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Chapter 607: Dont Come Out!

“So, Ive been in the game the whole time”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that his worldview had cracked.

He had never thought that Yu Lingdi, who had been killed by Cen Qiaofu and the other two, had been living in his body in the form of water.

Didnt this mean that before he met the two white-clothed men, he was still in prison and didnt know it

After using all sorts of methods and thinking that he had escaped, he still did this!

To tell the truth.

From the birth of the White Caves Flame Python to the Spirit Fusion Swamp, to the sword separation plains, and then to this moment…

Xu Xiaoshou was tired.

He was tired from escaping!

There was no outcome.

It was more hopeless than him thinking that he had won, but in reality, he had lost to the point where not even a speck of dust remained.

Even if he was really playing black and white chess and was turned around by Gods hand, Xu Xiaoshou could still choose to cheat and renege on his debt.

However, the feeling of being watched, possessed, and controlled from head to toe made him completely unable to resist!

“You win.”

Xu Xiaoshou sat down on the ground with a thud.

When the wind blew, he realized that his entire body was drenched.


It was not an ordinary cold.

From his limbs to his heart, and his soul.

There was a deathly cold everywhere.

“Why did you choose me” Xu Xiaoshou asked in a daze.

Yu Lingdi was still smiling.

Just like that, his head grew out of Xu Xiaoshous body.

The blood mixed with the white water.

It was as if with just a thought, he could end Xu Xiaoshous life.

“Have you forgotten”

He replied with a smile, “From the moment I appeared, my target has always been you.”

Xu Xiaoshous mind went blank for a long time before he finally remembered.

After Yu Lingdi and the tall Divine Puppet appeared under the torrential rain in the Eighth Palace, it was true, except for the mocking sentence that Gou Wuyue said.

Whats left was to assign their opponents and speak brazenly while pointing at him.

“Xiao Shi Tan Ji.”

That thunderous voice exploded in his mind again.

Xu Xiaoshou was going crazy.

He originally thought that the other party was joking.

But he didnt expect that a single sentence from that time would affect the end of the battle and the current situation after he escaped.

“Why me”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt understand.

He really couldnt understand.

There were so many big shots and the battle situation.

Why did Yu Lingdi choose only him!


Yu Lingdis water-like head rattled, constantly changing its shape.

He paused for a moment, as if he was recalling something, then said, “Because Ive been paying attention to you for a long time, starting from the White Cave.”

“Let me tell you this!”

“After you and Red Coat entered the space of the Storytellers Records, my water-type clone was the first to rush to the White Cave.

Then, I opened a passage from the inside and let white-clothed enter.”

“White-clothed entered to search for the remaining experiencers.

Of course, these experiencers had already been moved to a safe place.”

“Then, everyone left.

I was the only one left in the White Cave and turned into the rain.”

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts changed as he thought of the Rain Curtain of the Nine Heavens in the White Cave.

The arena was only three meters high, and it would never rain on the ground.

He had never thought that it could fall so far and so deep…

Even now, it had not stopped!

Yu Lingdi continued, “My mission is actually to pay attention to the Saint Servant.

Not only the Storyteller, but I also have to find Cen Qiaofu, the Saint Servants chief… HMM, which is also Bazhunans hiding place.”

“As expected, they found the extradimensional cracks that lead to the Abyss Island.”

“But this is within my expectations.”

Yu Lingdis watery head elongated.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes rolled back as he felt the water in his body was about to be sucked dry.

The water transformed into a water tornado that coiled around Xu Xiaoshous body.

Xu Xiaoshou did not resist.

This was the blood that was pulled out from his body.

If he were to touch this thing, it would be tantamount to suicide.

Yu Lingdis elongated body stopped beside Xu Xiaoshous ears as he said solemnly,

“You, on the other hand, are the most unexpected!”

“I can see that your cultivation level might not be at Master, but Im not sure.

Do you know how unrealistic this is for the people of the Spirit Division”

“Our usual method is to observe the spirit of the person and judge their weakness.

Then, we can take advantage of the situation to defeat them.”

“But from your body, I cant see any flaws in your cultivation level.”

“I cant even see how your sea of energy reserve is.”

“Thats impossible!”

“Unless your cultivation level is blocked by a demi-saint or a Holy Emperor.”

“So, this is the first thing Im curious about.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He could sense that what the other party said might be his passive skill, “Stealth”.

What blocked by a demi-saint or Holy Emperor…

There were traces of him coming into contact with the wretched saint on his body, but the other party wouldnt go so far as to help him conceal his cultivation level so that he didnt need to conceal at all!


Xu Xiaoshou asked in a daze.


