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Chapter 543: Fourth Sword that Left His Hand!

“So cool!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked up from the hole in the ground and couldnt help but exclaim.

He finally understood why everyone was so interested in this vicious sword.

ThisFourth Sword was way too powerful!

Any grandmaster could wield it to such an extent.

If he were to obtain it, wouldnt he be able to wield the throne with his bare hands

“No, I have to wait!”

“I still have to wait!”

Even though she was tempted to do so.

However, Xu Xiaoshou understood that He Yuxing was just a bird that was forcefully pushed out by the storyteller.

At this moment, the brilliance that this fellow was able to display was probably the pinnacle of his life.

Even though she didnt understand what the Storytellers plan was, according to the habits of theSaint Servant,.

The famous sword “Epitaph of City Snow” could attack the Tiansang Spirit Palace twice and then take it down.

Would they let go of this fierce sword

“Ill do it!”

In the sky above the Lijian Grassland.

In the dead silence, a figure suddenly flew out.

Xu Xiaoshou stared at it.

The defeated opponent, Gu Qingsan.

“This guy…”

He Yuxing also heard the voice and turned his eyes to the unarmed young man.

However, Gu Qingsan did not look at him immediately.

Instead, he turned his head and aimed at the direction where the red-robed man was.

“Senior Red-robed, Im a true experiencer.

If I can take down theFourth Sword, can you protect me out of the White Cave as promised”

Lan Ling said, “Not take down, but acknowledge.”

“Okay, acknowledge.”

Gu Qingsan smiled.

“Dont worry.

If its just acknowledgement, I can still do it.

I just hope that when I get the acknowledgement of theFourth Sword, you wont continue to break your promise to others.”

Lan Ling nodded lightly.

She didnt say anything more.

Instead, she tilted her head and looked behind her.

Before she could say anything.

The red-robed person who had been waiting at the back earlier walked up.

“Gu Qingsan, master swordsman, the third disciple under the Sword Deity Wen Ting of the Burial Sword Tomb, Supreme Sword Body!”

Compared to the introduction to He Yuxing earlier, Gu Qingsans information seemed so short.

But when the words “Supreme Sword Body” fell, Lan Ling was shocked.

Even Yu Zhiwen, who was still comprehending the “Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array”, couldnt help but look sideways.

Supreme Sword Body was the ultimate Way of the Sword!

This was almost the strongest aptitude in Way of the Sword.

If the sacred physique was completed, all the spirit swords in the world could command it.

Even the famous sword and the fierce sword were the same.

When the Eighth Sword Deity became famous in the past, everyone in the world praised him.

The last step to prevent him from becoming a saint was having a mortal body.

No matter how strong the spiritual talent in Way of the Sword was, it could allow the Eighth Sword Deity to reach the Xiantian realm in three breaths and become a Sword Deity for three years.

But to become a saint..

The spiritual and physical body were both saints, and one could not be missing.

The eighth sword immortal also sighed with emotion.

If he had the Supreme Sword Body, or even a spiritual body of a lower level, he could directly cross the half-saint realm and enter the Holy Emperor Realm.

But unfortunately, the inborn weakness was really the inborn weakness.

Even though he spent a lot of effort on cultivating his body later on.

But how could he easily cultivate the Supreme Sword Body

This last step was delayed, and by chance, it also caused the Eighth Sword Deity to die under the Hua Changdeng.

It wasnt the only reason, but it was equally important.


“Buzz –”

In the air, He Yuxing, who had been completely ignored, couldnt wait any longer.

He could feel that something was wrong with the person in front of him.

However, he was unarmed, and he had the sword intent of a grandmaster.

What harm could he do

Sword cultivators were able to look down on the world because they had swords in their hands.

How could a person without a sword snatch a sword


“Fourth Sword.” He raised his hand and slashed out in the air.

At this moment, black sword qi once again shot out from theFerocious Demon Realm that covered a small part of the Lijian Grassland.

In an instant, it pierced the space where Gu Qingsan was at until it shattered.

“Boom Boom Boom…”

An intense explosion sounded from the void.

However, the blood that was expected to splatter did not appear.

He Yuxing sensed that something was wrong.

When the demonic aura in the air dissipated, the figure that was at the center of the attack was finally revealed in front of everyone.


Gu Qingsan was unscathed!

He Yuxings eyes immediately narrowed.

Everyone present was shocked.

The ferocious demonic sword aura that could instantly kill over a dozen grandmasters and the other competitors seemed to have penetrated Gu Qingsans body.

Even the corner of his clothes was not cut off

“Im sorry, Brother.”

