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Chapter 542: Domain Was Activated, the Fierce Demon World!

“Its coming this way”

Lan Xinzi looked at theFourth Sword under the effect of the white sword qi and shot directly in the direction where the two of them were hiding.

Her first reaction was, “Whos helping me”

In less than half a breath, she denied this illusion.

“Someone wants to use us to make us stand out!”

Lan Xinzi immediately turned her head and said to He Yuxing.

When she turned her head, she realized that the man next to her had a strange reaction.

He Yuxings body trembled slightly, as if he was trying his best to suppress something.

His limbs were tightly holding onto the stones on the ground, but his back was hunched, as if he was going to shoot up into the sky in the next second.

“Sit down!”

Lan Xinzi immediately panicked.

“Dont be used.

Its not the time yet!”

“Sit, dont, down…”

Blue veins popped out on He Yuxings forehead.

He shouted at the top of his voice, “I can feel the Sword Will in the body ofFourth Sword.

It can see me too.


“Summon me!”


Lan Xinzi was stunned.

In the next second.

The flying fierce sword seemed to have finally come to an end.

It shook in the void excitedly.


In an instant, the void cracked and the earth disintegrated.

The black sword qi spread out in all directions, slashing the people behind it who had not had time to chase after it and forcing them to retreat.

“Fourth Sword.

Theres movement!”

Everyone was envious.

Previously, even if someone had touched or even heldFourth Sword, there had never been a time when its reaction was so intense.

Now, just by flying in a certain direction, it had such a reaction.

“Fourth Sword, what did you sense”

Everyone subconsciously felt that something was wrong.

If this situation continued, wouldnt the sword wielder of the fierce sword come out

Then what should they do


The spiritual source blocked off the fierce swords intent, and everyone immediately chased after it.

At the same time, on the path of theFourth Sword, a pile of rubble exploded, and a white-clothed figure soared into the sky.

“‘Fourth Sword, belong to me!”

A roar reverberated in the air.

Lan Xinzi was dumbfounded as she watched He Yuxing soar into the sky.

Then, under everyones incredulous gazes, she tightly gripped theFourth Sword that brushed past her!


As expected, the demonic qi that instantly surged into her body exploded with a loud bang in the air.

“PFFT, another idiot…”

The pursuers behind her stopped in their tracks as they snickered.

However, before they could finish mocking her, they saw that the demonic qi had dissipated.

A half-naked man whose clothes had been blasted to the point that only strips of blood could be seen was standing there with a fierce sword in his hand.

His eyes were filled with disdain!

“He, he didnt die”

Everyone was shocked.

This was the first person who had not been blown to death by the backlash of the demonic qi after holding theFourth Sword!

Not only that.

The Sword Will of this man with a large number of devil veins on his body was actually faintly complementary to theFourth Sword.

It was full of the same origin.

“He Yuxing…”

Lan Xinzis beautiful eyes were filled with shock.

She looked at the man standing in the air with a sword in his hand in a daze.

It had to be said that He Yuxing, whose black hair was fluttering in the sword qi, had an unspeakable wild and unruly temperament when paired with the devil veins that covered his entire body like a black snake.

He Yuxing lifted theFourth Sword in the air with one hand.

Dark red blood beads seeped out from his cracked body.

The blood beads gathered in the crevices of his streamlined muscles and turned into droplets that dripped down the mermaid line.

“Take a step forward and die!”

He raised the sword upside down.

With that, the Sword Will shattered the surroundings and shook the entire space until it split apart like the Eight Trigrams Sword Net.

To be honest, He Yuxing did not want to take the sword.

Even if Lan Xinzi did not say it, he knew that he was being used.

However, whenFourth Sword shot directly in the direction where he was hiding, the calls that came from the same source were not something he could suppress at all.

He flew out.

It was not voluntary, it was also voluntary!


If he took this sword, he would just take it!

Only when the fierce sword was in his hands and he felt the terrifying power that could destroy the world with just one hand.

Only then did He Yuxing realize that all the worries he had before were all false.

Anyone, anything that obstructed him..

Fourth Sword, and he could kill them with just this one sword!


The person who wanted to take this opportunity to steal the vicious sword stopped in his tracks and froze in mid-air.

“He really caught it”

“Who is this guy Where did he come from Why does he look so unfamiliar”

“Im not sure, but Im very clear…”

The person who spoke looked at the Eight Trigrams Sword Net that spread out for thousands of feet under He Yuxings feet, and the demonic qi on the cracks kept rising.

He couldnt help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

“I only know that if I take another step forward, I will really… die, right”


A light figure shot out from the crowd that had stopped moving.

Some people were shocked, while others didnt believe it at all.

Everyone already knew the power of theFourth Sword.

This person in front of him had the cultivation of a grandmaster.

