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Chapter 600: Bazhunans Rejection, Gou Wuyues Achievement

“Stop!” At this moment, only did Gou Wuyues belated shout come from within the Nation Toppling Heavenly Shield.

However, who among the Saint Servants could endure the humiliation of having their spiritual leaders head blown off by a single palm

The battle was not over yet!

There was another “Boom”.

Under the ferocious expression of the Storyteller, Yu Lingdis body, which had been smashed into pieces in mid-air, was shattered into pieces by the thousands-feet-long phantom ancient book.

The minced meat splattered onto the huge purple begonia blooming on the ground.

“Whoosh.” The demonic purple begonias petals trembled.

With a light sound, it closed up like a carnivorous flower and swallowed everything.

“Gurgle.” The flower branches bulged and squirmed like intestines.

“Gulp.” Xu Xiaoshous Adams apple rolled as well, and his face turned green.

“I knew it, I knew it… I knew these people in the White Cave were just testing their skills…”

This was too f * cking crazy!

A few cultivators at the Cutting Path or Higher Void stage had combined their attacks as if playing a game.

With their combination of attacks, they actually forcefully destroyed Yu Lingdi, the so-called Supreme Upanishad wielder who could destroy the Higher Voids

“Spit him out!” An angry voice came from the horizon.

At this time, Number 33 had finished repairing his body and rushed over.

However, he was still one step too late.

When he arrived at the battlefield, the purple begonia flower that occupied the entire ground trembled slightly as if it had burped, and its petals had returned to full bloom.

Number 33s eyes were red.

Yu Lingdi was his partner.

They had been partners for many years, and both sides had witnessed each others growth.

He had only made one mistake, and his former partner… Was gone


Number 33 roared in anger.

He raised his fist.

The white power of the Higher Void suddenly burst out from his fist, and he punched towards the begonia on the ground.


The moment the fist hit the begonia, the flower trembled and shattered into thousands of petals.

However, as the saying goes, the falling flowers would nourish the world silently.

With the death of one begonia, thousands of begonias bloomed again.

For a moment, the world was spinning.

The order of the Way of the Heavens collapsed, and the sea of flowers replaced everything on the scene.

“Crackle!” Number 33 clenched his fist so hard that it made cracking sounds.

This familiar scene…

“The Valley of Floral Fragrance”

The last time they had escaped from this terrifying predicament was after Yu Lingdi had finally felt the water-type element in the flowers aura after countless trials and errors.

Back then, Yu Lingdi had then destroyed the bounded domain by connecting with the Great Path of the myriad worlds.

At this moment, Number 33 was in the Valley of Floral Fragrance once again, but Yu Lingdi was already gone.

Back then when he was exiled to the flow of spatial fragments, without Haitangers instructions on what to do, Number 33 had tried countless moves, but they were all ineffective.

Now he was in such a place, how could he break free alone

This was a Seven Breaks bounded domain!

“Whats going on”

“Where is this place My God, its so beautiful.

Its even more beautiful than the fairyland that I saw just now…”

“Umm, somethings wrong!”

“Its another fantasy realm!!”

After the purple begonia was gone, the group of white-clothed people who had finally regained their consciousness from the Celestial Court predicament was once again absent-minded as they looked at the boundless sea of flowers in front of them.

Not long after, a spirit array caster realized that something was wrong.

The previous predicament was so realistic that it had psychedelic effects on a persons will, making it difficult for them to realize that the Celestial Court predicament was a fantasy realm.

But at this moment, in the sea of flowers restraining array, they could still see their partners!

On top of that, there were a few who could recognize that this was a fantasy realm.

“So, its not a fantasy realm!”

Among the group of jittery white-clothed people, the spirit array caster who had the experience of controlling large-scale spiritual arrays like the Nation-toppling Heavenly Shield finally figured out what they were trapped in by touching the core of the array, observing the array patterns and other methods.

This was not a fantasy realm.

The conclusion was made because they could not sense the core of the array and the array pattern at this moment.

This was definitely not a f*cking fantasy realm.

“This is a bounded domain!” Finally, someone spoke the truth.

However, although Sovereigns and Cutting Paths were many among the people present, all their attacks were ineffective towards the bounded domain.

Forget about destroying the bounded domain, only a tiny bit of space was cleared up by the continuous spiritual techniques that were thrown at the flower buds that covered the sky and earth.

On the contrary, the dead flowers nourished the living flowers.

In their place, the other flower buds were nourished by the fertile energy and bloomed even more coquettishly.

That was all.

There were no other effects from their attacks!

The fragrance of the flowers assailed everyones nostrils, and everyone started to feel somewhat delirious.

“This is a bounded domain”

“Isnt this bounded domains abilities too strong”

“Im a f*cking Cutting Path, how can I possibly lose to a mere bounded domain”

The voices of criticism gradually weakened.

The white-clothed sovereigns gradually fell to the ground unconscious.

