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Chapter 540: Do You Want to Come into the Space

A drop of sweat seeped out from Xu Xiaoshous forehead.

The next second.

“Lei Shuangxing (Luo Leilei) greets Senior Sleeveless, and thank Senior for saving my life back then!”

Sweat instantly streaked across Xu Xiaoshous forehead, which was full of gullies.

It circulated through his eye sockets for half a week, then slid down from the side of his high cheekbones and dripped down.

Xu Xiaoshous entire face turned white.

Lei Shuangxing, Luo Leilei..

Wasnt she one of the “Saint Servant”

Even if they didnt reveal their identities.

Xu Xiaoshou understood everything just by saying “Lei family brat, Luo girl”.

At that time, in the Tiansang Spirit Palace, Ye Xiaotian used his strength to break the spell and gave a final blow to Lei Shuangxing and Luo Leilei, who were trying to teleport out of the space.

When the space collapsed, with just these two grandmasters, even if they had any life-saving methods, they only had a slim chance of escaping from the space debris.

After escaping, there was a greater possibility of being lost.

But in the end, these two people still appeared in the eight palaces unscathed..

“Elder Sang, saved them”

Xu Xiaoshous throat was dry, and the corners of her lips were bitter.

Thats right!

Wasnt this obvious

Such a huge incident had happened in the Tiansang Spirit Palace, and Elder Sang had only appeared at the back of the mountain at the very last moment.

So, he had only noticed the movements of the Spirit Palace at that moment

That was impossible!

How could such an expert not notice the slightest disturbance in the Spirit Palace

The most perfect explanation..

On one side was a disciple of the Spirit Palace.

As the Vice Dean, he wanted to help.

But on the other side was a Saint Servant!

The palm and the back of his hand were full of flesh.

Even an existence like Elder Sang might not know what to do at the first moment.

And when a crisis arose on either side, he finally couldnt wait any longer.

Saving theSaint Servant had delayed the people from the Spirit Palace.

Was that why he had rushed back at the last minute and went to the back mountain

Xu Xiaoshou gripped the straw hat tightly.

He could not believe it, and he could not believe that the truth was true!

“Elder Sang, is it theSaint Servant”


Xu Xiaoshou used his elbow to support himself against the wall of the pit.

He changed to acomfortable position and perfectly resolved his half-step stumble.

“Master, whats wrong”

Mu Zixis voice stopped.

Looking up from her angle, she could just see the half-pale face under the straw hat.

Whats wrong this time

What are they talking about I really want to hear it!

Whats wrong… Xu Xiaoshou laughed bitterly in his heart.

He forced himself to raise his head and let his ruddy face fall to a place where he could feel it.

Your Senior, my state of mind has collapsed! ! !

Saint Servant..

Your master is a “Saint Servant”, you idiot, do you dare to believe it

I dare not think in this direction!

But the truth was laid out just like that.

Who could withstand this!

Heavens, someone kill me, Xu Xiaoshou, to celebrate your masters acting skills

In this round, I, Xu Xiaoshou, am willing to call your master the strongest!

There is no one like me!

Xu Xiaoshou restrained his trembling hands and slowly stretched them out.

He gently patted his juniors head with a kind face.

“Not bad, you spoke well.

This old man has listened to you.”

Mu Zixi:

Xu Xiaoshou, whats wrong with you!

He blinked her big eyes and bowed.

“Thank you for your praise, Master.”


Passive Value 1.”

Secret Skill: freeze the brain!

Xu Xiaoshou used the frozen power to calm his mind.

He restrained his power perfectly and didnt dare to reveal any aura at all.

If Elder Sang was a Saint Servant, then everything could be explained.

The first time the masked man attacked the Tiansang Spirit Palace at night, Xiao Qixiu was defeated with one sword strike, Ye Xiaotian lost an arm, and the nine elders of the Spirit Palace were almost hanged by the sword qi.

As for Elder Sang, he forced the Chief Saint Servant to retreat with just a few words..

The masked man attacked the Tiansang Spirit Palace for the second time, and his famous sword, Epitaph of City Snow, was taken away.

He even brought an old woodcutter who was at the Cutting Path Level with him.

The people of the Spirit Palace couldnt even resist the axe-wielding man.

With a few spiritual skills and a few words from Elder Sang, he forced the masked man to retreat again..

Was this possible

It was impossible!

If they werent so close, how could the old man be so powerful

I should have thought of it… Xu Xiaoshou felt helpless.

He could see that Elder Sang and the Chief Saint Servant had some friendship.

But like others, he couldnt think of it.

To put it bluntly, they were partners!

They were both “Saint Servant”.

Why did the masked man attack the Spirit Palace while Elder Sang tried to protect the Spirit Palace.

Xu Xiaoshou did not know.

At this moment, he had no strength to speculate about the inside story.

