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Chapter 624: Dont Worry

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly had a sudden realization.

He had known from the beginning that Zhang Xinxiong had suppressed his cultivation level and was only waiting for the imperial city trial.

After entering the White Cave, he saw many geniuses from large factions, each of whom did not exceed the Master (stage).

The reason seemed to be the trials in their respective imperial cities.

However, he had never thought that the so-called imperial city trial would directly affect the qualifications to enter the Holy Palace.

“No wonder…”

With his fingers crossed, Xu Xiaoshous mind became active.

After seeing so many geniuses, he knew that many people in this world could fight above their cultivation level.

At the very least, the cultivation level could not simply decide everything.

And if it was under the call of the Holy Palace Trial and such a big city like Dongtianwang city, the people that he could meet at that time could be considered the elites of various places, right

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know what level the elites could reach, and he couldnt care less.

But at the very least, that kind of place could be filled with spiritual cultivators

“Spiritual cultivator means passive points.”

“If you put on a black robe, pick up a fourth sword, raise your arm, and shout,I am Bazhunan, what would be the outcome”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

He felt that he could hit a Master stage passive skill in an instant.

However, the greater possibility was that he would be taken away by white-clothed the moment the passive skill was activated.

This thought was indeed a little dangerous…

After thinking for a moment, Xu Xiaoshou asked, “Elder Sang did indeed… Ptui, before he was taken away, he did mention Dongtianwang City to me.

But he didnt say much at that time, did you guys discuss it before, or”

He was a little suspicious.

These two big shots wanted him to go to Dongtianwang city…

He could not be blamed for being suspicious, as he had been scammed during this period.

Could it be that there was a hidden trap

However, after thinking about it, this was indeed the best way to go.

No matter how he thought about it, he could not think of any other variables.

It could not be that when he reached there, there would be another White Cave, a big net, and he would be the bait again, right He would inexplicably take something and pull out a bunch of crap that he couldnt handle, right

As Xu Xiaoshou thought about it, his back began to feel a little cold.

“Do not worry, I wont trick you.” Bazhunan smiled.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately became even more flustered.

“I havent said anything yet, so why did you confess Isnt it obvious that you want to…”

“How about this!”

Bazhunan interrupted, “Head to Dongtianwang City, take first place in the trial, and successfully enter the Four Symbols Secret Realm.

This is a test for you as a Saint Servant.

In other words, a mission!”

Xu Xiaoshou was immediately dumbfounded.


This lousy Saint Servant kidnapped someone to this place, and there was still a test after he entered

“If the test fails”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes widened, one big and one small, as he stared straight at the person in front of him.

“Of course its a direct kick… Well.”

Bazhunan suddenly stopped mid-sentence.

He saw the young mans suddenly excited expression, as well as the slight anticipation, was hidden deep in his eyes…


Bazhunan didnt know whether to laugh or cry when he saw through the other partys thoughts.

If it was someone else, the Eighth Sword Deity would be determined to take a liking to him.

Why did this Xu Xiaoshou have an expression that said, “Hurry up and fail the test so that I can get lost”

“If you fail, your freedom of movement will be terminated.

From now on, you must follow by my side, and I will personally teach you!”

Bazhunan finished his sentence with a heavy tone, and he suddenly felt that it was extremely inappropriate.

How was this a punishment for failing the test

Shouldnt this be a huge reward to others

However, when he saw Xu Xiaoshous ashen face, he came to a realization.

“So, the attraction of Bazhunan is not as great as I thought…”

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou found joy in his suffering, and he was barely able to catch a bit of information from Bazhunan.

“Move freely” He asked.

“Yes.” Bazhunan nodded.

“What you mean is, if I choose to go to Dongtianwang City, everything will be decided by me, and Ill make all the decisions myself.

You… wont interfere”


“I dont believe you!”

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

The more it was like this, the more he felt that it was a trap.

Bazhunan couldnt help but laugh.

“Not only that, if you encounter any difficulties, you just need to send a message to the Saint Servant, and someone will immediately come to your aid, using the first aid rule!”

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

He was silent for a long time, and then verified, “You are not lying”


“Youre not lying to me”


He glanced at the Information Bar.

The information bar was unmoved.

That meant that Bazhunans words were the truth.

But, why

“Why are you so good to me” Xu Xiaoshou didnt understand.

