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Chapter 596: Sword Deity From the East

Outside the Eighth Palace, on a mountain far away.

The quiet mountain forest was supposed to be a better hiding place for birds and beasts, but suddenly…


The birds flew away in fright, and beasts scattered in all directions panic.

As the branches hit the leaves, a large flock of birds flew out.

Then, a shocked cry came from the dense forest.

“Ba! Zhun! An!”

The fallen leaves returned to the forest and hit the white-clothed, red-clothed, and gray-clothed people who were supposed to be calm, causing the hundreds of people present to tremble.

“The Eighth Sword Deity!”

Everyone lost their composure and their breathing became hurried.

The army that was located in the eastern corner of the Eighth Palace was one of the four domains in control of the Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield.

This group of white-clothed, red-clothed, and gray-clothed Holy Divine Guards from the Holy Divine Palace had the best training.

Even if they were pushed to their extreme, they would never lose their composure like this and lose their concentration on the Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield.

However, when the words of the masked man from the Eighth Palace who was confronting the Moonless Sword Deity were displayed on the light curtain in the atrium, everyone lost their composure.

“He, he, he… What did he just say Bazhunan!”

“Isnt that the Eighth Sword Deity”

“Shouldnt the Eighth Sword Deity be dead”

“Is this one of those fanatics pretending to be the Eighth Sword Deity”

“Are you f*cking kidding me!”


The crowd was in an uproar.

Everyone looked at each other, their faces full of shock, and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Jokes which have been thrown around in the past coming out of the mouth of the Chief Saint Servant.

This was simply unbelievable!

But looking at Elder Wuyues shocked expression…

Wasnt this proof of something


“Its impossible.

How can the Eighth Sword Deity still be alive”

“In the past, Bazhunan had wanted to break through the realm of the sword deity and got destroyed by Hua Changdeng with three sword strikes.

Shouldnt both his body and soul get destroyed by this”

“This, this, this… Could he have been reborn from the flames”

“Could it be that he has a second life!”

There were also swordsmen and fanatics of the Eighth Sword Deity in the team of the Holy Divine Palace.

Even if they did not make it obvious normally, they all appeared as if they had just witnessed a miracle.

Has that man returned


An angry rebuke suppressed the restlessness in the entire place.

Jiang Bianyan, the Hallmaster of the side hall of the Holy Divine Palace in Dongtianwang City, smashed the wooden table and shouted, “Silence, all of you!”

Everyone instantly quieted down.

Even if this person in front of them wasnt the strongest among them.

However, as the Hallmaster of the side hall in Dongtianwang City, the power in his hands wasnt something that everyone present could go up against.

Moreover, as the person in charge of the Eastern part of the Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield from the Eighth Palace, Jiang Bianyan held the power to judge life.

At this critical juncture of the war, if someone did not cause panic in the army, they might even be dragged out and killed.

“What is this all about”

“Is the name Bazhunan enough to make all of you believe in him”

“Look at this person… how could Bazhunan be so shabby You all havent seen Bazhunan in person, but you all should have already seen a portrait of Bazhunan!”

“Look at all of you…”

Jiang Bianyan swung his hands angrily, so angry that he was unable to say anything.

So angry that his right eyelid started twitching and his hand began shaking.

“Hallmaster Jiang!”

A white-clothed man with a sword in his hand rose from the crowd.

He looked very excited, and his eyes were so bright that they could almost set fire to the whole mountain forest.


Before he could even finish speaking, Jiang Bianyan suddenly turned his head around and pointed his finger at him with such force that it almost pierced through the air and enter his mind between his eyebrows.

“Sit the f*ck down!”


The white-clothed man obediently sat down.

However, a few tree stumps away, another middle-aged man dressed in a red coat, who was carrying a spiritual sword and dressed as a swordsman, stood up.

“Hallmaster Jiang…”

“You shut the f*ck up too!” Jiang Bianyan moved his finger.


The latter pursed his lips and returned to the ground.

“Hallmaster Jiang!”

“Hallmaster Jiang!”

“Hallmaster Jiang…”

When the two of them stood up earlier, it seemed to have started a chain reaction.

Men clothed in white, red, and even gray started standing up.

As long as they were carrying swords, if they were to hear “Bazhunan”, which one of them could sit still

These people all stood up, and chaos ensued.

“Are you all trying to stage a rebellion”

Jiang Bianyan shouted loudly, and he flew high into the sky.

“Do you all really think Im unable to suppress all of you as the Sovereign”

He took out a command token and fiercely shot it into the ground.


The huge rock on the ground turned to dust, and the ear-piercing sound caused everyones lips, which were all about to open, to close up.

All kinds of words were stuck in their throats, making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Be quiet!”

Jiang Bianyans face turned slightly red.

He pressed on his right eyelid that was twitching crazily almost as if he wanted to flatten it.

However, when he released his hand, his eyelid could not help but twitch crazily again.

He gave up and threatened, “If anyone dares to say anything else, I wont bother to say anything more.

You will just get the hell out of here this very second.”

Jiang Bianyan flung his sleeves and his figure landed on the ground.

