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Chapter 568: When the Willows Are Bright and the Flowers are Dark, Yet Another Village Appears

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“You brat, youve gone mad!”

Night Guardian was truly frightened.

He had never thought that Xu Xiaoshou would come to such a drastic measure.

He had seen the miserable state of the Spirit Fusion Swamp before.

Although he had never experienced such a degree of explosion personally, he had only seen one result.

However, the remnants of power there at that time, even when he recalled it now, still left a lingering fear in his heart.

The explosion of the ancient books spatial fragment had exploded in another space.

With the obstruction of the spatial fragment, the explosion had already weakened several layers when it reached the White Cave.

Even so, it had already blasted the White Cave to the point where it was on the verge of collapse.

Unlike this, the two powers of the Spirit Fusion Swamp..

Before the White Caves Experiencer had arrived, Red-robed had already discovered it when she was exploring the terrain.

She had even specially added seals and restrictions.

The purpose was to prevent the two powers from overlapping and ultimately causing a tragic situation.

But in the end, it still happened.

An uncontrollable explosion had already caused such consequences.

Now, the Infernal Original Seed and the Three Days Frozen Calamity were two completely opposite supreme treasure that could not appear on the same person.

Xu Xiaoshou had obtained all of them!

He still wanted to control these two powers and detonate the White Cave

“What kind of joke is this!”

Night Guardian angrily rebuked, “Even if you can detonate the White Cave, have you thought about the consequences Can you avoid the power of the explosion Can you withstand all of this”


Night Guardian pounced forward, his figure disappearing into the way of the heavens, and in the blink of an eye, he arrived at Xu Xiaoshous position.

“If we really want to fuse, before the White Cave explodes, you will explode on the spot.

Xin, do you believe me”

Xu Xiaoshou did not care about the Night Guardian lecturing him.

His expression was completely crazed.

He could imagine the consequences.

However, under the influence of the Fourth Swords fierce devil power, some of his rational worries were completely thrown away.

“Good luck!”

The instant the Night Guardians palm struck out, his figure disappeared from where he was.

The spiritual source of the Night Guardian, which contained the power of the Dark Swallow, hit nothing on the spot and passed through Xu Xiaoshous original position.

He froze in an instant.

“It can still be like this”

With such a destructive energy in his hand, Xu Xiaoshou still had some energy left.

could he still use his spiritual source to use his vanishing technique

He suddenly turned around.

But it was just as Xu Xiaoshou had thought.

Once the vanishing technique was activated, it would really erase all traces of his body from this world.

Even the Night Guardian could not sense any energy movement from Xu Xiaoshou at this moment.


Night Guardian cursed loudly, and the dark energy directly sealed this space.

He was afraid that Xu Xiaoshou would use the excuse of using his energy to teleport and disappear.

He was even more afraid that this energy would explode and the white cave would be destroyed on the spot!

“Buzz Buzz Buzz…”

Xu Xiaoshou was gone.

However, the path patterns in the air were getting brighter and brighter.

It was as if he could even observe and influence the order of the heavens.

Night Guardian could not figure out how a person who was not even in the grandmaster realm could sense the order of the White Cave.

However, it was not the time to think about all of this.

“Night Curtain!”

With a low shout in his heart, darkness swallowed up the sky.

The path patterns in the sky and earth suddenly lit up, as if they had been extinguished by cold water before the fire had even begun to burn.

Six senses, spiritual senses… he could no longer detect the slightest movement of the wind or grass.

When he disappeared, Xu Xiaoshou only felt that he had become a deaf-mute and a blind man, unable to do anything.

But the power in his hand was still gathering.

He could also feel that Night Guardian had used the dark attribute to replace the space order.

However, this replacement was not complete.

The remnants of the Way of the Heavens did not disappear completely at this moment.

It was just that he could not see or touch it.

However, his own strength was weak and he could not feel it anymore.

The Infernal Original Seed and the Three Days Frozen Calamity were supreme treasure that also contained the calamity power.

It didnt matter if he couldnt feel it.

It was enough that they could affect the order of the heavens!

“Berserk giant!”

Sensing that his body was about to be unable to withstand the destructive power in his hand, Xu Xiaoshou immediately ignited the desire to destroy his soul.

In an instant, golden light bloomed and the berserk giant appeared.

Even if it was a flash of light, only he could see it.

However, Xu Xiaoshou still saw the light.

An opportunity!

If he couldnt get it, he would explode.

Only then would he have the chance to escape.

“Song of Ice and fire, Play!”

His trembling hands could no longer control the destructive power of the two supreme treasure in his hands.

Xu Xiaoshous hands shook, and the half-blue, half-white energy sphere that had a gray aura rolled out fell from the sky.


In the darkness, a ray of light suddenly slid down from the sky like a blazing sun.

Night Guardian immediately turned around and stared straight at it.

He immediately understood that the power controlled by Xu Xiaoshou could also disappear under his spiritual technique.

However, once that thing left his hand, it would no longer be controlled by “Disappear” and would definitely reveal itself.

According to the trajectory of the energy light sphere, Night Guardian immediately deduced the direction where Xu Xiaoshou had disappeared.

