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Chapter 604: Xiaoshou as Bazhunan, Xiaoji as Haitang er

It was quiet in the forest.

White-clothed walked slowly.

“Be careful.”

Lin Ruohuan sent telepathic communication carefully.

There was a slight perspiration on his forehead.

Tong Feng was even more cautious.

With every step he took, he had to use spiritual source to weaken his power.

He was being so careful not to crush the any fallen leaves on the ground.

In the quiet forest, the two White-clothed took their moves step by step.

They didnt even realize the sweats on their palms.

Out of a sudden.


A soft sound broke the silence.

Lin Ruohuan and Tong Feng turned around at the same time.

“Who is it”

Tong Fengs shout was as loud as thunder as if to suppress the fear in their mind.

Both of them turned around.

They spotted a tiny yellow flower not far away.

It was originally half-withered.

After a glitch, it seemed to be nourished by the spiritual energy and bloomed again.



A similar sound was heard infrequently from all sides.

Lin Ruohuan used his spiritual senses and saw the withered flowers around him bloom brightly again as if they were reborn.


He was shocked.

Before he could explain, Tong Feng cried out involuntarily.

“Valley of Floral Fragrance”

In this quiet forest, neither White-clothed nor anyone else could master such a poetic attack.

It could only be the Saint Servant, Haitang er, whom they saw in the scene earlier.

“Haitang er, Bazhunan”

Both of their hearts skipped a beat.

That was the last scene they saw on the East Wuming Mountain in the Eight Palace.

The Eighth Sword Deity was about to make a move before getting knocked out and kidnapped by Haitang er unexpectedly.

Now that the floral valley was seen, the Eighth Sword Deity must be somewhere here.

“Ill call for help!”

With his hands trembling, Tong Feng took out the Warning Bead immediately and prepared to crush it.

“Dont waste your time.”

A tranquil voice was heard from the distant forest.

“You already knew this is the Valley of Floral Fragrance.

Do you think this Warning Bead would work”

Tong Fengs fingers froze on the spot.

He paused in the air and couldnt take a step forward.

Thats right!

Valley of Floral Fragrance… that was a replica domain of the Seven Breaks.

At once, all White-clothed in the battlefield were trapped.

Elder Wuyue was the only one who could break through it.

Even Tong Fengs fingers went weak all of sudden.

It would be useless to crush this Warning Bead.

Did that mean that they could no longer keep in touch with the White-clothed troops

Lin Ruohuan looked downwards.

His heart sank to the bottom.

There were not many Warning Beads.

There was only one Warning Bead in a team of two.

In that case, they had to break through the Valley of Floral Fragrance before they could use the Warning Bead.

Otherwise, it would be suicidal!

They looked at each other and saw the despair in each others eyes.

“Keep it.”

Lin Ruohuan said.

The opponent chose to trap them instead of killing them.

Perhaps, there might be a chance of survival.

After all, that was someone who ruled over an era!

He did not have to go against the juniors like them.


“Why would the Eighth Sword Deity and Haitang er be here”

“Elder Wuyue, where did he go”

Lin Ruohuan stopped thinking.

In such a situation, he couldnt allow himself to get distracted.

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, he neglected it.

Then, he looked far and spoke softly.

“Eighth Sword Deity”

Tong Feng glanced at him in surprise.

He was so nervous that he felt like dying.

However, he was surprised to hear a slight sense of shock with a great tone of delight in Lin Ruohuans voice.

“Is he the fanatic of the Eighth Sword Deity”

Tong Feng was in despair.

“Come over.”

The ethereal voice came from a specific source now instead of coming from all directions.

The two White-clothed looked over immediately and spotted two figures not far away.

One of them was dressed in an otherworldly white robe.

Even though it was blood-stained, he gave out an immortal-like aura like a white lotus standing out in the empty forest.

Haitang er!

Lin Ruohuan had seen this face in the atrium on Wuming Mountain.

He didnt expect to have such a magical encounter in his life.

He met the real person right after parting with the big troop!

He lowered his gaze.

Below Haitang er who was leaning against an ancient tree, there was a disheveled man.

His hair was greasy and his beard was unkempt.

Let alone anything else, judging from the frightening scars on his neck and the withered leaves between his eight fingers…

“Eighth Sword Deity!”

Lin Ruohuan ran out of words to describe his feelings at the moment.

He should be in a state of extreme despair, but he felt a surge of emotions out of nowhere.

The living Eighth Sword Deity, the living miracle, the living…


“Come here.”