Just by suppressing the continuous demonic qi from the fierce sword into his body, he had almost exhausted all of his strength.

How could he still have the strength to use the true power of theFourth Sword

“Playing tricks, go to Hell!”

The golden spiritual source fluctuation exploded in the air along with the scolding sound.

In the blink of an eye, the person who charged forward condensed a ball of scorching energy that was as hot as the sun.

“The light of fireflies…”

He Yuxing narrowed his eyes, his gaze complicated.

The ball of scorching energy in front of him..

If this was in the past, this grandmaster might have been able to use this spirit skill to deal damage to him.

But at this moment, withFourth Sword in hand, he even felt that he didnt need to use a sword at all.

With just a look, he could kill the other party.


His palm tightened.

The demonic qi thatFourth Sword had entered his body stopped for a moment.

Then, it responded to the surging Sword Will that exploded and swept towards the person who was rushing over like a wave crashing onto the shore.

However, He Yuxings Sword Will had yet to cover the person who came.

A black force circle surged out from the body of the Fourth Sword, but it had already covered the person in front of him.

In just an instant.


The black sword qi that exploded in the persons body was like an expanding hedgehog.

It directly cut his body into pieces and scattered in all directions.

Following closely behind was He Yuxings Sword Will that covered the sky.


The ground sank, and the pieces of flesh were directly pressed into the ground.


The scene was deathly silent.

They only tightened their hands, and they didnt even raise their swords.

The person who launched the sneak attack was destroyed in body and soul

“What the hell…”

Everyone was stunned.

As long as one had eyes, it wasnt difficult to see that the power of theFourth Sword itself was much stronger than that of the sword wielder.

He Yuxing did not even need to make a move.

His heart was where his thoughts were.

This fierce sword could help him tear the enemy in front of him into pieces!

“Wait, Sword Will!”

Finally, someone saw He Yuxing, who had lost his luster, from the light of theFourth Sword.

Although his attack was slower than the fierce sword.

But the surging Sword Will that pressed the pieces of flesh to the ground..

“Grandmaster Level”

“This guy is actually a master swordsman!”

Everyones pupils constricted again.

It was only at this moment that everyone shifted their gaze away from the body of theFourth Sword sword and saw He Yuxing, who was also looking at theFourth Sword in a daze in midair.

Grandmaster Sword Will!

It wasnt a spirit skill, nor was it some other miscellaneous Way of the Heavens.

This pure Sword Will was something that could only be comprehended by having an extremely deep understanding of the Sword Will itself.

“Could it be that the lowest bargaining chip to be able to holdFourth Sword is grandmaster Sword Will”

Someone spoke out in a daze.

If that was really the case, then none of these clowns had the qualifications to touch that fierce sword.

It was already difficult to find an innate Sword Will.

Sword ancestor..

“Im getting tired.”

He Yuxing looked at the group of people in front of him who had suddenly become disheartened and didnt say anything.

After thisFourth Sword strike, it was already a declaration that he was invincible among his peers.

Why would he need to look at these ants in front of him

He turned his head and looked into the distance.

“Senior Red-robed, does what I said earlier still count”

Red-robed had said before.

If anyone could take downFourth Sword, they could even protect him and prevent him from getting hurt in the White Cave.

Everyone turned their heads.

At this moment, as long as Red-robed nodded his head, thenFourth Sword, everyone would have no chance.

“Lan Ling”

Xin also turned his head to look at Lan Ling.

Obviously, the red-robed consul should have come out to speak at this moment.


Lan Ling didnt reply.

She turned her head to look behind her.

Although there was only a short period of time just now.

But given this period of time, the red-robed consul would be able to completely dig out the information of the person in charge of theFourth Sword.


A red-robed person took a step forward and spoke:

“He Yuxing, Master Heavenly Image State.

He broke through not long ago, Grandmaster Sword Will.

He broke through not long ago, and is one of the thirty-three people in the inner court of the Tiansang Spirit Palace.”

“The innate attribute energy is very special.

It is a sword that can condense into the form of illusion.

It is considered a top-notch talent in the field of Sword Arts.”

“As for the rest, there is no record of it.

However, based on the initial observation, the runes on his body should be from theSacrificial Carving.

In other words, he has comprehended a tiny bit of the Eighth Sword Deitys Sword Will.”

“This should be the reason why he was able to grasp theFourth Sword.”

“Thats it” Lan Ling asked.

“Thats it.” The red-robed lady replied, “We have to send someone to the Tiansang Spirit Palace to obtain the specific information.

Currently, theres only so much that the outside world can give us.”

“Go and investigate immediately!”


Lan Ling paused for a moment before asking, “What about the other one”

She did not say it directly, but the red-robed lady already knew that she was talking about the lady who He Yuxing had previously been hiding in.

