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Chapter 555: Im Sorry!

“Who is this”

The moment the old man with the straw hat, who was holding a sword and soaring through the sky with a disdainful aura, appeared, the hearts of the people in red-robed tightened.

That skinny figure, an aura that looked like he was in his twilight years, the iconic straw hat, and the thick dark circles under his eyes..

Night Guardian swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty.

The words of the Storyteller echoed in his ears again.

“Second Brother, take the sword!”

So, this person..

Lan Ling also turned her gaze over and nodded with a difficult expression and an extremely tacit understanding.

“Its him!”

In the intelligence report from outside.

The second-in-command of the Saint Servant who killed the Wuyue Sword Deity in Azure Dragon Prefecture, the elder nicknamed the Sleeveless, wasnt he dressed exactly the same as the person who appeared at this moment

“But didnt the second-in-command of the Saint Servant retreat with his injuries”

“Even Wuyue Sword Deity was injured after that battle.”

“How could Sleeveless recover to such a state so quickly”

Red-robed was completely puzzled.

Look at this aura!

That person just stood there with a sword in his hand, and the entire place was dead silent.

Even the Storyteller was also frozen, unable to speak for a long time.

The shattered space was suppressed by that persons aura, which seemed as if it was about to swallow mountains and rivers.

Even his recovery speed was slowed down.

“Sleeveless didnt escape.

Instead, after failing to kill the Wuyue Sword Deity, he entered the space of the White Cave First”

“Then, he waited for an opportunity to act”

Almost at the same time, this thought flashed through the minds of all the Red-robed.

It was as if a haze had descended on their hearts.

A Storyteller who was the seventh-in-command of the Saint Servant had already tortured everyone here to this state.

Now, there was a second-in-command of the Saint Servant

How should they fight this battle

Was the Saint Servant crazy !

They had all gathered in the White Cave.

were they really not afraid of being wiped out by the white-clothed !



Xu Xiaoshou held the sword in one hand and the straw hat in the other.

He didnt speak, but his aura was accumulating.

Under such a stifling atmosphere, no one dared to question him.

The Storytellers “Second Brother, take the sword” was too confusing.

No one would question his identity as an existence that even the Saint Servant, the seven-in-command, had acknowledged.

Not to mention Xu Xiaoshou, who was standing with a sword in his hand.

Under the effect of “Swallow the mountains and rivers”, he had left a deep mark on everyones soul when he appeared.

“Roar! ! !”

The Red Twin Dragon Python was moaning in pain in the shattered space.

The devils higher energy of the Fourth Sword was too terrifying.

No matter how tenacious it was, unless it was a swordsman who had never mastered sword cognition, it was impossible for it to resist the power of the Eighth Sword Deitys saber.

The tribulation clouds had dispersed long ago.

However, the remaining power in ones body was enough to destroy this enormous Red Twin Dragon Pythons.

No one paid any more attention to the ghost beast that was about to die.

No matter how miserable the moans were, everyones gazes were still locked onto the old man in the straw hat.


In the distance.

The Storytellers expression was a little dull.

It was different from the others who were surprised by Second Brothers powerful appearance.

His gaze was staring straight at the withered right hand that held the Fourth Sword.

How dare he

Even if it was Second Brother, he was not a swordsman.

How dare he hold the Fourth Sword

“Second Brother, you…”

“Shut up.”

Xu Xiaoshou pulled his stiff neck and glanced over coldly.

With one sentence, he cut off the Storytellers words.

Everyone was stunned.

Only now did they realize.

This so-called second-in-command of the Saint Servant was basically the same as Cheng Xingchu in the beginning.

He was one of the few people who had grasped the Fourth Sword but had not been demonized by the devil invasion!


“Vicious Sword, acknowledged”

“Suspected, passive points 13.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt the violent primitive desire in his body that was constantly attacking his soul.

He was trying his best to resist it.

Otherwise, if he squinted his eyes, he would transform into a berserk giant.

At that time, the effect of Xin Gugus special training was displayed at this moment.