If he wanted to, he could directly shatter that space right now.

Perhaps he could kill Xu Xiaoshou on the spot.

However, it was too late.

If he really had to spend this time and effort… who would be the one to deal with the energy ball

“Ill tear you apart!”

Night Guardian was flustered and exasperated.

He stepped in the air toward the direction of the energy ball.

Before his energy movement became chaotic and was about to explode, he directly covered it with the power of darkness.

Then, he opened his mouth and swallowed it!

Xu Xiaoshou:

He teleported in mid-air to prevent the Night Guardian from capturing his position, but he was dumbfounded by this scene.


At this moment, he simply couldnt imagine what the Night Guardian would be feeling.

In order to prevent the space of the White Cave from exploding, he had to bear this power alone

Could he withstand it

Wasnt this more unbearable than swallowing a fly


A soft sound suddenly rang out in the silent screen.

In the next second, the dark bounded domain that enveloped this area suddenly trembled and turned into crystal shards that directly shattered.

Once again.


A soft sound exploded from the Night Guardians body.

The tattered clothes on his body were directly shattered into powder.

The area within a radius of a few miles was also destroyed and shattered on the spot with an extremely exaggerated tone under this soft sound.

A black hole was directly formed!

Xu Xiaoshou clearly did not feel the slightest bit of energy being lifted up.

However, for some unknown reason, a vast and powerful force came charging over.

His entire body was directly sent flying several miles away.

His body was even sent flying at a high speed, causing many cracks to appear on his body.


A loud sound finally appeared in the air.

However, this sound did not come from the Night Guardian, but from Xu Xiaoshou!

Only then did the latter realize that the spiritual source he had used to activate the incomplete song of Ice and fire was not enough to support him to activate both the vanishing technique and the berserk giant at the same time.

Being sent flying first meant that the vanishing technique had been dispelled.

The disintegration of the golden light behind meant that the berserk giants power had disintegrated.

Darkness and dizziness spread directly from the cerebral cortex.

Xu Xiaoshou almost closed his eyes on the spot.

But he knew that if he closed his eyes at this time, it would really be impossible for him to open them again.

He gritted his teeth and endured with all his might.

He swallowed the elixirs that he had prepared in advance, barely able to retain a trace of consciousness.

He looked over.

After the silent explosion, the space within a radius of several Li was completely gone.

However, a few miles away, a brand new Cage of Darkness that seemed to have been completely sealed had closed up, directly trapping the aftermath of the explosion.

Not a single bit of power was leaked.

“What kind of joke is this”

“Dual bounded domain”

Xu Xiaoshou was completely dumbfounded.

He did not think that such a devastating attack could really be swallowed by the Night Guardian.

But, dual bounded domain


The only explanation was that after the dark bounded domain had been shattered, Night Guardian had opened up another bounded domain and locked down the destructive power of the explosion.

As for itself..


It seemed to confirm what Xu Xiaoshou had thought.

Night Guardian could no longer withstand the force of the swallowing.

Sovereigns bounded domain had been used to tighten the shockwaves from the explosion of the energy ball.

The defense in his body had lost its strongest protective layer.

Even for the Cutting Path.

After forcefully swallowing such energy, he didnt feel any better.

The explosion of the energy ball seemed to be just the beginning.

After the shockwaves were over, blood veins suddenly appeared all over Night Guardians body.

In the next second, blue and white beams of light shot out from the veins along with blood, directly lighting up the void.

Night Guardians face was full of pain as he glared at Xu Xiaoshou, who was also weak.

He was like a balloon that was on the verge of bursting.

Even if he used external forces to restrain him, it would still be difficult for him to stop himself from collapsing.


He gritted his teeth with all his might.

Amidst the splashing blue and white light, an insignificant darkness appeared.

But soon after, the darkness attached to other energies and assimilated them, ruthlessly pulling them into the Night Guardians body.

At this moment, the Night Guardians body seemed to have turned into a human-shaped black hole.

Even the suction force of the black hole was not as terrifying as his.

The power that tried to shoot out and explode was directly sucked into his body, not missing a single bit!


Xu Xiaoshou sighed with emotion.

He barely recovered and stared straight at the Night Guardian who could not protect himself.

After pondering for a moment, he raised his hand with difficulty.

In his hand was the Fourth Sword.

The eyes of the Night Guardian instantly widened.

“ ”

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

The next second.


In front of the exploding balloon version of the Night Guardian, several black devil sword suddenly slashed out.

The Crooked Sword Energy moved in mid-air, and because of Xu Xiaoshous weakness, its direction was inaccurate.

What a coincidence.

The terrifying suction force of the human-shaped black hole of the Night Guardian..

This time, no one needed to aim.

Even if they threw a stone to the ground, they would probably be pulled into its body.

“Xu Xiaoshou, youre so vicious!”

Night Guardian was going crazy.

No one could withstand the fierce demonic qi of the fourth sword unless they were an ancient swordsman.

At this moment, he knew that he had to move his position and even turn off the suction force of his black hole.

Otherwise, the ferocious demon power would definitely possess his body.