“An ordinary grandmaster, no threat.”

Lan Ling nodded.

With a wave of her hand, Red-robed retreated.

She turned to look at He Yuxing who was still waiting.

With a smile, she said loudly, “Red-robeds promise is naturally effective!”

With a whoosh, the rest of the people who were still waiting immediately became anxious.

If she agreed, wouldnt it be the same as announcing the result ofFourth Sword

There were so many people here, and they could only watch helplessly as the man with the Devil Vein… took the sword and left

He Yuxings eyes couldnt help but flash with hidden joy.

Admittedly, he was confident that he could face the other contenders for theFourth Sword, but this fierce sword..

To be honest, the demonic qi that continuously entered his body was almost over the limit.

At this moment, he was also in a state of overload.

If he continued to hold on, he would probably explode and die.

That was the inevitable outcome.

Red-robed could keep her promise, and Lan Xinzi and he could leave the Lijian Grassland in peace.

This ending could not be better.

“Thank you…”


Lan Ling interrupted him with a smile and said, “What we said earlier was that if anyone could obtain the recognition ofFourth Sword, Red-robed could even escort them out of the White Cave.”

“As for you, have you really obtained the recognition ofFourth Sword”

He Yuxings expression stiffened.

As if he was echoing Lan Lings words, his chest suddenly trembled and he let out a muffled groan.

Black and red blood seeped out from the corner of his lips.

“He cant hold on anymore!”

Someone with sharp eyes immediately cried out in mid-air, “This fellow is also trying to hang on.

Although he has obtainedFourth Sword, the grandmaster Sword Will can only protect him for the first wave.”

“How can it be so easy to obtain the recognition of theFourth Sword”

“Thats right!”

“This fellow is fighting to the death.

Hes bleeding profusely.

Hes not getting recognition at all.

Hes forcefully suppressing the fiendish aura of theFourth Sword!”

“Let go of theFourth Sword and let me do it –”

He Yuxing could not even be bothered with these people who made everyone speechless.

This was because the swords were in his hands.

That was why everyone would follow the red-robed mans words.

If the swords were in their hands..

The faces of these people would definitely be another exciting scene.

He fixed his gaze on the red-robed Lan Ling and said deeply, “I didnt expect that a dignified red-robed man would actually play a so-called word game”

“This isnt a game.”

Lan Ling shook her head calmly.

“What were looking for is the true sword wielder ofFourth Sword, and not someone with a strong will.”

“There are plenty of people like you in White Cave.

Theres no need for the red-robed person to go through so much trouble to protect you.”

“And beforeFourth Sword truly recognizes its master…”

Lan Ling smiled and said, “Its just a treasure of a slightly higher level.

Fighting for it is a necessary path for the birth of a supreme treasure.

We, the red-robed people, will not stop it.”

Everyone in the air was excited.

Red-robeds words were a confirmation of everyones qualification to fight for theFourth Sword.

And as long as the final outcome was not set in stone.

Even if Devil Vein man obtained theFourth Sword, he would not be able to escape death!

Quality could not compete with quality.

Quantity, even if everyone added together, would they not be able to defeat this person who was on the verge of death due to the fierce sword

“A bunch of trash!”

He Yuxing was finally angered by the ugly faces of these people in front of him.

“There areFourth Sword here.

Anyone who wants them can come and take them!”

He tilted his sword slightly and grandmaster Sword Will filled the sky.

Majestic Demonic Qi rose from the sword and surged into his body.


At this moment.

All the Spiritual Cultivators swords in the Lijian Grassland trembled.

Even the famous swords were affected.

The demonic qi that entered He Yuxings body finally exploded after a few breaths.

In an instant, the remaining demonic qi within a radius of ten miles was summoned.

As the mist rose, it formed a huge black devil ball that surrounded half of the Lijian Grassland.

“Realm, realm”

Not to mention the group of youths, they were all shocked.

Even the people in the red-robed were shocked by the power of theFourth Sword.

He Yuxing was only at the celestial phenomenon realm.

However, the moment he held the sword, he opened up a domain that was no weaker than the throne realm

“Seizing the sword… right”

A scarlet light appeared in He Yuxings eyes.

He suspended the sword in the air and raised both his hands.

He was completely immersed in the domain that belonged to theFourth Sword.

At this moment, He Yuxing was the ruler!


“Come and fight!”

He shouted.

He Yuxing formed a fist and nodded.

The black demonic sphere that covered half of the Lijian Grassland shook and completely formed.

— the domain was activated, the fierce demon world!

“Chi Chi Chi…”

Suddenly, black sword qi shot out from all over the void and instantly tore the group of people in front of He Yuxing into pieces.

At this moment, everything was silent.

Blood splattered and withered.

Everything appeared peaceful and beautiful.


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