After a pause, he began to bend down to search for something at the broken rock.

“Why are you being more f*cking excited than us…”

A white-clothed swordsman couldnt help but mutter in a low voice, “If it isnt the real Eighth Sword Deity, why would he be so excited”

“Whos talking!”

Jiang Bianyan turned his head with his butt sticking out.

His face was as red as a demon, and his expression was ferocious.


Everyone lowered their heads.

They had to give him face.

After all, he was the commander-in-chief of the war in the East from the Eighth Palace.

“Found it.”

Jiang Bianyans feet rattled a few times.

Finally, he took out a crystal ball from the broken wood.

He blew on it and blew away all the wood chips on it.

Then, he wiped it with his sleeve and tried to inject Ice Stream Spiritual Source into it.

But at that moment, as if he had just remembered something, he suddenly stood up and turned around.

“Dont make a sound later, understand”

The whole place was dead silent.

Many heated eyes were staring at the light curtain in the atrium and at Jiang Bianyan.

Jiang Bianyan sighed and his voice softened,

“Just dont panic.”

“Isnt it just a fake Bazhunan I will go contact the higher-ups in the headquarters right this very moment!”


In every corner of the Eighth Palace, similar situations were occurring.

As long as it was a place where spiritual cultivators gathered, it was inevitable that there would be swordsmen.

And as long as there was a swordsman, there would be fanatics of the legendary Eighth Sword Deity.

In the central region, the influence of the eighth sword deity could only be considered just alright.

At the very least, with the pressure of the Holy Divine Palace suppressing it, coupled with the fact that the Eighth Sword Deity had already fallen for so many years, the enthusiasm for him had long been extinguished by time.

However, in the Holy Sword Land in the East, things were completely different.

As a region that revered the sword, the Eighth Sword Deity was practically a God.

After that wanderer suddenly woke up, with his Innate Elemental Power, he became the Eighth Sword Deity within three years and was simply a miracle-like existence.

It could be said that once the news of the Eighth Sword Deitys resurrection spread, eight out of ten spiritual cultivators would go crazy.

And out of a hundred swordsmen, only half would go crazy.

As the remaining half would just explode on the spot!

This was faith.

A faith that could suppress the entire eras peak swordsmen, an absolute faith without reason!


In Central Region Holy Palace, Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe, where the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace was located.

This was a snow-capped sacred mountain that towered into the clouds.

All year round, it was covered by the fragrance of a top-grade spiritual aura.

All the flowers and weeds which were able to grow here were all filled with this spiritual aura.

A grass anywhere on here was at least of the fifth grade.

There were two legends about Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

On the west side of the Luoshen Peak, there was a stele with no words on it.

The stele was surrounded by broken swords, and it was filled with a deathly aura that did not fit the immortal osmanthus spirit grade.

It was the remains of the holy path, the power of desolation.

Luoshen Peak was one of the forbidden grounds of the Osmanthus holy mountain.

Every spiritual cultivator in the world knew that this was the place where the previous Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace had fallen.

You Tu, the former leader of the seven sword deity, had single-handedly slaughtered his way to the holy divine palace and the Hallmaster of the main hall of the Holy Divine Palace had ended the previous era.

After that, he had hidden from the world and became a legend.

Dao Qiongcang had accepted the order in the face of danger and taken over the team.

Only then did he regain the power of the Holy Divine Palace.

The reason why You Tu had slaughtered his way to Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe was because of another legend of the Holy Mountain.


In the Eastern Region.

A windless area filled with candlelight.

Another forbidden ground of Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

A tall broken willow stood alone in the forbidden grounds.

This place was supposed to be full of greenery and willows.

But ever since the legend of the Sword Deity from the East spread to here, even the Ashvattha Willow, the leader of the nine great ancestral trees, which was ranked in front of the heavenly tree, broke.

It broke so abruptly.

Even after several decades, it was still difficult for it to spit out a new green leaf.

Under the broken willow, there was an ancient table on the gravel ground.

The ancient table was very small and dilapidated.

It was covered in dust as if no one had visited it for decades.

However, there was a candle on the table that had not been extinguished for tens of thousands of years.

The light was dim, causing the infinite light in the surroundings to fall into a dim space.

Other people lit their lamps for the sake of illumination.

But this long and bright old lamp was for the sake of attracting darkness.

On the dim and gloomy table, besides the ancient lamp, there was also a sword.

This sword was spotless.

The sword body was spiritual green in color, and it was full of potholes.

It was as if it had experienced countless hacking, tempering, and iron replenishment.

The sword body was clear and could suck a persons soul into it at a glance.

If there were evil spirits struggling on it, their will to die would disappear, and they would not be able to survive.

The eighth on the famed sword list was the sword named Ghost Hunter, one of the seven sword deities — Hua Changdengs saber!

In this empty but desolate place with a screen of candles, next to the broken willow, and facing the ancient table in the distance, sat a middle-aged man with gray hair.

He was middle-aged.

But with that weathered face, at a glance, outsiders would only think that he was an elderly elder.

