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Chapter 616: Head of Gou Exploded

A shield

At this critical moment, any straw would probably be seen as a glimmer of hope by a drowning person, let alone a shield.

Furthermore, Yu Zhiwen was the Holy Maiden of the Holy Divine Palace, Dao Xuanjis personal disciple, and Dao Qiongcangs niece.

With such an influential background, as long as such a person was on your side, even Ai Cangsheng would be a little fearful.

At this moment, if it was anyone else, they would have subconsciously lost their judgment with Yu Zhiwen as their “shield.” However, the violence in Xu Xiaoshous eyes were slightly restrained because of this word.


“Since when did I, Xu Xiaoshou, need a woman to be my shield before I die”

All along, from the moment he felt Yu Zhiwen in the Yuan Mansion, he did not bear such thoughts before, not even once.

It was the same as throwing Mu Zixi out.

He picked Yu Zhiwen up purely because the Yuan Mansion would definitely not be able to block Ai Cangshengs arrow.

No one had any reason to die with him.

Even though their standpoints were different, Xu Xiaoshou clearly knew how to distinguish the target of his hatred.

Ember, Ice, Aje…

All of these had nothing to do with Yu Zhiwen, who had been trapped in the Yuan Mansion.

The reason why he, Xu Xiaoshou, was so furious was because of that arrow.

The target of his hatred was just Ai Cangsheng alone.

In this world where theres no right and wrong, and everything was just gray, there was no clear dividing line of justice.

Some people sauntered from white to black, from right to wrong, because they lacked a yardstick to make a critical judgement of this world.

Xu Xiaoshou was different!

From the beginning till the end, he had been walking his own path without deviation.

Perhaps he had other thoughts along the way and had signs of being coerced to do things against his well, but for the entire path, he did not look at anything else but his own feet.

Xu Xiaoshous footsteps were direct and fearless, not even half a step off the path.

How could he mess up his own inner scale just because of Yu Zhiwens words


Without any hesitation, Xu Xiaoshou slapped Yu Zhiwen away.

He faced the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow that was completely magnified in his eyes.

The image that appeared in front of him was Ai Cangsheng, who sat upright in his wheelchair but was a mountain higher than the people in the world.

The light of hatred appeared.

The Raging Giant raised his arm.

“Passive fist (charge point: 8.64%)”

— Completely ignited!


At the same time, under this arrow, Xu Xiaoshou was not the only one who attacked.

This person was not Eder Sang, but Gou Wuyue!

Due to Ai Cangshengs arrow, Xu Xiaoshou had to reveal all kinds of hidden trump cards, and Gou Wuyue was amazed by all this.

If this person was his peer, he would not be so stunned.

But one had to know that he was only an innate.

A mere innate had trump cards that were on par with the level of the Peak of Sovereign, how could this be real

Even when the divine puppet appeared, Gou Wuyue could not describe the mixed emotions in his heart.

He had a great impulse to attack.

It was not for Xu Xiaoshou.

It was for Aje!

It was for Dao Qiongcangs first-generation divine puppet!

Outsiders might not know how Dao Qiongcang felt when he destroyed the first-generation divine puppet, but as one of the two rulers of the Holy Divine Palace, Gou Wuyue knew.

He had no choice but to obey…

This was the true reflection of how Dao Qiongcangs felt at that time.

But because of the mission, because it was an arrow shot by Ai Cangsheng, Gou Wuyue held back his impulse and did not make a move.

The first-generation divine puppet was already dead.

Although it was short-lived, there was a moment of brilliance in front of his eyes before it disappeared.

It was not a bad ending.

After all, if this thing continued to exist, it would probably cause even greater turmoil in the future.

But that guy..

That Xiaoshi Tan Ji…

He still had people!

Gou Wuyue did not know what to think when he saw the woman in the Golden Giants hand.

It didnt matter whether it was a subjective or objective judgment on hind sight.

He only knew that Yu Zhiwen couldnt die!

Her existence was more important than the mission to capture the saint servant.

Even Ai Cangshengs arrow must not kill her.


Yu Zhiwen shouted out her original intention.

Gou Wuyue could hear it.

This sentence wasnt just for Xiaoshi Tan Ji to hear, it was also for himself, as well as Ai Cangsheng, who was watching the battle from thousands of miles away with the Eye of the Great Path.

The arrow had been released from the bow, and what was done could not be undone.

Ai Cangsheng did not choose to forcefully stop all this.

He could bear the consequences, but Gou Wuyue could not.

Gou Wuyue also did not know what Xiaoshi Tan Ji was thinking.

He only knew that even if Ai Cangsheng were to destroy the arrow at the final moment, even if Xiaoshi Tan Ji did not know Yu Zhiwens value, they would not choose to use her as a shield.

Even if the probability of this was very high, he still had to act.

He had to risk his life to save her!

With the famed sword hanging upside down, the light in Gou Wuyues eyes dimmed.