“Because youre Second Brother Sangs disciple and can be considered half of my disciple.”

After Bazhunan finished speaking, he pondered for a moment and said, “Of course, Im giving you this information because I want you to do whatever you want without any scruples.

Do whatever you want.

As long as there is a shocking momentum, the bigger the better.”

Mu Zixi was shocked.


Was this person crazy

Was he the Eighth Sword Deity

Did he damage his brain

Did this guy not know that under Elder Sangs constant suppression, Xu Xiaoshou still did all kinds of unspeakable evil things.

If he gave him this authority, wouldnt Dongtianwang city explode

Mu Zixi was never worried about how strong or how big Dongtianwang city was.

Would it completely lose its order because of one person

He only knew that Xu Xiaoshous destructive power at the innate stage could already attract the attention of the Sovereign (stage), the Cutting Path (stage), and even the higher void (level).

If he wanted to support him…

“No… Well.”

She was about to say something urgently, but Xu Xiaoshou covered his junior sisters lips and pinned her to his waist.

He didnt care about her kicks and only looked at Bazhunan.

“If something happened to me, how can I contact you”

Bazhunan felt his heart palpitate for no reason.

He knew that Xu Xiaoshous destructive power was quite great, and most of it was obtained from Second Brother Sang.

But he has not seen it before.

After all, the battle with Gou Wuyue in the second half of the White Cave was what he had expected.

All these things had nothing to do with Xu Xiaoshou.

The most surprising thing was that Great Infernal Ancestor had given up on waiting and connected with Xu Xiaoshou in advance.

This was indeed something he had never thought of.

But apart from that, looking at Xu Xiaoshous entire journey, it seemed to be alright

Was the destructive power very great…

Bazhunan calmed his mind.

He was planning to make a big move.

As a mere Innate (stage) cultivator, the destructive power would not be much.

Perhaps, in the end, he would have to rely on the Storytellers and others to add fuel to the fire.

Thinking of it this way, it didnt seem that exaggerated.

“Command token.”

He said indifferently, “I gave you that command token.

If something happens, use your sword cognition to communicate with it.

I will be able to sense it.”

With that said, Xu Xiaoshou instantly felt that there was a tall wall behind him.

The length and width of the wall could not be seen, but it was extremely thick.

It was the kind of wall that could make people feel at ease even if Gou Wuyue came with a sword in his hand.

“Ill remember it.”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly stood up and grabbed his junior sisters neck.

He did not even realize that he had lifted her off the ground.

He said solemnly, “If anything happens, I will contact… Pui, contact you with my sword.”

“Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

Bazhunan tilted his head and looked at Mu Zixi, whose neck was red.

An unknown force urged him to stand up.

After a long silence, he felt that something was wrong with this whim.

Finally, he said something.

“Take it easy.

Those above the level of a Saint, try not to provoke them.”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes instantly lit up.

The meaning of this sentence was that those below the Saint level included the higher void (level).

I, Xu Xiaoshou, have nothing to fear

“Dont worry!”

At this point of enlightenment, Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fists and said excitedly, “Dongtianwang city is a big city after all.

Its different from the White Cave.

I know what to do.”

Mu Zixi turned her head forcefully.

Seeing her senior brothers appearance, she knew that he had already drifted away.

She wanted to speak up and advise the Eighth Sword Deity, but Xu Xiaoshou was too stuck.

He couldnt even breathe, so how could he say anything

“Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

Bazhunan looked at the night sky and nodded slightly.

Since he had achieved his goal, he did not want to say anything more.

“Its good that you have the confidence.”

After saying this, he started to leave.


Xu Xiaoshou called out to him, “I can agree to all your conditions, but the condition is that you have to give me one person.”

Bazhunan stopped in his tracks.



Under the night sky, all the people who were pretending to be asleep woke up.

After learning that Xu Xiaoshou did not follow the main group, everyone was a little surprised.

Among them, the one who was the most surprised was the eager-looking Storyteller.


“This is a gift carefully prepared for you, how can you hand it over”

He looked at Xin Gugu, who was weak and pale but saved by theYin Yang Life and Death Trap.

He was angry.

Of course, he did not want Xin Gugu.

This was a minotaur that did not matter.

At most, it was a bit more fun to be reborn with blood.


“This is also given”

Shaking the spatial paper in his hand, the Storyteller could not believe it.