On the other hand, those at the cultivation stage of the Cutting Path could still hold on.

However, the restraining bounded domain had taken the lead to be on the offensive, causing the white-clothed people to lose their advantages.

It was already very difficult for them to defend against it.

“The Valley of Floral Fragrance…”

Gou Wuyue walked to the front of the crowd and looked over with a shocked expression.


With a swoosh, Number 33 appeared behind Gou Wuyue in a flash.

“Greetings, Elder Wuyue.”

He did not have Yu Lingdis brains.

TheValley of Floral Fragrance was the forbidden edition of the Seven Breaks bounded domain, and it was known to have the ability to confuse even the Higher Voids…

He was merely a Divine Puppet who was not very bright.

He was not afraid of the tyrannical opponents in battle, but he was quite fearful of those who had these strange tricks up their sleeves.

They would probably be separated and defeated one by one with such methods.

Even if he was a Divine Puppet, he would still be defeated under the Saint Servants series of mysterious methods.

After all, from the very beginning, that old man with the ax had displayed an extraordinary power of the Higher Void — Spiritual Draw, a terrifying technique that could threaten the Divine Puppets!

“Elder Wuyue, do you know me” Haitanger, who was picking flowers, was a little surprised.

He had never seen Gou Wuyue before.

Gou Wuyue was not in charge of the Northern Regions battle section either.

“I have heard a lot about the Valley of Floral Fragrance.” Gou Wuyues expression was solemn.

Just like Number 33, at their level, they werent afraid of anyone unreasonable, because no matter how unreasonable the opponents were, they wouldnt be able to defeat a sword deity.

However, when it came to such unorthodox methods… those who could play tricks were the most fatal.

Just a slight err and one could be dead before one knew it.

A smile appeared on Haitangers face as he said, “Elder Wuyue, do you want to try and break the Valley of Floral Fragrance To be honest, Im very curious if the upper limit of my bounded domain can withstand a strike from a sword deity.”

Gou Wuyue stared at him for a long time before suddenly laughing, “Cutting Path”

Haitanger raised his eyebrows but said nothing and Gou Wuyue understood.

“Theres no need for me to try,” He shook his head and refused, “Youre not my match.”

After saying this, he turned around and looked at the masked man.

“Take off your mask.”

He said it as an order!

The masked man raised his eyebrows, but he did not mind.

“What else do you want to prove”

“I said… Take off your mask!” Gou Wuyues voice was very cold.

“Hm,” The masked man hesitated for a moment, then slowly nodded.


As he spoke, he slowly removed the mask from his face, revealing a face that was covered in dried blood scabs and stains.

His messy hair was pressed tightly against his scalp, his unkempt beard had hairs of different lengths, his completely lifeless eyes did not have the slightest bit of elegance of the swordsman he was in the past…

Gou Wuyues heart trembled.

This was the Bazhunans face!

Even if outsiders imitated Bazhunan to a freckle, but the real thing was real, and a fake would forever be a fake.

Even if his temperament was completely different from decades ago, some things could not be erased by time.

What Gou Wuyue saw on this face was not his sloppiness.

Instead, it was a face that had been smoothed out by time, crushed by the Way of the Heavens, and forcefully suppressed by Hua Changdeng.

It was a face that had slightly changed, but one could still see some of its former elegance.

“Obedience…” A word flashed through Gou Wuyues mind, and suddenly, his pores opened slightly, and his hair stood on end.

What an absurd word!

The word itself was not absurd, but if it was put on the once arrogant and unruly Eighth Sword Deity…


It was as if two parallel lines had intersected at a certain point.

That dirty face had truly shocked Gou Wuyue.

“Youve changed,” He muttered.

“Is it enough” The masked man laughed and said again, “If its not enough, theres still more.”

He took off the gloves on his hands.

Then, he peeled off the black robe that covered his neck and brought it to his chest.

His eight fingers were exposed, and it was apparent he had lost both thumbs.

The eight fingers wandered on his neck, where a terrifying scar was exposed in the air…

Gou Wuyue tightly gripped the Voice of Nulan in his palm.

He took a deep breath, his voice trembling, “Tell me, whats your name!”

It wasnt a question, but an exclamation.

“Ive already told you, theres no point in me saying anything anymore,” The masked man said with a smile.

“Name!” Gou Wuyue roared.

The masked mans expression froze.

He could see the burning battle intent in Gou Wuyues eyes.

It was the respect he had for his former opponent.

At this moment, the masked mans blood surged, and his blood was boiling.

Even if he could not fly…


A huge force suddenly came from the bottom of his feet, and a blooming begonia lifted him towards the sky.

Then, the space under his feet stabilized and supported a space enough for one person to stand.

The masked man turned his head to look.

Haitanger was smiling, and the Storytellers eyes were filled with encouragement.

Everyone knew that the so-called ancient swordsmen had their pride.

When they introduced themselves, it would be the moment the sword ceremony was completed, and the battle was on the verge of starting.

