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Chapter 573: Presented a Great Gift

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“What has it got to do with you”

The eyes of the Storyteller flickered as he subconsciously focused on the Power of the Higher Void on the other partys body, which was many times denser than Ajes.

He knew the power of this thing.

At this moment, the injury on his arm was also caused by the Power of the Higher Void and became troublesome.

Although he had lost an arm, he was not afraid of the Red-robed in front of him.

However, it was not a lie that his vitality had been greatly damaged.

Why did this old fellow come here

Was he not afraid of him and killed him


Seeing the Storytellers appearance, the Night Guardian suddenly burst into laughter and only stopped after a long while.

“Could it be that the dignified Saint Servant, the Storyteller, let a mere innate master escape” He had a look of disbelief.

“Old man!”

The Storytellers eyes darkened.

“You have the right to speak ill of him”

“He really ran away”

Night Guardian saw his performance and was instead stunned.

The Storyteller really let Xu Xiaoshou escape

“Then, where is he now” Night Guardian hurriedly asked.


The Storyteller immediately laughed coldly, and with a flip of his hand, he hit the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap in his hand.

“Old man, now, dont you think you should be worried about yourself”

The void suddenly shook.

Night Guardians heart trembled.

He did not plan to fight the Storyteller to the death in the White Cave at this time.

Even if he was lucky enough to escape, he reckoned that the entire White Cave would not be able to survive the battle.

And it was the same on the Lijian Grassland!

Fang wanted to move, but the Storyteller opposite him actually revealed a shocked expression.

Night Guardian felt that something was wrong, so he stopped moving.


“Whats going on”

The Storyteller was stunned.

The Yin Yang Life and Death Trap was clearly not activated, but suddenly, it began to tremble, as if some creature was trying to break it open.

“At this time”

The Storyteller panicked and immediately opened the ancient book, wanting to seal the old monster inside.

But in the next second, he realized that something was wrong.

“Wen Ming”

“Its Wen Ming”

His heart was inexplicably shocked.

The movement from the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap was clearly not those old monsters that he had sealed in the past.

It was the page that had just been sealed not long ago, from Wen Ming!


A certain point in the distant void suddenly collapsed.

The single black hole instantly exploded with an endless suction force, sucking out all the air in the surrounding area.

In the next second, a majestic ice-type energy was emitted from within.

“Hu Hu hu…”

The sound of the wind rustled as the temperature plummeted.

Night Guardian suddenly came to a realization.

It turned out that the void vibration just now was not caused by the Storyteller lifting up the ancient book.

He was actually in a dumbfounded state too

“Who is that”

“Xu Xiaoshou”

His thoughts changed, and the Night Guardian immediately realized something.

Looking at the situation, could it be that the scene outside the Spirit Fusion Swamp that day had reappeared.

The Storyteller used the space of the ancient book to seal Xu Xiaoshou, and that kid broke it open again

Crack Crack

The arenas three people were shocked, and the power of the Frost Tribulation had already pushed aside the surrounding darkness.

Then, Heaven and Earth frost descended, and ice crystals began to form.

The rain curtain above the nine heavens was frozen, and the goose feathers and snow began to wither along with the little ice graupel.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

“Wen Ming!”

Almost simultaneously, the Night Guardian and the Storyteller chose to attack at the same time.

The space collapsed, and the power of the Frost Tribulation appeared.

This meant that Xu Xiaoshou had really broken through the ancient books space once again.

And at this moment, if he wanted to return to the white cave world, he could only return from this space node.


In this place, whoever acted quickly would be able to capture Xu Xiaoshou once again!

“Hand of Corrosion!”

Night Guardians spiritual source surged, and dark energy gathered, transforming into a giant hand that directly grabbed towards the space node.

“Yin Yang Life and Death Trap abolished!”

The Storyteller tossed the ancient book into the air, and four fingers swiped across it.

Golden Hieroglyphs jumped out of the page and imprinted on the Night Guardians Black Hand.


At the moment the two powers clashed, the black color was dissolved.

But the golden hieroglyphs were also crushed by the grand vital energy hidden in the Black Hand.


Night Guardian threw his head back and laughed loudly.

Without turning his head, he rose into the air.

He was determined to get Xu Xiaoshou!

The Storyteller was indeed strong.

However, as long as he could not take him down directly, the Power of the Higher Void was a great method that could suppress his strange power.

“Old man…”

The Storyteller was furious.

He immediately lifted the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap in the air and shot out.

At the same time, the grand vital energy that was left outside the space node by the Night Guardian did not dissipate.

Instead, it turned into a protective shield that protected the area around the space node.

The Power of the Higher Void was the only way for the Storyteller to break through.

However, he was only in the Cutting Path after all.

The Power of the Higher Void was the power of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.

There was nothing to say!

