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Chapter 557: Does Elder Have a Disciple


Do you still want to think about my cute little minotaur

A big Python cant satisfy you, you damn old ghost, right!


The Storyteller was so angry that he almost stomped his feet.

However, under the pressure of Second Brothers nameless aura, no matter how unwilling he was, he didnt dare to show it.

“Ha, Ha Ha…”

“Second brother, what, what do you mean” The Storyteller laughed embarrassedly.

His hand could not help but cover his chest.

“What do you think”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that his body had become much better after he stopped absorbing the ominous demonic aura.

Even theunder attack that was constantly spamming on the screen seemed to be slowing down at this moment.

“Fission, blood rebirth, immortality…”

Xu Xiaoshou counted his fingers as he spoke.

A perverted smile gradually appeared on his face, and his eyes were slightly fiery.

“You know, if this was used as medicine, this old man would be able to refine a furnace of a peerless great pill!”


The Storyteller was furious and shouted loudly, “You took a snake and didnt pursue it.

Now you still want to…”

“Youre Insatiable!”

“Youre simply insatiable!”

Red-robed, who was watching from afar, was frightened by the Storyteller, who was clenching his orchid fingers, shaking his hands and stomping his feet.

“This damn pervert…”

Xin felt that his eyes had been defiled.

This scene could only be washed away with the river of forgetfulness.

The corner of the Night Guardians mouth was also twitching.

He had fought against the Storyteller before, and he knew that if this fellow acted, it would really cause ones scalp to go numb.

But the scene before him was simply too horrible to look at!


Xu Xiaoshous goosebumps rose as he watched, and he almost slashed his sword forward.

But he forcefully suppressed the discomfort in his heart, and his eyes sank.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at the red-robed man without saying a word.


For a moment, the Storyteller also felt that he had been too presumptuous.

The last time when he had released his natural instincts in front of this damn old man, he had almost burned all the hair on his body.

This time..

“Youre not allowed.”

The Storyteller curled his fingers and turned his head away.

He pouted and said, “Niu Niu will never give it to you.

Give it up.

This is a gift that I want to give to my brother.”

“You already have a gift.” Xu Xiaoshou was unmoved

“This is the second gift!”

The Storyteller said angrily, “Cant someone give you a second gift”


Xu Xiaoshou nodded lightly.

He pondered for a moment and said, “But what about me You summoned me in such a hurry.

Arent you prepared to give me a gift”

His gaze froze.

The Storyteller instantly felt a chill down his spine.

This damn old ghost wants to settle the score

Are you crazy I only called you out in advance.

I didnt lose anything.

A snake as an apology isnt enough.

You still want my cow

Xu Xiaoshou seemed to know what he was thinking.

He said indifferently, “Give me a gift in pairs.

Give it to me.

If you delay my experiment, Ill refine you directly.

Do you believe me”

“I… dont… believe!”

The Storyteller roared in his heart.

However, he forced a stiff smile on his face and took out a palm-sized piece of space paper from his pocket.

“Here, here…”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt say anything.

He smiled and narrowed his big black eyes.

“Do you want me to go over and take it”

The Storytellers face turned green instantly.

You damn old man!

Didnt you stop me from moving

He obediently did as you said, and now youre talking about seniority with me.

Are you sick !

“Oh, yes, he is indeed sick.”

The Storyteller suddenly came to a realization.

If Second Brother was not sick, how could he have done it all these years, to the point where even his brother had to persuade him nicely

He did not dare to stay.

The Storyteller reached out with both hands, and a spatial vortex appeared in front of him.

Then, a vortex appeared in front of Xu Xiaoshou.

The spatial piece of paper appeared from the vortex.

Obviously, the Storyteller was so careful that he didnt even dare to get close.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and shook his head.

He picked up the piece of paper with two fingers.

In the small space of the piece of paper, there were tens of thousands of drops of blood.

They were like red duckweed, scattered in every corner of the space of the piece of paper.

“Is he dead…”

‘Perception could detect that there was no sign of life in it.

Xu Xiaoshous heart sank.

If Xin Gugu was dead, then what was the point of him coming out this time

What was the difference between being unable to save his friend and being indifferent when he witnessed his death

“Hes not dead yet.”

When the Storyteller saw his Second Brothers darkened gaze, he thought that this old ghost was in a bad mood because of the Ghost Beasts medicinal ingredients, so he hurriedly explained.

Xu Xiaoshou looked up.

The Storyteller immediately added, “This is also my ancient books space.

Outsiders might not be able to notice it, but with the support of the Yin Yang Life and Death Traps power, he can maintain a trace of his spiritual intelligence.”

“Whether or not he can wake up depends on luck… but if hes conducting alchemy, it should be possible.”

“Not dead, Hehe, really not dead.”

Xu Xiaoshou stared at the Storyteller for a long time before he flipped his hand and sent the space piece of paper into the Yuan mansion.

Actually, if it was possible, he really wanted to ask the Storyteller to undo the power of the space piece of paper.

