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Chapter 588: Equal Resistance

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Zhao Xidong almost burst into tears.

In front of Elder Wuyue and the group of white-clothed sovereign, what right did I, Zhao Xidong, have to be called an expert

“Senior, youre killing me!”

Zhao Xidong quickly turned his head and said to Chang Yi with a sullen face.

“Not an expert, you…” Chang Yi pointed at the spatial crack, unable to speak.

Space attributes

“Its not him.”

Gou Wuyue laughed, looking into the crack and said, “Since youre here, why dont you come out and meet him”

The three of them looked at the spatial crack at the same time.

A middle-aged figure with a long sword on his back walked out from the crack.

The moment he appeared, his sharp gaze was aimed at the famed sword on Gou Wuyues back.

For a moment, the sword will in the tent was unbridled.

Even the tables and chairs began to creak and sway.

Chang Yis eyes instantly turned cold.

Gou Wuyue waved his hand, but he did not move.

“Greetings, Wuyue Sword Deity.” Xiao Qixiu calmed his surging emotions.

He did not bow, but instead bowed.

Gou Wuyue nodded slightly.

He did not stay any longer and looked away.

It was very obvious that this swordsman could not possess the space attributes.



A strange laughter came from the crack.

Qiao Qianzhi laughed and said loudly, “Elder Wuyue, I have long heard of you.

I hope you will forgive me if I have any inconvenience during this visit.


Chang Yis mouth twitched.

Who the hell were these people laughing at

Even at the door

You barged into the main tent of the central army.

At the door

“Gou Wuyue”

A floating white-haired Dao child appeared right after Qiao Qianzhi.

As soon as he appeared, his rude voice fell.

Chang Yi frowned.

“Sovereigns seat”

He could immediately tell the cultivation level of this white-haired Dao child.

The problem was that a mere sovereigns seat didnt even have the ability to cut path.

It couldnt even be compared to his own.

How could this fellow dare to call Elder Wuyue by his full name

“Damn you… Wu Su!”

The angry shout wasnt even halfway through when Chang Yi felt that the Way of the Heavens had kept his mouth shut.

His eyes widened in shock as he realized that it was Elder Wuyue who had made the move.

This person had a great background

Chang Yis heart trembled.

He immediately felt that he was the one who had acted presumptuously.

Indeed, he knew in advance that the Wuyue Sword Deity was here, and yet he still dared to use spatial teleportation.

He must have a plan in mind.

Either he had a great background, or his strength was extraordinary.

In such a situation, he could just leave it to Elder Wuyue to deal with it.

Why was he shouting

He was like a clown!

With this thought in mind, Chang Yi immediately took a few steps back and silently observed, not daring to make another sound.

“It really is you…”

A faint smile appeared on Gou Wuyues face, and his eyes were filled with the reminiscence of an old friend reuniting.

“Ye Xiaotian!”

Ye Xiaotian

Chang Yi saw Elder Wuyues reaction and instantly understood that his guess was correct.

This group of people had a great background!

But Ye Xiaotian… how could he not have heard of him

“Gou Wuyue!”

Ye Xiaotian was steady and steady, and the void rift behind him was sewn shut.

After he let out a heavy shout, he suddenly let out a sizzle.


Then, he floated up, half a forehead taller than Gou Wuyue in front of him.


Gou Wuyue laughed out loud.

“You havent changed at all.

Your height hasnt grown.

Why is your hair so much whiter”

Ye Xiaotians eyes immediately turned cold.

Zhao Xidong was sandwiched between the two of them.

For a moment, he felt as if he was being attacked from both sides, and his body was filled with silent, cold stabs.

Why Did these two know each other

He moved slightly to the side and avoided the middle line where the two of them were fighting.

He came to Chang Yis side and was a little confused.

Then, he subconsciously nudged Chang Yi with his elbow.

“Do they know each other”

Chang Yi tilted his head and his gaze froze.

Zhao Xidong was completely stunned on the spot.


What did I just do!

This person did indeed look like a lackey running errands beside a big shot, but he was also dressed in white-clothed!

At the very least, he was a sovereign..


To be able to do things beside the Wuyue Sword Deity, it couldnt be Cutting Path, right

How could I be so casual!

“Sorry, sorry…” Zhao Xidong almost found a hole in the ground to bury himself.

This wasnt just impudence

It was simply too impudence!

Although Chang Yi was a little displeased, he wasnt someone who would be so calculative.

Just like the group of people outside the tent who knew that a great war was coming and could still joke about “Saving Elder Wuyue”.

Under Gou Wuyues command, this group of people could be said to be the most playful.

Zhao Xidong didnt treat him as an outsider, so he was naturally curious about the background of this white-haired Dao child.

“Where are you from What are you doing here” Chang Yi turned his head and looked straight ahead as he asked telepathic communication.

Zhao Xidong was stunned.

His lips didnt move, but he replied telepathically.