Relying on his willpower that was originally stronger than ordinary people, Xu Xiaoshou held on tightly to the last bit of clarity in his spiritual altar.

But he knew.

The root that prevented him from completely turning into a devil was not the so-called will.

It was sword cognition!

It came from his energy center.

The strand of sword cognition that was given to him by the scruffy-looking man seemed to be resonating with the power of the Fourth Sword.

Vicious Sword in hand.

Xu Xiaoshou could clearly feel that it was trying to get close to the power of the sword cognition in his energy center.

It was a little timid and cautious.

And when it really came into contact with the sword cognition..


Xu Xiaoshous body was suddenly injured by the fierce demonic aura.

He resisted the urge to spurt out blood to show it to others.

He continued to heal his injuries with eternal vitality, and his expression was calm.



When the strange emotions of the Fourth Sword came into contact with the sword cognition, they suddenly disappeared and turned into fury.

The hope that he had been looking forward to was finally shattered like bubbles.

Xu Xiaoshou could clearly feel the fury caused by this illusory feeling that could be broken at a single touch.

“Hold on.”

Clenching his teeth, Xu Xiaoshou did not say a word.

He did not understand what the Fourth Sword was trying to probe, but if he could not hold on to the fury of this vicious sword, he would not be able to control the situation..

If he was exposed, he would definitely die!

“Weng –”

The Fourth Sword trembled, and the devil vein was even deeper, almost covering Xu Xiaoshous entire body.

A feeling of powerlessness, a feeling of lack, a feeling of weakness..

All sorts of fatigue came from the soul, and his eyelids became heavier and heavier.

Xu Xiaoshou tried his best to resist.

He knew that once he closed his eyes, he might lose himself.


It was too difficult!

With the power of the Fourth Sword, how could a mere innate expert be able to resist it

His heart was as big as the sky.

However, in reality, he would always be able to defeat any perfect fantasy without even realizing it.

“Its over, Ive been too arrogant…”

Just as Xu Xiaoshou felt that he should compromise and hand over his body to the Fourth Sword, allowing it to destroy this world wantonly.


Above his energy center, an extremely tiny sword cognition that was completely unremarkable and was covered by various energy rays suddenly let out a soft sound.

Under the suppression of the infernal original seed, the three days frozen calamity, and the great sword cognition, this insignificant strand of sword cognition, which was like a silver thread, stepped forward at this moment.

“My… sword cognition”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

If nothing went wrong, this strand of sword cognition should be the sword cognition that he had observed from hidden bitters body through the continuous use of the sword observation technique.

“So… Sword Observation Manual” He was a little confused.

At this moment, the small sword cognition moved, and the vicious sword cognition of the Fourth Sword froze.

In the next second, it rushed toward the sword cognition that he had ignored earlier like a mad man.

“Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!”

At the moment of contact, the Fourth Sword trembled violently.

The fury turned into ecstasy, and the power of the devil started to pour into the sword cognition.

It seemed to be protecting, but also nurturing..


The sky full of sword will suddenly exploded above the Lijian Grassland, forcing everyone to retreat in horror.

Xu Xiaoshou regained his consciousness and immediately wanted to restrain the sword will into his body.

After all, Elder Sang was not a swordsman.

If he revealed his sword will at this moment, it would inevitably arouse some suspicion.


“Feared, passive points 8.”

“Surprised, passive points, 19.”


The situation thatPerception was observing did not develop in the direction he had expected.

Instead, everyone present was shocked!

“Fourth Sword, acknowledged”

“How is that possible The second-in-command of the Saint Servant is clearly not a swordsman, but this sword will…”

Some of the red-robed hesitated.

After a long while, someone finally realized something and exclaimed, “This is the sword will of the Fourth Sword!”

“How terrifying! How can this be”

“As expected of a Saint Servant.

Not only did he snatch the famed sword, but he also has a unique method of grasping the Fourth Sword.