But if the “Engulfing” spiritual technique was turned off…

Then how could he stop the power that was trying to leak out from his body and blow up the energy ball of light in this space

At this moment, Night Guardian felt as if he was being fed feces and his heart was going crazy.

He watched as the ferocious demons sword energy suddenly arrived just like that.

It was just an oversight.

Chi Chi Chi..

Sword energy penetrated his body, and fresh blood splattered and flowed back.

The balloon was about to explode!

However, at the center of the balloon, the black holes suction force refused to be removed until he was about to explode.

Night Guardian not only absorbed the ominous demons power into his sea of energy, but also pulled back his body that was about to collapse and stopped the energy reserve of the explosion.

“Do you want to explode or not”

Xu Xiaoshou really wanted to teleport over and directly plunge the fourth sword into the balloon to disintegrate the future trouble.

He knew that even at this level, Night Guardian would probably not die.

But if he could seriously injure him and make him lose the ability to track him, then everything would be easy to handle.

But, no!

He himself was too weak in the higher void.

At this moment, even waving the sword in his hand was a painstaking effort.

It was impossible for him to do anything else.

The two of them looked at each other from afar.


Night Guardians body suddenly swelled.

The next second, he was immediately retracted.

Following that, a terrifying devilish energy exploded around his body.

His eyes were somewhat dyed black.


The void suddenly exploded once again.

The space that was completely shattered, but was trying to repair itself, was once again reduced to dust under this force.


Several li away, the dark bounded domain expanded three times, and was on the verge of collapse.

In the next second, it finally couldnt hold on any longer, and collapsed with a bang.


“Hu ~”

Xu Xiaoshou finally heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

He won!

The Night Guardian could not hold on to this space, so he could no longer hold on to himself.

And he wanted to use his body, which did not even have an innate level physique, to forcefully swallow the power of the entire energy ball.

Xu Xiaoshou himself did not know how the Night Guardian felt at this moment.

But he was sure that if it were Elder Sang, he might not have dared to take on this matter so forcefully.

He still remembered that he had created the seeds on all five fingers by conducting alchemy, and it had entered the old mans nostrils and exploded from the inside.

Even the old man could not withstand it.

Not to mention the Night Guardian at the moment.

“Good luck.”

Xu Xiaoshou weakly raised his fist and raised it slightly.

He turned around and left.

Night Guardian had gone crazy!

“Cursed, passive points 1.”

“Forced to stay, passive points 1.”

“Watched, passive points 1.”



Run quickly.

Xu Xiaoshou rushed out of the battle range and did not dare to stay.

He had already guessed the reason why Night Guardian could track him.

“Stealth”, “Transformation”, and “Vanishing technique”.

It was impossible for him to be caught.

Then, the problem must not be with him.

And since the Night Guardian was unable to track him, how could he find his precise location while he was continuously teleporting

Without a doubt.

Lu Ke!

Or rather, it was not Lu Ke.

After all, this guy was locked in the Yuan mansion.

Even if the Night Guardian had a technique like aura tracking on him, there was no reason for him to be able to track the two distinct worlds.

However, there was one item that could ignore the extradimensional space attribute of the Yuan mansion.

Famed sword, Green Scale Ridge!

Xu Xiaoshou still remembered the scene when he kept the famed sword in his Yuan mansion and was summoned by Lu Ke.

That was the first time he knew the uniqueness of the famed sword.

If the Night Guardian could track him down, it must be because of the famed swords characteristics.

Although he didnt know what ability it was, he could still sense the famed sword in his Yuan Mansions space..

Or perhaps, the famed sword had taken the initiative to cross the Yuan Mansions space and ask the Night Guardian for help..

But at this time, abandoning the carriage to protect the commander was undoubtedly the wisest move.

He was a little reluctant, but there was no reason to dwell on this!


Xu Xiaoshou flipped his hand and caught the famed sword, Green Scale Ridge, which had been completely frozen by the Frost Tribulations power.

Without hesitation, he threw it at the other side of the road.

He threw it away!


Without any reluctance, he ran away and took a few more mouthfuls of elixirs.

His body trembled, and he was in high spirits.

Xu Xiaoshou took the easy way out and left this place at the speed of light.

“Finally, Im safe.”


“Pitter patter…”

The rain was high in the sky, and he was running at a low altitude.


“Watched, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous footsteps stopped for a moment, and he immediately flipped his body in the air.

His entire face instantly collapsed.

How, how could there be more

This time, he even had the urge to curse in his heart.

He even wanted to perform another “Song of Ice and Fire” on the spot and shatter this world.

When the house leaks, the rain will fall, and the willows will be bright and the flowers will be dark… yet another village!

He raised his eyes and looked over.

A red dress fluttered in the wind, and she stood by her side with her arms crossed over her chest.

She was a few miles away.

Beside her, there was a woman in a white dress with a blue shawl.

She had a high ponytail, a pretty face, and a body full of purple lightning.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

“Called, passive points, 1.”

“Hehe, so powerful!”

“Should I call you Second Brother, Wen Ming, or… Xu Xiaoshou”

“Acknowledged, passive points 1.”


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