“Stupid lackey, you damn old man.

You will only give up if you kill me, Xu Xiaoshou, right”

Xu Xiaoshou cursed all of this in his heart, but he was amiable on the surface.

“Continue talking, continue analyzing.”

“If you know and can deduce it, tell me everything!”

“OH.” Mu Zixi nodded.

“Blah Blah Blah…”

“Yes, Senior!”

The tearful voice became more serious.

If Storyteller Senior dared to joke, he wouldnt dare.

His impression of this second-in-command of theSaint Servant, whom he had never met before, was still stuck in that series of legends.

Central Region Holy Palace had been discovered, and Senior Sleeveless had single-handedly withstood all of them.

Before any reinforcements had arrived, he had single-handedly shut everyone out of the sacred divine hall, giving fresh blood a way to escape.

Even when he was besieged by so many powerful people, he had been able to heavily injure Wuyue Sword Deity, one of the Seven Sword Deities, and escape to the eastern region through a path of death.

But now, Wuyue Sword Deity had only arrived at the eastern region.

Senior Sleeveless, who had yet to recover from his heavy injuries, dared to attack the group of white-clothed people alone again.

And in the end..

The white-clothed people who had rushed over from the central region to Azure Dragon Prefecture were only left with less than half of the old, weak, and disabled.

It could be said that.

Senior Sleevelesss actions had laid a good foundation for the later “Saint Servant” to break through the realm from the White Cave.

Such a madman and such a battle record was not something that he could imagine

He said solemnly, “In the Lijian Grassland, there are not many people who have the chance to get theFourth Sword

“First, its this person.”

As the words of the two-lined-up-in-tears were spoken, a certain place in Xu Xiaoshous spiritual perception was magnified.

That place was the location of Lan Xinzi and the man with the magical pattern.

If nothing unexpected happened, this should be the ability of the speaker.

“This person is called He Yuxing.

He has the Sacrificial Carving piece in his hand and has comprehended a trace of the Eighth Sword Deitys sword intent.”

“If nothing unexpected happened, theres a high probability thatFourth Sword will recognize him in the end.”

“I also have the Sacrificial Carving piece in my hand, but unfortunately, I wasnt able to comprehend anything.”

There was a hint of regret in the voice of Lei Duxing.

Xu Xiaoshou also withdrew her gaze from the focus and nodded slightly.

It wasnt too different from his own guess.

“Continue,” he said to Mu Zixi.


Lei Duxing organized himself and continued, “The second one… Yu Zhiwen.”

The image of the red-robed person appeared indistinctly, and Yu Zhiwen, who was in the lead, was particularly eye-catching.

Clearly, when they arrived at the red-robed figures location, the sender did not dare to act rashly, so the image transmitted over was not very clear.

“ThePearl Gem Star Eyes has an extremely terrifying power of the Way of the Heavens.

Just this power alone is enough to cause many accidents.”

“In addition, this is the niece of the Hallmaster Dao, Dao Xuanjis personal disciple.

For her to be able to rush here, she must have some hidden trump card that no one knows about.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed in her heart.

Thats right, the Black Scabbard was in her hands.

At that time, Yu Zhiwens words could be vaguely heard.

As for theFourth Sword, she was 80-90% confident.


A silly little monk appeared in the picture again.

He was sticking out his butt and nervously staring at theFourth Sword flying in the air.

“This is the disciple of theYou Yuan Buddha.

As you know, theYou Yuan Buddha was also a good friend of the Eighth Sword Deity when he was alive.”

“With this relationship, he could easily take out a token of the Eighth Sword Deity and cause theFourth Sword to resonate with him.”

“In addition, one of the swords that the Eighth Sword Deity used to carry — Sword of Great Sorrow — was given to him by theYou Yuan Buddha.”

“Now that the famous sword has been lost and its whereabouts are unknown, its very likely that its on this little monks body.”

The famous Sword of Great Sorrow

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

Was this little monk hiding something from him

Didnt he only have theEmpty Hell Magic Staff and theBuddha Slaying Blade

Didnt he also have these two divine objects in his hands

Why was there a famous sword hidden in his hands

What a fellow!

“Next… No, the next three.”

The scene blurred and the familiar three swordsmen appeared.

The three of them sat in a triangular formation and didnt make a sound.

But as if they were brewing something, the aura on their bodies became more and more terrifying as time passed.

“These are the people from the sword burial mound.

They brought two famous swords with them.

One can imagine their strength.”

“But thats not the main thing.

What Im afraid of Is that they have Sword Deity Wen Tings keepsake on them.”

“At the very least, as long as they bring a trace of the sword intent of the sword, Qingju, Im afraid thatFourth Sword will follow them directly.”

Seventh Sword Immortal, Wen Ting

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He thought of the story that Yu Zhiwen told in the Abrogated Origin Residence.

