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Chapter 594: Showing Respect to Saint Servants Chief

“Sword Will”

At this critical moment, the eyelids of the sleepy-eyed masked man on Cen Qiaofus back trembled, and he slowly opened his eyes.

Just as he raised his head, his eyes focused on the billowing dust ten thousand miles away.

Then, he turned his head and looked at the blue-robed middle-aged man who was facing the young man and had his back towards him.

“Gou Wuyue…”

The masked man seemed to be reminiscing as he muttered softly.

It was unknown what he was thinking about in his turbid eyes.

After a long time, he finally fixed his eyes on the famed sword in Gou Wuyues hand, The Voice of Nulan.


Along with the sword cries, a demonic wind seemed to be blowing in the sky.

It whistled continuously and everyone felt a chill in their hearts.

Many White-clothed people immediately became alert.

Their attention instantly shifted away from the young man in the distance and landed on the masked man who had regained consciousness.


The Storyteller called out in surprise, “Youre awake”

“Are you alright” Cen Qiaofu tilted his head and asked.

With a shake of his back, he flicked the person on top of him down.

“Im fine.”

The masked man replied.

However, he subconsciously tapped on the void below his feet and suddenly realized that he had lost his ability to hover in the air.

He immediately came to a realization.

The people in front of him were all talking in the sky!

As expected.

The next second.


The person who fell from Cen Qiaofus back seemed to have stepped on air in his sleep, and his body fell straight to the ground.


The masked man was speechless.

Fortunately, the Storytellers reaction was very fast.

With a swipe of his hand on theYin Yang Life and Death Trap, a golden light bloomed, and the masked man had already landed on the space platform he had created.


The audience was stunned.

Questioning looks soon appeared on the faces of the White-clothed people.

If the information was correct, the person who fell from Cen Qiaofus back should be the Chief of the Saint Servant.

However, the Chief of the Saint Servant couldnt even fly

“How come each of these motherf*cking Saint Servants is weirder than the last”

“Forget about that young man.

I thought that the Chief of the Saint Servant had suppressed his cultivation level.

I didnt expect that he was really in the Acquired Realm.

He cant even fly”

“My goodness, what the h*ll is this and what is happening!”

The arena where the masked man had left the situation was like a **-stirrer, directly shifting the target of the confrontation in the arena.

Gou Wuyue turned back to look.

He lowered his gaze and saw the masked man who was about to fall to the ground.


The masked man raised his head to look, his expression somewhat awkward.

He wanted to speak.

However, he soon realized that this highly unequal way of speaking not only exhausted his neck but also weakened his aura by a notch.

He immediately turned his head and looked at the Storyteller.

The Storyteller understood and waved his hand, causing the masked man to slowly float in the air.

A group of White-clothed people with dozens of heads slowly raised their heads as the figure of the masked man rose up.

That scene was simply too shocking!

“This… is the worlds reinforcements”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was in the distance, was initially delighted that the masked mans appearance could divert Gou Wuyues attention.

When he saw this scene, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

The opponent was the Moonless Sword Deity!

With him doing this, how can Xu Xiaoshou believe that the Saint Servant can fight his way out of this inescapable net

This was even more ridiculous than what he had said.


The rain continued to fall.

In order to prevent his brother from encountering another accident while he was in the air, the Storyteller even slowed down his speed.

It wasnt until he realized that something was wrong with the atmosphere that he immediately shifted and pulled his brother to the same height as Gou Wuyue.

“Being neglected.

Passive points 782.”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this message.

Unexpectedly, the moment the masked man reached the desired height, he did not do anything else.

The first thing he did was to turn his head to look at him and even wave him over.

“Come here.”


White-clothed people turned their heads in unison.

“Being watched, passive points 783.”

Xu Xiaoshous face instantly turned green.

He wanted to leave the battlefield.

He did not even want to stay in the middle of the battle.

However, the masked man seemed to know what he was thinking.

He smiled and said, “If you stay there, you will only die faster.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He immediately reacted.

Yes, this was the battle between the Cutting Path and the Higher Void.

Such a short distance was considered very close to them.

How could he avoid it

“Come here.”

“Being invited, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou gritted his teeth and did not dare to think any further.

He usedAscending to the Heavens in A Single Step and directly went behind the masked man.

“The battle has begun.

Remember to shield me…”

“Watch carefully.”

The masked man did not even turn his head and directly cut off his words.

“Watch what” Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.


“Learn what…hmm”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes suddenly lit up, “It cant be…”

He remembered that when he first met the masked man, he had said something similar to him.

After saying, “Your Path has long been walked on by many and its already ruined.”, he directly attacked, severely injuring Xiao Qixiu, Ye Xiaotian, and several founding elders of the Tiansang Spirit Palace, and he easily escaped.

Could it be that at this moment, he would also display his divine might and break this space with a snap of his fingers

Then, under Gou Wuyues gaze, he would lead everyone and escape far away, as he had done in Tiansang Spirit Palace

Xu Xiaoshou had a look of anticipation.