“Fantasy Sword Technique, time sequence, reverse!”



The instant Xu Xiaoshou slapped away Yu Zhiwen, Gou Wuyue spat out a mouthful of blood.

The Voice of Nulan, the famed sword, was pulled out with great difficulty amidst the blood.

The sword was clearly very light, but at this moment, Gou Wuyue seemed to be on top of the ocean, trying to pull it out from the tip of an iceberg and topple the entire ocean.

“Crack! Crack —”

The void cracked, and the Way of the Heavens was in chaos.

The gears of time were biting together, pushing forward bit by bit towards the future.

However, when the famed sword in Gou Wuyues hand was pulled out a little, the laws of the heavens and earth order changed dramatically with a boom.

Yin and Yang were reversed, and the seasons were in disorder.

At this moment, heat and cold intertwined and the Way of the Heavens collapsed.

The people felt as if they had fallen into a purgatory of ice and fire.

Life and death were in disorder.

At the same time, the body was aging, but the soul seemed to be returning to an infant.


Be it Gou Wuyue, Elder Sang, or Xu Xiaoshou..

Under this sword, it felt as if the Order of Heaven and Earth was in chaos.

As the plants withered, they spat out new green, and the gravel turned into stone the moment it was weathered..

Day and night arrived at the same time.

The sun rose and chased after the sunset.

It went back and forth in the sky, from east to west and then back again, but it refused to enter the mountain.

The piercing cold wind seeped into the pores, and then it became the scorching breath of the desert.

“An illusion”

Xu Xiaoshou felt his rage retreat rapidly.

The area of clarity in the corner of the spiritual altar was also expanding along with the layers of chaos.

The strength in his arm was not affected, but the arrow in front of him..


Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

Ai Cangshengs arrow had broken through two domains and retreated just as it was about to pierce through his head

Time reversal

No one could describe Xu Xiaoshous shock at this moment.

This chaotic scene was simply beyond his understanding of the entire world.

“Ma Ma…”

Ajes voice that sounded like an illusion was heard again.

“Summoned, passive points, 1.”

When the information bar popped up, Xu Xiaoshou was finally certain about it.

This was not an illusion.

This was really time reversal..


Time reversal!

Xu Xiaoshou stared at the indescribable scene in front of him in horror.

The void rift appeared, and a messy mass of flesh and bones flew out.

With a series of rustling sounds, it was pieced together and turned into Ajes head before he looked back.

Then, the broken parts recovered.

One leg, one hand, including the torso..

The black fog on AJEs body faded and returned to the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow.

The arrow flew back.

At a certain point, there was a loud explosion.

Ices body parts were sucked back from all directions and combined together.

Then, Ember was resurrected again.

He howled at the retreating arrow of the Evil Sin Bow.


Xu Xiaoshou was pleasantly surprised and inexplicably terrified.

He felt that everything was too unreal, too illusory.

However, when the bind between the Infernal Fire Seed and the Three Days Frozen Calamity reappeared in his heart, he could feel and receive feedback when he called for it.

Only then did he realize that this was not a dream.

Gou Wuyues sword was really inverting the norm and reversing the heavens!

“Isnt the sword deity just a higher void How could he reverse the power of a demi-saints arrow”

Just as his thoughts began to flow, Xu Xiaoshou felt a figure appear in front of him.

Gou Wuyue!

He was different from the elegant and graceful immortal he usually saw.

At this moment, although Gou Wuyue was also standing with his sword slanted, the weariness in his eyes couldnt be concealed.

His face seemed to have completely aged.

Several crows feet appeared at the corners of his eyes, and even his black hair had completely faded into a grayish-white color.

The price of one strike!

“You, why are you here”

Gou Wuyue, who had landed in front of him, did not even look at Xu Xiaoshou.

He stared at Yu Zhiwen in disbelief, his face full of shock.


Yu Zhiwen, who was thrown away and return back to Xu Xiaoshous golden light palm, was at this moment experiencing dizziness and not able to find herself at all.

She suddenly felt that her feet were unstable, and her body staggered.


She looked down and saw that the golden palm under her feet had already cracked open.

The violent power from it raged viciously, almost crushing her.


Xu Xiaoshou let out a painful roar.

Gou Wuyues sword was slow yet fast.

In an instant, the entire space and time changed completely.

The only thing that was not affected was Xu Xiaoshous “Passive Fist”, which had ignited all of his power.

This punch came from the system and actually ignored the space-time reversal!

Ever since he had destroyed half of Red Dogs life with his fist, Xu Xiaoshou had not used it at all.

However, the charge point of the passive fist had accumulated to 8.64% after the high-intensity damage from the Power of Sovereign and the Cutting Path that he had received along the way.

1,000 damage to the enemy, 1,200 damage to himself.

Xu Xiaoshou vaguely remembered that after this punch, he had lost almost half of his life.