Can he directly grasp it”

“How… can he fight”

“The second-in-command, the seventh-in-command, and the Fourth Sword.

He doesnt even need to move.

Just a casual slash and no one in the entire arena can take it, right” Someone said as he looked at the Night Guardian.

Lan Ling looked at the panic on the faces of the Red-robed.

For a moment, she didnt know what method to use to comfort them.

Storyteller could barely comfort them.

Now, even she couldnt suppress her panic, so how could she comfort them and regain their fighting spirit

Night Guardian frowned and didnt reply.

He stared at the elders who appeared in the Void and were in a very bad state.

After struggling

Finally suppressing them

From the series of actions of the second-in-command of the Saint Servant, it was not easy for him to control the Fourth Sword.

But now, it seemed to have succeeded

However, where did this inexplicable sense of familiarity come from

Xu Xiaoshous figure suddenly appeared in the mind of the Night Guardian.

That kid had a black sword, which was very similar to the Fourth Sword.

At that time, the way he looked at the Ciity Lord Mansion when he drew his sword was very similar to the way the old man in the straw hat held his sword.


How could an eighth or ninth grade spiritual sword compare to the Fourth Sword

How could an innate ant transform into the second-in-command of the Saint Servant


With a sudden shake of his head, the Night Guardian immediately denied his absurd idea.

Xu Xiaoshou was indeed a bit mysterious.

But no matter how mysterious his real identity was, could he be the second-in-command of the Saint Servant

Could he be so powerful that the Storyteller would really shut up after saying “Shut up”

“Surprised, passive points, 13.”


“Second Srother…”

The Storyteller was obviously also frightened by Xu Xiaoshous posture of controlling the Fourth Sword.

Since when did he have this ability

Could it be that his brother had given him this link in the mission, so he had informed him in advance of the method to control the Fourth Sword

“Second Brother, take the sword”

Before he could continue to think, Xu Xiaoshou, who had temporarily suppressed the ominous demonic qi and regained a little clarity in his eyes, once again swept his cold gaze over.


Even though Xu Xiaoshou tried his best to suppress it.

However, wherever his gaze focused, the energy of swallow the mountains and rivers suddenly gathered, directly destroying the already shattered space once again.

The Storytellers delicate body suddenly trembled.

Under this glance, he, who did not have the slightest bit of resistance, actually felt that he had transformed into the most lowly ant in the world.

And Second Brother was an existence that was as dazzling as the gods of the nine heavens.

“His strength…”

With just a glance, the Storyteller knew that Second Brothers injuries had definitely completely recovered.

Furthermore, after more than ten years of tempering and the final battle with Gou Wuyue, his cultivation level had definitely undergone an earth-shaking transformation.

Just a glance was already so powerful

If he really made a move, wouldnt that be the destruction of the world

“Well, I was a little too excited just now and forgot about your mission…” the Storyteller hesitated and couldnt say anything.

Second Brother had indeed said that he had his own mission.

But at that time, he had already suppressed the entire place, and all the red-robed people were afraid of him like tigers.

He thought that there was no existence in the place that could stop him.

Therefore, under the influence of his high-pitched emotions, he even directly revealed Second Brothers existence.

And now..

The other party was obviously angry!

“Its my fault!”

The Storyteller smiled obediently and explained, “But this is also a tactic…”


Xu Xiaoshous eyebrows, which were pressed under the straw hat, twitched, and he didnt say anything more.

The Storytellers body immediately stiffened.

“Inner, inner…”

His thoughts ran wildly, but even if he racked his brain, the Storyteller didnt have any more excuses.

Even though both sides didnt explicitly say it before.

But the tacit understanding was that if the Storyteller obtained Fourth Sword he would try his best to exchange them with the fake sword in Second Brothers hand without anyone noticing.

At that time, if something really happened.

Even if Fourth Sword were seized, what was lost would only be the fake.

The real vicious sword had already fallen into the Saint Servants trap.


At that time, the Storyteller was really provoked by the ghost beast, so how could he care so much

He thought that he had suppressed the entire scene, so he didnt even bother to change his sword.