Yu Lingdi chuckled lightly and said, “Youre too amazing.

That unparalleledTransformation Technique,Vanishing Technique, andTeleportation Technique.”

“How could these appear on a young man who hasnt even reached the cultivation level of a Master”

“To be honest, to the people of the Spirit Division, unraveling the secrets of your current cultivation level and being able to grasp all of this is even more exciting than capturing the Saint Servant!”

“And something even more shocking has appeared…”

Yu Lingdis voice was filled with astonishment.

“With these few methods, not only did you manage to play the Night Guardian in your hands, you even managed to make the Storyteller spin in circles!”

“In the White Cave, Im just a small water-type clone.

Its just a spiritual technique of eavesdropping.

I cant determine the level of your spiritual technique.”

“However, the feedback from the experts in this world told me that your secret is the biggest.

What you have is a secret that our Spirit Division has always been unable to crack!”

“These secrets can even allow you to play with the Cutting Path and even the peak of the Cutting Path, while you are at the cultivation level of the innate realm!”

“How powerful”

Yu Lingdis large, watery eyes sparkled.

“The innate can toy with the Cutting Path and the Sovereign.

Dont you think you can toy with the higher void and demi-saint”

“Do you know that this is the greatest secret of a spiritual cultivator It is the ultimate mystery of the Spirit Division!”

Xu Xiaoshous heart bled when he heard this.

He had never taken Yu Lingdi to heart.

He had always thought that this was just a passing guest in his life.

After the White Cave incident was over, both sides took their leave.

However, he had never thought that the person he feared the most, the one who would be discovered and dissected, would unknowingly appear.

“My existence is the ultimate research puzzle of the Spirit Division”

“Spirit Division, Spirit Division…”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled sadly.

He understood.

Wasnt the Spirit Division the highest research institute of spiritual cultivation in the world

Wasnt it the existence that specialized in dissecting the existence of a different species like him

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou felt that the door to his journey had been closed.

Even if he had met Gou Wuyue at that time, he would not have been so desperate at this moment.

After all, Gou Wuyue only had Bazhunan in his eyes.

As for Yu Lingdi, from the beginning to the end, he was only in love with himself!

“Third” Xu Xiaoshou asked listlessly.


Yu Lingdis water tornado broke off from Xu Xiaoshous body and turned into a water-type body that was spinning in a disorderly manner.

After a long time, the situation took shape and he condensed into a physical body.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that half of his life force had been drained.

A message popped up in the Information Bar.

“Attacked, passive points 1.”

The passive points were only 1, but Xu Xiaoshou knew how powerful this wave of attacks was.

It was as if all his strength had been drained, and even his hair was white.

“Eternal vitality” was running at a crazy speed.

However, the fatigue of having one life divided into two was not something that could be eliminated in a short period.


Yu Lingdi condensed into a human form, his eyes bursting with light.

“My main body couldnt wait to break away from Haitangers Valley of Floral Fragrance just to come and see you, and then, personally experience the power of your spiritual technique!”

“As expected, you can tease the strong.”

“Just now…”

Yu Lingdi pointed to the east and sighed, “Two white-clothed people, one is a Cutting Path and the other is a Sovereign.

They were fooled by the Bazhunan that you transformed into.”

“You said that you were forced to join the Saint Servant.

What is the Sword Observation Technique I experienced it myself.”

“Theres also the Transformation Technique, Teleportation Technique, and Vanishing Technique…”

Yu Lingdi was jumping with excitement.

His current state was like a childs first time seeing afour-wheel racing car and atransformer that could be assembled at will.

His excitement was not something that could be faked at all.

“Looking at you from the perspective of a third party, I thought that the Night Guardian and Storyteller who was fooled by you at that time was an idiot!”

“Even though the information told me that they werent, I still couldnt believe it.”

“How could the mighty Cutting Path be fooled by an innate expert like you”

“But now, I have no choice but to believe it!”

Yu Lingdi clenched his fists, and his tone was filled with admiration.

“Based on the principle of not asking questions and not exposing the truth, I hid in your body just like that.

I saw the scene that I wanted to see the most.”

“Lin Ruohuan is not a fool, and Tong Feng is not a retard.”

“The reason why they were deceived by you was not that they were not capable enough, but because you were too strong.”

“You, Little Shi Tan Ji, your ability, everything about you, including your brain, is too strong!”

Yu Lingdi said heavily.

He suddenly bent over, and his eyes stared straight into Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

His eyes were burning, like a perverted doctor who was drunk on scientific research.

“Do you know I want to bring you back to the Spirit Division right now to properly study all your secrets!”


Xu Xiaoshou seemed to be in a daze.

