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Chapter 623: The Path Given by Bazhunan

After eating and drinking, there were a few sleeping corpses scattered all over the cave.

Xu Xiaoshou did not poison them.

He only added some painless hypnotic drugs to the meat.

If it was him, these drugs would not have any effect on a powerful warrior of the Cutting Path (stage).

However, after the big battle, everyone was weak, and everyone wanted to lie down.

After a short while, everyone lay down.

The one who started it was still able to hold the back of his head and lay down on the cave at the top of the mountain, staring at the night sky in a daze.

The stars were scattered.

Xu Xiaoshou was a little disappointed.

After the battle at the White Cave, Elder Sang left, and Tiansang Spirit Palace had no intention of returning.

Joining the Saint Servant was not his original intention.

He knew very well that he could not be like the Storyteller, Cen Qiaofu, and the others.

For the so-called faith of the Saint Servant, they could even sacrifice their life.

People who were greedy for life couldnt do this no matter what.

However, where should he go from here

“The future…”

The clouds blocked the moonlight, and Xu Xiaoshou muttered to himself.

A soft rustling sound came from below.

Mu Zixi crept up and squatted beside her Senior Brother.

“Its time to go.”

“Urged, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou was not the only one who did not belong to anyone.

“Where are you going” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“I dont know.”

Mu Zixi shook her head and paused for a moment.

“Wherever you go, I will go.”

“You dont want to find your background, your secret” Xu Xiaoshou looked sideways.

Lei Shuangxing was lying below.

He had long seen that the other party was hiding something.

If junior sister opened her mouth, he might be able to get something out of her.

However, Mu Zixi still shook her head.

“I dont want to know.”

“Then its up to fate.”

The corner of Xu Xiaoshous lips lifted.

He was also very at peace.

He only knew that after Elder Sang left, there was only one junior sister in this world whom he could continue to rely on.

Of course, the prerequisite was that the other party would always maintain the naivety at this moment.

However, the world was unpredictable.

Xu Xiaoshou did not know how long this state could last.

“Lets go!”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed again.

Feeling the more symmetrical breathing sounds below, he stood up.

“Where are we going” This time, it was Mu Zixis turn to ask.

Xu Xiaoshou stopped for a moment.

What goal did he have

If Elder Sang was still there, perhaps he had a goal.

Because even if the old man did not say it, he knew that his next home was the “Dongtianwang City” that everyone had mentioned.

That place seemed to be the gathering place for all the talents in the world, a stage that truly belonged to the younger generation.

However, without Elder Sangs suppression, Xu Xiaoshou was at a loss for a moment.

Younger generation…

Could he be considered a younger generation now

It was said that only those below the Master (stage) level could participate in the trial of Dongtianwang City.

However, even if he was a Master (stage), could they withstand a blow from him

It wasnt that Xu Xiaoshou was being overconfident.

After his experience in the White Cave, he felt that if he was forced to use his full strength, he should at least be able to fight against a Sovereign (stage).

This wasnt even taking into account the deaths of Aje, Ember, and Ice who had followed him.

If all these powers were taken into account, the Sovereign (stage) in front of him wasnt enough.

“Dongtianwang City!”

A hoarse voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

Xu Xiaoshous ears twitched and he tilted his head to look.

Under the starry night, the image of an unshaven uncle completely overlapped with the person in his memory who had beheaded a red dog and given him the Sword Observation Manual.

“You didnt sleep” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“I didnt sleep,” Bazhunan answered.

The two looked at each other and laughed silently.

Thats right, they were both at the Cutting Path (stage).

No matter how tired they were, when they were tired, they were even more vigilant.

At this time, how could this big guy be knocked out by that little hypnotic drug

If he didnt wake up, it was just a performance.

“Then why are you awake” Xu Xiaoshou stopped smiling.

“You lost your direction, so I came over.”

Bazhunan sat down and patted the ground, signaling Xu Xiaoshou to sit down as well.

When the latter returned to his seat after a moment of hesitation, he raised two fingers.

“No matter what, Im still half a master to you.”

“Half a master”

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

Bazhunan did not reply, but a faint sword cognition appeared above his two fingers, which made Xu Xiaoshou completely understand.

So, the incomplete copy of the 10 Sections of the Finger Sword in the spiritual library division had become the original Was that really how it came about

“Second Brother Sang left you behind, so I must pick you up.

No matter how bad it is, I cannot let you continue to be muddle-headed.”

Bazhunan looked up at the starry sky.