When the Storyteller broke through the grand vital energy… After such a long time, would the Night Guardian not be able to take down Xu Xiaoshou, who had jumped out of the space node

“There are so many tricks!”

Seeing this, the Storyteller snorted and the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap in his hand bloomed with light and shadow.

The next second.


The sky suddenly sank and the goose feather snow was crushed.

In the boundless sky, it was as if Mount Tai had descended.

The phantom ancient book that was several miles long and wide brazenly descended.


The grand vital energy that Night Guardian controlled suddenly sank under the boundless suppressive force.

Perhaps in the past, this sinking would not have been a hindrance at all.

This was because no matter how strong the Suppressive Force of the Phantom ancient book was, the Power of the Higher Void would not be crushed on the spot.

But at this moment, the space node was fixed!

The Power of the Higher Void in the shape of a sphere lowered.

The space node that Xu Xiaoshou wanted to drill out of was exposed right under the eyes of the Storyteller.

“Good guy.”

Night Guardian could not help but praise him in his heart.

This round of counterattacking was really too exquisite.

The Power of the Higher Void could not be defeated, so he just threw it aside

Good plan!

But so what

“Night has descended.”

Clapping his palms, the Night Guardian muttered.

In an instant, the dark bounded domain that had invaded half the sky returned and completely sealed off the Night Guardian and the location of the space node.

Within the sovereigns bounded domain, the host was a god.

However, once the opponent was placed outside, it would be easy to break through from the outside.

However, the Night Guardian couldnt care so much now.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt fall into the hands of the Saint Servant.

According to what that Brat said, perhaps he really had a slight chance of being controlled by the second-in-command of the Saint Servant without knowing anything.


If he fell into the hands of the Saint Servant after knowing everything.

Xu Xiaoshou might really not be able to come back.


The bounded domain closed.

In just an instant, it was cracked by the Phantom ancient book in the sky.

However, it still managed to hold on for a few more breaths.

Night Guardian took advantage of this time to jump to the edge of the space node.

Rustle —

The black hole was still sucking everything in.

With a boom, not long after, the dark bounded domain could no longer withstand the power of the phantom ancient book and exploded on the spot.

However, the Night Guardian waited until the space nodes black hole was closed, and even at the last moment when it was restored to its original state, he did not see Xu Xiaoshous figure fly out from it.

“Where is he”

This time, the Night Guardian was dumbfounded.

He subconsciously turned his head and saw the Storyteller holding the Yin Yang Life and Death Trap with one hand, with an evil look in his eyes.


His Adams apple rolled.

Night Guardian wanted to say something, but he couldnt.

“Hand him over.”

The Storyteller spoke.

Obviously, when the dark bounded domain closed, he couldnt see the truth inside.

Naturally, he didnt know that Night Guardian actually didnt even touch Xu Xiaoshous hair.

But at this moment, in his eyes, the black hole where the space node was was restored.

Wen Ming had disappeared without a trace.

Night Guardian and cutting path.

Then, just think about it with your knees, you can find out who exactly took Wen Ming in!

“To be honest, I actually didnt see anything…”

Halfway through the Night Guardians words, he felt that this matter was somewhat inexplicable.

He already understood something in his heart.

Xu Xiaoshou had the ability to disappear!

Perhaps, the moment the space node was shattered, he had already run out.

And the lightning-quick confrontation between him and the Storyteller seemed very short, but it was enough for that kid to use the teleportation technique to escape.

But now, how could he explain

The mute was suffering, he couldnt say it out loud!


The Night Guardian suddenly laughed.

He couldnt catch Xu Xiaoshou, but at least he could keep the boy from falling into the hands of the Saint Servant, which was not bad.

“You want Xu Xiaoshou”

He waved his hand and turned around to fly in a certain direction.

“Then lets see if you can catch me!”


The Storyteller attacked with anger.

Spiritual source surged all over his body, and he was about to go with him.

However, at this moment, a sudden explosion sounded in the distant sky behind where the two of them were trying to move forward.

The sound was as if the space had been smashed apart by someones fist.

With a swish, the Night Guardian and the Storyteller turned their heads at the same time.

As expected.

The space had been broken!

Not only had it been broken, but there was still a black demonic power remaining there.

“Fourth Sword Qi…”

The Storyteller rolled his eyes.

He was speechless.

“So you, an old man, had the upper hand, but you still couldnt catch Wen Ming”

Night Guardians face turned red when he heard that.

That loach, whoever made the move would be ashamed.

If he couldnt even see the figure, how could he catch it

“You still have the face to talk about me”

He retorted, “Werent you useless just now, letting that kid break the space”

The Storyteller flung his robe and couldnt be bothered to talk nonsense with this old man.

A word flew out from the ancient books space and landed on his body.

His figure instantly disappeared from where he was.


Night Guardian yelled in exasperation.

