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Chapter 566: Devil Invasion, Dark Giant!

Thats right..

Night Guardian closed his eyes heavily.

Every time he heard Xu Xiaoshous words, his heart would waver.

But this time, he had already made up his mind.

What he should hear and what he shouldnt hear had all entered his ears.

The rest would be left to Red-robeds prison to deal with!

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

“Theres no need to say anymore!”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly smiled and raised his head, his eyes full of spirit.

“I know.

You have your position, I have my position.”

“Separated by such a clear position in the battlefield, artillery vehicles can go forward.

People with the heart of a general can never go together.”

“This world…”

“Its not your fault, and its not mine, but…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked far in all directions, and what entered his eyes was such a black and boundless world of the White Cave.

There was no life at all.

The will to die was rampant.

Where could he end up

He shook his head and did not say anything more.

Night Guardian was stunned.

“So, youre willing to go back with me”


Xu Xiaoshou laughed out loud, and his gaze retracted.

He raised the two swords in his hands, one black and one red.

“Isnt my meaning clear enough”

“Different paths lead to different strategies.”

“Lets fight!”

“Fight” The Night Guardians brows were almost raised.

“You and I.





Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

However, the Night Guardian was amused.

“Xu Xiaoshou, do you still think that youre the second-in-command of the Saint Servant and that everyone will listen to you”


Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“I am me.

A mere Xu Xiaoshou, thats all.”

“Then, fight”

The Night Guardian confirmed once again.

Xu Xiaoshou raised the two swords in his hands high up.

The vicious sword and the famed sword seemed to sense his intense battle intent at the same time, and they trembled slightly.

Buzz —

In an instant, a dense sword will rose in the world.

The void cracked and turned into thousands of miniature swords of the space, floating behind Xu Xiaoshou.

“Void Solidifying Sword Technique…”

Night Guardian took a deep breath.

He knew that Xu Xiaoshou was a genius, but at the same time, he could control the famed sword, gain the recognition of the Fourth Sword, and even comprehend the sword will to this level.

At this age, he was probably one of the rarest in the world.


What was the use

Innate, cutting path

“Xu Xiaoshou, what qualifications do you have to show me your cards” The Night Guardian raised his head and laughed.

He laughed at the youths stupidity.

Without the Saint Servants second-in-command, how could he possibly match up to cutting path

He laughed at the youths stubbornness.

At the very most, he could be counted as a sovereign stage combat strength.

How could he turn the tide under the set circumstances

“Xu Xiaoshou, you are too arrogant!”

“Your arrogance, your conceit, will eventually bring you to a bad end!”

The smile on the Night Guardians face disappeared, and his expression turned solemn.

The Void was instantly sealed.

This time, he would definitely not let Xu Xiaoshou off, no matter what method he used!

“Its not arrogance…”

Xu Xiaoshou exhaled, and his sword will converged, covering his body.

The layer of spiritual source with the hilt of the Fourth Sword in his hand was removed without hesitation.

“One can not live a lifetime without losing ones pride.

One can not live without losing ones pride.”

“How can one avoid death because of power”

“This time, I, Xu Xiaoshou, will fight for myself, for freedom… to fight!”

Feeling the vicious demonic power in his body colliding with his soul, Xu Xiaoshou no longer tried to suppress the clarity of his spiritual altar.

Instead, he tried his best to release the desire to rage from the depths of his soul.

He could avoid the first step, but he could not avoid the fifteenth.

Since he had come, then he would fight!

“Roar –”

With a deafening roar, the golden light in the world blossomed and turned into bright spots of light.

In the next second, a golden giant that was dozens of feet tall suddenly took Xu Xiaoshous place and descended into the void.


With just a stomp, the void suddenly exploded and turned into a black hole.

The berserk giant appeared!

His body was covered in golden light, and his eyes were scarlet.

However, the berserk giant, who seemed to be in a cultivation deviation state, let out a hoarse and deep roar at this moment.

“Fight! ! !”

He raised his head and opened his eyes.


In an instant, the heaven and earth pressed down heavily, and the void distorted and curled up.

Night Guardian merely raised his head and looked over, and he felt that the several tall golden giant was reflected in his eyes at this moment.

However, it seemed to have transformed into an ancient Titan that could hold up the sky and hold up the land.

“What kind of spiritual technique is this…”

He was shocked.

Xu Xiaoshou had not even used his sword will.

He had only used his innate cultivation level to activate this spiritual technique.

The aura he gave off was actually close to the sovereigns throne

“Thats not right.”

“Its not innate!”

Feeling the pressure on his shoulders, the Night Guardian suddenly understood that this was the power that Xu Xiaoshou had used to pretend to be the second-in-command of the Saint Servant in the ancient books space.

At this moment, he was only relying on the giants huge body to magnify his aura by several times!

“Master physique.”

