was stunned and turned his head to look.

Judging from the strangers extraordinary bearing, he is obviously different from those who wanted to cut the queue and cause trouble.

With his sharp perception and the experience of being hunted all the way, Xiao Wanfeng could tell at a glance that the person in front of him had a cultivation level no lower than that of a sovereign.

“Hello, Elder.”

Xiao Wanfeng bowed respectfully and explained, “The first pavilion in the sky is recruiting people, and the conditions are generous.

Therefore, those who received the news in the half of the central city district came here early to line up.”

“Recruiting” Gu Cheng had a bad feeling when he noticed that they are really recruiting people.

When has a new faction in Dongtianwang city made such a big commotion when they are recruiting people

Thousands of people lined up in the pilgrimage square, and the candidates ranged from all good and bad.

Acquired stage, innate stage, master stage, sovereign stage

Forget it.

How could this youth in front of him, with no cultivation level, apply

The point is that there are many others in the queue.

Even aunts and uncles appeared.

What is going on

“What are their conditions” Gu Cheng asked.

Xiao Wanfeng replied respectfully, “Anyone from the acquired stage to demi-saint can apply for the position.

Today, they are only recruiting one person to be responsible for serving tea and water for the First Pavilion in the Sky.”

Gu Cheng:

He was stunned by these words.


Serving tea and water


He turned around and glanced at Young Master Xu, who was sitting leisurely on a wooden chair in front of the ancient building.

Gu Chengs worldview almost split open.

Xiao Wanfeng looked at the shocked expression of the middle-aged man in front of him.

He could totally empathize with him.

God knew that when he first heard the news, he had the same expression, and it was even more exaggerated.


Before Gu Cheng could finish his sentence, Xiao Wanfeng knew what he was going to ask.

He said, “Its indeed as incredible as you think.

Dont doubt it.”

“The main reason is that the conditions they offered are too generous.

They can give you 10,000 to 100,000 spirit crystals per month for the simple job of serving tea and pouring water.

There are also bonuses, subsidies, dividends… and so on.”

“The exact amount that we get depends on the work situation.

However, the minimum amount is not less than 10,000 spirit crystals.

This is promised by the first pavilion in Heaven.”

Gu Cheng felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

His lips opened into anO shape and he was dumbstruck.

Xiao Wanfeng looked at the incredulous expression on the persons face and hesitated for a moment before adding, “Yes, youre not dreaming.

Please line up at the back of the line.

Cutting in line is strictly prohibited.

Once they are found, they will be immediately kicked out of the application.”

Gu Chengs head hurts.

He blankly looked at Young Master Xu in the distance and then at the long queue.

Suddenly, he understood why this place is so lively.

Acquired stage.

As long as he was chosen, he only needed to serve tea and water, and his monthly income would be over ten thousand

How rich and overbearing is this!

This is basically throwing spirit crystals at people!

Who wouldnt be tempted

To be honest, if Gu Cheng wasnt a sovereign now, and didnt have the background of the holy divine palace, he might really have given it a try.

To be able to join such a generous faction, does he even need to be afraid that he would only be able to get a guarantee after entering

Thinking of this, Gu Cheng momentarily forgot his purpose of coming.

He asked, “Arent you afraid of being cheated”


Xiao Wanfeng walked forward with the group and said, “They said that those who serve tea and water are only responsible for serving tea and water.”

“And once you enter the First Pavilion in the Sky, you are one of them.

If anything happens, they will protect you.”

“If there are any other missions, they will pay extra.”

“Furthermore, should a disaster comes, you are allowed to run away.

Of course, should you choose to stay, you can continue to earn more money,”

“They said that they dont mind anyone at the moment, but they are not short of money!”

After a pause, Xiao Wanfeng added, “Almost everyone who lines up here hopes to have other missions, such as washing dishes, washing toilets, and so on… it would be best if there are a few more enemies, and then they can show their loyalty.

Who knows, they might be able to receive three to five salaries at the same time.”


Gu Cheng was completely stunned.