“Tiansang Spirit Palace, come and pick him up.”

“Whats going on Does your boss know our boss” Zhao Xidong was a little confused.

A small Tiansang Spirit Palace shouldnt be on the same side as the big shots of the Central Region.

But now..

They knew each other

“…” Chang Yi was speechless for a moment.

People from Tiansang Spirit Palace

Wasnt this the Little Spirit Palace in a remote corner Did they know Elder Wuyue

The two of them did not say anything more.

Because Gou Wuyue, who was at the front, spoke again:

“So many years have passed, but your strength has not improved at all.

You are still… in the Dao realm”

Ye Xiaotians gaze turned cold, and he sneered, “The Dao realm is not bad.

So many years have passed, but you still havent broken through to the demi-saint realm.

Why are you still walking in circles”

“At least I have succeeded in cutting path and stepped into the Higher Void,” Gou Wuyue said with a smile in his eyes.

“You are satisfied with the Higher Void” Ye Xiaotian laughed mockingly.

“Back then, among the ten thrones, there were even demi-saint who succeeded, right Your progress can be said to be the slowest!”

Chang Yi was stunned when he heard that.

This fellow was too daring!

Elder Wuyue had just sighed with emotion at the realm of Sword Deity Wen Ting.

Wasnt this saying adding fuel to the fire

Who knew that Gou Wuyue wasnt angry at all.

He flicked his sleeve and strolled out, “There are priorities in matters.

Whether its kindness or not, there are some things that you cant do, not because you dont want to.”

“In the end, isnt it just regretting joining the holy divine palace and delaying your own cultivation” Ye Xiaotian asked.

Chang Yis legs were a little weak from listening to this.

What was this short white-haired mans background Why did he dare to say anything

“There are delays, of course.

Its hard to have it both ways.

Gain and loss are both inevitable.

Its just a choice.” Gou Wuyue sighed and did not dwell on this.

He stopped in his tracks and walked behind Ye Xiaotian.

He touched the void rift without a trace and could not sense any aura at all.

Gou Wuyue was a little surprised and asked, “What do you think”

“Its still the same matter as before.

Have you thought about it”

“Space attributes are rare in this world, but similarly, it is too difficult to Cut Path.”

“With just you alone, Im afraid that even if you boil your hair from white to black, it may not be of any use.”


As Gou Wuyue spoke, he turned around and stared at the back of the white-haired Dao child.

“As long as you agree, with the supply of resources and the support of demi-saints power, cutting path with space will not be difficult!”

“Ha.” Ye Xiaotian sneered.

“Dont worry, I wont join the Holy Divine Palace.”


The two listening by the side were instantly petrified.

Join… Join the Holy Divine Palace

Zhao Xidong and Chang Yi turned their heads with great difficulty.

Their eyes met, and they couldnt believe what they were seeing.

The former was amazed at when the principal had been targeted by the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace, and he was even able to reject such a temptation.

The latter was shocked at how a mere sovereign could reject Elder Wuyues invitation.


“Space attributes”

The more Chang Yi looked at the white-haired Dao child in front of him, the more familiar he felt.

Space attributes were simply too rare.

Even the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace that he was familiar with couldnt find even half of them on the surface.

And for Elder Wuyue to invite this white-haired Dao child to join them in such a cordial manner, it was likely that even in the dark, the headquarters wouldnt be able to find anyone who could replace him.

Chang Yi tried to recall, and he really did recall something.

Even though it was too long ago.

But the previous ten-seat competition was known as the most intense one in history.

Other than the few names that entered the wandering poets mouth, even those who were eliminated might not be inferior to the ten-seat competition.

“As for… space attributes”

Chang Yi thought of someone.

At that time, in the early-stage of the ten thrones competition, there was indeed a person who had shocked everyone.

With the cultivation level of a mere peak-stage grandmaster, he could only be considered as a half-step sovereign.

He had brazenly barged into the battlefield where the thrones and the Cutting Path were fighting crazily.

It seemed that he was relying on the earth-shattering space attributes.

Indeed, someone had given such an evaluation.

If that person who played with space could be born a few years earlier, he would have a few more years of experience.

As long as he could comprehend the Dao at the early-stage of the ten sovereign seats and step into the sovereign seat.

Among the ten sovereign seats, there would definitely be a place for him!

But it was too much of a pity.

Time was really the unit of everything, and no one could surpass it.

The hard injury of the half-step sovereign seat was indeed limited.

“Touching the Way of the Heavens”and “Controlling the Way of the Heavens” were indeed great obstacles that could not be crossed like the heavenly chasm.

No one could cross it in one step!

The great waves washed away the fine sand.

But time was indeed the unit of everything..

He had hit the nail on the head.

Sand gathered into a tower.

That person from back then had forcefully barged into the sight of the current head of the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace

“So, that guy is that guy That white-haired Dao Child… Ye Xiaotian” Chang Yi felt that there was a high chance that he could not escape.

