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Chapter 615: True Passion, Shield!

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He first threw out the two super white skeletons that blotted out the sky.

In an instant, the sky was covered and it became dark.

Ice and Ember were stunned for a moment.

They raised their eyes and looked squarely up at the sky with the arrow.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Infernal White Skeleton was the first to go crazy.

White flames shot out from his feet while he was dancing wildly.

A violent fist with burning power was thrown into the sky.

At the same time, the hands of the Ice Blue White Skeleton turned into afterimages, and the ice-type Power Upanishad Formation beneath its large body lit up, instantly covering the entire Green Mo Sword Realm.

The north wind blew and the snow withered.


The wind and dust in the sky froze, and the power of the Three Days Frozen Calamity was completely mobilized.

Ice crystals replaced everything.

At this moment, whether it was the mountain where the battle was taking place, or the entire area covered by the Eighth Palace, all of them were affected by the ice crystals, and in the blink of an eye, the cold air seeped through.

—– Ice Age!

Gou Wuyue and Elder Sang instantly broke apart the moment they were being transformed into ice sculptures.

The two of them were stunned.

No one dared to believe that a mere innate master would be able to reveal so many trump cards at this critical moment of life and death.

Even Elder Sang felt as if Xu Xiaoshou was like a completely different person.

But this wasnt the end!

Although the two white skeletons were strong, their strength was too limited.

Even if they could use the Power of the Sovereign over the Cutting Path Level, the higher void would be able to break through their defenses.


How could they possible fight against it

The Raging Giant immediately raised his hands and activated the Infernal Fire Seed and the Three Days Frozen Calamity.

It was at this moment, the energy from the Golden Giants body precisely divided into two halves.

Half of it was white flames that could burn half of the sky.

The other half was ice sculptures that could freeze black holes.

The two types of energy were at least above the Cutting Path Level, and were drawn out from the origin power of the Supreme Treasure that contained the calamity power.

But the Raging Giant didnt seem to be satisfied.

With a bang, he thrusted himself into the sky with a kick of his calf.

Then, the opposing origin powers between his palms combined together.

“Dong –”

A muffled sound reverberated in the air.

An unknown power stirred, the mountain was shattered, and the Mo Swords disintegrated.

With the momentum of a 100-meter dash, javelin throwing, and the resolution to break all cauldrons and sink all boats, the Raging Giant forcefully combined ice and fire into the strongest movement, and fiercely shot an arrow in the sky.


Blue and white intersected.

The energy produced an infinitely gray destructive aura which instantly passed through the Infernal White Skeleton, Ember, and met the arrow that had broken through the two domains.

“Not enough!”

“Still not enough!”

“Far from enough!”

The sense of danger of death did not disappear, and Xu Xiaoshou was numb.

He seemed to have no other means, and could only stand and wait for death.

“The vanishing technique.”

With a cry in his heart, the Raging Giant disappeared on the spot under the gaze of Gou Wuyue and Elder Sang.


“Chased, passive points, 1.”

The information bar still popped up.

Xu Xiaoshou was in despair.

The vanishing technique was strong, but no matter what, it was only an awakening technique of a master stage passive skill.

How could it withstand a strike from a lower demi-saint

Even if it could temporarily erase its existence in this world.

But if you were to think with your toes, Ai Cangshengs arrow had fallen.

It was likely that not only would Xu Xiaoshou be erased, the entire Eighth Palace would cease to exist!

“Ma Ma…”

A call sounded from his chest.

Xu Xiaoshous mind tightened.


But Aje didnt hesitate at all.

He stepped forward.

After leaving Xu Xiaoshous cover, his disappearing state was lifted.

Aje appeared in front of Gou Wuyues who was startled by him.

His two fists were pulled back forward and backward, and his body exploded with the Power of the Higher Void.

He assumed the stance of a fighter.

“Ma Ma!”

“Protected, passive points, 1.”

“The divine puppet”

Gou Wuyue was shocked.

This Xiaoshi Tan Ji carried a divine puppet

From the looks of it, it couldnt be Dao Qiongcangs current work.

It was most probably his first-generation work.

In other words…

At this moment, he fell into deep thought.

“D**n it, d**n it, d**n it!!”

Xu Xiaoshous heart clenched.

He was desperately protecting Aje in the white cave.

He didnt dare to let him appear in front of the Red Coat and White Coat because he was afraid that the big secret would be discovered.

However, right in front of Gou Wuyue, Aje disobeyed for the first time and stood out directly.

He was touched, but what would Aje do next


“Its very likely that there wont be a follow-up…”

Even Aje was disobedient.

Xu Xiaoshou realized that at this moment, it might really be the last moment of his life.

Since the vanishing technique was ineffective, he chose to remove it.

Then, without hesitation, he threw Mu Zixi out of the Yuan Mansion and forcefully tossed her in the direction of Elder Sang.

“Run –”

A low and hoarse roar appeared.