His eyes were unfocused and lifeless.

He was in a daze for a long time before he suddenly burst out.

A hand directly pierced through Yu Lingdis chest.

“Im studying your motherf*cking secrets.

Go and die!”


Yu Lingdi was caught off guard.

He opened his mouth and sprayed water all over Xu Xiaoshous face.

However, a smile appeared on his face.

He said softly, “Im immortal.”


Xu Xiaoshou roared ferociously, “Then lets see if its true or fake!”

“Crack crack –”

A sound fell.

Yu Lingdi felt a chill run down his spine.

Only then did he react.

Xu Xiaoshous hand that had pierced through his body had already reached his back and pulled out his water heart.

The water heart was only sluggish for a moment before it suddenly froze into ice.

Extreme ice!

If science was resurrected, then science would be defeated by science.

Using the method of conducting alchemy, when the “Three Days Frozen Calamity” appeared, Xu Xiaoshou directly froze the water heart in his hand into a hard piece.

The structure of the water molecules inside had been destroyed.

If it wasnt for the cold air that was emitting from it, it would have been a crystal!

“Good guy…”

Yu Lingdis eyes lost their luster.

To him, ice was also water.

It was just that the condition was different.

Even if Little Shi Tan Ji changed the structure of the water element, as long as his cultivation level increased, this trick wouldnt be able to harm him.

But that was the problem.

Yu Lingdi was only a Sovereign, but the “Three Days Drozen Calamity” contained the “frozen power”.

This kind of calamity power could only appear at the peak of the Cutting Path and after transcending the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.

With his current cultivation level, he couldnt withstand the calamity power.

Thus, Xu Xiaoshous palm pierced through his chest, and Yu Lingdi turned into ice on the spot.


“Chi chi chi chi”

The next second, water molecules seeped through the surrounding grass and dew, and dense mist turned into gas.

Yu Lingdis body once again condensed into form in mid-air.

“You cant kill me.”

He smiled, his eyes burning as he stared at the ice sculpture in front of Xu Xiaoshou and the ice heart in his hand.

“Lets try!”

Xu Xiaoshou flipped over and bounced up.

The ice sculpture in front of him was directly shattered into powder by his bodys movement and dissipated into nothingness.

With a glance.

The arena was filled with white fog.

The area within a radius of a few thousand feet was frozen into ice after a short moment.

Ice age!


Yu Lingdis body that had just solidified immediately froze.

Xu Xiaoshou arrived at light speed and threw a punch.

“Bang!” Yu Lingdis head exploded into powder on the spot.

“A fearless struggle”

The voice suddenly reappeared in his mind.

Xu Xiaoshous actions froze as he heard Yu Lingdi say mockingly, “You can freeze all the water elements within a radius.

Do you dare to freeze yourself”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous anger soared, and he became bold.

“Why wouldnt I dare!”

“If you dare to freeze yourself, I wont die, but you will die!” Yu Lingdi hurriedly said.


Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fists and said sternly, “You f*cking underestimate me too much!”


Just as his voice fell to the ground, a slight sound appeared around him.

Xu Xiaoshou ignited the Infernal Original Seed in his body, and a terrifying scorching power spread out.

He originally couldnt withstand the full power of the Infernal Original Seeds detonation.

But at this moment, other than this method, he had no other ability.

The goal was to get the parasite in his body completely out.

“Go and die!”

Xu Xiaoshou sat cross-legged on the spot, with three flowers converging on the top, and five elements facing the sky.

His control of power was exquisite to the extreme.

The ice world around him was completely unaffected.

However, it was as if a blazing sun had exploded inside his body.

The temperature was rising, and it was still rising!


Yu Lingdi laughed loudly.

“Kid, do you think that when I was inside your body, I didnt know that you had the Three Days Frozen Calamity and the Infernal Original Seed”

“Such an existence has long been on guard!”

“Besides, if you turn yourself into a large steamer, can you steam me to death Do you dare to be so ruthless to yourself”

“Youre only an innate expert!”

Yu Lingdi didnt take it to heart at all.

To him, this young man was merely an innate expert and had a bright future like a genius.

How could he give up his bright future and truly have the determination to perish together with him

“Watch carefully.”

Xu Xiaoshou was completely unmoved.

Outsiders had no way of knowing how his pain tolerance had been abnormally trained throughout this journey.


Just as Yu Lingdi had said, a steamer would not be able to steam him to death.

However, under the same level of damage, Xu Xiaoshou did not believe that this person, who played with water all day long, would have a stronger tolerance than him, who had grown up eating fire seed all the way.

“If you have the guts, then you can hide in my body forever.

Dont come out!”


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