He immediately turned around and merged with the way of the heavens, once again chasing after Xu Xiaoshou.


“Chased, passive points, 2.”

“Cursed, passive points 2.”

Xu Xiaoshou was about to curse.

He was actually already speeding up.

Almost after he escaped from the space node, he saw the night guardian who mysteriously appeared in this place.

The moment the storyteller wanted to make a move, he used a single step to take the easy way out.

But the Storyteller was too sinister!

After using the ancient books space to seal himself, he actually did not remove the Way of the Heavens from this banished land.

Therefore, if Xu Xiaoshou wanted to break through the realm, he had to use Aje and the power of the Fourth Sword.

But once this space exploded, his position was also exposed!

“Damn it, damn it…”

He, Xu Xiaoshou, had thought of letting the Night Guardian attract the Storyteller, and then the two of them would fly elsewhere.

Only when he was safe did he break through the realm.

But this idea was too unrealistic!

Who was Cutting Path

Putting aside whether or not the Storyteller would really fall for the Night Guardians trap.

If the two sides really started fighting, even if the two of them ran a few kilometers away and estimated the aftermath of the battle, the space on his side could only disappear in an instant.

Cutting Paths aftermath, who could survive

“I can”

Xu Xiaoshou did not have such a naive idea!

He had to play along and directly expose his position and tell the two of them where he was.

Only then would he be able to attract them all over.



After fiercely sucking on one of the elixirs, Xu Xiaoshous body spasmed and began to tremble violently.

Apart from feeling refreshed, the sea of qi that was gradually bottoming out had finally recovered some of its spiritual source.

“Come, come!”

Seeing the two people in the distant sky turn into black dots and shoot over at high speed, Xu Xiaoshous heart was in his throat.

His right hand was holding Ajes stone.

On his left hand was the energy limit that had been condensed from the beginning of the battle of Aje until now and had not completely collapsed!

“Buzz, Buzz, Buzz –”

Under the state of disappearance, only Xu Xiaoshou could observe the power of his compressed form of “Ice and fire ball technique”.

At this moment, he could not feel his left hand at all.

The dense gray destructive aura was so strong that eveneternal vitalitycould not restore his corroded left hand.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was holding on to a bare hand made of broken bones, was not moved at all.

His heart was filled with madness.

“Come on, two little petrel, let the storm be more violent!”

“I have prepared a great gift for the both of you!”


Almost at the same time, the golden figure of the Storyteller and the Dark Light of the Night Guardian charged towards Xu Xiaoshou within a few breaths of time.

On the other hand, Xu Xiaoshou..

Finally, he no longer hesitated.

Without fear of death, he ruthlessly took a step towards the direction where the two of them were heading.

“Take the easy way out!”

With an inconspicuous sway in the air, Xu Xiaoshou directly went from the banished land to the south to the far north.

And the one who remained on the spot..

“What the hell Is this!”

“Suspected, passive points 2.”

At the same time, the Storyteller and the Night Guardian stepped on the brakes as if they were stepping on thunder.

A few feet in front of them, an extreme light suddenly bloomed.

In the next second, it turned into a blazing sun, blinding the two of them whose pupils were constricting.

“Crap! ! !”

Night Guardians brain buzzed..

How could he not know what this thing was

Just Now!

Just Now!

He used his stomach to digest one!

A full one!

With a kick to the air, Night Guardians entire body was thrown into the air, and he immediately curved to save the country.

He bent his body and bypassed the blazing sun that fell from the sky, avoiding being directly shot in the head.

On the other side.

“I was scared to death!”

The folded space in front of the Storyteller bounced, and he was sent flying from the direction he came from without any inertia.

But this was bad.

“Buzz –”

The originally stable energy light spot was directly disrupted by the impact of the folded space.

“Is it going to explode”

The Storytellers mouth opened into an “O” form.

He was clearly exclaiming in surprise.

But at this moment, he actually couldnt hear his own voice at all.

“Luo girl!”

He subconsciously turned his head.

As expected, in the other direction, Luo Leilei was already unable to get any response from her loud cry for help.

She spread out her purple lightning wings and fled.

“Come here!”

The Storyteller instantly flashed to Luo Leileis side, picked up this lass and threw her into the ancient books space.

He wasnt afraid of the White Caves explosion.

But Luo Leilei couldnt!

If that fellows daughter died, the entire continent would probably be in turmoil!


After storing Luo Leilei into the ancient books space, the Storyteller didnt even have the time to look back.

Just now, when he brushed past Luo Leilei, he had already smelled an aura even more terrifying than the explosion of the Spirit Fusion Swamp from that destructive aura.

At that time, he was an avatar, so he had no choice but to temporarily avoid the sharp edge.


He was also an avatar!

“Damn it, Wen Ming, how could he produce such a thing Why does he always want to blow things up !”

“Is this also the work of that divine puppet”


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