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Chapter 570: Ten Deaths Without a Chance of Survival

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Luo Leileis”Big brother” greeting almost caused her to die on the spot.

She couldnt stop her shoulders from trembling, as if she wanted to laugh.

However, the goosebumps all over her body brought about even more feelings of disgust.

“Xu Xiaoshou, today will come for you too!”

Looking at Xu Xiaoshou, who was completely unable to resist under the tyrannical might of the Storyteller Senior, Luo Leilei felt sympathy on one hand, but on the other hand, her mood became better.

She knew how powerful this young man in front of her was.

It was the same in the Tianxuan Gate.

It was the same in the White Cave and the space of the ancient book of the Storyteller Senior.

But now, his identity was exposed.

In front of the Storyteller Senior, he couldnt even make a splash and was directly suppressed.


“AI ~”

The storyteller was extremely comfortable with this shout.

He enjoyed it for a long time before saying, “Then, Brother Wen Ming, since you really want to know, I will tell you.”


The Storyteller exhaled a breath of hot air and his voice was full of temptation, “Do you want to learn”

“I dont want to! ! !”

Xu Xiaoshou almost lost his soul on the spot.

Even his ears were red.

He didnt know what the reason was.

However, could he really say “I dont want to”

“Dont you want to learn”

Looking at the hesitant Xu Xiaoshou, the Storytellers face suddenly turned stiff.

He said heavily, “This is an avatar that only a demi-saint can master.

He thinks highly of you, so he wants to teach you!”

“I want to…”

Xu Xiaoshou was about to cry.

He said helplessly, “Human… Ah Pei! I really want to learn…”

Luo Leilei almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

What did I just hear

Xu Xiaoshou was almost homogenized

“Yes, yes, thats more like it!”

The Storyteller finally let go of Xu Xiaoshous shoulder.

He turned around and walked over to Xu Xiaoshou with light steps.

“I know that you actually want to learn, but theres a prerequisite for me to teach you…”

“What prerequisite” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“You have to go with me.”

The Storyteller stretched out his slender fingers and pointed at Xu Xiaoshous chest.

His red lips opened slightly.

“I know that Big Brother likes you very much, but now, I also like you very much.”

“So, if you want to learn, you have to promise to go with me in the end.

As for after that… you cant be taken away by Big Brother, understand”

Looking at the red-dressed man in front of him, he was about to get close to him.

Feeling the binding force, Xu Xiaoshou didnt even have the ability to take a step back.

He could only try his best to lean back his soul and ask with difficulty, “Big Brother, who The Eighth Sword Deity”

The Storytellers action of getting close to him suddenly froze, and his eyes became a little funny.

“Rascal, its already at this point, and you still dare to try to get information from him”

“Do you really think that Ive forgotten what youve done just now”

“UH…” Xu Xiaoshous expression froze, as if he had no intention of doing so.

He asked again, “What information Im just curious.”

“Dont you all want to know why I can last longer than Lei Shuangxing”

As he spoke, his gaze turned to Luo Leilei, and he said, “Its because I met an uncle previously, and he gave me an ancient book.”

Luo Leileis face darkened.

Before he could speak, the Storytellers interest was piqued.

“What book”

“Sword Observation Manual!”

Xu Xiaoshou finally felt a normal persons curious gaze on the Storytellers face.

He felt a sense of relief as he continued,

“That uncle saved my life.

Seeing that I have extraordinary talent, he gave me an ancient book, theSword Observation Manual.”

After saying this, Xu Xiaoshou pursed his lips and didnt say anything.

His gaze was still on Luo Leilei.

However, hisPerception in the dark had been observing the storytellers reaction.

“Sword Observation Manual…”

Doubt appeared in the Storytellers eyes.

“The sword observation manual created by the Eighth Sword Deity”


Xu Xiaoshou nodded as a hint of surprise appeared in his heart.

Could it be that his guess was wrong

That scruffy-looking man and the Saint Servants chief were not the same person

“What does he look like”

The Storyteller frowned.

It was obvious that his brothers matter had overshadowed all his other matters at this moment.

“Scruffy, long hair, covered in oil, and dragging a big sack…”

Xu Xiaoshou said as he observed his reaction.

Seeing that there was no response, he pondered and said, “Eight fingers, there is a big scar on his neck.”

The Storytellers pupils faintly trembled.

If it wasnt for Xu Xiaoshous sharp perception, he wouldnt even be able to observe this small detail.

