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Chapter 569: Xiaoshou Bowed

No, no, no… It cant be !

When he saw the person in front of him clearly, Xu Xiaoshous face bulged as if he was constipated, full of discomfort.

“The Heavens want me dead”

If the person in front of him wasnt the Storyteller and Luo Leilei, who else could it be

But why were these two guys here

Shouldnt the Storyteller strictly abide by the words of the so-called second son of the Saint Servant and help him guard the group of Red-robed in the Lijian Grassland

“Now, they have appeared”

Screw his Grandpa!

How can I, Xu Xiaoshou, live with this

Is he crazy Why is everyone targeting me

Xu Xiaoshou cursed in his heart.

He could feel the deep malice of this world towards him.

In the front, it was like a wolf watching the Night Guardian, and in the back, it was like a tiger reading a book.

Was it possible that even if he could pass this test, he would still have to go through 99-81 trials before he could successfully escape from the White Cave

“Hehe, Hehe…”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed dryly.

Suddenly, he felt that something was wrong and changed to “Hehehe.”


Before he could finish, the Storyteller interrupted him with a smile, “Little brother, have you forgotten You are not in disguise now.”

Xu Xiaoshous smile froze on the spot.

Thats right!

What thehell, why did they turn off the “Transformation” just now

Why !

“Dont blame yourself.”

The Storyteller pinched the orchid finger and gently stroked his chest.

“The so-called suspicion is not what I noticed.

Its all thanks to my sister.”

He pointed the orchid finger to the side, and Xu Xiaoshous gaze followed and fell on the young girl at the side.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

Luo Leilei looked as if he was sizing up a monster.

His eyes were filled with surprise.

“Long time no see”

“Cough Cough.”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly started coughing violently.

He choked on his own saliva.

“Luo Leilei, long time no see.”

You, why did you lie to me like this!

The last sentence was choked to death in his stomach.

Xu Xiaoshou squeezed out a trace of a forced smile and forced the corners of his mouth to show his friendliness.

“What kind of spiritual technique is that” Luo Leilei asked without any hesitation.

“What kind of spiritual technique”

Xu Xiaoshou stole a glance at the Storyteller and did not respond directly.

Even though the man in the Red Dress was beaming with joy.

However, Xu Xiaoshou knew that he had done something that angered the heavens and people.

Reprimanding, scolding, interrupting, ordering, scolding..

It was almost any kind of suicidal method that would make people die without a burial place.

He, Xu Xiaoshou, had tried it all on the Storyteller.

Oh no!

More than once!

Under such circumstances, it was hard to imagine how the Storyteller could maintain such a magnanimous smile after understanding all the truth.

Or rather..

Xu Xiaoshou was more inclined to the second inference.

At this moment, other than using a smile to hide his emotions, the Storyteller did not know what expression to use to face himself.

That meant..

Under the disguise of a clear sky, dark clouds filled the sky.

It was raging thunder.

It was him who did not know much.

If he said anything wrong, it would be a terrifying ending that would end on the spot!

God, save me!

I, Xu Xiaoshou, am still a child!


Luo Leilei, who was opposite him, knew that Xu Xiaoshous state of playing dumb was too profound.

He went straight to the point, “Its the kind that can even deceive a Storyteller Senior…”

The moment the worddeceive came out, the Storytellers facial expression froze.

Xu Xiaoshou instantly stopped thinking and interrupted with a roar:


“Its calledTransformation.

It can simulate the appearance of any person.

Its the kind of effect that youve seen before.”

Luo Leilei was stunned.

Apparently, she was stunned by this roar.

Then, the corner of her lips lifted slightly.

“Oh, is that so”

She tilted her head and asked again, “Transformation… This kind of special spiritual technique, how did you learn it”


Xu Xiaoshou heaved a sigh of relief.

Seeing that the Storyteller had no reaction, he did not even want to answer.

Luo Leileis voice rose again, “After all, even the Storyteller Senior can…”


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly shouted, “Similar to talent skills, blood boundary and so on… Ah Pei, similar to spiritual physique, similar to sacred physique.

Can you understand this explanation”

“If I cant teach you, you dont have to count on me to teach you!” Xu Xiaoshou added.

“Oh, talent…”

Luo Leileis smile grew wider.

She seemed to know how to communicate with Xu Xiaoshou, who couldnt communicate with her.

“Then the Fourth Sword.

How can you master them”

“Even Brother Shuangxing couldnt last that long.

I think you didnt get the recognition of the Fourth Sword, but only the recognition, right”

Xu Xiaoshous facial muscles began to twitch.

You lass..

You better remember this!

You are definitely taking revenge!

As expected, women..

Ha, the enmity from the Tianxuan Gates black cliff can still be remembered until now

“Sword Cognition.”

Xu Xiaoshou lowered his head and said dejectedly, “I know Sword Cognition, so the Fourth Sword is closer to me.

In addition, I have the master physique, so I can hold on longer.”

“But now Ive reached my limit, I cant hold on any longer.”