“Hua Changdeng”

A gust of wind and waves rippled outside the candle screen.

The sound wave swept up the sand and gravel on the ground.

However, when it approached the middle-aged man who had his eyes closed and seemed to be sleeping, it stopped soundlessly.

The screen…

No one could enter, the sound of the wind was not close, and the old candle did not go out.

The eyelids of the man who was called Hua Changdeng quivered, and he slowly opened his eyes.

In this dim place, it was as if a sword had come out of the mortal world.

The candle on the ancient table swayed even though there was no wind.

With a chi sound, a new drop of candle wax appeared.

Only then did it barely hold on to the candle shadow.

“Is Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe going to be broken again This time, who will come to find me”

Hua Changdeng leaned against the broken willow.

With a glint in his eyes, he contained the shocking sword will in his eyes.

He supported himself on the ground with his hands and pushed forward with his feet.

He leaned against the broken willow to support his body and managed to sit up a little.

“Ta, ta, ta.”

The sound of footsteps was getting closer and closer.

A white-robed man walked out from the corner.

He held Si nan in his hands and the energy movement of the way of the heavens followed his guidance.

Every step he took seemed to be measuring this world.

Every step he took left a trace of the path on Si Nans divination board.

He carved and recorded.

Every step he took, he grew.

The old candle swayed, reflecting the outline of the persons face.

This was an extremely handsome man.

The Heavenly Court seemed to inherit the universe, full and square.

His brows and eyes were like the Milky Way, deep and small.

His nose was tall and straight, with sharp edges and corners.

Looking around, he looked like a saint looking down, full of pity for the world.

“Dao Qiongcang”

Hua Changdeng, who was leaning on the broken willow like an old man, finally sounded a little surprised.

“What are you doing here”


Dao Qiongcang stopped precisely three hundred feet away from the person in front of him.

His gaze first swept to the famed sword, Ghost Hunter, and then measured the length of the remaining candle.

He smiled and said, “Cant you stand up”

“Why should I stand up” Hua Changdeng closed his eyes again.

He felt that it was a waste of time to even look at the person in front of him.

“How can a Saint Servants body compare to the old trees wailing” Dao Qiongcang shook his head.

“The sword can cut path! A sword saint can only stop and leave a message to the sword saint.

He has no form to welcome you.”Hua Changdeng lowered his voice as if he was about to fall asleep.

“A sword can look down on the heavens and earth, but a sword can not break the heavens.”

“Sssh, ignorance.”

“Even if it breaks the heavens, there is still a heaven beyond the heavens.”

“Ha, ignorance.”

“A sword can only be accompanied by an old lamp.

Even if it breaks the willow, it can not wait to stand up.

Even if it wants to wake up, it can not breathe.

Bitter” Dao Qiongcang smiled.

“Bitter! Bitter…”

Hua Changdeng seemed to have fallen asleep.

His breathing became even, and his snoring was about to come out.

“The Sword of Gou!”

Dao Qiongcang suddenly shouted.

Even the candle flame trembled slightly, and it was almost extinguished.

Hua Changdengs body trembled, and he suddenly opened his eyes.

“Are you sick !”

Only then did Dao Qiongcang smile and stroke his beard again.

He raised Si nan in his hand and said in a harmonious voice, “The sword of Gou holds the three thousand laws of heaven, and carries on the sound of peace in the myriad worlds.

He lives alone, prostrating himself with incense, the body of a Python and the body of a sparrow, and the noble words of a golden dragon.

How fortunate is that”

He nodded his head with an intoxicated look in his eyes.

“How fortunate, how fortunate…”

“Are you crazy What are you doing here Are you trying to scare me by saying these few sentences”Hua Changdeng turned his body and moved to the other side of the tree.

“Dont you think its very beautiful I have recently been fascinated by poetry and words.

These words contain the mysteries of the great path.

They are very suitable for me.”

Dao Qiongcangs footsteps moved and suddenly stopped in mid-air.

“Me, come in and chat”


Hua Changdeng waved his hand in disdain.

“Where did you learn this rubbish from Is it that Dao ancestor of yours again If you really feel that living is boring, then knock that rubbish si nan on your head.

The Dao ancestor can teach you Dao for the rest of your life.”

“No, no, no…”

Dao Qiongcang waved his hand and stopped at a distance of three hundred feet.

In the end, he did not step in.

Hua Changdeng said that he could not enter, so he did not enter.

“These words were not taught to me by the Dao ancestor.”

“Ha, then what bullsh*t is sucking up to you Has the smell of your body has changed as well”

“You know…”

Dao Qiongcang looked at him with a smile.

His voice paused for a moment before he chanted loudly, “A sword deity from the east and a sword deity from the netherworld, drunk and walking in the clear sky, not a secular mortal, how can Gui Zhe be so pious”


The candle flame was suddenly extinguished.

The sound of the wind rose.

Hua Changdengs ghost-like figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

The Ghost Hunter in his hand was placed on Dao Qiongcangs exposed neck.

His eyes were filled with madness.

His deep voice was filled with killing intent.

“Do you want to die”


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