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Chapter 599: The Consequences Of Not Giving Face!

“Ill give you a big pineapple!”

Yu Lingdi suddenly went crazy.

He pulled out his hand and set off a rain that filled the entire sky.

Before anyone could react, the head of the masked man exploded on the spot.


In the pouring rain, an explosion could be heard.

Everyone present was instantly dumbfounded.

The storyteller was originally looking at Haitanger with a smile, but at this moment, his face directly froze…

Cen Qiaofu tightened the small ax in his hand, and his four limbs were stiff and his eyes were solemn from this slap…

Even Haitanger, who had arrived late, did not rush to help out immediately.

She could only watch as her chiefs head got blown off in front of outsiders..


Xu Xiaoshou looked around.

He had long known how charming the Eighth Sword Deitys personality was.

However, for some reason, the masked mans head was blown off.

The faces of the Saint Servants big shots changed at that moment, and he still couldnt stop his heart from beating wildly.

This, this, this…

This was so d*mn brave!

Yu Lingdi, how dare you!

Xu Xiaoshou recalled what the masked man had said in the white cave.

As expected, Yu Lingdis father should have been from the same era as Bazhunan, and he had been completely crushed.

But even so, he attacked as he wished and even crushed Yu Lingdis head, even if both sides had irreconcilable feuds.

But he had been able to hold it in earlier and communicate with him in a pleasant manner.

Why did he suddenly…

“Young man, youre out of options!”

Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously took a few steps back and gave way to the battlefield.

He knew that the masked man had an indestructible body.

He also knew how much respect the Saint Servant had for this so-called Acquired Chief!

As expected, in the next second, the first one to riot was the storyteller whose eyes were filled with his brother.

“How dare you!”

The storyteller roared, his eyes turning bloodshot on the spot.

In Chang Yis “Pulsation of light” bounded domain previously, his brothers body had suddenly exploded.

That was his brothers choice.

But now, under everyones watchful eyes, his brothers head had been blown off…

Even if his brother wanted him to not make a move, it was impossible for him to ignore such a feud.

All the accommodation, pride, and promises of no bloodshed can go to heck!


He roared and pounced forward.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was listening by the side, was stunned.

This was the first time he had heard the storytellers voice in such a manly tone.

Had this guy really been provoked insanely mad

The storyteller held the “Yin Yang Life and Death Trap” upside down and tapped his toes on the ground.

He then switched places with his own brother.

Then, without any explanation, he waved his palm.

He didnt even want to say the order of the way of the heavens.

He held the phantom ancient book which then had suddenly enlarged and gave Yu Lingdi a fierce slap.

It was as if if he didnt give him a taste of his own medicine, it would be difficult for him to let go of this hatred.

“Be careful!”

Number 33 warned.

But the spatial displacement was too fast.

Yu Lingdi didnt have time to react to the sudden change.

His idea was to say no more nonsense.

He just needed to ignite the flames of war and call elder Wuyue back to participate in the battle.

But he didnt expect his opponent to have such a huge reaction to just a single palm strike!


An explosion sounded.

The air currents surged and pushed the rain in the sky back.

With a whoosh, the storytellers figure flew backwards.

Everyone took a quick glance and saw that the attack that Yu Lingdi couldnt react to was actually blocked by the elbow of the incomparably tall man beside him.

“Number 33…”

Yu Lingdi muttered softly with a trace of gratitude in his eyes.


However, just as he was lost in his thoughts, another whistling sound of wind came from behind his head.

The storyteller in front of him had clearly been sent flying by Number 33s elbow strike, but when he suddenly turned around, he saw that there was also an enraged storyteller behind him.


The huge Yin Yang Life and Death Trap phantom that had been bent by Number 33s elbow struck down from the sky.

It was like a giants palm that was about to smash Yu Lingdi into powder.

Number 33 really looked like an emotionless battle machine.

He didnt even take the slightest bit of time to recover.

After sending the storyteller in front of him flying with one elbow strike, he turned around and sent a whip kick flying toward the second storyteller.


The second storyteller was also sent flying.

A long black hole was forcefully kicked out behind Yu Lingdi.

Space crumbled inch by inch, causing the eyelids of Xu Xiaoshou, who was watching the battle, to twitch wildly.

This reaction speed…

This power…

“Is this the mature form of the divine puppet”

“A Sovereign physique”

Chi chi chi…

The head of the masked man in front of him had transformed into Galaxy Sword Aura, and then back into a human head.

He looked at the crazy storyteller, frowned, and muttered, “Youre being too impulsive, isnt it just a head”

This time, Cen Qiaofu couldnt hold himself back anymore.