This was a man who lost to time

Then it was no wonder that he dared to speak to Elder Wuyue in such a manner and even called him by his name..

They were all people from that era.

Perhaps, they had even fought before

At this moment, Chang Yi, who had thought through everything, suddenly felt how impudent he was earlier.

He should have thought of it.

Would space attributes be simple

He was trembling slightly.


Ye Xiaotians direct rejection made the atmosphere quieter.

Gou Wuyue pondered for a moment and said, “Are you sure you dont want to think about it”

“Im not going to accept your mess,” Ye Xiaotian replied without even thinking.

“Look at you.

Youve been smoothed out by reality, and even your cultivation level has improved so slowly.”

“But arent you the same” Gou Wuyue raised his hand.

“What can a tiny Tiansang Spirit Palace give you You didnt even have a decent battle there.

Now, you still have the heroic spirit of the past And you still have the confidence to face the Cutting Path head-on”

“One Tiansang Spirit Palace is enough for me.

Im completely satisfied.” Ye Xiaotian did not directly respond.

“Youre just acting like you dont know how to act!” Gou Wuyue shouted.

“Its always good to be content.”

“Work behind closed doors!”

“Be content with yourself.”

“Lie to yourself and look at the sky from a well!”

“Its better to be the head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix.”


Ye Xiaotians reply flowed smoothly.

Gou Wuyue was a little angry.

He narrowed his eyes and said, “Are you mocking me”

“Dont take it personally.”

“Its a result of affection.

I had no choice!” Gou Wuyues voice turned cold for the first time.

“Then where did your sword come from” Ye Xiaotian looked at the famed sword on his back.

The voice of Lan.

The scene froze.

Qiao Qianzhis hand trembled.

He did not expect things to develop like this.

He wanted to be a peacemaker and mediate between them.

However, Gou Wuyue suddenly drew his sword.

“Hum –”

Sword cries rang out and the cold light shocked the entire hall.

The Middle Army tent split into two and exploded from both sides with a loud bang.


“Crap, dont crush me!”

“CRAP, my jio –”

White-clothed, who had been eavesdropping outside, was so frightened that he retreated.

Retreating was fine, but how could he make it in time

For a moment, shoulder to shoulder, foot stomp, the crowd pushed and fell, and screams rose and fell one after another.

The onlookers in the tent glanced over in surprise.

White-clothed, who was outside, scattered in a hubbub.

The three parties split up, and the scene was on the verge of breaking out.

“Ye Xiaotian, do you want to die” Gou Wuyues eyes darkened to the extreme.

Chang Yi hadnt seen Elder Wuyue lose his temper like this for a long time.

For a moment, he and Zhao Xidong also retreated.

But on second thought…

Something wasnt right!

He was on the Wuyue Sword Deitys side, so he immediately steadied himself and stood up straight, his fingertips emitting a golden light.

Zhao Xidong was almost blinded by this sudden flash of light.

“Light” His heart was greatly shocked, and he swallowed with difficulty.

You must be joking!

This follower is so awesome

This attribute is also very rare!

“Wuyue Sword Deity, youre so impressive!” Ye Xiaotian snorted and said, “With the sword of the Eighth Sword Deity, youre able to suppress an entire generation of people”

Gou Wuyue lowered his eyelids, but there was still no movement.

With a buzz, the light of the upper spirit above the nine heavens directly enveloped this place.

In the next second, the people of Tiansang Spirit Palace who were originally in the main tent were directly teleported more than a hundred feet away.

They even swished to Gou Wuyues back, avoiding the confrontation.

“Who moved the spiritual array”

Retreat in the rear of a group of white-clothed moment dumbstruck, will cast his eyes on the spiritual array of that group of people.


The last few white-clothed men panicked.

“We didnt touch…”

“And this”

“Manipulated !”

There was a dead silence, before all the white-clothed men could react and make a move.

A sudden, eerie laughter broke the silence.

“Heehee Heehee…”

“Calm down, everyone calm down.

We are not here to fight.”


Qiao Qianzhi pressed on Ye Xiaotians shoulder and realized that his hand had pierced through his body.

He immediately cursed, “Stand down!”

Ye Xiaotian did not move.

Gou Wuyues mouth twitched when he heard the strange laughter.

He slowly turned around and finally looked at this unknown guy who had been smiling awkwardly.

“Who are you”

“Hehehe…” Qiao Qianzhi laughed amiably to show his friendliness.

He pressed his hand down and said, “Put it down.

Put down your swords.

We are not going to fight, alright”

Gou Wuyue was speechless.

With a shake of his hand, the void sword whistled through the air.

“Qiao Qianzhi!” Elder Qiao quickly added, “Qiao Qianzhi, we have no ill intentions.

Please calm down.

Senior Wuyue, please calm down.



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