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Chapter 585: Begonia Flowers Bloom

“No, no!”

The woman was almost scared to tears.

How could an immortal call her “Aunt”

That would shorten her life!

She didnt even dare to reach out to take the hoe.

“Ah! Did I age you with the way I addressed”

Yu Lingdi, who looked like a teenager, scratched his head and said awkwardly, “Then… Big Sister”




The womans legs and stomach softened.

If he called her Big Sister, he might as well call her Aunt!

Big Sister couldnt do it either!

“Mother, the hoe…”

The child was a little timid in the womans arms.

But it seemed that it was his first time seeing rain, which made him so excited that he was not afraid of strangers anymore.

Looking at the hoe in front of him, the child recognized at a glance that it was the one that his father had made with him.

He immediately pointed at it.


The woman hurriedly reached out and hit the childs finger back.

She changed the topic and said, “Its not from our family.”


The child was about to speak when the woman looked back and glared at him.

At that time, the little guys neck shrank and he did not dare to speak.

“Is that so”

How could Yu Lingdi not see that he had frightened them.

She immediately handed the hoe over without touching it and placed it in front of the woman.

“Then you should be someone from this village, right”

“Someone dropped something.

They should be very anxious.

If they are in a hurry to find it, can you help me return this item to them”

As he spoke, he narrowed his eyes.

Yu Lingdis bright smile seemed to have melted the womans heart in the pouring rain and calmed her frightened emotions.

“Yes, yes.”

The woman responded and hesitantly reached out her hand to take the hoe.

“Thank you!”

Yu Lingdi bowed once again.

Then, he straightened his back and asked, “I followed my senior here.

I was called to do some work and got lost.

I cant find him now.

I wonder, have you seen this old grandpa”

As he spoke, he took out an oil painting of animal skin from his pocket.

It was not affected by the rain at all.

The woman could clearly see the face in the painting.

It was a haggard face that was a little scary.

It was very thin and had dark circles under its eyes.

There was a straw hat on its head.

Its eyes were slanted, and it was unknown what it was looking at.

It was lifelike!

The woman had never seen such a lifelike painting in her life.

This feeling was like a person running out of a piece of paper.

However, after searching through her memories, she did not recall that she had any interaction with this grandfather!

“AH –”

The child in her arms suddenly cried out in surprise.

Memories flashed through the womans mind.

Dark circles, straw hat..

Her pupils constricted as she completely remembered something.

Wasnt this the person that Xiao Yi had mentioned just now

The Immortal who came a while ago and directly occupied the thatched cottage that no one lived in, and then continuously spat out white flames that wouldnt burn people

As her thoughts spun, the child in her arms had already blurted out after exclaiming in surprise.

“I think… Oh.”

The woman hurriedly covered his mouth.

There was nothing good about this kind of interaction between immortals.

Even if this Yu Lingdi in front of her said it nicely, how could the woman not hear it This was the power of words!

These two people were definitely not on good terms.

If she told the elders in front of her about the whereabouts of the elder and the others came to investigate, would she be able to bear it

But she wouldnt tell..

“Little Brother, have you seen this old grandpa”

Yu Lingdis gaze had already shifted from the woman to the child.

The womans expression darkened.

She knew that she couldnt hide anymore, so she simply let go of the hand that was covering the childs mouth.

As expected, immortals, flames, and so on..

If one was infected, it would be a bad ending!

That damned fellow had said that he would go out once, but in the end, he still hadnt returned after so many years.

I knew it..

The womans expression was miserable, and her eyes were already red.

The rainwater flowed down the wet ends of her hair from between her brows, and when it entered her eyes, a few drops of tears flowed down.

Children were the most sensitive.

He could faintly sense that something was wrong.

Seeing his big brother in front of him poking his head over, Xiao Yi raised his eyes to look at his mother.

Suddenly, he bit his lips and shook his head.

“I dont know.”


Yu Lingdi was stunned, then he smiled and said, “Big Brother isnt a bad person.

Little Brother doesnt have to be afraid of me.”

His brows and eyes curved as he revealed a brilliant smile.


The child was instead frightened and shrank into his mothers embrace.

The woman turned the childs head away and hugged him completely.

Determination flashed through her eyes.

“He went that way.”

She pointed in the direction where the figure had just broken through the air and said, “The person you are looking for just flew towards that place.