If he could, he did not want to use the passive fist at all.

However, under Ai Cangshengs arrow, he had no choice but to use it.

He even felt that 8.64% of the charge point was too little, just too little.

Now, Gou Wuyues “Time Sequence” had reversed the rules of the heavens and the laws of time and space, but was unable to recover Xu Xiaoshous punch.

How could he recover this punch from the system


Before he could even swing his fist, Xu Xiaoshou already felt the golden light on his right arm explode and shatter.

Pain assaulted him.

At this moment, he had to have a target to vent out in order to slow down the backlash from his passive fist.

Yu Zhiwens ability was insufficient to make Ai Cangshengs arrow retract.

After this sudden sword attack, Gou Wuyue, who had aged a lot, became an apt target.

“Gou Wuyue.”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered.

He didnt have the slightest favorable impression of the person in front of him.

It was because of this fellows appearance that he almost died.

Even the companions who had followed him in the Yuan Mansion had died once in order to protect him.

Their standpoints were originally different.

Xu Xiaoshou also didnt think that Gou Wuyues sword strike was to save him.

Then, in this situation where pain and suffering intertwined and even his sanity was about to be destroyed..



As Gou Wuyue approached, he finally detected the violent power raging from Xiaoshi Tan Jis body due to the arrow.

He tilted his head.

He saw a huge fist of golden light expanding in front of him.

“Take my punch!”

Hu —

The heart of the fist withered in the process of being waved.

The upper and lower forearm, and almost the entire arm exploded into golden light and blood mist.

Gou Wuyue only saw the fist for an instant, then it disappeared.

However, Xu Xiaoshous violent desire was still firmly locked onto Gou Wuyue.

There was no form.

However, the annoymous power whistling through the air made Gou Wuyue shudder in fear.

In his weakened state, he only had time to raise his sword horizontally, and his spiritual source swelled up.

“Innate is innate.

Even if you struggle to death, what effect can this punch have” He thought to himself.

However, Gou Wuyues was completely fixated on Yu Zhiwen that he was completely unaware that the power of this punch was something that even his sword could not reverse.

At this moment, there was a flash of light.

“Wu –”

The famed sword bent slightly.

Xu Xiaoshou leaned half of his body forward, and the intangible force that was blocked finally appeared.

At the area where his arm had been blown off, it condensed into an illusory miniature of a giant fist.

After a light sizzle, the world was completely silent.

Yu Zhiwens eyes widened, and she wanted to say something.

However, as her red lips parted, not a single sound came out.

Elder Sang stopped behind in astonishment.

He originally thought that Gou Wuyue wanted to finish off Xu Xiaoshou ahead of time, but he did not expect that his attention was actually on that girl.

On the way to save his disciple, the world was suddenly turned into a vacuum by a punch, and he chose to stay.

Sometimes, Elder Sang was actually very afraid of Xu Xiaoshou.

The horrifying scenes of this disciple in the past were flashing in his mind.

Fire seed shooting through the nose, burning down the Spiritual Library Division, exploding the Tianxuan Gate, destroying the city in anger..

That kid was someone who could injure his internal organs when he acquired a cultivation level in the future.

What was he doing now

He looked up.

Xu Xiaoshous illusory punch paused for a while after fighting with Gou Wuyue.


Sounds came from all directions, and the space within a few kilometers exploded.

The deafening sound was so loud that it almost damaged Elder Sangs eardrums.

Then, Xu Xiaoshous entire body was blown away by the explosion and he was dismembered into several pieces.

As for Gou Wuyue…

He seemed to have realized that he was wrong at that point in time when the fist and sword clashed.

However, he did not care about himself.

Instead, he used his bounded domain to wrap Yu Zhiwen up and chose to suffer the consequences by himself.

As for the consequences…

Elder Sangs line of sight followed the direction of Xu Xiaoshous punch as his head twisted along with the extremely compressed black line in the air.

“Rumble –”

The black line released its pressure and turned into a terrifying shock wave, blasting a mountain in the distance into debris.

Elder Sangs eyelids twitched.

A few rustling sounds could be heard.

The Voice of Nulan, the famed sword, spun in mid-air and pierced into the ground with a clang.

This was the scene right before him.

And in the distance..

Gou Wuyue, who had been blasted dozens of miles away and embedded into the depths of the mountain behind the mountain..

Elder Sang used his spiritual senses to probe.

Although Gou Wuyues body had been saved because of the famed sword, it had also been shattered into pieces.

And his head, under the focused aim and unguarded…

It was gone!

The corner of his mouth began to twitch.

Elder Sang wanted to press down on the straw hat, but he touched his bald, cold scalp.

His straw hat had long been blown away by the shockwave, and he couldnt even save it.

He probed into Gou Wuyues injuries again in disbelief.

But eventually, Elder Sang was certain about it, but his eyes were still filled with shock.

“The head of Gou has really exploded”


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