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Chapter 584: The Rain Immortal


Ye Xiaotian roared angrily.





Zhao Xidong was directly slapped to the ground.

He covered his face and wiped the blood from his nose as he crawled up.

He felt as if his entire body had been deformed.

Didnt you call me but it was fine to just say it

Why did I directly get into it as I said it

Shouldnt I give the others some time to react !

You cant afford to play with me, right !

Qiao Qianzhi hurriedly walked over and held him up.

On the surface, he looked like a peacemaker, but he said in a low voice, “Seriously, you should just say what you need to say.

How dare you say something that doesnt have any truth to it”

Zhao Xidong looked aggrieved as he pointed at the pile of jade scroll in the air.

Arent these facts and evidence

Lying with your eyes wide open cant be so obvious, right

I searched for these things.

Even if I didnt get any credit, it must have been hard work!

How come in the end, they all blamed me

“Elder Qiao is right.”

Ye Xiaotian calmed his anger and panted, “No matter how much evidence you collect, as long as you dont see it with your own eyes, everything is still fake.”

Zhao Xidong was about to say something.

Ye Xiaotian interrupted him.

“Remember, you are now a law enforcer.

The land you are on is called Tiansang Spirit Palace!”

Zhao Xidongs lips moved back and forth, unable to say a single word.

He wasnt stupid.

On the contrary, he was extremely intelligent.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been sent by the headmaster to carry out such an important mission.

And Ye Xiaotians words were indeed accurate.

The place he was in was called Tiansang Spirit Palace.

No matter what Elder Sang had done in the dark, at least on the surface, he was still the Vice Dean of Tiansang Spirit Palace.

The speculations that others could easily blurt out had to be paid attention to when it came to his own people.

Sometimes, mishaps came out of ones mouth because they were too casual.

At the very least, at this juncture, when white-clothed and Red-robed were surrounding White Cave, nothing could happen within Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Once something happened, it was very likely that they wouldnt be able to bring back even half of them.

After all, the opposite side was the Holy Divine Palace!

“I misspoke.”

Zhao Xidong truly repented and asked, “Then what do we do now”

“According to the information I gathered, after Azure Dragon Prefecture, Wuyue Sword Deity has already surrounded the White Cave with his men and blocked all the other exits.”

“Right now, the only way out of the White Cave is through the Eighth Palace.”

“As for the rest, even if they are smuggled in, they will probably be knocked out by the great array and be teleported to the Eighth Palace, which is under the sword of Wuyue Sword Deity.”

Zhao Xidong revealed everything he knew at once.

Qiao Qianzhis brows were tightly furrowed.

He had just finished looking at the images of the Eighth Palace that Ye Xiaotian had given him.

He did not expect the situation to take a turn for the worse.

They were actually heading for the worst possible outcome.

If this was not done properly, the crime of colluding with the Saint Servant would be taken down.

Not to mention whether the little fellows from the White Cave who had gone through experiential training could be taken back, even the Tiansang Spirit Palace might be doomed beyond redemption!


“Lets go!”

Ye Xiaotian didnt think for long and immediately made a decision.

“Lets go”

Zhao Xidong was confused.

“Where are we going”

“Where else can we go”

Ye Xiaotian glared at him.

“Call your Boss Xiao and go to the White Cave to ask for someone!”


This time, Zhao Xidong was stunned.

Ask for someone

With your stance, youre going to ask for someones life!

And your opponent is Gou Wuyue.

When that time comes, who knows who will want whos life!

“Dean, calm down.”

Zhao Xidong immediately advised, “At this juncture, I think its better not to act rashly.

Its better to wait and see…”

“Wait and see” Ye Xiaotian retorted, “If we wait any longer, the result will be a mutation!”

Zhao Xidong was momentarily dumbfounded.

The Dean was not listening at all.

Even though he looked calm on the surface, he had probably lost all sense of propriety after receiving news from the Vice Dean

Qiao Qianzhi thought for a long time and suddenly said, “Xiaotian is right.

Its better to go and ask for him now.

We cant wait.”

“Elder Qiao!” Zhao Xidong was anxious.

Why did the Dean lose control and so did you

“Little thing, listen to me.”

Qiao Qianzhi patted his shoulder and said in a low voice,

“It took you so long to gather this information.

Lets not talk about whether its accurate or not, but we are more than a step ahead.”

“Even if its right in the end, the Holy Divine Palace still has no evidence.”

“After all, they were one step behind us.”

“And now, with this time difference, we know the result in advance and have an advantage.”

“Then the information you have gathered and the conclusion you have reached… will be useless!”

“Do you understand what I mean”

Qiao Qianzhi glanced at him meaningfully.

Zhao Xidong instantly understood.

He didnt know… At this moment, it was actually the best outcome!

At least, on the surface, Tiansang Spirit Palace was still under the jurisdiction of the Holy Divine Palace.

With such a relationship, because the White Caves experiential learning was too dangerous, it was only natural for the Spirit Palaces higher-ups to go and ask for the person!