What kind of beautiful job is this

He knows that the Xu family of the northern region, who could even rent the pilgrimage tower, is definitely wealthy.

But he had never thought that these people could be so rich!

This is simply…


Gu Cheng was really speechless.

He could not use any language in his world to describe these truly rich people.

Its like they are living in a completely different world! They could not even be compared!

“Forget it.”

Turning back to look at the line that had been getting longer and longer, Gu Cheng sighed in his heart.

He knew that the so-called “beating” today was definitely out of the question.

If the First Pavilion in the Sky continues doing such a thing tomorrow, he reckoned that even if someone wanted to covertly attack them, they would be treated as queue cutters by all the spiritual cultivators in the square and get attacked by the group.

“I shall come back tonight!” Gu Cheng thought.

He cupped his fists towards the young man in front of him.

“Good luck.”

Then, he left.

“People from the Holy Divine Palace…”

Xiao Wanfeng watched the man leave.

He had already recognized the mans identity from his clothes.

He thought for a while, patted the fake mask on his face, and tightened his grip on the wooden sword in his hand.

“As long as I was not exposed…”

Feeling relieved, Xiao Wanfeng pulled open the slightly stiff corner of his mouth and tried his best to squeeze out a smile.

As for the relationship between this person and the First Pavilion in the Sky, there was no need for him to speculate too much.

Because from the long queue, he did not think that the chosen one today would be him.

After all, he was just giving it a test, a gamble.

Whether the First Pavilion in the Sky would be able to become one of his own or not is still another matter.


“Awaiting, passive points, 622.”

“Being watched, passive points, 3125.”

“Urged, passive points, 1466.”

In front of the ancient building, Xu Xiaoshou, who was sitting on the mahogany chair, wore a smile that was shaped like a crescent moon.

His entire body was brimming with joy, almost as if his joy was about to burst out.

The fellow in front of him, who had been waiting in line, could not help but grin the moment he entered the infected area with his aura.

He laughed foolishly together with Xu Xiaoshou.

“Too smart, this is too damn smart!”

“Im simply the smartest person in the world! With just this move, I can immediately become rich today!” Xu Xiaoshou looked at the information bar, and his eyes gradually turned red.

From the beginning of the mornings publicity, there were only a few people waiting in line at the beginning.

By the mid-stage, news spread like wildfire, from 10 to 100, and even to half of the eastern city district.

Because of a tea serving position at the First Pavilion in the Sky, everyone was in an uproar.

The bullet box in the information bar also went from a few dozen to a few hundred at a time, and then to the current thousands.

The highest number of times, because there were many people passing by, the crowd stopped and the passive points even reached the maximum value: 9,999.

This is insane!

When Xu Xiaoshou thought of this move, he did not expect the scene to be so successful.

Sure enough, no matter which world it was, the curiosity of passers-by would definitely be piqued.

When people became curious, Xu Xiaoshou would become fat with points.

“Passive points: 461,189.”

From 100,000 to 460,000, it took less than an hour!

The whole morning was actually spent on drainage.

During that period of time, there were fewer people, so the total increase in passive points was only a few tens of thousands.

However, in the middle of the day, the drainage was successful.

In just a few minutes, the passive points began to increase by a thousand.

In just a short while, the passive points of more than 100,000 began to increase rapidly.

200,000, 300,000, and now 460,000!

If this continued for an entire day, wouldnt the passive points be in the millions

Xu Xiaoshous mind was filled with joy.

He no longer wanted to recruit people.

The quota set for today due to hunger marketing was only one goal.

In order to prevent the loss of customers, he had to wait until sunset before he could recruit the chosen one.

At this moment, all those who queued up in front were eliminated!

“Youre not suitable.


Waving his hand to bid farewell to the disappointed-looking innate, Xu Xiaoshou still managed to squeeze out some anticipation on the surface.

It seemed like he really wanted to find a chosen one who is capable of “serving tea and water”.

However in reality, with that blissful smile on his face, even if he didnt squeeze his expression out, others could see exactly how much he is anticipating.