He didnt know what the two of them were talking about in the cave, so he didnt dare to eavesdrop.

But he never expected that the seal ghost beast that his brother had been coveting for a long time could be given just like that.

Was this a joke

“Release it and give it to him.”

Bazhunan was emotionless as if this unopened gift was not important at all.


The Storyteller glared at Xu Xiaoshou, scaring the latter into hiding behind Bazhunan, not daring to make a sound.

“Really” Bazhunans face darkened.



The Storytellers eyes curved, and bean-sized tears rolled down his cheeks, causing Cen Qiaofu, who was behind him, to clench his fists tightly.

“Give it to him, I said it!” Bazhunans tone became a little more serious.

The Storyteller was helpless.

He could only give Xu Xiaoshou a heavy look before unwrapping the spatial paper.


The gray fog instantly spread out.

This time, everyones expressions tensed up.

The four magnates of the Saint Servant were all extraordinary individuals.

They could naturally feel the faint calamity power mixed within the sealing mist.

Bazhunan was a little surprised.

The person that Xu Xiaoshou wanted, did not seem to be simple

Before the spatial paper was released, he had no idea which seal ghost beast was inside.

As for the seal attribute, he seemed to know it himself.

There was only one person in this world

The gray fog dispersed, and a calm white-clothed woman appeared.

She seemed to have suffered a great deal, and her face was as pale as paper.

However, when she saw everyone present, her expression was only slightly stunned.

After which, her gaze landed on the youth behind Bazhunan.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

Xu Xiaoshou came out and grinned, “Senior Sister Mo, long time no see.”

“Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

Xu Xiaoshou pulled his junior sister behind him.

Just as he was about to step forward, Bazhunan suddenly opened his mouth, “Feng Yujin”

Mo Mo was stunned, “Senior”

She did not know who the person in front of her was.

He looked like he was only at the Innate stage, but there were a few big shots around him who were at least at the cultivation level of the Sovereign stage, and they seemed to be taking the lead.

Naturally, they could only call him senior.

“Call him out.”

Bazhunan said in an indifferent voice.

He wasnt one of them, and he never revealed his emotions easily.


Mo Mo was a little hesitant.

These people seemed to know something

“They all know.”

Xu Xiaoshou said telepathic communication, “The person standing in front of you is Bazhunan, the legendary Eighth Sword Deity.

I think he knows that guy on you.

Let him come out, and they can catch up.

Maybe he can solve your problem.”

Mo Mo pursed her lips.

Solve your problem

Others might have such thoughts, but she had long given up hope.

The possession of a ghost beast was already a lock on ones fate.

Other than the path of being possessed and dying, being able to live was already a blessing in disguise.

How could it be easy to escape

“He doesnt want to come out…”

Mo Mo softly rejected him.

Suddenly, her expression twisted, and thick gray fog exploded from her body.

In the next second, bright laughter came from her mouth.


Her voice was extremely deep, filled with hatred and a faint fear.

Xu Xiaoshous heart trembled.

With just this sound, he knew that the two of them were truly acquainted.

However, the grey mist figure was born from the White Cave a few years ago.

Based on Mo Mos reaction, she had not seen the Saint Servant and the others before.

Then, where did these two fellows from a completely different era meet

Bazhunan walked with his hands behind his back and arrived in front of the grey mist figure.

He frowned slightly.

“According to the White Veins plan, after the Great Infernal Ancestor helped in getting you out of the White Cave, you should immediately head to the Abyss Island and undo theSi Wu Formation.

Am I right”

The night turned cold.

Xu Xiaoshou shivered.

He turned his head and looked at Mu Zixi.

Even his junior sister could hear a lot of information from this sentence.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that things had suddenly become more complicated.

Not only did the grey mist figure know Bazhunan, but it was also related to Abyss Island

Also, the Great Infernal Ancestor

If there was any other noun in this world that was unique…

Infernal might just be like this.

He, Elder Sang, Elder Sangs master…

Xu Xiaoshou thought of Elder Sangs last sentence before he was arrested, “Your next patron, Holy Palace, the Dragon Melt.”

If nothing unexpected happened, Elder Sangs master was also his grandmasters title.

Generally speaking, Demi-Saint Infernal, was used to refer to him.

This “Great Infernal Ancestor” was not Demi-Saint Infernal!

“So, its the wretched saint”


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