Obviously he didnt hear the word “Run”, but Mu Zixi could still sense his anxiety in that instant.

She couldnt react at all.

There were thousands of Mo swords in the void, and that swordsman…

Master rushed over with his Black Hand.

What was he going to do…

And Xu Xiaoshou…

Mu Zixi was inexplicably horrified.

Xu Xiaoshou had already transformed into the Golden Giant that could only appear at a critical moment.

He stood tall and high as he faced the nameless black dot in the horizon.

This was a dead end!


When she thought of this word, Mu Zixis heart suddenly tightened.

She couldnt imagine what kind of danger her senior brother, who would put her into the Yuan Mansions space at the first sign of danger, had encountered.

He didnt even trust his own Yuan Mansion and wanted to throw her out

The figure that fell out clearly bumped into her masters hands.

In the void, there seemed to be an interlayer space, which made the world she was in completely different from her masters world.

“God Devil Eyes!”

With a shout, Mu Zixis eyes changed, and she stared at the interlayer space.


Under Gou Wuyues surprised gaze, she fell into Elder Sangs arms in pain.

“The space has been broken”

At this moment, Gou Wuyue was shocked.

It was one thing for an innate master to have such a trump card.

How could this little girl, who was casually thrown out, was able to break his Luofu Sword Heaven with just a stare.


Mu Zixi panicked.

Her eyes were stinging, and she felt complete darkness in front of her.

She stretched out her hand and tried to wipe her eyes.

She was clearly not crying, but there was a sticky fluid on her palm.

“Dont be afraid, Im here.”

Elder Sang hugged Mu Zixi and swept his gaze over her.

The white flame steamed the blood in the little girls palm, but she did not notice it at all.

The moment Mu Zixi broke through the space, he immediately pounced on the Golden Giant.

“Run –”

Xu Xiaoshou let out a hoarse roar.

Elder Sang..

So what if it was Elder Sang!

That was a demi-saints arrow.

Even if the old man was mighty, how could he block it

“Roar my a**!”

Elder Sang fed Mu Zixi with an elixir and threw her to the side.

The void rift appeared and with a whoosh, Mu Zixi disappeared.

Then, Elder Sang stood up again and dashed in the direction of the Golden Giant.

His eyes were full of determination!

“How could we let the disciple stand in front when the master is present”

Gou Wuyue watched silently from behind.

Indeed, he was a righteous person.

If the scene in front of him had been any other time, perhaps he would have chosen to sit on the sidelines and not interfere.

Whether or not he could withstand Ai Cangshengs arrow depended on the fate of the master and disciple.

But today…

The Holy Divine Palaces test was his priority, the mission to capture the saint servant would come later.

The bodies of the white-clothed companions who died in the Eighth Palace were still warm, and hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes were watching his every move.

There were many things that a person had to do to live a lifetime.

To be fair, Gou Wuyue did not want to do this.

But at this moment, he could not find a reason to convince himself!

They were on different sides, so how could he really choose to stand by and do nothing!

“Im sorry, I might have to be a bad person for once.”

Gou Wuyue tightened his palm, and pointed forward with the Voice of Nulan.

“Sansheng Flow, expel!”

Hum —

Thousands of Mo swords trembled.

A green sword energy suddenly exploded from Elder Sangs body.

The Green Mo Sword Formation received the order and turned into three torrents and attacked Elder Sang.

“Get lost!!”

Elder Sang flipped in the air and the Sleeveless Red Scorched Hand slashed horizontally.

He forcefully used the momentum of the Sansheng Flow to propel himself towards the direction of Xu Xiaoshou.

Gou Wuyues hand trembled and the famed sword stopped.

He closed his eyes heavily.

“Sorry, I cant do it.”

Bang —

The green colored sword energy seeped out from Elder Sangs body and froze him on the spot.

The duration was very short and very slow.

However, at this moment, the arrow that sliced through the air had already passed through the two domains.

It carried endless black and red light and pierced down from the sky.


Elder Sangs spiritual senses saw the arrowhead and he went crazy.

“Wu Yue, you b*st**d!!!”

His body trembled and his voice was filled with hatred.

White flames exploded from his body and burned the sword energy to ashes on the spot.

But that pause caused time to lag after all!

How fast was the arrow that crossed the two domains

When Elder Sang wanted to move again, it was too late.

“No –”



There was the sound of the air being torn apart.

With a bang, the first to explode in the air were the Infernal Original Seed and the Three Days Frozen Calamity that had collided with Ai Cangshengs arrow.

The intertwining gray energy was instantly flattened.

The two forces that had been fused together by the Raging Giant were broken apart in less than a second after the stalemate with the arrow.


The Infernal White Skeleton seemed to have gone mad as it faced the arrow head-on.

This irritable fellow did not even have the slightest fear as it struck out with its large fist in the air.


There was not even a lag in time before the arrow penetrated through his fist on the spot.

Following the momentum, the arrow pierced through his right shoulder and left a hole.