“Good guy…”

Zhao Xidong was shocked by these two old foxes.

Was this the Old Fox

He stole a glance at the white-haired Dao child in front of him.

Therefore, at the same time that he made a slip of the tongue and came to that conclusion…

The Dean had already seen through this level.

was he going to go to the Eighth Palace under the banner of “I dont know” and ask for someone

Wily old fox… no, Wily Old Fox!

As expected of the Dean!

“I understand.”

Zhao Xidong nodded with an expression of “I understand.” He said, “Then, Ill go get Boss Xiao now and go over directly”

“No need.”

Ye Xiaotian waved his hand in front of him and opened his eyes.

The light and shadow in front of him flickered and finally stopped on a middle-aged man who was lying on a rocking chair and resting with his eyes closed while holding a long sword.


He flicked his sleeve.

The wind blew past the Goose Lake peoples walkway and the leaves rustled.

There were a few clicks.

When they reappeared, the three of them had already landed in front of Xiao Qixiu.


Xiao Qixiu was so frightened that his entire body trembled.

He flicked his hand, and the longsword was unsheathed with a clanging sound.

“Buzz –”

Ye Xiaotian was unmoved.

The longsword slashed across a foot above his head.

Xiao Qixiu could also be considered to have seen the person who had come.

Xiao Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes and sheathed the spiritual sword.

“Whats the matter”

He glanced at the main door of the spiritual law division.

The door was locked tightly.

He glanced at Ye Xiaotian again and instantly understood why these people could break into the spiritual law divisions barrier without knocking.

“Whats the matter Are you in a hurry” Xiao Qixiu frowned and asked Zhao Xidong, who looked dizzy and couldnt figure out the direction.

“Its not very tight, but something must have happened to your disciple,” Ye Xiaotian said indifferently.

Xiao Qixius expression changed drastically.

“You call that nothing happened”

With a bang, the door of the spiritual law division was bounced open by spiritual energy.

Xiao Qixiu turned around and roared, “What are you waiting for Lets go!”

“Are you riding a sword faster than me in spatial teleportation”

Ye Xiaotian tilted his head and pointed in his own direction.

“Come here, lets go.”

“Oh, okay, okay.” Xiao Qixiu immediately ran back.


The door of the spiritual law division closed, and the four people disappeared on the spot.


Inside and outside the Eighth Palace, in a very far place.

Under the setting sun, smoke curled up from the cookhouse in a remote mountain village, full of smoke and fire.

“Mother, look, that house is burning again!”

A childish voice came from the small path at the village entrance.

The voice was childish and full of surprise.

His little finger pointed at the raging white flames that had once again emerged from the uninhabited house at the village end.

It was as if he had seen a fun object.

He was very envious.


Under the childs buttocks was a mountain village woman dressed as a woman.

She carried a hoe on one shoulder and the child on the other.

She immediately hissed to indicate that she should not speak recklessly.

“Xiao Yi, that is not called burning.

That is where the immortals are.

You can not point recklessly.”

“Oh, OH.”

The child put down his finger and lowered his head curiously.

“What are immortals Are they the kind that can fly”

“They can.”

The woman glanced at the white flame house at the end of the village with a serious expression and retracted her gaze at the speed of light.

“Not only can they fly, they can also kill people.

So recently, didnt I tell you kids not to go there to play”

“But Ah Wei and the others also went there to play.

Theyre all fine.”

“Thats the magnanimity of an immortal.

He didnt mind that you disturbed his cultivation.

Otherwise, he would have burned you all up long ago!” The woman was helpless.

She knew that recently, despite the repeated exhortations from various parents, there would still be children who would secretly go there to take a look.

After all, the roof was on fire, and it was still a white flame.

It wouldnt hurt the magnificent view of the house even more..

Even if she saw it herself, she couldnt help but want to take a few more glances.

“Later, go and tell your Aunt Li and Uncle Zhao.

See if they wont break your butts!”

“Hehe, Im not afraid!”

The child laughed for the first time, “Because Im also an immortal now!”


The womans feet trembled, and she hurriedly stopped.

“What did you guys do over there…”


She barely raised her head when she saw a small green flame suddenly appear in the childs hand.

The flame had no temperature and would not burn, but it was very beautiful.

It was even more beautiful than the most expensive firework they had ever seen.


The womans pupils trembled.

“This flame… Where did you get it from, you bastard”

She couldnt care less about the hoe.

She threw it away and quickly knocked the child off the ground.

The child rolled on the ground and stood up with a bright smile on his face.

“The spell that Grandpa Immortal gave us.

He looks so scary, but he is very kind.

What I know is green flame, Ah Wei is blue, and Xiao Hua is…”

“Did you see that immortal” The womans mind was not on the childs show-off at all.

She was full of shock.


“You, you, you… are fooling around!”

The woman was so angry that her tongue was tied.

After a long while, she said, “What does he look like”

The kid rolled his big eyes and said, “What big, big dark circles under his eyes, wearing dirty clothes, and hes wearing a straw hat.