Gu Qingsans body solidified and said, “You are one of the few geniuses that I have seen who can cultivate the sword intent of a grandmaster with the talent of a spirit trainer.”

“But there is still a huge gap between the master ancient swordsman and the master Spiritual Cultivator.”

“This insurmountable gap is not your fault, but your birth.”


He shook his head and sighed, “From the very beginning, everything that this world decides is something that no human can change.”

He Yuxings anger surged, and his eyes instantly turned blood red.

He could feel that the fierce demonic qi in his body had affected his emotions.

But Gu Qingsans words had truly infuriated him.

“A sword cultivator is a sword cultivator, and sword intent is sword intent.

How can there be a difference between the two”

“Go to hell!”

The spiritual essence in his body surged and intersected with the fierce demonic qi.

In the blink of an eye, a huge white light beam that was mixed with devil veins condensed on the body of theFourth Sword sword.

“Avalanche Sky View Slash!”

The fierce sword hacked down from the highest point.

A snow mountain that pierced through the clouds suddenly appeared in Gu Qingsans direction.

When the sword fell, the big avalanche flew.


The void instantly shattered.

The space-shattering blade shot out from the space-shattering flow turned into pieces of black and white crystal snowflakes and smashed toward Gu Qingsans direction.

“My god…”

Those who were still hiding in the Lijian Grassland and didnt dare to make a move were all shocked.

Everyone could see that He Yuxings sword didnt consume much spiritual essence.

At most, it was a grandmaster spiritual technique.

But with the support of theFourth Sword…

The power of this grandmaster spiritual technique could even cut a throne in half!

In the scene of the avalanche, a magnificent black sword qi that could tear the sky apart, along with billions of snowflakes, rushed toward Gu Qingsan.

However, Gu Qingsan stood still.

“The low-level usage of the Fantasy Sword Technique and the Ten Thousand Sword Technique…”

He mocked in a low voice, and his eyes were burning.

He said in a loud voice, “Brother, youre right.

Theres no difference between sword intents.”

“But between you and me… There Is!”

He made a seal with his hand and imprinted it on his chest.

Gu Qingsan shouted in his heart, “Supreme Sword Body, open!”

“Bang –”

At this moment, the sword intent that exploded from his body pierced through the entire “Ferocious Demon Realm”.

The surging sword qi shot out from his body and pierced into the clouds.

“There are Fourth Sword that arent used like you!”

He sneered and put his palms together above his head.

Like a fish leaping over a dragons gate, he directly jumped towards the magnificent black sword qi in front of him.

“Heaven knows nothing about me!”

A low moan sounded.

When the sword qi and Gu Qingsan exchanged blows, the latters body suddenly swayed.

Then, the sword qi seemed to cut through the air and directly passed through his body, directly tearing towards his back.

“How is this possible”

He Yuxing was instantly shocked.

What kind of spiritual skill was this

He could even ignore the attack ofFourth Sword

However, what made him even more shocked was what happened next.

The billions of snowflakes that were like avalanches whistling towards Gu Qingsan also seemed to have entered an uninhabited land.

After piercing through Gu Qingsans body, they smashed into the pockmarked ground of the Lijian Grassland.

“Boom, Boom, Boom –”

The ground shattered.

Those who were hiding here could no longer hide.

They all stood up and fled.

However, under the avalanche, where could they hide

For a moment, wails filled the ground.

There were countless crazy people who had their bodies cut by the spatial blade and then attacked by the demonic qi of theFourth Sword.

The spatial blade died on the ground.

However, the sword qi of theFourth Sword continued to push forward and slashed towards Gu Qingsans back without any decrease in momentum.

It could be imagined.

If this magnificent black sword qi did not resist, it would probably tear the entire Lijian Grassland into two halves!

“Junior, its too reckless.”

Gu Qinger frowned and scolded, “If you have the ability, why didnt you break the sword qi and let it run over here”


The location where the Black Sword aura went was where the remaining two swordsmen were.

“Ill go take care of it.”

Gu Qinger sighed and was about to stand up to break the black sword qi.

The sword qi that shot straight into the clouds formed a sharp contrast with the two people who were sitting cross-legged like ants.

“Sit properly.”

Gu Qingyi said calmly, “Your mission is to break the promise of the Red-robed.

Its not here.

Continue to accumulate power.”

Gu Qingers actions of getting up immediately froze.

At this moment, the corners of his mouth began to twitch as he looked at the black sword qi that was about to face him.

“But this is a sword qi that has Fourth Sword after all.