I know that much, but I dont know anything else.

That person is an immortal.

We dont dare to disturb him.”



Yu Lingdi was shocked by this title.

He seemed to understand why this woman had a natural distance from him as if she had seen a bad person.

They were not in the same world to begin with.

How could she not be afraid when she suddenly saw a miracle

He wanted to ask about the specific situation, but Yu Lingdi knew that he could not continue.

“Im sorry.”

He straightened his back and took two serious steps back.

“Ive scared you.

Ill leave now.”

Yu Lingdi took two steps back and seemed to have remembered something.

He hurriedly looked back and even took out a jade pendant.

Seeing the woman retreat in fear, he immediately thought of the hoe just now.

“Ah, Im sorry, Im really not a bad person.”

He knew that the woman was a sensible person, so he did not beat around the bush.

“Ill leave this thing for you.

If youre afraid that that person will come back to take revenge, smash it.”

“It will protect you.”

Nodding heavily, Yu Lingdi hit his chest and said, “Ill also rush over as soon as possible.

I wont let you get hurt.”

The woman did not take the jade pendant.

Instead, she held the child in silence.


“Then thats it.”

Yu Lingdi smiled embarrassedly.

He did not dare to go forward and directly handed the jade pendant over.

He took two steps back to indicate that he did not have any ill intentions.

“Then I will be leaving now”

Yu Lingdi asked.

Seeing that the opposite party still did not take the jade pendant, he advised, “You can keep it.

Just take it as for the child.”

After saying that, he turned around and ran out quickly.

“Jade pendant…”

The woman looked at the jade pendant floating in front of her with a complicated expression.

How could she not know what this was

On Xiao Yis neck, there was such a spiritual jade left behind by his father.

From this short encounter, she could tell that this young man did not have any ill intentions, but..

She reached out to take the jade pendant.

In the blink of an eye, the woman saw the thatched hut that had its roof blown open not far away.

Although the thatched hut was gone.

But for such a long period of time, only in the past few days did the elders inside make any slight movements.

This method was more reassuring than the sudden rain!

The woman suddenly shouted loudly, “He didnt have any ill intentions, he didnt hurt anyone!”


The sound of running in the rain suddenly stopped.

The rain splashed.

Then, the person in front waved his hand.

“Thank you.

I know.

He is really my senior.

You should go back quickly.

Dont catch a cold in the rain!”

“Splash Splash Splash…”

“Pitter patter…”

“Tick tick tick…”

The shower came and went quickly.

By the time the child turned his head away from his mothers arms, the sky had cleared up.

The rain on his body had dried up.


The child seemed to have vaguely realized that he had done something wrong, and even his voice was very cautious.

Suddenly, he saw the jade pendant that was slightly glowing in his hand.

His eyes lit up and he reached out to take it.


The woman slapped his hand away and put it down.

She found a corner to bury the jade pendant.


The child did not seem to understand this behavior.

This jade pendant was so beautiful.

It was even more beautiful than what his father had left behind.

Why did he have to bury it

“Xiao Yi, you have to remember.”

The womans voice was not harsh.

Instead, she squatted down and said gently, “Although we grew up in such a poor place.”

“But people are poor.

We can not be short-sighted.

We do not accept food from others.”

“Even if some things look beautiful and make people yearn for them, what we should not accept is that we can not accept them.”

“This jade pendant looks good, right” She asked.

“It looks good.”

The child nodded heavily and immediately added, “But we can not take it!”

The womans mouth was slightly agape.

She did not expect that her child would actually snatch the words away from her.

She immediately said in relief, “Yes, we can not take it, including the flame from before.

I did not know that you had already accepted it, but in the future, you are absolutely not allowed to show it again.

Do you understand”


The child nodded heavily.

“Lets go home.”

The woman held the hoe in one hand and the childs hand in the other.

They carried each other home.

After taking two steps, she seemed to remember something.

“Xiao Yi, did you see where mother buried the jade pendant just now”

“Yes!” The child nodded.

“Thats a secret.

You have to protect it well and cant dig it out yourself.

Otherwise, the immortals wont protect us.”


When the child heard that it was a secret, he was so happy that he jumped up.

“Ill protect it well.”

“Then lets go.

Mother dug a potato there today.

Ill cook it for you when we get back.”