He seemed to feel that it was a little uncomfortable, so he simply lay down and said,

“A moment of peace is only a moment.”

“What you are seeing now is just a moment of peace after the storm.”

“An even bigger wave is brewing behind us.

Once it slackens, it will be too late when the waves come again.”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

How could he not know

But this pace was too fast for him.

He had only been in this world for a short while, but he was being pushed forward step by step by everyone, forcing him to grow.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had finished walking in just a few months, and he had already experienced the excitement that most people would never experience in their entire lives.

“Im a little tired…” He could not help but blurt out.

“Isnt it normal to be tired”

“Peace will always belong to the corpse.”

Bazhunan did not comment on his reply and said to himself, “Second Brother Sang was taken to Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

But as long as Im not dead, they wont dare to kill me.”

“But even if they do not kill me, the torture that they should have will not be lacking.”

“If you dont have a direction, you can try walking towards Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.”

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but laugh.

He was only at the Innate (stage) level.

How could he walk towards Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe

What kind of joke was this!

He did not even walk into a trap like this.

“His skin is rough, and his flesh is thick.

I reckon that if he can cultivate to that level, theres no pain that he cannot endure.”

Having cultivated the Master Physique, he was somewhat immune to pain.

God knows what Elder Sang went through to cultivate that abnormal realm.

Perhaps, those so-called tortures were simply enjoyable for him.

Dousang… A smile appeared at the corner of Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

Bazhunan did not reply.

He continued to follow his meaning and said, “From the Eastern Region to the Central Region and then to Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe, it will be a long journey.”

“Now that you are an Innate (stage), you will probably become a Saint once you reach that place.”

“Wouldnt it be beautiful if you could ascend to the Sacred Mountain and openly bring him out”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

How could this person be more confident than him

From here, he would become a Saint once he reached the Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

Where did that confidence come from

“You are the three breaths Innate (stage) genius who has been a Sword Deity for three years.

You havent become a Saint even after so many years.

Why do you think so highly of me” Xu Xiaoshou laughed.

“I am different.” Bazhunan looked very serious.

“There is no such thing as a Saint in my eyes.

A Saint is too insignificant.”

“What do you mean”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

A Saint was insignificant.

How could anyone else live

“Do you know about Abyss Island” Bazhunan grabbed the weeds and crushed them with his fingertips.

He said, “You should have met the Holy Emperor in the White Cave”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

Was he a Holy Emperor

Was he not a demi-saint

He nodded slightly.

“The sayingIf you dont become a Saint, you will become a slave is not nonsense.

But even if you become a Saint, many of you will still be shackled and unable to escape the fate of a Saint Servant.”

Bazhunan paused and turned his head to look at Xu Xiaoshou.

“I saw this, so I sealed my sword and did not plan to attack again.”

“Then” Xu Xiaoshou didnt understand.

If he did not plan to attack again, why did he still declare war with the Holy Divine Palace He even used a tree branch to humiliate Gou Wuyue, one of the Seven Sword Deity.

This was a slap in the face!

Now, he was only waiting for the other party to take revenge, and… He still did not attack

“We can only attack when we are almost ready.”

Bazhunan smiled.

He knew what Xu Xiaoshou was thinking, so he continued, “A Saint is too weak, and a Holy Emperor wont do.

So, I want to ascend to Godhood.

I just need to draw my sword again and cut this filthy world into pieces.”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked for a moment.

Even Mu Zixi, who was eavesdropping on the conversation between the two, felt her heart skip a beat.

She already knew that the person in front of her was the legendary Eighth Sword Deity.

But she had never thought that the Eighth Sword Deitys ambition would be so grand

Xu Xiaoshou was silent for a long time, but he couldnt help but ask, “Are you kidding yourself”

“Kidding myself”

“Surmised, Passive Points, 1.”

“Youre not even a Saint, yet you want to ascend to Godhood directly Why dont you ascend to Heaven then” Xu Xiaoshou ridiculed him.


Bazhunan laughed loudly and kept quiet for a long time.

“Are you doubting me”


Xu Xiaoshou nodded without any hesitation.

Bazhunans lips twitched.

He did not expect this person to be so direct.

He sighed.

“Young man, Do you know my legend”

Xu Xiaoshou bared his teeth.

“If the legend is right in front of me, then the divinity and beautification are all fake.

What I see is only dirty… uh, sloppy… uh, average.

Its also pretty good.”

Looking at the other partys increasingly gloomy expression, Xu Xiaoshou chose to follow his heart.