We dont have Little Juniors Supreme Sword Body, and were not cultivating the no sword technique…”although his words were floating, the fear in his heart was still very deep.

Gu Qingyi did not reply.


His left hand picked up the evil sword, Yue Lian, which was held horizontally across his knees.

He pushed the famous sword to protect his hands with his thumb, revealing the width of two fingers on the sword.

Subsequently, the two-fingered wide sword that was wrapped by the sealing band was only revealed for half a breath before he retracted his thumb.


The famous sword returned to its sheath.

“I said, its fine as long as you gather your strength,” Gu Qingyi said indifferently.

Gu Qingyis expression froze.

He seemed to have realized something and turned his head abruptly.

“Boom –”

As expected, the towering black sword qi that was about to face the sky seemed to have been slashed horizontally by a sword in the air halfway through its journey, and it suddenly broke into two halves.

Then, a faint, long cut across the void appeared slightly from the void.

The wind blew.


The void split into two halves.

The black holes suction force sucked in the remaining demonic qi, completely handing it over to the spatial fragment to deal with.


Xu Xiaoshou, who was hiding in the dark, trembled.

He was completely shocked.

His “Perception” had been observing the entire scene.

He could naturally see Gu Qingyis tiny movements.

Indeed, when theFourth Sword sword qi slashed in their direction, Xu Xiaoshou thought that they should cancel the unknown ritual and face it with all their might.

And he had seen Gu Qingyis ability before.

It wasnt the “Swordless Sword Technique”, but something related to time.

And what could time do in the face of theFourth Sword sword qi

Xu Xiaoshou was very curious.

But he had never expected that Gu Qingyi, the boss, would raise his famous sword without even needing to move such a magnificent sword qi.

The sword qi collapsed!

“What the hell…”

Xu Xiaoshou was really too shocked.

Was this Gu Qingyi, who had always kept a low profile and only said to him, “Im at the peak of the Eastern Region, Burial Sword Tomb, waiting for you”

What a good guy!

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou finally understood why the leader of the three swordsmen was always so arrogant.

It turned out that he really had such strength.

“So strong…”

Mu Zixis voice overlapped with Luo Leileis voice in the voice transmission channel.

Obviously, Gu Qingyis lift of the sword had completely attracted everyones attention at the center of the battlefield.

“Lei family brat, can you do this sword move” The Storytellers coquettish voice also appeared.


This was a disdainful snort.

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

I dont believe it!

Why is it that all of you can do it, but I, Xu Xiaoshou, cant

No, White Clouds leisurely next move must be of this type.

I want to learn, I want to comprehend… Xu Xiaoshou was a little crazy.

The true combat strength of an ancient sword cultivator.

Every time it appeared, it brought him shock and astonishment.

It was simply too terrifying!

“Its here.”

The voice of the tearful duo was still calm.

Suddenly, he spoke.

It was clear that he had once again paid attention to the two people in the center of the battle.

While He Yuxing was also shocked by the fact that he had cut off the fierce demonic sword qi in midair, Gu Qingsan, who had already passed through his attack, seemed to have transformed into a huge sword that was several thousand feet long in midair.

“What is this”

He Yuxing was shocked again.

He could probably guess who the strong enemies would be after he had obtained theFourth Sword.

However, the sword techniques that appeared one after another were something he had never heard of or seen before!

“Sky Sword, Pick.”

Sky Sword, which was wreaked by the sword qi in the sky, suddenly stopped in mid-air and the tip of the sword fell down.

In just a breath, it swung a half-moon arc that connected the sky and the earth.

The momentum was shocking, and the sky was shattered.

“Damn it!”

He Yuxing could no longer hide the shock in his heart.

He could only swing four swords in front of him and crazily inject his spiritual essence in an attempt to receive the swing of the giant sword.


The two swords clashed, and the air currents surged.

The ground was suddenly smashed into pieces in mid-air, and a huge pit that was thousands of feet in size was blasted out.

The space that had barely recovered and was on the verge of collapse collapsed once again under this sword attack.


It was the same ant fighting against the huge sword.

However, He Yuxing clearly did not have the ability to fight against Gu Qingyi.

Even with theFourth Sword in his hand, his body was directly shattered by this sword attack.

He was sent flying along with the blood that splattered in all directions.

‘Fourth Sword flew out of his hands and hovered in the air.

“Swish, Swish, Swish…”

Circle after circle, the scene seemed to have slowed down.

Everyone watched as the ferocious sword flew up and then landed at the highest point in the air.

With a clang, it stabbed into the huge pit on the ground.


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