“I can not fly, but my companions can help me stand at the heights I have reached in the past…”

The masked man tightened his eight fingers, and the color of defeat on his face faded.

He felt that his last battle declaration was far from satisfactory.

He wanted to give a formal battle declaration, just like Gou Wuyue who had forced him to come out of his cover completely.

Open and aboveboard… This was the path that the Saint Servants should take in the future!


Sword will burned in the eyes of the masked man, and his words were unbridled and powerful.

At this moment, the Fourth Sword in Xu Xiaoshous hand trembled violently, and it flew out of his hand into the sky.

The Voice of Nulan in Gou Wuyues hand shook violently as well, almost splitting his thumb and index finger.

The masked man… No, the masked man was no longer masked.

He had a new name.

“My name Is Bazhunan! Everyone in the world imitates me, but when I re-enter this world again, no one can surpass me… Im Bazhunan!”

As Bazhunan spoke, he casually waved his hand, and the Fourth Sword that was about to fly toward him was returned to Xu Xiaoshous hand.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the two swordsmen standing high in the sky, and at this moment, he felt his blood boiling.

He tightly held on to the Fourth Sword and said, “Stop fooling around, he doesnt want you anymore.

Bazhunan does not need a sword!”

“Wu –” Surprisingly, The Fourth Sword did not resist.

Instead, it choked a sob, as if it believed Xu Xiaoshous words and was seriously sad.

“Hahaha! What a good phrase,when you re-enter the world, Bazhunan is still unsurpassable.” Gou Wuyue raised his head and laughed.

After he finished laughing, he let go.

The Voice of Nulan was suddenly released.

With a hum, it stopped in mid-air and did not fly away.

Instead, it was as if it did not know which side to choose.

“The promise I made to you in the past is still valid.

You were only following me for the time being anyway.” Gou Wuyue waved his sleeve and said, “Now, your true master has arrived.


His words towards Bazhunan were filled with hostility, but when he spoke to the famed sword in front of him, he was filled with gentleness.

His gaze, which had turned gentle along with his words, was filled with determination and a faint reluctance to part.

However, when it was time to let go, he had to let go.

To let go, that was all.

“Wu –” The Voice of Nulan trembled even more intensely.

Its choking sound was not as heavy as the Fourth Sword, but more to a high-frequency hissing of the wind.

Everyone watching was stunned.

Even the seven hundred Holy Divine Guards who were hiding in the blind spots of the Eighth Palace outside the arena were at a loss for words.

No one would have thought that the situation would turn around and that a great battle was imminent.

Similarly, no one would have thought that after Yu Lingdis palm strike, the Saint Servant would go berserk and kill him on the spot.

Even more so, no one would have thought that Gou Wuyue would personally arrive and confirm the appearance of the Eighth Sword Deity!

“The sky is about to change!”

The dozens of people in the arena, as well as the seven or eight hundred people outside the arena, were both excited and terrified.

However, everyone knew that when the name Bazhunan was officially recognized, the situation in the world was about to change!

The battle situation moved forward gradually.

The moment Gou Wuyue appeared, the main characters between Heaven and Earth could only be these two swordsmen.

Bazhunan looked at the hesitant famed sword, the Voice of Nulan, and waved his hand.

“Theres no need to return.”

His face was filled with relief.

He used four of his fingers to comb his hair and pushed his messy hair to the back of his head.

Then, he spat on his palm and fixed his hair in place.

“When I abandoned you in the past, we were no longer on the same path.

And now…” Bazhunan looked at his four-fingered hands and murmured, “Theyre dirty and old… My hands cant hold swords anymore.”

He put his hands down.

No one knew what he was going to do.

Cen Qiaofu sighed and took out another wine gourd from his ring and threw it to Bazhunan.

“As expected, you have some more…”

Bazhunan shook his head and chuckled.

His expression turned solemn as he raised his head and started drinking again.

“Gulp, gulp, gulp.”

Everyone was shocked.

Even Gou Wuyue was shocked by his bold and unrestrained attitude.

The Eighth Sword Deity who was known to be a teetotaler was now…

“You really have changed,” Gou Wuyue muttered.

“How can a person remain unchanged forever”

Bazhunan drank the last drop of wine and casually tossed the wine gourd away.

A hint of mockery appeared in his eyes.

“You have changed as well, but this fearless and battle-hungry look of yours hasnt changed at all.”

Gou Wuyue didnt say anything.

Instead, he turned his head to look at the Voice of Nulan.

“Buzz.” the famed sword, the Voice of Nulan trembled as if it had completely lost all hope.

It had lost all signs of movement.

“Then come back!” A loud shout woke up the heavy sword.

Sword will shone brightly in the void, illuminating the endless sea of flowers.

Everyone felt that Gou Wuyues temperament had changed.

It was as if he was no longer hiding his edge, and was revealing his real sharpness.

“He doesnt want you, but I, Gou Wuyue, do!”


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