He immediately glanced at the information bar.

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

“Watched, passive points 1.”


Xu Xiaoshou was dazed.

What did this mean What was the Storyteller suspecting

Was he doubting the authenticity of his words

Or was he doubting the identity of the scruffy-looking man

Or was he doubting his so-called “Brother” because of his words

“Youre lying to me!” The Storyteller suddenly said confidently.

“I wont.”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately shook his head like a rattle-drum, his gaze sincere.

“I, Xu Xiaoshou, never lie to anyone!”

“Ah Pei!”

Luo Leilei, who was at the side, immediately spat and said anxiously, “Senior Storyteller, dont believe his lies.

Its already very good if nine out of ten of this guys sentences are half true!”

Xu Xiaoshous forehead was filled with black lines.

Hes trying to trick me!

You little brat, you better not be alone and let me, Xu Xiaoshou, catch you!

Otherwise, Ill teach you a lesson!


The eyes of the Storyteller rolled, and the interest in his eyes grew.

“Liked, passive points, 1.”

“Liked, passive points, 1.”


When Xu Xiaoshou saw these messages, he felt like a muggle.

As expected, the next second, the Storyteller said, “Little brother, Im getting more and more curious about you.”

“I see.”

He paused for a moment and thought, “I can let bygones be bygones.

You dont have to worry that Ill kill you.”

“But, theres only one condition!” The Storyteller raised a finger.

“Let me out first.”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt even ask for any conditions and immediately interjected.

The Storyteller raised his eyebrows.


The void rippled gently.

Xu Xiaoshou instantly felt that he was once again recognized by the Way of the Heavens.


He took a step forward and directly flashed a few hundred feet away.

“Dont run, you wont be able to escape.”

The Storyteller narrowed his eyes.

“But, if you really want to play the game of eagle catching chicken, I will risk my life to accompany you!”

“Expected, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to directly use the vanishing technique to become invisible and then leave this place.

However, he didnt know the specific ability of the Storyteller.

Compared to the Night Guardian, this guy was too troublesome.

The vanishing technique could protect him for a while, but not for long.

If the other party really had that ability to lock onto him… it was only a matter of time before he was caught.

“Im not running.”

Xu Xiaoshou heaved a sigh of relief.

He looked around and muttered, “I just prefer to have my own personal space.”

The Storytellers eyes were filled with a smile.

A distance of several hundred feet was just a short distance to him.

Since his Brother Wen Ming wanted to maintain a distance, he should give him enough respect.

He shook his vertical finger.

“One condition.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt a headache coming.

He could only ask, “What condition…”

He shifted his gaze to Luo Leilei, “If its the condition you mentioned at the Tianxuan Gate, then Im sorry.

I, Xu Xiaoshou, will not accept it.”

“What did you say”

The Storyteller turned his head to look at Luo Leilei.

Luo Leilei had a headache and replied, “Its what Senior wants to ask.”

The Storytellers gaze froze.

The temperature in the world began to drop.

It wasnt the freezing attribute.

Instead, under the cold killing intent, even the Way of the Heavens began to keep silent in fear.

“They gave you a chance, you should reconsider.” The Storyteller narrowed his eyes.

“Remember, you only have one chance.”


Xu Xiaoshou choked for a moment.

His rationality told him that he could not act tough anymore.


He could not do it!

If he really wanted to follow the Storyteller, he might as well follow the night guardian and return to the Red-robed prison with him for a while.

God knows what terrible things would happen next to this perverted man in the Red-robed.

If he lost his integrity, what should he do

But refuse..

Xu Xiaoshou was in a dilemma.

He really hoped that something unexpected would happen at this time, such as a meteorite falling from the sky and being smashed to death by the Storyteller.

How could someone be like this

How could someone be so terrifying

What kind of freaks and oddities did this “Saint Servant” recruit!

“Your brother said that he wouldnt take me away by force.

He respects me very much.” With a flash of inspiration, Xu Xiaoshou added a few more words.

But the Storyteller was unmoved.

“Brother is brother, he is me.”

“Now, its none of his business.

He has taken a fancy to you.”

Tilting his head, the storyteller smiled and said, “What do you think”

Xu Xiaoshou was silent.

It was impossible to leave with the Storyteller!

But not with..

A fight

Xu Xiaoshous hand touched his chest.

Even when facing the night guardian, he did not take out the ring treasure.