“Yes, Xu Xiaoshou is not only innate, but also master physique.”

“Could it be that… he has already touched the edge of the sovereign physique”

Night Guardian was shocked.

He had never seen a spiritual technique that could raise ones level like this.

No matter how powerful the blood sacrifice technique was, it was impossible for it to raise ones level by an entire realm.

There was an entire grandmaster realm between Xu Xiaoshou and the sovereign!


While he was thinking, the seal in the air was no longer of any use to the berserk giant.

The space order of the White Cave was lower than that of the Shengshen Continent.

As a result, it was more fragile and couldnt resist the power of a sovereign stage.

This was also the reason why Red-robed had forbidden the sovereign from entering.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou, who was in the form of the berserk giant, had his passive skills increased by more than several times.

With just a recoil of his body,.

The shackles of the abyss were immediately cracked.


A hoarse voice that was as low as the sound of a muffled cannon rang out.

The lower leg of the berserk giant bent, and his entire body shot out.

With a whoosh, he jumped up several hundred feet into the air.

“So fast!”

Night Guardian had never thought that the berserk giant, who clearly did not have the eight wings of the Holy War Black Angel, would be able to burst out with such speed.

He subconsciously followed the giants figure that was shooting high into the sky and looked up.

However, when he looked up, he completely lost sight of the Golden Giant.

“Its gone”

Night Guardians heart trembled and he immediately felt that something was wrong.

At this moment, a whistling sound of wind could be heard not far behind him.


After a roar, the berserk giant suddenly swung his fist and directly landed on Night Guardians body that was barely turning around.

“Bang Bang Bang…”

In the blink of an eye, the void.

In a straight line, more than ten square meters of space were blasted apart at the same time.

Then, the miserable figure of the Night Guardian who had a bow on his back like a prawn was sent flying out from the black hole hundreds of meters away.

Then, he pushed against the space wall and exploded all the way.

“ ”

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

It had to be said that this strike had really stunned the Night Guardian.

He only realized at this moment that he had been completely deceived by the Golden Giants scarlet eyes.

Xu Xiaoshou still had consciousness!

He even had a strategy!

Taking advantage of the moment when he was launched and his attention was attracted by the sight, he directly used his unknown teleportation technique and appeared beside him.

At that distance, who would be able to guard against him when he was caught off guard

Even though he immediately opened his spiritual source tent.

However, Night Guardian still felt that the Golden Giants strength completely surpassed that of a master physique the moment he was sucked into the spatial fragment.

“Berserk giant”

At this moment, he suddenly recalled Xu Xiaoshous words in the sea of flowers in the City Lord Mansion.

Xu Xiaoshou had once said that his own strength was enough to rival several great powers of the throne.

“Isnt this kid too scary”

“How long has it been How could he have grown to this extent”

He was pushed back several miles by the terrifying force.

In the next breath, Night Guardian barely regained control of his body.

He knew that he had been careless.

If he faced Xu Xiaoshou with the mentality of an ordinary junior, it would be impossible for him to fail, but it was inevitable for him to suffer a loss!

“Good fellow.”

He turned his body, wanting to coil around him.

Night Guardian suddenly let out a muffled grunt and was interrupted by the delayed explosion of power in his body.

“Dark power”

This time, his face turned from black to purple.

As expected, in this short period of time when he lost control, dozens of black fiendish sword energy surged forward.

The sword energy came from the fourth sword.

If it was not an ancient swordsman, who would dare to receive it

“Shadow Stealth!”

At the critical moment, Night Guardian did not even need to cast a spiritual spell.

He suddenly detonated the dark attribute in his body.

In the blink of an eye, black covered his entire body.

He disappeared into the heaven and earth as if he had turned into the omnipresent dark element and lived as long as the heaven.

“Swish, Swish, Swish…”

Sword energy cut through the air from where he was before, cutting through the wind, leaving behind remnants of the ominous demonic energy that could not be dispelled.


A muffled sound once again exploded from where he was before.

Golden Giant..


Night Guardians body, which had just returned to its original form, suddenly trembled, and his pupils suddenly constricted.

How was this a golden giant

It was just a mere exchange of blows.

How was this golden color completely covered by darkness

As far as the eye could see, it was a dark giant that was dozens of feet tall.

Its entire body was enveloped by the demonic aura of the fourth sword.

It was as if it had turned into the most sinister monster in the world.

Its aura was completely different from the previous one!

“Exploding posture!”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that his entire body was filled with power.

He did not even need to deliberately pull it.

He took another step up to the sky, and countless golden light spots exploded around him.

The light spots floated up and down, and their shadows were indistinct.

They had not even started to gather their power when the void started to crack and crack.

“What kind of ghost spiritual technique is this”

Night Guardian was stunned.

Such a terrifying destructive aura.

This was simply not inferior to the explosion of an ancient books space in a single spot!

