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Chapter 644: He Was Ruined

Truth be told.

Xu Xiaoshou did not plan to sleep tonight.

Even though the two night raiders changed their appearance and voice, he could roughly guess their origins.

There werent many factions that could casually send two Sovereigns.

The only faction that met the above criteria and had a large conflict with them during the day was the Jiang family.

Especially when he thought about Jiang Xians “Three Loathsome Eyes” and his junior sisters abnormal behavior, it wasnt difficult to guess what was going on.

These people came for the “God Devil Eyes”!

In the darkness at the end of the hall, Mu Zixi, who had been watching the show was sent away forcefully.

Xu Xiaoshou returned to his dragon chair.

The Eight Trigrams Pilgrimage Map was unexpectedly useful.

It was indeed the great protective array of the Pilgrimage Tower.

Even two Sovereigns couldnt do anything to it.

With only three maps activated, these two had been almost destroyed by the fantasy realm.

Thats right, the black-clothed man lying weakly on the ground was not an illusion, but a real person.

From Xu Xiaoshous point of view, this was a spirit array master who was as good as Elder Qiao.

Given enough time, it was indeed possible for him to break the array.

However, his teammate was too stupid!

Originally, Xu Xiaoshou wanted to fully focus on this spirit array master to stop him from breaking the array.

However, this persons temperament was too stable.

After entering the array, he didnt even take a step forward.

He was turning a blind eye to all movements.

Feeling helpless, Xu Xiaoshou could only divert his attention to that lightning attribute master.

He was very glad that this guys brain was similar to his indomitable lightning attribute.

With just a small trick, he used the cat spirit to combine the real and the virtual, and it completely fooled him.

The moment when he lifted his foot, the spiritual array was indeed activated.

He was sent in front of the black-clothed spirit array master.

Eight Trigrams Pilgrimage Map, Eight-layered Nested Spiritual Array.

Although they were separated by two different map formations, the distance between them, in reality, was only a few punches away.

The black-clothed spirit array master was indeed about to break the array.

Even if it was just one of the maps, he was one step closer to success!

However, the lightning masters explosive punch ended all of their unrealistic fantasies.

With the Information Bars prompt and Xu Xiaoshous strong control over peoples hearts, any reaction from the lightning master was basically within the plan.

That punch was more like Xu Xiaoshous subconscious order.

It was a stroke of genius.

It was dazzling and eye-catching.

At the same time, it was such a heart-wrenching scene.

“Its time to end it…”

Xu Xiaoshou tapped his fingers on the Golden Dragon Chair and leaned against the comfortable backseat.

It was extremely ergonomically designed.

Then, he looked at the simple-minded lightning master in front of him who did not dare to move an inch.

With a wave of his hand, he ended the predicament of the third map.

The Eight Trigrams Pilgrimage Map was an eight-tiered predicament.

Even if it was eventually cracked by someone, it was extremely great in buying time.

Everyone who entered the array had to crack the eight-tiered predicament one by one.

The eight-tiered predicament map was not fixed.

It could be created by the controller, Xu Xiaoshou in his mind.

The first map was a desert.

The second map was a primitive forest.

The third map was the First Pavilion in the Sky, which had been reconstructed after concealing his hideout!

The illusion and reality switched back and forth.

There was a reality in the illusion, and there was an illusion in the reality.

If it had been someone else controlling the Eight Trigrams Pilgrimage Map, they probably would not have thought of adding Greedy the Cat Spirit and creating the exact same scene.

However, Xu Xiaoshous thoughts were completely different.

Strictly speaking, when the two of them landed under the big tree planted by Mu Zixi outside the pavilion, they had fallen into the trap set by Xu Xiaoshou.

He was even more terrifying than the Eight Trigrams Pilgrimage Map.


That was a beautiful fantasy!

The great array was deactivated.

“Knock Knock Knock…”

In the hall, a short and weak voice sounded from the low wooden table.

Following that, all the extinguished candles from the door to the deepest part of the interior suddenly lit up.

In the end, the light stopped at the bottom of the nine steps.

Jiang Tai who was standing still felt something and looked up.

This time, he did not use his spiritual senses.

Under the weak candlelight, he could vaguely see the end of the darkness.

At the top of the nine steps, there was a high-backed dragon chair with golden light and drawings of dragons and phoenixes.


The old wooden bell hanging at the entrance of the side hall struck again.

The deep and soul-shaking sound broke into Jiang Tais mind again, which made his heart clench involuntarily.

A chill ran down his spine from the bottom of his feet.


It was too strange.

In this broken building, at the end of the darkness, there was a golden dragon chair that did not fit in.

Most importantly, on the dragon chair, there was a smiling young man sitting lazily with his head tilted.

This scene was too strange.

Jiang Tai was sure that this young mans cultivation was not even at the Master level.

However, as this young man was talking and laughing, an intangible pressure was forcing a chill all over his body as a Sovereign.

He almost knelt down.

“Young… Young Master Xu”

The spiritual source in Jiang Tais body shook.