He even used the Fourth Sword and directly turned the Red Twin Dragon Python into a Mad Python.

At this moment..

Who could withstand the wrath of the Second Brother in his prime

This was an irritable old ghost who dared to fight with his brother at the slightest disagreement, and even directly said, “The way is different, we dont conspire together” to draw a clear line that he hadnt been a Saint Servant for more than ten years!

Not to mention now.

Even if it was the Second Brother who was in a weak state, the Storyteller would at most play around with him and make fun of him.

If he really wanted to make a move..

Even if he had guts, he would not dare to say anything!

“Im sorry.”

The Storytellers eyeballs rolled and he was completely at a loss.

He simply covered his chest and gave a 90-degree bow.

If he could not beat him, he would apologize.

If he made a mistake, he would admit it.

You, dont be so fierce!

“Apology received.

Passive points, 1.”


Passive points, 1.”

The eyeballs of the onlookers in red-robed immediately popped out.

Did the Storyteller, who was so arrogant just now, bow

Was this the Saint Servant

Was this the difference between the second-in-command of the Saint Servant and the seventh-in-command of the Saint Servant

Although he did not know what kind of small conflict had occurred between the two, he did not say a word and just bowed

“Is the difference that big”

Xin muttered in a low voice.

As he looked at the straw hat figure holding the sword, a hint of unbearable fear appeared in his eyes.

Was this an existence that could rival the moonless sword deity

In front of him, the Storyteller was simply a child!

“Feared, passive points 18.”

Xu Xiaoshou remained silent.

His face was as dark as ink, making it impossible for anyone to see the slightest bit of emotion in his heart.

Under the awe-inspiring aura of the heavens, he did not move or speak, but in the hearts of everyone, he added a sense of mystery.

However, everyone knew their own family matters.

Only the heavens knew how much pressure Xu Xiaoshou had to bear to stand out.

He wanted to speak.

He wanted to use his long speech in the past, as well as his well-reasoned truth, to refute all his doubts.

But the fiendish demon sword will in his body was too ruthless!

It was as if he had met his own kins child.

The method used by the Fourth Sword on the strand of sword will he comprehended from sword observation was to continuously infuse it and continuously generate it..

It was as if he was afraid that the sword cognition would grow malnourished.

Xu Xiaoshou did not know whether this transformation was good or bad.

But now, he could not care about it anymore.

The energy center had originally formed a delicate balance under the situation where several great powers were tied together.

But when the devil sword entered his body, it directly and mercilessly broke this balance.

The power of the sword cognitions continuous growth brought about a pain that was hundreds of times greater than the pain he had endured during sword observation.

In addition, there was the three days frozen calamity, the infernal original seeds balance was broken, and the gray destructive power mixed together..

There was also the trembling sword cognition that would occasionally shake and cut..

It was unbearable!

Xu Xiaoshou was really unbearable!

Every time he tried his best to squeeze out a few words, it was already his limit.

He could not form a complete sentence at all.

However, the unexpected happened so miraculously.

Under the shock brought by Elder Sangs face.

Not only did everyone present, including the Storyteller, not doubt him, but they would try their best to guess his meaning through a few words.

Perhaps, being a man of few words was what a truly strong person should do

Was it also the best way for him to speak at this moment as Elder Sang

For some reason, he actually knew this way


Xu Xiaoshou maintained his “Transformation” at all times so that the corners of his mouth and eyes would not be noticed.

He gripped the Fourth Sword tightly.

He could not even make a single movement.

He only shifted his gaze slightly and looked at the Red Twin Dragon Pythons that were completely dyed black by the devil sword and had lost their self-awareness.



I, Xu Xiaoshou, stand out this time.

Even if I cant move..

My goal is also for you guys.

Ghost Beast

A Ghost Beast with feelings

No matter how the outside world would question it in the end, Xu Xiaoshou only wanted to uphold his own heart at this moment.

“Shes just my friend… A friend.

Thats all.”


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