Bazhunan said while keeping his head lowered, with his elbow on his knee.

With his only eight fingers, he tore the leaves very slowly and leisurely.

He seemed to have waited for the two of them for ages.


Lin Ruohuan grabbed his Spiritual Sword tight.

He pushed Tong Feng with his shoulder and kept his chest open.

He said, “If we were to die, lets die with dignity!”


Tong Feng flipped his hand and glanced at the Warning Bead.

Feeling weak, he kept it and closed his eyes in torment.

Damn Jiang Bianyan, Xu Xiaoji said to himself.

He knew that the Warning Bead was useless.


He couldnt even get a chance to crush it.

The opponent could simply crush them with a trap without killing them straightaway!

This stupid bead was useless!



Xu Xiaoji was panicked, his heart was pounding crazily.

Looking at the two White-clothed stepping on the withered branches and quickly walking over, his legs began to tremble.

He incarnated into Haitang er and leaned against the ancient tree.

He was not putting on airs.

Xu Xiaoji would have lost himself and collapsed to the ground if he had not done this!

“Cutting Path…”


“And theyre freaking White-clothed!”

Xu Xiaoji was about to cry.

Darn Great Demon King Xu!

He knew it…

He knew that the Great Demon King Xu must be up to no good to have asked him out!

It was fine that he had to turn into a Straw Hat and Fourth Sword previously.

Those were just dead objects and there was no acting required.

But now, he was asked to turn into a living person and put on a play with Great Demon King Xu.

He was about to fool two White-clothed, a Sovereign, and a Cutting Path master

The Great Demon King Xu emphasized that he only had to help this one time and could keep quiet later on.

Still, he was very anxious!

He was freaked out!

Xu Xiaoji couldnt believe that he could fool the two idiots in front of him.

With such a minor change, how could they think that it was the legendary “Valley of Floral Fragrance”

Those were just random flowers that regained vitality from his effort of using the power of Sovereign, followed by Xu Xiaoshou who watered them with the Spring of Life in the Yuan Mansion!

There wasnt even a Haitang…

How could they believe it

“I dont even have a freaking domain.

I only watered some plants.

Cant they see that there isnt any domain in this place”

“Are they out of their minds Or is the Great Demon King Xu casting a spell”

Xu Xiaoji looked down and met Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

He was frightened by the sharp glance and hurriedly hid his flickering eyes.

He looked into the void.

Nothing to be seen.

He could see nothing.


Theyre all watermelons.

White-clothed and whatnot…

Ha, they were not here!

Xu Xiaoji calmly watched as the two White-clothed ran towards them.

Once again, he bit the tip of his tongue to stop his feet from trembling.


“The first step of fooling them is considered a success.”

The Spring of Life in the Yuan Mansion was amazing.

With the Vanishing Technique, he flew around and scattered it randomly.

Then, he created a fake “Valley of Floral Fragrance”.

Some flowers did not get the Spring of Life and looked a little worn down.

Some weeds did not get enough water and stayed the same too after making glitches.

But it was alright!

It was definitely alright!

He should have caught the White-clotheds attention.

They would have found out about the battle outcome and knew that Haitang er was injured.

“The Valley of Floral Fragrance has weakened, it indirectly proves that Haitang er is still injured.”

“Meanwhile, theres no domain…”

What a joke!

With Haitang ers level, would others be able to detect the domain after it was created

If the domain boundary could be detected so easily, then it wouldnt be called the “Seven Breaks Replica of Domain, the Valley of Floral Fragrance.” Instead, it should be called “Random Flowers”.

“Youre here”

When the two White-clothed arrived in front of him, Xu Xiaoshou finally sat down.

He raised his eyes and glanced at them calmly.

If it had been anyone else, he probably wouldnt have the courage to put on such a big show.


Xu Xiaoshou was greatly reassured, knowing that this White-clothed man called Lin Ruohuan was a swordsman.

At the same time, Lin Ruohuan was a fanatic fan of Bazhunan!

Generally speaking, there would be a leader in a team of two like this.

Obviously, Tong Feng who was a Sovereign would have to listen to Lin Ruohuan who was at Cutting Path level.

Lin Ruohuan might not be affected on a normal day.

However, he would definitely be overwhelmed with emotions as he met his idol.

A minor change in emotion was enough for him to overlook many details.

Under the preconceived situation, in which Bazhunan and Haitang er appeared…

He would have taken a random change of flowers as a weakened version of the Valley of Floral Fragrance.