He regained his alertness and stopped himself from kneeling down.

Keeping his composure, he did not move.

“I entered the city today.

If you know me, it means that we have interacted during the day…”

Xu Xiaoshous fingers lightly tapped on the armrest of the dragon chair as he looked disdainfully at the black-clothed man below the nine steps.

His lazy voice echoed leisurely in the hall, and it was soul-stirring.

Looking at the black-clothed mans reaction, he finally understood.

It turned out that to truly perform “Swallow the Mountains and Rivers”, it required the combination of the right time and place.

Right now, it was happening.

It only took a change of his mind.

Feeling emotionless, with the help of the higher position, the Dragon Chair, the dark environment, and the slight fear of the person below caused by the spiritual array…

Combining all these factors, Xu Xiaoshou felt that the power of “Swallow the Mountains and Rivers” achieved its maximum.

In the past, he could only unleash the ultimate suppression of “Swallow the Mountains and Rivers” when he was extremely angry.

Right now, with only a few words, he could unleash the ultimate suppression towards the Sovereign!

With that, Xu Xiaoshou became more arrogant.

Looking down from his angle, he could only see the head of the black-clothed person between his knees.

Xu Xiaoshou slightly raised his head and squinted his eyes.

He could clearly see the black-clothed persons legs that went completely stiff.

The legs seemed to be faintly trembling.


Just as Xu Xiaoshou thought, Jiang Tais knees slightly shook and his teeth chattered under his gaze.

It was as if Jiang Tai had no choice but to obey under Xu Xiaoshous aura.

Jiang Tai was extremely shocked.

What kind of ability was this

It was just a gaze.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt even say anything, but his boundless aura was like a continuous wave hitting the shore endlessly.

At that moment, cold sweats started to run down his back.

“He is only an Innate master!”

Jiang Tai roared in his heart.

He had no idea what was going on.

The only explanation was that he was still in the spiritual array.

Xu Xiaoshou must be using the might of the spiritual array to pressure him!


“Shut up.”

Jiang Tai was about to speak, but Xu Xiaoshou let out a low roar.

His voice was neither angry nor alarmed.

But it was so sudden that Jiang Tais words got stuck in his throat.


The ancient wooden bell struck once more.

Jiang Tais mind shook.

In a trance, he was immediately alerted.


Lightning suddenly exploded on his fists.

It was as if this was the only way of defense.

However, his feet were glued to the ground.

He did not dare to move at all.

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

“Swallow the Mountains and River” was indeed powerful!

He had never expected that with just his aura and some arrogant words.

Under the passive attribute of “Unlimited”, Xu Xiaoshou was able to force the black-clothed Sovereign to such an extent with his aura alone.

An empty city scheme… Huh

“When I dont ask you to speak, dont talk too much.”

The corners of Xu Xiaoshous mouth curled into a smile as he spoke in a high-spirited manner.

He could feel that under his pressure, the Information Bar kept popping up as he continued.

“In this current situation, you are the meat, and I am the butcher.

You will answer whatever I ask you, understand”

“Crackle, crackle, crackle…”

The lightning crashed.

Jiang Tai clenched his fists so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard.

He wondered how this young man sitting on the dragon chair had the audacity to talk to him this way.

However, he was able to keep his rationality because of this fear of the unknown.

He suppressed his impulse and kept quiet for the time being.

“Who sent you” Xu Xiaoshou spoke slowly while counting time.

At the instant when the wooden bell rang, he spoke casualy.


While the bell rang, Jiang Tais heart suddenly contracted.

He clenched his teeth desperately to withstand the pressure and kept silent.

“Are you not answering”

Xu Xiaoshou said calmly, “Then let me guess… Jiang clan Jiang Xian”

Jiang Tais pupils constricted and his eyelids closed.

Under the darkness, he was able to conceal his emotions.


“Surprised, Passive Points, 1.”

“Conjecture, Passive Points, 1.”

Just by looking at the Information Bar, Xu Xiaoshou could tell exactly what Jiang Tai was thinking.

“How is it possible”

“How did he know”

How stupid…

Xu Xiaoshou found it funny.

This person was really locked up by the spiritual array.

Even though his physical body was out of the array, his soul was still trapped in it.

At this moment, the Eight Trigrams Pilgrimage Map had been unraveled, but he still could not distinguish between illusion and reality.

He was completely immersed in his own world, unable to extricate himself.

Was he being stupid, or was the Eight Trigrams Pilgrimage Map too strong

Perhaps, Xu Xiaoshou had left him with too much doubt about the concepts of illusion and reality

“Tuk, tuk, tuk…”

A soft sound echoed in the hall.

Xu Xiaoshou appeared calm.

His fingers lightly clasped the armrest of the dragon chair as he looked down with a smile.

He only spoke again as the psychological pressure was exerted to the maximum.

“Why did Jiang Xian send both of you here”

Jiang Tai suddenly raised his head and responded to the previous question.

“Youre wrong.