An aunt carrying a basket came forward and sat on a chair in front of the wooden table.

“What cultivation level” Xu Xiaoshou asked as usual.

“Acquired stage.

I broke through to the first level of spiritual cultivation thirty years ago.

In the past thirty years, I have been well-organized in serving tea and pouring water, including all miscellaneous things.

I am definitely qualified for this job.” The aunt placed the basket on the table, her face full of anticipation.

Xu Xiaoshou looked carefully at the person in front of him.

She is chubby and has many wrinkles on her face.

With one look, one could tell that she is an old woman.

She is not suitable for such a vibrant place like the First Pavilion in the Sky.

He was not disappointed.

Instead, he smiled and asked, “Are you lying”


“Then other than carrying tea and pouring water, what other work have you done”

“I know everything, I know everything.

As long as its a house chore, Im sure Ill be proficient in everything.

Ill clean up this building for you, Young Master Xu.

You dont even need to pay me more.

I just need to get a salary.” The aunt rubbed her hands together.

“Proficient in everything Are you lying”

“No, no, thats not necessary.

I can do anything, Hehe, Hehe…”

“Deceived, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and nodded, “Youre not suitable.



The aunts smile froze.

However before she could react, the people at the back had already pushed her away and rushed forward to fill in.

The rules were like this.

Special Jobs, special recruitment methods.

Almost everyone who was standing at the front of the team knew the way Young Master Xu asked the questions.

As long as there was a practical question, the next would be a question of “Is it like this” and the candidates answer could only be a choice between “Yes” and “No”.

He was like a lie detector, able to judge from the questions whether the person was suitable for the job of “serving tea” or not.

It is very funny!

It could even be said to be very ridiculous!

However, without exception, every time it was the next persons turn, knowing what Young Master Xu would ask and what answer he would give, the applicant would always have an “I can” mentality.

Smart people…

No, even the stupidest person could see that young master Xu was using the responsibility of “serving tea and pouring water” to ask about the other abilities that the applicant possessed that could not be asked out in the open.

They were all waiting!

They were waiting for a suitable opportunity.

Perhaps when that time came, they might accidentally agree.

The two parties would hit it off and they would be able to successfully take the position.


The person who sat down again was a simple middle-aged man in a gray robe.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up.

This was the sixth sovereign who had applied for today.

“Whats your cultivation level” He asked kindly.

“Sovereign stage.

Its been three years since I entered the path realm.

Fire attribute.

Im now at the peak of the Sovereign path realm.

I just need to find an opportunity to cut path.”

“Are you lying”


“If not, why did you apply for this job of serving tea and water with your cultivation level of the sovereign Are you short of money”

“No, Im mainly interested in your buildings potential for development…”

“Are you a spy sent by another faction” Xu Xiaoshou interrupted him.

“… No.”

“Deceived, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed in his heart.

It was the seventh one.

Just like the previous six candidates, as long as the person was a sovereign, they are a spy sent by another faction.

How could there not be a sovereign who is on the streets and just happened to be short of money and did not mind the job of serving tea and water, coming to express his attitude of wanting to work seriously

He still maintained a professional smile on his face, nodded, and said kindly, “You are not suitable.



The sovereign sighed and stood up.

He finally understood for his boss that the First Pavilion in the Sky either has incredible power and could read peoples minds.

Or, they have actually gotten a clear picture of all the experts from the various major factions in the capital.

At this moment, they were trying to recruit people with clean backgrounds to form their own faction.

However, how could it be easy

Turning his head, he looked at the group that was twice as long as when he came.

There were also many new sovereigns among them.

The gray-robed sovereign was slightly startled.

Indeed, the task of scouring the sand was not easy.

However, it seemed that under this seemingly comical method of the First Pavilion in the Sky, the experts who had truly understood Young Master Xus intentions were also gradually rushing over as the wind blew.

“Who knows, if we continue to mess around like this, will we really be able to gather a supreme faction out of a large sum of money”


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