In this way, Xin Gugu could bathe in the spirit mark of lifes spiritual qi as soon as she entered the Yuan mansion, so she definitely would not die.

However, this method was too risky!

Putting aside whether Elder Sang could recognize the power of the Storyteller or not, he could not figure it out.

Just his appearance alone..

If he still needed to rely on others to help him, it would be an intangible act of lowering his status.

In order to maintain his identity and… to act cool, Xu Xiaoshou had to pretend that he understood everything.

Even though at this moment, he could not even defeat one-tenth of the storyteller.

“Very good.”

Xu Xiaoshou, who did not know what to say or how move on from this, had no choice but to look around him.

He gently tapped his head and said the two words that were neither painful nor itchy.

“Everyone has given me enough time and face.

The things that I have to do will end here.”

“The rest…”

He looked at Red-robed and then at the Storyteller.

He smiled and said, “You guys settle your own matters.

I still have a mission.


He took a step forward.

He was about to silently chant the “Vanishing technique” in his heart.

But at this moment, a voice came from behind him, urging him to stay:

“Senior, please wait.”

The moment the voice was heard, the entire place fell into dead silence.

Everyone turned to look at the person at the exit.

This time, even the Storyteller was a little depressed.

You Red-robed, what do you call yourself

This is a Saint Servant, do you understand

Can you afford to provoke him

Its easy to invite a god, but difficult to send a god.

It wasnt easy for this dead guy to escape, so why did you keep him here!

Can you beat him

Keep him here to continue snatching gifts

“This sick girl… if I had known earlier, I would have dug out that eyeball first!” The Storyteller cursed in his heart, “Im so angry!”

The group of people in red-robed also looked back in shock, and their gazes instantly focused on Yu Zhiwen.

Yu Zhiwen felt a huge pressure.

If she could, she didnt want to bear the gaze of more than ten sovereign thrones or even several experts of the Cutting Path level at the same time.

But now, she had to say it.

Xu Xiaoshou naturally also saw Yu Zhiwens existence.

This girl had been frowning since the beginning, as if she had already seen something with her Gem Star Eyes.

At this moment, the moment she opened her mouth, Xu Xiaoshou only felt his hair stand on end.

But, did she ignore it

To tell the truth.

If she ignored it, Xu Xiaoshou didnt know how she could leave the arena after using the Vanishing technique.

The stalemate on the battlefield was broken by his sudden intrusion.

At this moment, without a suitable reason, no one would shatter the space of the Storytellers ancient book.

Even Red-robed didnt dare.

Previously, he didnt allow Red-robed to make a move because Xin Gugus matter hadnt been settled yet.

But now, he wanted to give up.

The other party really didnt dare!

As the second son of the Saint Servant and the person who had received the double gift, the current Xu Xiaoshou had even less reason to undermine his own family.

Thus, if he wanted to get out of the ancient books space.

Unless the Storytellers brain was caught in a spatial crack and he detonated the ancient books space.

Otherwise, there was only this one chance left.

One was because Yu Zhiwen had said a few more words and had inexplicably angered the second son of the Saint Servant.

Then, the second son of the Saint Servant had lost his temper and forced Red-robed to make a move, a good opportunity to break the ancient books space!

In any case, it was normal for Elder Sang to lose his temper for no reason.

“Little girl…”

Xu Xiaoshou stopped with a smile and turned his head to glance at her.

With a boom, the space where Red-robed was was instantly collapsed and became unstable.

Yu Zhiwen, who was hiding in the barrier of the Heaven Sealing Array, even let out a muffled groan and blood oozed out of the corner of her mouth under the indiscriminate damage.

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

So weak

Thats right.

She had forgotten that Yu Zhiwen was probably the only remaininginnate expert other than herself.


Lan Ling flew to Yu Zhiwens side and supported her with one hand, passing her gentle spiritual source over.

She lowered her eyebrows and didnt even have the time to glare at the Saint Servant who was bullying the weak.

She just kept signaling with her eyes, trying to figure out the reason why Yu Zhiwen kept this old guy.

“Its okay, he has already held back.”

Yu Zhiwen felt this familiar aura of oppression, as if she could see the scene of Xu Xiaoshou being suppressed when the Path Pattern Initial Stone was born.

She thought back to the same familiar scorching high temperature..

She sighed in her heart.

She vaguely understood something.

“May I ask, Senior, do you have a disciple named Xu Xiaoshou”

Yu Zhiwen voiced out her doubts.

However, her gaze had been fixed on the fourth sword.

After this was said, Xu Xiaoshou did not wait for any reaction.

The bodies of the Night Guardian and the Storyteller trembled.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

The Storyteller raised his eyebrows.

This name should not be the female disciple that he had seen just now, right

Why, there was a faint sense of familiarity

After pondering for a moment, the Storytellers pupils suddenly constricted.

He had heard of this name before!