We are not from the Jiang family…”

“Oh You came to get my maid.

What have you seen during the day” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly cut off the black-clothed mans words.

Jiang Tai couldnt hold it in any longer.

His pupils constricted, and his heart was in turmoil.

This person…

How could he know everything!

“Feared, Passive Points 1.”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou came to a realization.

These people were really looking for his junior sister.

They were really looking for the “God Devil Eyes”!

Initially, when he saw the “Three Loathsome Eyes”, he took a guess that was unrealistic to him.

However, he didnt expect that the Jiang family would really come for this!

“Damn it.”

A glint flashed in his eyes.

Being targeted by the Demi-Saint family wasnt a good thing.

In his heart, Xu Xiaoshou directly sentenced the person in front of him to death.

No matter what his intentions were.

It was about his junior sister.

Tonight, these two intruders wouldnt be able to escape.

He would go all out to find out all the secrets behind this!

“Dont panic.”

Thoughts ran through his mind, but on the surface, Xu Xiaoshou remained expressionless.

He raised his hand and pointed at the bottom of the stairs.

“In fact, I only want to talk to you right now.

The spiritual array has been unlocked, so you can move as you wish.”

How could Jiang Tai believe that Screaming in his heart, Jiang Tai was immediately stopped before he could say anything.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly changed the topic.

“Is the Jiang family still in touch with the Lei Family”

This question caught him off guard, Jiang Tai was stunned.

In the next second, as if he went out of control, purple and white lightning surged out of his fists.

He punched the space in front of him fiercely.


The space rippled and the ground shook.

Jiang Tai was stunned.

This punch was within Xu Xiaoshous expectations.

Nevertheless, it didnt shatter the spiritual arrays image.

Yet, the space wouldnt be able to withstand the Sovereigns furious blow.

What, it was just a furious blow

“As expected…” Xu Xiaoshou sighed inwardly.

The reaction of the black-clothed man who initially didnt dare to move at all after hearing “Lei family”, definitely indicated something.

Jiang Tai didnt want to say anything more and only wanted to leave.

He was afraid to be seen through if he was further questioned.

In such a situation, there was no doubt.

The Lei family…

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt frustrated.

He stood up and said to the people below, “Previously, you asked me what is the point of delaying time”

“Now you should understand that under high pressure, you can not perfectly control some of the natural reactions in your body.”

“To the extent that…”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered for a moment, then looked down and calmly said, “You dont even realize that you peed your pants.”

Jiang Tai froze and lowered his head at the speed of light.

However, it was extremely dry between his legs.

Other than the sweat on his back, there were no wet marks on his body.

“Are you fooling me”Jiang Tai was extremely angry.

“Did you just realize that”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered, “You cant even be sure of your reaction without verifying it.

I have to say, other than your outstanding martial strength, you really have nothing else to live up to the expectations of a Demi-Saint family raider .”

After pausing for a moment, he mocked, “I believe right now, even if I tell you that your cultivation level is almost gone, you wont believe it!”


Jiang Tai laughed loudly.

He used his laughter to hide the fear in his heart.

By then, he knew he was completely controlled by Xu Xiaoshou.

He didnt even dare to question about Jiang Yus death.

Turning around, spiritual source surged out from his body.

He wanted to break through the space and leave this place via the spatial fragment.

With a stomp of his foot, he tore it apart with his hand.

Yet, Jiang Tai could only jump up slightly from where he was.

With a loud bang, he fell to the ground.

Spatial crack…

He didnt even break anything!

His laughter stopped abruptly.

The pain on his face and knees stimulated Jiang Tai deeply.

He felt his entire body go weak.

He couldnt understand the situation at all.

When he checked his spiritual source, he was shocked to find out that his energy reserve had been completely sealed.

It was not moving as if it was no longer his reserve.

“Delaying time…”

Jiang Tai recalled the conversation earlier.

His pupils gradually dilated as he suddenly thought of something.

In the darkness, under the high pressure, he indeed did not notice gray fog seeping into every pore on his body continuously.

This was Xu Xiaoshous trump card!

Assuming that both of them could finally break the array, the time spent and the sealing aura was enough to turn him into an ordinary person.

However, it was clear that tonights raiders were greatly disappointing.

Not only were they unable to break the array, they couldnt even understand the situation until the last moment before they were captured.

“The Northern Regions Puluo Jiang Family”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered.

Demi-Saint family ..

Perhaps, he was intimidated by this title.

After all this while, he finally realized that not everyone in the so-called Demi-Saint family would be smart and own astonishing trump cards.

One sealing aura was enough to take care of everything.

“So useless…”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

He had one last trump card to play! Who would have thought that it would end just like that

“Lets go”

He waved his sleeves, and the sound of disappointment lingered in the hall.

Jiang Tai who was desperately trying to unseal the seal suddenly heard a “Bang” above his head.

He looked up in horror.

Then, a second before his vision was replaced by darkness, he saw two giant fists falling from the middle of the ceiling that was wide open.



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