Despite having doubts…

He definitely had doubts!

However, Xu Xiaoshou was not afraid.

Throughout his journey, he used the Information Bar to guess others minds and convince them gradually.

“Ba… Bazhunan”

Lin Ruohuan looked a little agitated.

He was trying his best to suppress it, but Xu Xiaoshou could see that clearly without using the Information Bar.

Lin Ruohuan addressed him respectfully without noticing it.

After realizing that they were opponents, Lin Ruohuan called him out by his name…

“Conclusion: Hes panicked!”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the Information Bar again:

“Respected, Passive Points, 1.”

“In Awe, Passive Points 1.”

“Conjecture, Passive Points, 2.”


Xu Xiaoshou thought they probably wouldnt question his identity so quickly.

Perhaps, they were wondering why was he waiting for them.


Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand kindly.

Seeing that they were a little uneasy, he spoke very slowly and calmly, “I gave you a hint earlier.

You didnt choose to call for help at that time, why dont you sit down and have a chat”

Tong Feng glanced at Lin Ruohuan.

Lin Ruohuan didnt respond.

If it was any other time, he would really sit down and seize this precious opportunity to chat with the legendary Eighth Sword Deity.

But at this moment, he knew the right thing to do despite his excitement.

They were currently opponents!

“Just relax.”

Xu Xiaoshou took a glance at the White-clothed duo and Haitang er.

He said casually, “Im here to wait for someone.

It might not be you, as long as its any White-clothed.”

Xu Xiaojis gaze shook for a second.

Then, he continued to look at the distance with an empty gaze.

Just relax…

What on earth was the Great Demon King Xu thinking

In this situation, he asked Xu Xiaoji to “just relax”

Xu Xiaoji was just a Half-Sovereign while Xu Xiaoshou was a mere Innate stage warrior.

How brazen they were to fool others around in such a high-profile manner

An ordinary man would never dare to think about it!

If one really tried to do this, perhaps, after an attempt…

He would have died before anything could be done!



Lin Ruohuan opened his mouth twice, and each time, he felt that it was a bit off.

He couldnt address the Eighth Sword Deity because that would be too humble.

Bazhunan, he couldnt say that either.

Which swordsman in the Eastern Region would stand in front of Bazhunan and call him by his name


Finally, he called out the most common title in the Spiritual Cultivation world.

He asked, “Senior, why did you call us here”

Tong Feng immediately became alert.

His body tensed up as if he was a prey that was about to counterattack.

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

“Dont be nervous.

Ive said it.

I dont kill people now.”

That sentence made the three of them nervous.

Xu Xiaoji almost failed to hold it back and collapsed.

How brazen he was!

Was he capable to kill them

Xu Xiaoji wouldnt submit to anyone in this world.

But, he totally lost it to the Great Demon King Xu!

“Brother Lin…”

Tong Fengs eyes fluttered.

He hesitated for a while and lowered his voice in telepathic communication, “Something is fishy.”

His focus was not on the Eighth Sword Deity in front of him.

Unlike Lin Ruohuan, he refused to die in the so-called “Glory” of most swordsmen.

Therefore, he used his spiritual senses and tried his best to find the flaws in the Valley of Floral Fragrance.

However, this domain…

It was so natural!

There was no flaw at all!

Look at the flowers, the plants…

It was as if they were grown in this place, and no one had ever planted them.

They were indeed in full bloom, but they only recovered the original appearance before they withered.

There were more and brighter flowers in the scene at Wuming Mountain.


It was too perfect!

“Whats wrong”

Lin Ruoxuan secretly asked with telepathic communication.

Tong Feng secretly glanced at Haitang er who was leaning on the ancient tree.

His eyes were so determined and profound.

He didnt even blink once ever since both of them arrived.

It was as if he hadnt been injured at all.

However, when they looked down, he was covered in blood.

That proved that this was the guy who used the Valley of Floral Fragrance to trap all the White-clothed people in the Eighth Palace and then Gou Wuyue broke through the domain.

“Haitang ers power is amazing.

Its so perfect that its a little ridiculous…”

Tong Feng hesitated for a moment and said, “You should know better than me about how good Elder Wuyue is.”

“Haitang ers domain was broken through by Elder Wuyue.

At this point in time, he would barely recover.

How could he create such a perfect and flawless domain”

“I cant even detect the slightest change of the Heavens.”

“The domain is as if…”

Tong Fengs voice was filled with reverence.

He said, “Its as if there is no domain at all.

Were still in the forest… Its untraceable!”


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