But the fire cant burn him, just like that house.”

He pointed at the thatched cottage that was burning with white flames again and said with a smile, “In short, hes very ugly!”


The woman covered the childs mouth that was open and immediately picked him up and ran away.

She even forgot to take the hoe.

“Shut up!”

“If you continue to speak without thinking, do you believe that Mother will ask Aunt Li to sew your mouth with a needle !”

“If you dont believe me, Heehee, Xiao Yi is now an immortal!”

The childs hands burst into flames once again.

“Quickly extinguish it!”

“In the future, dont display this kind of ability in front of others, understand”

“Why” The child was puzzled.


The woman stopped in her tracks and suddenly thought of her hoe.

She turned her head to look.

Vaguely, she saw a figure in the distance carrying a hoe.

As he drank wine, he walked in her direction.

The womans eyes suddenly turned red as the sunset shone down.

“Because theres nothing good about immortals!”

Her voice suddenly became louder.

The child seemed to have sensed that his mothers mood was not right.

He was so scared that he did not dare to make a sound.

Even the flames were extinguished.

At this moment.


The burning thatched cottage in the distance exploded from the top with a boom.

Then, a figure broke out from the cottage and flew into the sky, disappearing.

“Immortal, Immortal!”

The child was immediately attracted to it and shouted loudly, “The immortal has flown away!”

“Bang, Bang, Bang…”

At the same time, a few windows in the nearby thatched cottage were pushed open, and a few childrens heads poked out.

Then, after a few “Ouch” screams, the childrens heads were forced back, and the windows were closed again with a bang.

“Lets go home!”

The woman was shocked.

She wiped her eyes, picked up the child, and ran home.

The white flame in the cottage disappeared after the figure disappeared, as if it had never existed.

“Mother, its cold.”

The child suddenly shivered and shrunk his head.

“What nonsense are you talking about!”

The woman patted the childs head and scolded, “We are in a volcanic area.

Normally, it doesnt even rain, how could it…”


The wind blew, and she suddenly shivered.


The woman was shocked.

In the area near the Eighth Palace, she had never felt cold in this village in her entire life.

According to the Village Chief, there should be a fire mine of unknown scale under her village, and the high mountain in the distance was the fire spirit mountain.

Although it would never erupt, and the distance was far.

But “cold”

The woman tightened her thin clothes.

She really felt “cold” here.

This feeling was as if all the temperature in the vicinity had suddenly been sucked dry, and the fire mine underground was no exception.

The sun set into the mountains, and the temperature plummeted.

The woman felt her heart begin to turn cold.

Day after day, more and more strange things were happening..

She did not dare to stay here any longer.

“I told you to come out with me, cant you just stay at home !”

The woman was holding her child, and she did not dare to stay for a moment.

In a “rushed” manner, she ran in the direction of home.



Suddenly, she heard a ticking sound.

Then, the sky turned completely dark.

The next second.

“Pitter-patter…” the rain became heavier.

“Rain !”

The child straightened up in his mothers arms.

He was so surprised that he felt like he was about to pop out.

“Mother, rain! Its the rain from the book!”

It was as if he had seen something new.

He opened his mouth and widened his eyes.

Even when the rain hit his mouth and eyes, he did not dodge.

He even reached out his hand to embrace everything.

“Go home!”

The woman was really frightened.


It had not rained in this village for decades or even hundreds of years.

How could it suddenly rain

“Go home!”

Holding the child tightly, she shouted again as if she was emboldening herself.

She rushed home in the rain.

The rain was like a thread, blurring her vision.

In front of her, there seemed to be the figure of a teenager.

“Which familys child is this Hurry up and come back…”

The womans loud scolding came to an abrupt end.

She originally thought that it was a child from the village who had run out to get caught in the rain.

However, when she rushed closer and took a closer look, she could clearly see the silhouette of this young mans face, as well as that pair of watery eyes that seemed to have seen the entire world.

This was definitely not a young man!

The woman was shocked.

This was only an adult with the height of a young man, but his appearance was already completely mature!

A sky full of broken raindrops fell from the sky.

However, when they landed on the body of the person in front of her, it was as if they had directly fused into his body, and then, they passed through his body.


The womans heart trembled violently.

This temperament, this mysterious thing..

This person was definitely an immortal like her husband, which was what they called a spiritual cultivator.

He could, could affect the weather

Then it was possible that he was a legendary innate expert!

“Senior, Senior”

The woman called out in accordance to their rules with a bit of innocence, and slightly bent her waist.

The person who came seemed to be stunned by this “Senior”.

After a long time, he grinned, revealing a mouthful of white teeth.


He bowed 90 degrees.

The rain dripped through his chest and onto the ground, scaring the woman quite a bit.

After a full breath of time, the short but mysterious immortal straightened his back.

“Hello, Aunt.

My name is Yu Lingdi.

I got lost when I came here, and then I saw this object…”

He reached out and handed over an object.

It was the hoe that the woman didnt dare to turn around to pick up.

“Excuse me, did you leave this behind”


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