“Do you want this sword”

Xu Xiaoshou said as he picked up the Fourth Sword and wanted to throw it.

The Storyteller and Luo Leilei were shocked at the same time.

Obviously, theSecond Brother of the Saint Servant in the ancient book had left a lot of shadows in their hearts.

“Wait, dont move!”

Luo Leilei immediately stopped Xu Xiaoshous action and said, “I have another question… Brother Shuangxing also knows sword cognition.

He admitted that he didnt last as long as you did.

So, whats the problem”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know whether to put his hands down or lift them up.

He could only stand in the air and said helplessly, “Not lasting Then its his problem.

It has nothing to do with me.”

Luo Leilei: “…”

“Cursed, passive points 1.”

Her gums itched and she said hatefully, “Xu Xiaoshou, you…”

“Ask away!”

Xu Xiaoshou simply relaxed.

He had thought it through.

“Im doomed.”

“What do you want to ask Ill definitely tell you everything I know.”

“In the end, if you can spare my life, then Im very grateful.”

“If you cant…”

“Its okay!”

“It doesnt matter!”

Xu Xiaoshou shouted heavily and said righteously, “But before that, please allow me, Xu Xiaoshou, to express my deepest apologies to the storyteller.”

Ignoring the other partys reaction, Xu Xiaoshou immediately bowed deeply more than 90 degrees.

“Im sorry! ! !”

It was not until his head touched his knee that he bounced up and said, “It was my fault earlier.

I shouldnt have lied to Senior Storyteller.”

“But theres a reason for it.

Its a long story, and I cant explain it clearly in a short time.”

“I wont go into details here.”

“I only hope that Senior can see that my master, Elder Sang, who is also the second-in-command of Saint Servant, Sleeveless, and the chief of Saint Servant, the masked man, as well as Lei Shuangxing, that… fellow, and Luo Leileis friendship, and let this kid live!”

“Thank you very much!”

Xu Xiaoshou bowed again.

The corner of Luo Leileis mouth twitched as if it was cramping.


Xu Xiaoshou, should I say that youre a man who can bend and stretch, or should I say that youre really too smelly and shameless!

Brother Shuangxing, you can get involved in this too

Do you think that since hes not present, you can spout nonsense as you please!

Why dont you bring up Senior Cen as well

“Oh, thats right!”

Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have remembered something and added, “Theres also Senior Cen Qiaofu.

Ever since I met him at Tiansang Spirit Palace that day, Ive been yearning for him for a long time.

I hope that senior…”

Seeing that the Storytellers eyes were becoming more and more uncertain, Xu Xiaoshou quickly changed his target.

He looked at Luo Leilei and said, “You.

After you ask Senior Cen on my behalf, say that we havent seen each other for a long time and that we miss each other very much.

When we meet again, we will definitely drink…”

“Perception” looked at the Storytellers face, which was as dark as ink.

Xu Xiaoshous voice gradually weakened.

“… Yan Huan.”


“Did I say too much”

He muttered to himself as if he was mumbling to himself, “It doesnt matter.

Although it was for a very special reason, I still deceived senior storyteller.”

“If Senior wants to kill me, I, Xu Xiaoshou, will not complain!”


Xu Xiaoshou directly raised his head and closed his eyes, with a face of death.

He pushed his “Perception” to the limit, and with the “Vanishing technique” and “Take the easy way out”, he was completely prepared.

If there was anything wrong with the Storyteller, he would immediately abandon his words and run away.

“Watched, passive points 1.”

“Liked, passive points 1.”

The Storyteller stared at him.

Although his face was no longer full of smiles, it was filled with frost.

However, a message suddenly popped up in the information bar, causing Xu Xiaoshous body to tremble uncontrollably.

Liked, liked

He froze on the spot.

Even his thoughts were a little hard to process.


“Like the hell!”

“Are you crazy I, Xu Xiaoshou, have already said this much.

A normal person can either attack in a fit of rage and directly solve the problem.”

“Or treat the person as a junior.

For the sake of bowing twice, treat it as farting.”

“You… like, what does that mean”

Xu Xiaoshou was trembling in fear.

Facing the Storyteller was even more painful than facing ten Night Guardians.

The emotions of the Saint Servant” could not be captured.

You never knew what he was like one second and what would happen the next.

Night Guardian appreciated him, so Xu Xiaoshou could accurately control his thoughts and then control them.

But facing the Storyteller..

Let alone control him!

A “Like” almost made Xu Xiaoshou cry.

“Im sorry, if I made you like anything just now, can you tell me…”

“Ill change it! ! !”

Xu Xiaoshou roared in his heart.

He couldnt afford to offend this pervert in a red dress!


“As expected of the person that Big Brother has taken a fancy to!”

The Storyteller held it in for a while, then finally shook his head and clapped his hands in praise.

“Luo girl, are you sure you didnt recognize him wrongly He is Wen Ming”

Compared to other questions, and even when Xu Xiaoshou was taught a lesson by the disguised Second Brother of the Saint Servant in the ancient book space, the Storyteller seemed to be more concerned about this question.