The Infernal White Skeleton cried out in pain and danced wildly.

However, after the arrow pierced through its body, in less than three breaths of time, the remaining power of evil sin from the arrow immediately engulfed its entire body.

Xu Xiaoshou watched in a daze as Embers body suddenly turned black.

His entire skeleton incarnation was in a state of cultivation deviation.

With a boom, it exploded until it festered.


His eyes widened and he was completely lost in thought.

The arena seemed to have suddenly became quiet at this moment.

The Evil Sin Bow was able to pierce through anything with one arrow.

Even if it was just a graze, it could instantly ignite the desires of all living things, destroy their consciousness, and destroy their souls.

Xu Xiaoshou knew all of this.

However, he had never thought that Ember, who only had a little spiritual quality and was not even considered a human, would actually suffer a calamity and be affected by the negative effects of the Evil Sin Bow

From this, it seemed that Ice and Aje..

“Get out of the way!”

Xu Xiaoshou went crazy and rushed forward with a bang.

However, at this moment, Ice stood in front of him.

The arrow made a “Bang Bang Bang” as it was piercing through a sponge, tearing apart the layers of ice walls that were impregnable.

Despite the continuous hand speed incantations of Ice, it suddenly pierced through his head.

Time stopped.


Aje went to the dark side and exploded.

“Roar –”

Xu Xiaoshou went crazy.

He pounced over, wanting to stop Aje.

However, with a swoosh, Aje had already appeared in front of the Evil Sin Bows arrow.

He fearlessly grabbed the arrow with his palms and firmly grabbed it.

“Chi Chi Chi…”

The power of the higher void on his body was quickly being worn away.

“Ma Ma!”

Aje was resolute.

But how could it be able to catch the arrow that broke through the two domains


The palm of his hand was frayed, and a soft sound was heard.

Ajes four limbs spread out, and his body was bent, and he was beaten back by the momentum.

Devilish energy surged out, and the moment the arrow broke through his body, Ajes body swelled into a balloon on the spot.

A portion of the devilish energy was absorbed and quickly repaired his body.

However, the devilish energy was too powerful.

Forcefully absorbing it would only cause his body to explode.


One of his arms exploded.


Another leg.

“Bang, Bang, Bang…”

It was as if machinery had fallen apart.

Parts of Ajes body flew away and he completely lost the ability to resist.

In the end, only his head remained and as he turned his head around, strong emotions filled his scarlet eyes.

“Ma Ma…”



“Theyre all dead…”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered unconsciously.

He stared helplessly at the scene in front of him.

The berserk power of the Raging Giant was supposed to destroy and wreak havoc on everything.

However, before the mighty power of the demi-saint, he couldnt even block or protect it.

He could only watch helplessly as his treasures chose to sacrifice themselves in order to protect him.


Xu Xiaoshous eyes revealed a strong hatred.

The arrow of the Evil Sin Bow, which was unstoppable, came right at him.

He completely lost control of his emotions.

Spiritual senses probed in the Yuan Mansion.

Suddenly, a throbbing spiritual energy was captured.

Xu Xiaoshou pulled it out.

Looking closely, his scarlet eyes were stunned.

“Yu Zhiwen”


Yu Zhiwen!

At that time in the white cave, everyone was trapped in the Storytellers ancient book space.

At the last moment when Yu Zhiwen said “Run”, Xu Xiaoshou had wrapped it in white flame and successfully put it into the Yuan Mansion.

Outsiders thought that Yu Zhiwen was dead.

But in fact, she was just a little better than the ice sculpture Lu Ke.

Trapped in the Yuan Mansion, besides being able to move freely, she also lost the freedom to chase after the fourth sword.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

Yu Zhiwen, who was caught by the Golden Palm, felt that her bones were about to fall apart.

But as soon as she appeared, she saw the Golden Giant.

She looked back again…

An arrow!

“Lord Cangsheng!”

Yu Zhiwens eyes trembled, and her mind went blank.

Ai Cangshengs arrow..

Why was it shooting at Xu Xiaoshou

Her pretty face turned pale on the spot.

Facing this sudden battle situation which was completely out of control, she lost all her ability to judge.

Death was coming!

But in her mind, the scene in the white cave was still vivid in her mind.

At that time, a similar scene appeared again.

At that time, the famed sword, Flame Python, was born.

The lava that whistled up from the ground was like the end of the world.

In an indescribable manner, it instantly destroyed the Earth, the void, and pierced into the sky.

Yu Zhiwen even thought that she had died at that moment.

But when she woke up again…

Why was that scene so familiar now

The same Golden Giant, the same peeking at the end of the world through the gaps of her fingers, the same life-and-death crisis..

Just like that time in the ancient book space, she had completely disregarded her faction and shouted out the word “Run”.

She quickly turned around.

Yu Zhiwen looked at the Raging Giant whose scarlet eyes were filled with hatred.

Without even thinking, she blurted out.

“Xu Xiaoshou, quick, catch me…”



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