Subconsciously, he wanted to escape and dodge this attack.

But suddenly, the dark giant narrowed his eyes, and his lowered eyelids opened wide in anger.


Night Guardians body suddenly sank.

That magnificent and inexplicable pressure that was like the fury of the sky poured into every part of his body in an overwhelming manner.

It did not hurt.

But it was a disgusting skill that could restrict a persons movement!


After being slightly controlled for such a short time, the countless light spots gathered in exploding posture had already filled up.

In the next second, the dark giant who had shot up into the sky clenched his fist tightly.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The air currents surged in reverse.

The space was filled with layers of turbulence.

A grayish-black destructive aura mixed with the demonic power of the fourth sword and the golden recoil energy from the exploding posture directly turned this area upside down.

The area within a radius of several miles was completely shaken.

A large dark hole directly replaced the fragile and fragile space of the White Cave.

It was like a huge mouth of darkness that opened up and swallowed everything.


The Night Guardian was wrapped in a cage of darkness.

His clothes were tattered, and only the torn strips of cloth in his red robe could barely cover the place where he was hiding.

With this explosion, he felt a sweetness in his throat.

It was as if some gastric juice had been blasted out.

His cheeks swelled and then contracted.

As his Adams apple rolled, the Night Guardian did not want to see his gastric juice.

“Its fishy…”

But when he felt the taste coming from the tip of his tongue, the Night Guardian was stunned.

He had swallowed this thing before.

It didnt seem to be gastric juice

Can Xu Xiaoshou hurt me

“Doubted, passive points 1.”


“Is this the limit”

Xu Xiaoshou, who had transformed into a giant of darkness, had four swords in one hand and a famed sword and flame python in the other.

He flew high up in the sky and used his “Perception” to probe.

The Night Guardian had only swallowed a mouthful of blood and nothing else happened

“This is the Cutting Path”

Endless despair rose in Xu Xiaoshous heart.

Berserk giant, exploding posture, and the devil invasion of the fourth sword.

He was almost unable to hold on any longer.

To the Night Guardian, was that really what he had said… and that was it


However, at this moment, there was no other way out.

Once he could not take down the Night Guardian, once he could not restrict his movements, no matter where he ran, he would definitely not be able to escape this calamity.

He, Xu Xiaoshou, didnt want to enter the Red-robed Prison, nor did he want to go to the so-called Red-robed prison.

His battle intent soared once again.


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly tightened his grip on the two swords in his hands.

If the extended passive skill couldnt solve the problem, then he would leave it to his expertise passive skill and the one in his hand..

Fourth Sword!

Taking advantage of the blink of an eye when the explosion injured the Night Guardian, Xu Xiaoshou directly raised the vicious sword in his hand and looked over.

It was the saber from the Eighth Sword Deity.

It was the sword observation manual from the Eighth Sword Deity.

“Let me, Xu Xiaoshou, see what kind of sparks you can make!”

“Sword observation technique!”

He opened his eyes and raised them.

The surging aura between heaven and earth reached the Fourth Sword in his hand without missing a beat.

However, the power of swallow the mountains and rivers, which even the Night Guardian had to lower, could not move the Vicious sword at all.


A slight tremble was heard.

“Attacked, passive points 1.”

“Attacked, passive points 1.”


An intense pain came directly from the center of his palm.

At this time, Xu Xiaoshou did not have any extra time to slowly move the sword cognition from the fourth sword to his body.

With a whoosh, his dark arm was dyed red.

In the next second, Xu Xiaoshou already felt that he could not hold on any longer.

This black sword cognition from the Fourth Sword was so tiny that it could not even be called a “Sliver”.

The power contained in it was even more than the convergence of the power of the sword cognition that he had seen through the hidden bitter in the past!

And the pain it brought was simply several times more than the pain that he had experienced in the past!


Unable to wait to move it to the energy center, Xu Xiaoshou had no choice but to force the black sword cognition out of his body just by pulling it to his arm.


The sky was a line of black, and heaven and earth were separated.



It was like a mountain rock that had been cut by a sharp blade as thin as a cicadas wings.

When the sound of the wind rose, the void suddenly split into two halves.

In the blink of an eye, the pitch-black sword cognition that could not be caught by the naked eye shot up to the Night Guardian.


The eye sockets of the Night Guardian split open.

Before he could speak, he suddenly felt his shoulder sink and his heart ache.

High in the sky.

That pitch-black giant gave a fleeting glance, like the gaze of the grim reaper.

Not only did it bring the weight of heaven and earth, it also..

“You think Im a sword”

“Suspected, passive points 1.”


A black sword energy pierced through the Night Guardians body, pinning him to the ground.


Black lines cut, and blood splattered.

The Night Guardians thoughts froze.

He was like a mountain rock.

The wind blew, and his head fell.


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