Luo Leilei nodded and said, “Other than Xu Xiaoshou, there is no other person in Tiansang Spirit Palace who could catch the chiefs eye.”

“Okay.” The Storyteller pursed his red lips and asked again, “Then are you done asking”


Luo Leilei wanted to continue speaking.

She still had too many problems to solve, so she had to get Xu Xiaoshous reply.

But now, the Storyteller Senior couldnt wait any longer.

Forget it.

She nodded and took half a step back.

The Storytellers smile bloomed once again.

“Wen Ming, Ive finally met you.

So youre Wen Ming!”

Xu Xiaoshou instantly had goosebumps all over his body.

He finally understood that in this world, there were things that were more unbearable than death.


“To live in front of this perverted man in a red dress, and as a man, this is even more painful than death!”

The Storyteller shook his head and sighed, the scenes from the ancient book kept flashing through his mind.

One moment he was filled with killing intent, the next moment he was filled with admiration.

After a long time, his final gaze froze..


Extremely kind!

“Wen Ming, are you curious as to why I came here when I should have listened to you” The Storyteller blinked as he asked.

“Im not curious, Im not curious…”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately closed his eyes and shook his head like a rattle-drum, “Senior has great powers, theres nothing that you cant do…”

“Just call him Big Brother.” The Storyteller folded his hands in front of his chest and looked at Xu Xiaoshou.

The more he looked at him, the more he liked him.

He was someone Big Brother admired

“What” When Xu Xiaoshou heard this, he couldnt even keep his eyelids open.

He immediately opened his eyes and his eyeballs popped out.

“Big Brother…” the Storyteller shyly shook his waist and said, “Just call him that.”

Xu Xiaoshou:

He turned his head in disbelief and cast his gaze in the direction of Luo Leilei.


He used his gaze to slowly type out a question mark.

However, what he got back was Luo Leileis expression that said, “I cant do anything.

You have to pray for yourself.”.

“Big Brother.”

Xu Xiaoshou cried, his eyes filled with tears.

“No, no, no…”

The storyteller bit his lower lip and said, “Learn from me, Big Brother…”

“Big Brother.”

“Big Brother.”

“Big Brother…”

“Big Brother! ! !” The Storyteller suddenly roared.

With a boom, the void directly exploded, and the world instantly collapsed.

Xu Xiaoshou was suddenly scared out of his wits, and he almost felt like his fart was about to be blown out.

His body trembled, and a quiver jumped up from the bottom of his feet and swam all over his body, closing the top of his head.

“Big Brother…”

Xu Xiaoshou said these words with tears in his eyes.

He felt that he had been humiliated.

But a scholar could be humiliated, but he could not be killed.

So what if he had been wronged

Under the influence of power, choosing to lower his head was something that Xu Xiaoshou often did.

“Everything, in order to live… No, to linger on at deaths Door!”

He secretly sized up the void around him that had completely collapsed, but he was not affected at all.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that with just this one move, he could tell that the strength of the Storyteller was definitely several times higher than the Night Guardian.

Such control was perfected.


Yes, cowardly enough!


The Storytellers elbow was in front of his chest, as if his soul had been cleansed by a single call.

He disappeared from the spot with a swish.

Under Xu Xiaoshous horrified pupils, he had already gently wrapped a hand around his shoulder and whispered into his ear, “Then, little brother, do you want to know why I can come from the Lijian Grassland”

“I dont want to, I dont want to!”

Xu Xiaoshous soul was almost shattered by a breath of hot air.

He wanted to pull away, but at this moment, he realized that he was completely trapped.

He wasnt trapped by the Storytellers palm.

He was trapped by space, the Way of the Heavens, and everything in the White Cave.

Or, to put it another way.

With the Storytellers embrace, Xu Xiaoshou was directly abandoned by the Order of the heavens in the White Cave.

The heavens and earth were vast.

But at this moment, there was no place for him to stay!

Thus, there was no way to escape!


Taking a deep breath, Xu Xiaoshou closed his eyes.

“I want to.”

“I want… to ask Senior to explain.

I, Xu Xiaoshou, really want to know!”

“Senior” The Storyteller tilted his head.

His hair fell down and slid to his lips.

He was very charming.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Luo Leilei again as if he had saved his life.

At this moment, he really hoped that the other party could forget about the past and save him.

There was still a long way to go.

He, Xu Xiaoshou, expressed that he would repay Luo Leilei by doing anything.

However, the other party turned his body slightly to show that he did not see anything.

Tears rolled down from the corners of his eyes.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had been strengthened by life.

He felt that the world was so screwed up.

Why was a Night Guardian not enough.

Why did a Storyteller come In the blink of an eye, because of a “Wen Ming”, the other party had become like this

It shouldnt be..

It shouldnt be! ! !

He pursed his lips, and the two words, which contained a trill, were squeezed out from between Xu Xiaoshous teeth.

“Big Brother ~”


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