“Youve changed.”

He then continued refuting, “If it were decades ago, I would dare to conclude that you wouldnt even say these words… No, you wouldnt even have thought of saying such words.”

“But now, you really have changed.”

He then pondered for a moment and continued, “Perhaps to you, this is just an insignificant head.”

“But to the Saint Servant, this is dignity!”

He clenched the Pan Xian Ax in his hand, bent his calves, and said, “Now, you cant leave just like that.

The arena must be fought… that kid must die too!”

Then, Cen Qiaofus figure shot out like a cannonball on the spot.

Xu Xiaoshou watched in astonishment.

In the battle, there were already enough storytellers.

But under Number 33s solid defense, the first two storytellers had already flown out.

The third storyteller suddenly came tearing through the void rift in midair.

Like a maggot in the tarsal bone, his moves hadnt changed.

This storyteller No.

3 once again swung the phantom ancient book at Yu Lingdi.

“Be careful.”

Number 33 did not feel any emotion.

Even his words were emotionless.

Once he entered the battle state, he directly discarded all the things that he had learned from humans.

What he had was only his focus on battle.

The storytellers attack was very fast.

However, with his battle awareness of the second level, he could clearly capture and even predict it.


Number 33 said these two words in a plain and unadorned manner.

He crossed his hands above his head and was about to block the attack of the storyteller who had descended from the sky.

However, the scene in front of him suddenly blurred, and a narrowed-eyed elder holding an ax flew out of nowhere.

“Big boy, do you mind entertaining this old man”

Even Number 33 was slightly dazed by this sudden attack.

He wouldnt even able to sense the aura of this elder.

“Shouldnt you still be there…”

The Higher Void!

Number 33 reacted in an instant.

This elder wasnt at the same Cutting Path and cultivation level of the storytellers.

He was of the real higher void!

“Pan Xian Ax, the Beginning of Chaos!”

Cen Qiaofu slashed down with his ax.

The moment the weapon came into contact with him, it suddenly expanded into a mottled giant ax that was about ten feet long.

With a loud shout, the heaven and earth element was cut open and turned into a hazy purple, which was then absorbed into the giant ax.


The clanging sound of metal weapons clashing exploded out.

Number 33s body was like the toughest spiritual weapon in the world.

He forcefully used his abdomen to block this attack.

He did not even take half a step back.

The corner of his lips curled up as he learned to mock.

“A mere human is nothing…”

A smile appeared on his face, but before he could finish his words, Number 33 felt that something was wrong.

The energy cores essence exclusive to the divine puppet was crazily absorbed after the elders giant ax cut through the skin of the body.

In the blink of an eye, more than half of the energy cores essence was gone.

On the other hand, the rust on the giant ax in Cen Qiaofus hand seemed to have been cleaned.

In the blink of an eye, the ax blade became sparkling and beautiful.

“How dare you talk sh*t about humans with a piece of iron”

Cen Qiaofu sneered disdainfully and exerted force.

“Open up.”


Yu Lingdis long hair fluttered in the air.

Number 33 in front of him was cut into two halves by Cen Qiaofu.

Half went up to the sky, while the other half went down to the ground.

Neither space nor the ground could stop the momentum of the explosion.

The body part of the sky was smashed into the spatial fragment in the blink of an eye.

And the piece that went down to the ground hit the ground.

If it hit the water-grinded tofu, it directly sank deep into the ground and disappeared without a trace.


Xu Xiaoshou had lost his voice in his heart.

When he saw this horrifying scene, his scalp went cold.

This was a divine puppet!

A guy who could blow up the storyteller with one elbow met Cen Qiaofu…

One chop with an ax, cut in half

“Thats it”

“This is the difference between cutting path and higher void”

It wasnt over yet!

Yu Lingdi, who had lost the protection of Number 33, was shockingly exposed in front of Cen Qiaofu, who was dragging the huge ax horizontally, and the storyteller who suddenly descended from the sky with the ancient book.

Yu Lingdi himself wasnt even a sovereign.

Just now, he had smashed the masked mans head with one palm, and in the blink of an eye, he was going to face…

He was actually at the peak of the cutting path, a storyteller who had completed the Nine Death Thunder Calamity, and a true supreme expert — Cen Qiaofu of the Higher Void!

His face turned green.

He had slashed through the cutting path, and through the higher void as well.

However, this did not mean that his expression will not change at all when the storyteller collapsed in front of him.

Yu Lingdi was shocked.

He pulled out his hands at the speed of light and formed a hand seal in the air.

“Water Moon Grotto-heaven, seal up.”

A complicated Power Upanishad Formation appeared in his palm.