“Yeah! Theres potato to eat!”



The door of the thatched cottage without a roof was pushed open.

A young man with lowered eyes walked out.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, the sky suddenly turned dark.

“Da Da Da…”

Raindrops fell.

However, before they had fallen much, Yu Lingdi waved his hand, and the dark clouds completely dispersed.

He looked at the two figures in the distance, one big and one small, who had gone far away.

There was an indescribable complicated look in his eyes.

“I, did something wrong”

He felt that he didnt do anything wrong.

But in fact, he must have done something wrong.

Otherwise, that woman wouldnt have been so vigilant.

That child wouldnt have used the back of his head to face him.

“Is this the secular world…”

Yu Lingdi muttered as if he understood something.

He turned around and said to the room, “Number 33, I seem to understand why the Hallmaster asked me to come out for a walk.”


A muffled voice came from inside.

The next second, Yu Lingdi sidestepped and a tall man in black robes walked out, bending his waist to avoid the door frame above his head.

He was at least two and a half meters tall.

Even though he was wrapped in black robes, the outline of his bulging muscles could still be seen.

Yu Lingdi was like a child in front of him, only reaching above his waist.

“Hallmaster said that when you can comprehend the mortal world, you can start Cutting Path.”

“When that time comes, you should be able to defeat me easily.”

The tall man called Number 33 said in a silly voice.

His tone was very strange, and he even scratched his head along with his voice.

“Oh, you even know how to scratch your head.

Looks like youve improved a lot this time.” Yu Lingdi laughed.

“Hallmaster also told me to learn more from you humans.

Otherwise, if my tone of voice doesnt change, Ill be just like a toy.”

He raised his head and suddenly laughed, “Ha, ha, Ha.”

The laughter was only three tones, and they were all flat tones.

It was like a machine, and it was extremely strange.


Yu Lingdi immediately held his stomach, “Laugh, its not like that.

Humans laugh from the bottom of their hearts, and they laugh with emotions.

Youre still too puppet-like.

Learn more in the future!”


Number 33 scratched his head again, a thoughtful look in his eyes.


He suddenly touched his stomach and said, “PFFT.”

A short, flat sound that was extremely stunning came to an abrupt stop.

Yu Lingdi once again burst out laughing and almost fainted from the laughter.


“Hahahaha, youre really funny.

You Dont laugh like that…”

“Then what is it” Number 33 wanted to ask for advice, but his voice suddenly stopped and he lowered his head to look at the side of the door.

Yu Lingdis pupils constricted as well, and he lowered his head to look.

There were a few withered grasses at the crack of the thatched cottage door.

However, the withered grass suddenly trembled and began to turn green while the two of them were playing.

It even slightly straightened up and was growing slowly.

“Wood element.”

Number 33s voice was emotionless, “Above the level of Cutting Path.”

Yu Lingdi didnt expect to meet such an expert just as he stepped into the outer boundary of the Eighth Palace.

It seemed that Elder Wuyue wasnt just speaking empty words!

The situation in the White Cave had already reached such a level

The two of them stared at the weeds at the door for a few more times before simultaneously raising their eyes and looking in the direction of the village entrance.

They saw a white-clothed man slowly walking over from afar.

Other than a head of long black hair, this man was dressed in extremely white clothes and did not have any other color.

Even the few inches of skin that was exposed were as smooth and delicate as a womans.

His face was covered with a white veil.

There were three layers of it, and it was tightly tied up.

The white boots under his feet seemed to have landed on the ground, and there were also footprints on the ground.

But every step he took, he was floating in the air.

He did not touch the ground at all.

Soil, water stains, smoke and dust..

He could not be found on this man at all.

He was like an immortal who had just walked out of a pure and spiritual immortals court.

He was pure to the extreme.


Yu Lingdis eyes narrowed, and his expression was serious.

From the moment the man took the first step into the village, the barren ground in this place suddenly became full of vitality.

Some miscellaneous flowers and weeds seemed to tremble uncontrollably as they slowly started to grow.

In the middle of the road, between a puddle of water, a devilish white crabapple flower broke out from the ground.

After that.


The flower path opened up, and a sweet fragrance wafted over.

The man stepped into the air.

One step, two steps..

Another instant.

He arrived not too far away from the two of them.

The distance between them was exactly thirty feet.

“Excuse me…”


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