Wasnt this the supreme existence whose radiance was concealed by the Eighth Sword Deity for his entire life and was only discovered by the world after he died

Could it be that the three swordsman brothers were the subordinates of Sword Deity Wen Ting

Crap, I didnt think so in the past, but now it seems that they all have a big background!

“Also, the people from theXu Yue Gray Palace…” Lei Shuhang continued.

The scene trembled, and Xin Gugus figure appeared.

“This is a boorish person.

Ive fought him before, and hes very strong.”

“Even if he doesnt transform into a ghost beast host, he still has terrifying combat strength.

However, hes indeed a simple-minded person with well-developed limbs.”

“Hes definitely not the person in charge of the Xu Yue Grey Palace.”

“However, I havent found the other person.

The only thing I need to be wary of… is the faction that has a pure ghost beast host.

Its most likely to cause accidents, so I have to be wary of it!”

“The last one…”

“HMM, theres more” The voice of the sender sounded puzzled.

“Why doesnt he know where is it”

“Over there.”

The image blurred, and a group of young faces appeared.

Xu Xiaoshous pupils constricted.

People from the Tiansang Spirit Palace

“This bunch of little brats”

The voice of the sender sounded surprised.

“What can they have”

“Theres no need to look at the others.

Senior, you can focus on the person in charge,” the tearful duo said.

“In charge… This”

The scene was fixed on Rao Yinyin.

Xu Xiaoshou herself was stunned.

What was so special about this senior of the Inner Court

At that time, the images of her contact with this girl flashed one by one.

However, after recalling it once, Xu Xiaoshou did not find anything special about her.

However, the voice of Lei Shuangxing was unusually cautious.

“Her surname isRao!”


“… Hiss!”

The voice sender only repeated this sentence once before he seemed to have thought of something.

Then, the image trembled.

It was obvious that he was greatly shocked.


Xu Xiaoshou was also muttering in his heart.

Just a surname.

What was so special about it

“Right, her surname is Rao.”

Tears and two lines did not explain much.

“Chaos is about to break out.

Seniors can kill anyone, but this person can not be killed.

Just pay attention to this point.”

“Ill Throw It!” This time, it was Xu Xiaoshous turn to be shocked.

Just because of a surname, Rao Yinyin could not be killed

The surname was Rao

She had to be spared

What the hell is going on

You blind man, you dont even have eyes.

Cant you speak more clearly and reveal everything

Beating around the bush, hiding your head and showing your tail.

What is this

I, theSaint Servant Second Brother, still dont know anything!

However, what can Xu Xiaoshou do

Theres nothing he can do!

He originally wanted to follow the voice transmission and reply in a surprised tone.

But on second thought.

Rao Yinyin was a member of the Spirit Palace.

As the Spirit Palaces Vice Dean, she definitely knew something.

There was no way she could make a mistake on such a small detail.


He nodded calmly, as though he was certain that Mu Zixi had done a good job.

“Senior Sleeveless, Senior Storyteller, this is all that I have learned from before and after entering the White Cave.

Ill leave the rest to you,” the tearful duo said one last sentence before falling silent.

Senior Storyteller..

Xu Xiaoshou sighed helplessly in his heart.

He had indeed roughly guessed the identity of the voice sender.

However, after the tearful duo said this, the truth finally surfaced.

The storyteller, the “Saint Servant”, the seventh in command.

He was also present!

That meant that the Night Guardian near the sun spirit molten pool were unable to capture him.

And he was frozen in the ice layer on purpose.

As such, the ghost beast that this fellow had mentioned earlier..

“The grey mist figure has already been taken down by him”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt have time to exclaim in surprise.

HisPerception immediately scanned the surroundings.

There was no Night Guardian!

There was no Night Guardian in the Red-robed.

“Hes dead”

Xu Xiaoshous heart clenched, and he suddenly felt a little sad.

Night Guardian, you died so tragically..

Even though in the end, everyone became enemies.

But the special care you gave me, Xu Xiaoshou, and the kindness you showed me when you gave me the sword, I have never forgotten!

Forget it.

A dead person can not be resurrected.

Take care..

If theres a chance, I, Xu Xiaoshou, will definitely offer you an incense stick.


Three incense sticks!

“Senior Sleeveless.”

Luo Leileis voice suddenly appeared.

“Although the White Cave is about to break through the realm, I also know that you arent afraid of Gou Wuyue.”

“But right now, we still have to wait until the Chief Monk comes out of the crack in theAbyss Island.

Only then can we break through the realm.

After all, everyone isnt very clear about the current situation outside.”

“I also dont know why you cant use voice transmission, but…”

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

This woman..

Luo Leilei said, “If there are any restrictions, do you want to come and hang out in Senior Storytellers ancient book space and ask him to help remove the imprint or something”

“Invited, passive value, 1.”

“Suspected, passive value, 1.”


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