The path patterns on it overlapped, and a vast and profound sense of the boundless sea emerged.

When the Upanishad formation appeared, a bright moon appeared above the nine heavens.

The water-type whirlpool under Yu Lingdis feet turned.

His body sank, and he was about to enter it.

“The flower blooms for ten thousand miles, half a step into the Celestial Court!”

From a distance, Haitanger gently twirled the six-leaf begonia flower in her hand and took half a step forward.

The Power Upanishad Grotto-heaven under Yu Lingdis feet suddenly shook.

It seemed that the energy in the middle of the process was chaotic, and new sprouts emerged from the water.

Then, the new sprouts grew crazily, directly sucking away the rain in a radius of several miles and turning it into nutrients.

A huge purple-leaf begonia with a radius of one thousand feet suddenly bloomed, and its fragrance drifted for ten thousand miles.

Everyone present was in a trance when they heard it.

Xu Xiaoshou only felt that he had lost his soul for a moment as if he was in an immortal court.

The rain stopped.

The enemy had disappeared.

There was only the misty white fog of the immortal court, as well as the blossoming demonic crabapple flowers in the fog.

“So beautiful…”

He could not help but mutter.

This kind of immortal realm could only be found in dreams.

It was difficult to find even half of it in the mortal world.

But suddenly.

“Confused, passive points, 1.”

The information bar jumped, and Xu Xiaoshou immediately woke up from his predicament.

“Fantasy realm!”

When he woke up, the image transmitted by his “perception” had replaced everything that his eyes saw.

All the white-clothed people who had retreated to the end of the battlefield, who no longer participated in the battle, were all intoxicated and engrossed.

Yu Lingdi, who was in the middle of the battle, also smiled.

However, his mental strength seemed to be much stronger than the others.

Before the smile on his face could be seen, it had already stopped.

His expression returned to normal.

Then, he blinked and saw reality as it really was…

What a terrifying reality!


“Pan Xian ax, Elemental Destruction!”

Cen Qiaofu grinned hideously.

His ax directly cut Yu Lingdi, who had recovered from her daze.

He knew that Yu Lingdi had comprehended a water-type Upanishad.

And this kind of person was very likely to have an element body.

What was an element body

Just like the chief, ordinary physical attacks were ineffective against it.

The opponent only needed to use the Heavenly Dao and element to instantly reconstruct his body with the great path of the five elements and water-type, as well as the water element of the heavens and earth.

But who was Cen Qiaofu

The Higher Void!

Other people needed to try many battles before they could come to a conclusion.

The moment he made his move, he directly brought the result forward.

Not only did he cut off the water-type of the great path of the heavens and earth out of thin air, but he also cut off the water-type of the way of the heavens and earth.

The first move, “Elemental Destruction,” even emptied out all the water elements within a radius of a few miles.

And in the outside world.

With Haitangers huge begonia flower constantly absorbing the rain from the sky, Yu Lingdis final step — the possibility of obtaining energy from the previously accumulated rain and recovering his body was also eliminated on the spot.

Taking another 10,000 steps back…

Even if all the factors in the outside world that could allow Yu Lingdi to recover from his injuries had been eliminated.

The energy reserve and Ice Stream Spiritual Source in this fellows body still had the possibility of self-recovery!

But that was the crux of the problem.

The Pan Xian axs unique “spirit absorbing” property was a terrifying spiritual weapon that could instantly absorb half of the essence of the divine puppets energy core.

How long could Yu Lingdi, a mere sovereign, withstand it


There wasnt the slightest bit of surprise.

Yu Lingdi, who had been cut off from all possible paths of retreat, had originally thought that he was lucky.

But the moment the Pan Xian ax cut into his skin, his expression changed drastically, and he instantly realized that he had been wrong.

Recovery of his elemental body, rain force, spiritual source…

All possible paths of retreat had been cut off by this ax!


There was an explosive sound.

The scene of Number 33s body being cut off was replayed.

What was different was that this time, Yu Lingdis body, which had been cut off by the ax, did not explode into mist as everyone expected.

Instead, after a bang, dark red blood gushed out.

Even during the time when he was sent flying, his weak body could not withstand the power of the higher void of the Pan Xian ax and broke into several big pieces on the spot.

“Oh my God…”

Xu Xiaoshou used his “Perception” to sense all the subtle fluctuations in the scene.

In the eyes of others, it was just an ordinary slash.

In his eyes, it was so marvelous that it reached the pinnacle of perfection.

Were all the battles in the higher void so cruel

He didnt even give his opponent the slightest chance, and he killed his opponent right away

“Is… this the consequences of not giving face”


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