The Storyteller beside him had the same expression, and the stars in his eyes were about to fall out.

Cen Qiaofu took a few steps back.

Now that the Chief has stepped up, he was no longer the one resisting the pressure.

The masked man did not explain too much and directly took action.

He was like an elder who seemed like he wanted to personally give some advice.

He took a step forward.


Before the frightened Storyteller could finish his words, the masked man already trembled and fell forward.


With a whoosh, the Storyteller beside him hurriedly drew a line on the ancient book.

This increased the length of the intangible space platform to prevent the masked mans footsteps from hitting the ground and falling again.

The anticipation in the eyes of the White-clothed people turned into shock, and they were all dumbstruck.

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

He took a long breath, but he choked until he coughed again and again.

This was special, was he kidding him!

The masked man turned his head and glared at him angrily.

Then, under the Storytellers unnatural shrinking neck, he put his hands behind his back as if he had completely forgotten the embarrassing situation just now.

“Gou Wuyue”

The Saint Servants side, which was almost completely overwhelmed by the White-clothed camps aura, was directly broken by this indifferent sentence.

The shoulders of the masked man were still hunched, but when he slightly straightened them, it was as if the sky was about to be pierced.

It seemed that nothing in this world could suppress him.

“Aura” Xu Xiaoshou was alarmed.

This scene was very similar to the last bit he had witnessed in theSwallow the Mountains and Rivers fantasy realm when he was in a predicament.

In this world, a person who had absolute confidence would never be crushed by any aura, even if he seemed to only be at the Acquired Realm.

“Sword Will!”

“This fellow is also an ancient swordsman.

He broke through Elder Wuyues crushing Sword Will in an instant!”

“Good fellow, what realm is he”

“Is he also a Sword Deity He did it so easily…”

“What kind of joke is this! A Sword Deity There are only seven Sword Deities under the Heavens.

Is his name even mentioned”

“Then he…”

“Elder Wuyue didnt use his full strength at all.

His Sword Will was used to handle that young man just now.

Its insignificant!”

“Oh-oh, is that really the case”

White-clotheds telepathic communication channel immediately became noisy.

The quiet scene made the pitter-patter of the rain sound like a sea of surging waves.

Everyone could see that at this time, the masked man was really facing Gou Wuyue head-on.

To put it another way, it was hard steel!

“You recognize me.”

Gou Wuyues tone was not the least bit surprised.

He could tell from the moment the masked man woke up and his two sentences ofGou Wuyue that the masked man in front of him truly knew him.

Therefore, there was no doubt in his voice.

“Buzz!” the sword cried.

Gou Wuyue lowered his head and tightly grasped The Voice of Nulan, the famed sword.

Ever since the masked man had awakened, The Voice of Nulan seemed to have sensed an enemy of the same level, and its vibration was terrifyingly strong.

How many years had it been since he had seen such a scene

Gou Wuyue frowned and said, “But you recognize me, and I dont seem to recognize you”

“As for all the ancient swordsmen and famous people in the world, there is no one I dont know.

Hence, I should also recognize you.”

“Who are you”

The masked man shifted his gaze away from the famed sword, The Voice of Nulan, and curled his fingers.

His hands were empty.

“Saint Servants Chief.”

After saying this useless sentence, the masked man continued, “But this isnt important.

Whats important is that we should stop here for today.”

He glanced at the surrounding White-clothed people and nodded slightly.

“The spectacle isnt bad, but please show me some respect.

Disperse and return to your homes.”


White-clothed and the others were stunned.

Where did this fool come from

It was one thing for the young man to be naive and silly, but why was the Saint Servants Chief so conceited

Showing him some respect…

Saying it with such a tone, he really did not care about everyone here!


In the White-clothed crowd, someone finally could not hold it in anymore.

Did these people really think that their White-clothed group was just here just to joke around

A tall and sturdy figure flew out from the crowd.

He waved his sleeves and said angrily, “I dont care who the f*ck you are.

Well talk about it after were done!”

“There are seven White-clothed squads here, along with theNation-Toppling Heavenly Shield.

Even with the support from several hundreds of Holy Divine Guards outside, the arena cant even be broken by the Higher Void.

“Is the Saint Servant a gathering of clowns Do you really think that with a few words, you can hold up the sky”

“In my opinion, Elder Wuyue doesnt need to talk nonsense with them.

Just kill them directly!”

He raised his hand, and the White-clothed people below couldnt stand anymore.

“Thats right!”

“Elder Wuyue, dont talk to them anymore.

If we drag this on for too long, who knows…”

“Ptui, lets just get it over with!”

It was obvious that what the masked man thought was an indifferent fact had become a mocking remark in the ears of these people.

They had expended so much manpower and resources, they had not come here to watch the show.

Gou Wuyue frowned but did not say anything.

The tall and sturdy white-clothed man who was flying in the air seemed to have received an order.

He straightened his chest and looked at the masked man with a burning gaze.

“Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield”

The masked man muttered softly, “Ive heard of it… But, who are you”

“My name is Cheng Yuan!”

“How old are you”

“Thirty-two!” Cheng Yuan was proud.

He was able to enter the White-clothed at the mere age of thirty-two, it was indeed something he could be proud of.

“What is your cultivation level”

“Sovereign! But under the enhancement of theNation-Toppling Heavenly Shield, my strength can be compared to that of a Cutting Paths…”


There was utterly no movement at all, but a light tittering sounded out abruptly in the sky, and Cheng Yuans voice came to an abrupt halt.

A stream of blood directly sprinkled down into the sky.

In the next second, Cheng Yuans eyes were wide open, and he stretched out his hand to firmly strangle his neck.

But the blood that gurgled out instead seeped out from the gaps between his fingers, and it directly dyed his white robe red.

“I dont care who you are.”

“Your cultivation is at the trivial Sovereign level and youre only thirty-two years old.

At most, you are just a young man.”

“Then, dont interrupt when adults are speaking.”

The masked man indifferently moved his gaze away and looked at Gou Wuyue.

“He still has three minutes to live.

If we dont save him in time, he will die very quickly.”

“I dont want to kill anyone.”

“But if the people you brought are all this kind of trash, once the battle starts, your losses will be greater than mine.”

He seemed to be stating the truth.

His voice was very calm.

White-clothed people were scared at the same time.

Elder Wuyue made a move and even drew his sword.

But no one could see what the masked man was doing.

His throat was directly cut off!

“Three minutes…”

White-clothed hurriedly took Cheng Yuan from the Sky Eardrops.

The first-aid personnel immediately rushed over and pulled him to the back.

The scene was deathly silent.

Gou Wuyues eyes darkened.

His gaze fell on the masked mans curled two fingers that were partially hidden under his sleeves.

There was shock in his eyes.

“10 Sections of the Finger Sword”

Only then did Xu Xiaoshou lower his head in shock.

As expected, he saw the masked mans curled two fingers.

This move was the same one that he had used to break the headmasters arm in Tiansang Spirit Palace.

At the same time, it was the same as the scruffy-looking mans two fingers that had killed Red Dog!

“Call me whatever you want, but I still say that its best to end this round,” the masked man said calmly.

Only then did Xu Xiaoshou realize what a ruthless person he truly was.

Under the heavy encirclement of the White-clothed people, he didnt even want to say a word and directly chose to take the initiative to hurt someone.

How much courage did he have

Gou Wuyue looked at the masked mans fingers in a daze.

At this moment, the famed sword in his hand seemed to be trembling even more intensely.


“What a great 10 Sections of the Finger Sword!”

Gou Wuyue couldnt help but laugh, and his eyes were filled with shock as he said, “If it was in the past and you dared to injure my subordinates, perhaps I wouldnt waste any more words with you, but today, you…”

He suddenly stopped and fell into deep thought, and theshow some respect phrase confidently muttered by the masked man from before appeared in his mind once again.

After pausing for a long time, he asked, “Why should I let you go”

Everyone was shocked by this sudden change in tone.

Even Xu Xiaoshou looked at the masked man in shock.

From his tone…

Could he really rely on his mouth and the “show some respect” phrase alone to turn the situation around

The masked man said calmly, “Because you are Gou Wuyue, you have no choice but to let me go.

This is a favor you owe me.”


Gou Wuyue laughed loudly, “In my life, I have never owed a favor when I was at the end of the world with my sword.”

“You owe me.”

The masked man did not plan to waste any more words.

He directly extended two fingers and pointed at the sky.


A black line that was two fingers wide pierced through the air, and the spiritual array rippled.

It was actually broken.

“What kind of joke is this…”

White-clothed people were shocked.

“Spirit gathering array!”

“‘Nation-Toppling Heavenly Shield, cover it! Hurry up!”

“Damn it, where did this guy come from What kind of spiritual technique is this Why is the damage so high”

“Isnt he only at the Acquired Realm”


“Lets go,” the masked man waved his hand, and Cen Qiaofu and the Storyteller followed without saying a word.

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded.

Just like that

They could leave just like that

Seeing that these guys were about to leave, he hurriedly followed, but he was completely confused.

He didnt understand what was going on at all.

Gou Wuyue was shocked by his confidence.

Did this person really treat him like air

He acted as if there was no one around him to this extent.

Let alone an ordinary White-clothed person, even Gou Wuyue was burning with anger.

“Stay here!”


Just as he was about to pull out his sword, The Voice of Nulan, the famed sword, actually transmitted a faint resistance.

Earlier the sword clearly acted as though it had encountered a Sword Deity of the same name.

It was unwilling to stay in the scabbard and wanted to fight.

But at this moment, Gou Wuyue wanted to pull out his sword.

This sword, on the contrary, was resisting!

“A favor…”

Gou Wuyue lowered his eyes and looked at The Voice of Nulan.

A figure that he had not seen for a long time suddenly appeared in his mind.

He looked back in horror.

“You, who exactly are you”


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