But now, he seriously suspected that even if Aje came out, could he defeat the Storyteller in front of him

This guy was not the Night Guardian.

Would he be afraid of blowing up the White Cave in a battle



“Ma Ma…”

Ajes low moan came.

He seemed to feel “Ma Mas” panic.

This was an emotion that he had never felt before.

“Dont move.”

Xu Xiaoshou interjected with his spiritual senses and advised, “Dont worry, dont come out now.

He wont kill me.”

“Ma Ma…”


Passive points 1.”

A warm current surged in his heart.

Xu Xiaoshou held Aje in his hand and looked at the storyteller.

“May I ask, what realm are you in now”

The interest in the Storytellers eyes grew.

“You want to fight with him”

At this moment, even Luo Leilei felt her heart clench.

She thought of what Xu Xiaoshou had said in the Tianxuan Gate.

“I will see my own world, even if… I am covered in wounds”

“Senior Storyteller!”

Luo Leilei immediately sent telepathic communication.

“You must not kill him.

This is the person whom the chief thinks highly of.

If you kill him, then…”

The Storyteller turned around and glanced at him indifferently.

Luo Leileis voice suddenly stopped.

Its over..

Its over!

How did it turn out like this Xu Xiaoshou was not only the person that the chief thinks highly of, he was also Senior Sleeveless disciple.

Senior Storyteller, you cant! ! !

However, no matter how much she wanted to stop him, the Storytellers casual glance made Luo Leilei realize.

In this arena, she had no right to speak.

The cowardice and coyness on the surface was just an illusion.

In reality, the Storyteller wasnt afraid of anyone!

How could the person he fancied give up so easily

“Received concern, passive points 1.”


“I dont want to fight, I dont want to fight.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and said, “Im just curious… Im just a little more curious.”

The Storytellers attitude towards the young man in front of him was many times better than Luo Leileis.

“Cutting Path.”

He smiled and answered, “The peak of Cutting Path.”

Xu Xiaoshou did not believe him.

“Red-robeds Night Guardian is also a Cutting Path.

Why do I feel that youre much stronger than him”

“Theres no need to flatter him.”

The Storyteller looked refreshed and said again, “That old guy didnt dare to go through the nine Death Thunder Calamity, but he did.”

“How many tribulations”

“All of them.”

The Storyteller answered straightforwardly, but Xu Xiaoshous mind went blank.

If he really went through the nine Death Thunder calamity..

The Storyteller was only half a step away from the higher void

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

This was the person he had faced before who was the closest to the strongest realm in the world.

The wretched saint who was unreachable and could only communicate with him through a few planes was not counted.

He was also different from the Saint Servant chief who was half-crippled and on the verge of death.

The Storyteller was at his peak!

How could a mere innate expert like him be able to contend against such a person

After weighing the pros and cons, Xu Xiaoshou still wanted to struggle for a while.

“If this brat wants to recklessly ask for advice, will Senior Storyteller be merciful and give way to me”

Luo Leileis forehead broke out in cold sweat.

Do you want to die !

Xu Xiaoshou, are you crazy !

“Blocked, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou ignored Luo Leileis gaze and met the Storytellers gaze.

The Storytellers eyes were filled with admiration and love.

“How do you want me to give way to you”

“Is one move enough”

He suddenly shook his head.

“Its too little.

How about this, theyll let you take the initiative to attack, and when youre tired, theyll replace you”

Xu Xiaoshou was instantly covered in goosebumps.

As he quietly comprehendedWeaving Expertise and communicated with the rules of this White Cave world, he wiped off his cold sweat and said,

“No, what I mean is, Senior, can you let me run first, and then after a period of time, youll chase after me”

The Storyteller burst out laughing, then covered his mouth and said, “Youre so interesting.”


He tilted his head and thought for a while, then his expression suddenly became serious.

“If you want to run, why are you communicating with the Way of the Heavens Are you trying to follow the method you did in the ancient books space and blow up the White Cave”

He raised his hand.

Xu Xiaoshou instantly felt that the rules of the heavens that he communicated with were directly blocked.

This time, even his weaving expertise seemed to have lost its effectiveness.

No matter how much he tried to enter, he would never be able to sense the rules of this world.

Exile… a word that suited his state of mind came to Xu Xiaoshou.

There was nothing he could do.

If he couldnt even detonate the White Cave, how could he escape this calamity

This is impossible..


Death without a chance of survival!


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