Previously, during the battle between the Incarnation and the Night Guardian, the little brother who had finally escaped from the ancient books space with the Seal Ghost Beast..

He was Second Brothers disciple

This time, the Storyteller looked at the straw hat old man with a playful expression.

Dead man!

You have such a handsome disciple, why dont you tell him

He cant beat you, so he can only let you do whatever you want..

Fine, you give it to the dead man, just you wait!

“Xu Xiaoshou…”


He suddenly covered his red lips, as if he had thought of something funny, and secretly laughed.


“Xu Xiaoshou”

“No, it cant be…”

“Which Xu Xiaoshou”

“That Xu Xiaoshou !”

Red-robeds telepathic communication instantly became a little noisy.

Lan Ling looked back at the Night Nuardian in disbelief, as if she wanted to confirm something.

“How did I know…”

Night Guardian was also dumbfounded.

Xu Xiaoshou was the disciple of the Second Brother of the Saint Servant

Even though he had felt the anxious power of this person in front of him similar to Xu Xiaoshou before, the Night Guardian had never thought about it.

But due to his subjective consciousness, the Night Guardian had never thought of this.

According to the private information that Red-robed had searched, shouldnt Xu Xiaoshou be the secret disciple of Elder Sang, the Vice Dean of Tiansang Spirit Palace

Wait a minute!

Elder Sang

Night Guardian was suddenly shocked and broke out in cold sweat.

Elder Sang seemed to be the Vice Dean of the Magic Pill Alchemy Association.

Elder Sang seemed to be the first dean of Tiansang Spirit Palace who had burned down half of Chuyun Peak.

Elder Sang..

Is the Saint Servants Second Brother

His heart seized, and the Night Guardian was horrified.

Even if he had never dealt with the so-called Vice Dean of Tiansang Spirit Palace.

But Ive heard a lot about the man.


And all of a sudden,.

The appearance of a Xu Xiaoshou, all things, all linked together

“Got it!”

“I finally understand!”

At this moment, Night Guardian suddenly understood.

How could a small Prefecture and a small Tiansang Spirit Palace nurture a peerless talent like Xu Xiaoshou.

If a Saint Servant had acted in the dark, then with all his efforts, he would have been able to achieve such achievements, let alone now.

It was possible for Xu Xiaoshous strength to double again!

As for why Xu Xiaoshou had always refused to be recruited by him, he had always kept a distance from him.

At this moment, everything seemed to make sense.

“Red-robed, Saint Servant…”

“How can I keep a distance from him without being rejected” Night Guardian smiled bitterly.

Lan Ling also realized something.

She looked at Night Guardian and each knew what the other was thinking.

When Night Guardian put Xu Xiaoshou on the Red-robeds blacklist, Lan Ling didnt know why.

But now, those things that were thrown into the corner of her memory, seemingly impossible to be related to, were all connected together.

No one could remain calm.

Even Xin, who had always been slow-witted, suddenly realized something.

“Sister Zhiwen, is what you said true”

Yu Zhiwen did not speak.

Her beautiful starry eyes stared straight at the distant straw hat old man.


Yu Zhiwen herself didnt believe the truth.

But if it was Xu Xiaoshou..

Anything was possible!

At this moment, she even had an even greater doubt in her heart.

Infernal Original Seed, the power of the Frozen Tribulation, the sword cognition created by the Eighth Sword Deity, and that vast aura..

Even if they were master and disciple, how could they be so similar

Even though this straw hat old man had never displayed sword will from the beginning to the end, as if everything was a struggle with the Fourth Sword.

However, if he was Xu Xiaoshou..

Everything could be explained.

“No! Impossible!”

Yu Zhiwen was shocked by her own guess.

If the person in front of her was really Xu Xiaoshou, then it would be too shocking.

Scolding the Storyteller, shocking Red-robed with one glance, taking in the ghost beast with a flip of his hand..

Xu Xiaoshou wouldnt dare to court death even if he had ten guts!

Although they hadnt been together for a long time, Yu Zhiwen knew.

Xu Xiaoshou cherished his life as much as everyone present… gathered together!


In the air, the “Second Brother of the Saint Servant” pulled the corner of his scary mouth and smiled inexplicably.

His face also started to become gloomy and strange.

“I do have another disciple, but its not Xu Xiaoshou like you said.”

“His name is…”

Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously wanted to use Zhou Tianshen to take the blame, but then he thought about it.

Red-robed didnt know Zhou Tianshen, but Yu Zhiwen had seen him before.

Zhang Xinxiong


Zhang Taiying was connected to the ghost beast, so Red-robed must have investigated the Zhang family.

Who else could move forward

Zhang Xinxiong… Thats right, this guy seemed to be a cousin of some guy

Xu Xiaoshou thought about it, and finally, the name of the original enemy from the outer yard of Tiansang Spirit Palace, which he had almost forgotten, appeared in his mind.


Xu Xiaoshou put his hands behind his back and raised his chin.

“His name is Wen Ming.”


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