Bazhunan smiled and said, “Do you know the concept of three breaths of Innate (stage) This isnt a legend.

I stepped into the Innate (stage) in three breaths of time.”

“So” Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

Bazhunan counted his fingers and said, “Three years as a Sword Deity isnt an exaggeration, but it also doesnt represent my level of cultivation.”

“I only traveled around the continent for three years.

When I wanted to, I broke through from the Innate (stage) to Sword Deity.

I just didnt take the title of Sword Deity.”

Xu Xiaoshous heart twitched.

Damn it, he was faked!

“Fighting for the name of the Sword Deity…”

He caught a piece of information keenly and asked, “So that time when you fought with the… Sword Deity, there was an inside story”

Bazhunan shook his head and did not answer.

Instead, he continued to wander his thoughts.

“What I want to say is, they are all realms.

Why can you break through from a normal person to the Innate (stage) then to the higher void (level) but not from the higher void (level) to a Saint, then to Godhood”

Xu Xiaoshou was once again shocked by this persons bold words.

He stammered a few times and was stunned speechless.


How could this be the same

He tilted his head and looked at Mu Zixi.

Both of them saw the words in each others eyes.

What big words!

As far as Xu Xiaoshou knew, a demi-saint was already at the peak of the continent.

Not to mention, there was a Holy Emperor on top of it.

One could not even call out the names of those who had truly entered the God State in ancient times.

The Holy Sword Land of the Eastern Region.

According to legend, it was created by the sword ancestor, Gu Louying, one of the ten ancient ancestors.

Gu Louying was not his real name.

He was named after the lonely figure of the tower “Ten sword tower defense map”.

And the so-called sword ancestor was the first generation sword wielder who created the ancient swordsmanship.

Nine Major Sword Techniques, Eighteen Sword Forms, 3000 Sword Styles… all came from his hands.

Only such a person was worthy of being called ancestor, sword ancestor, God, sword God!

This uncle in front of him…

“Where did you get the courage” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly stabbed him.

Bazhunan surprisingly did not refute.

He held his hands behind his head and displayed the posture of Xu Xiaoshou lying on the ground, looking very satisfied.

“Maybe its… conceited!”

He shook his head and did not say anything more.

Xu Xiaoshou was silent.


He had already said conceited, what else could he say.

But looking at this guy, his expression did not have the slightest bit of conceit.

That relaxed smile was as if he was treating this matter as if it was a normal meal and drinking water, and he spoke it out in a casual manner.


Should be “Confident” instead!

But if you were to say that he was “Confident”…

Xu Xiaoshou felt that this was a little too conceited.

Damn it, he was tricked again!

“Where do you want to go”

Bazhunan paused for a moment, and then pulled back to the main topic.

He did not even give Xu Xiaoshou a chance to reply before he said, “Ive told you my story, and I think you can do it as well.

So, if you dont have a direction, its not like you cant do what I said earlier.”

“Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe” When Xu Xiaoshou said these four words, he felt a headache coming on.


Bazhunan closed his eyes, he said leisurely, “From the Eastern Region to the Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe, you have to pass through Dongtianwang City and participate in the trials of the City to obtain first place.

After that, you have to obtain the qualifications to enter the Four Symbols Secret Realm before heading to the Holy Palace.”

“Holy Palace, the cultivation center of the continents saint.

Your master came out from there.”

“There, perhaps youll be able to find the answer you want.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He had only heard of Dongtianwang City.

What the hell was the sequence of events

“Four Symbols Secret Realm, Holy Palace”

Bazhunan explained, “You should have heard of it, but you just dont understand it.”

“Dongtianwang Citys trial is just to select the top three young people below the Master (stage) in the five domains of the continents royal cities and obtain the qualification to enter the Holy Palace Trial.”

“And if nothing unexpected happens in the Holy Palace Trial, this time itll be the Four Symbols Secret Realm.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned when he heard this.

The trial of Dongtianwang City gathered the geniuses of the various cities, but it only wanted the top three!

Moreover, the top three only possessed the qualifications to participate in the Holy Palace Trial, and they did not enter directly.

Then this Holy Palace…

When Xu Xiaoshou thought of how Elder Sang came from the Holy Palace, he instantly felt that this was a figure!

How many corpses did he have to step on to get his name back

Wasnt this competition a little too terrifying

“Why else do you think so many geniuses on the continent are trying their best to suppress their cultivation level just for this Citys Trial”

Bazhunan sneered, “Its because the Holy Palace is recruiting people.

And they only want geniuses below the Master (stage) in the Citys Trial!”


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