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Chapter 537: Ghost Beast Host Body, Take Down!

“Protected, passive value, 1.”

“Good fellow!”

This was the first time Xu Xiaoshou felt the feeling of being protected.

He was indeed afraid that the fierce sword aura would explode and blow him into his true form, turning him into a “Raging Giant”.

However, Mu Zixi was able to withstand all of this with just this pair of strangeGod Devil Eyes.

“Can you withstand it”

She lowered her body and patted her juniors shoulder.

“I dont feel anything.”

Mu Zixi turned her head, and demonic aura lingered in her right eye.

The demonic aura that was raging around her was directly absorbed by her when she was next to her.

However, this girl was not affected at all.

Instead, she burped uncontrollably.



Mu Zixis face turned red.

She hurriedly turned her head and looked forward.

“The God Devil Eyes… ”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He was shocked by the power of this pair of strange eyes.

She could even resist the power of theFourth Sword, and she was still able to receive it without any change in expression.

Didnt this mean that Mu ZixisGod Devil Eyes wasnt inferior to theFourth Sword in terms of level

In fact, this was only half of the power.

At least, ever since she first saw thisGod Devil Eyes, Xu Xiaoshou had never seen the other half of the power that Mu Zixi used — theGod Devil Eyes.

“Alright, keep it as it is.

It should be fine after withstanding this wave.”

Xu Xiaoshou hid behind her and used herPerception to scan the surroundings.

Most of the people who were also crouching in the Lijian Grassland, waiting for an opportunity to move, had been wiped out by the first wave of “Fourth Sword”.

Those who could not withstand the demonic qi almost all had bloodshot eyes on the spot and lost control of the spiritual qi in their bodies.

However, before the people who had gone mad could torture Zhou Fang, the sword aura hidden in the demonic qi cut these people who had lost their guard into pieces.

The method was extremely cruel.

The scene was incomparably bloody.

Xu Xiaoshou was aware that this was perhaps the price for coveting.

“There are some things that not everyone is qualified to get their hands on…”

Other than those who had died from the explosion of the fierce demonic sword aura, there were still a small number of people who were well prepared.

Some of them had spirit tools that could absorb demonic qi, some of them had spirit skills and medicinal pills that could resist demonic qi..

Without exception, all of them were like He Yuxing, who had slashed across the sky with his sword.

Under the explosion of demonic qi, they had survived.

“The great waves have finished sweeping away the sand.

The good show is about to begin.”

Xu Xiaoshou pulled his junior back continuously.

He was very smart.

Even though he had some preparations in his hands, he didnt want to be the first to stand out at this moment and directly seize theFourth Sword.

After all, this was something that only a fool would do.

“Xu Xiao… Master!”

Mu Zixi felt the power behind her.

She lowered her head and realized that she had unknowingly floated in the air and was rapidly retreating.

She looked back in confusion.

“IsntFourth Sword already born When are we going to charge”


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned for a moment.

She knocked on the girls head in anger.

“Why are you charging If you dont want your life, then charge! Cant you see that there are so many people watching”

“But… didnt they sayStrike first to gain the upper hand, then strike later to suffer”

Mu Zixi covered her head in pain.

As she absorbed the demonic qi, she said, “Besides, if we dont attack now, when the time comes, Hong Yi will take the sword.

What right do you have to snatch it With your face”

“Shut up.”

Xu Xiaoshou covered the girls mouth.

Was she blinded by the demonic qi Why did she still want to snatch it

Lets talk about this after saving her life!

“Buzz –”

The sound of the Sword of the Void rang out.

After the first wave of demonic qi exploded, the “Fourth Sword” seemed to have completed their rampage.

The entire sword flew up and circled in the air for a few rounds before shooting in a certain direction.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

Mu Zixi was anxious.


Xu Xiaoshous head popped out.

“I said, Call me Master!”

“Oh, OH.”

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

“Someone will be anxious.

Lets not be anxious.” Xu Xiaoshou dragged his junior into a pit that had been torn open by the sword aura.

With a wave of her hand, she buried the two of them alive.

Mu Zixi: “…”

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”


‘Perception could detect that there was indeed someone who could not hold it in and directly flew up into the air.

In an instant, more than ten figures flashed through the air.

They were about to interceptFourth Sword when he escaped.


In the area surrounded by red clothes.

“Sister Lan Ling.”

Lu Kes gaze was fixed onFourth Sword who had flown away and was about to disappear in front of him in the blink of an eye.

He could not help but call out.


Lan Ling casually pressed down with her hand, leaking out the power that this youth had accumulated.

“Sister Zhiwen!”

Lu Ke was anxious.

He turned his head to look at Yu Zhiwen.

Yu Zhiwen glanced at him lightly.

She silently turned her head back and sighed in her heart.

If it was Xu Xiaoshou, he probably wouldnt ask this question..

“Red-robed Senior, the treasures in white cave belong to those who are fated.

Although theFourth Sword are precious treasures, as long as you have the ability, you can take them down in white cave.

Am I right”

A voice came from somewhere.

It was as if it wanted to add fuel to the fire as it asked the red-robed team.

Lu Ke sneered and was about to speak.

Lan Ling covered him with her hand and took a step forward, soaring into the air.

“Thats right.”

“As long as one enters the white cave through the proper way, anyone is qualified to take theFourth Sword.”

“And if anyone can get the recognition of theFourth Sword, the red-robed team can even escort him out of the White Cave, protecting him all the way to prevent any accidents.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the people who were hiding in the Lijian Grassland could no longer hold themselves back.

There was no reply.

But all of a sudden, more than ten figures flew out.

“This bunch of idiots…”

Xu Xiaoshous face was filled with a headache as she watched.

Those who were able to enter the white cave really shouldnt be such simple-minded people.

But firstly, these people didnt know the real inside story.

Secondly, there was the temptation ofFourth Sword in front of them.

Thirdly, there was red-robes promise.

It could be said that Lan Lings promise directly blew up most of the remaining people in the area.

“Xu… master”

Mu Zixi turned her head in the darkness.

She had also heard Lan Lings words.

“Use your brain.”

Xu Xiaoshou pressed her head back.

“I know.”

Mu Zixi rolled her eyes impatiently.

She had just said it casually, but she didnt expect Xu Xiaoshou to take it seriously.

Did she really think she was a fool

“I just want to ask, when can we make a move” She turned her head away forcefully and stared at the half-covered old face in front of her.


“Wait until when”

“Wait until…” Xu XiaoshousPerception swept across the person who was still in hibernation.

He was silent for a while and slowly shook his head.

“Im not too sure either.”

Mu Zixi: “…”

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

“Knock Knock.”

The straw hat on her head suddenly twitched twice.

Xu Xiaoshou was keenly aware of the abnormality.

“What are you doing”

“…” There was no reply.

“Speak, dont be a mute!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted in a low voice.

“I, I feel that Ive become very strange…” Xu Xiaoji said weakly.

The straw hat was its true form.

This was a result of Xu Xiaoshous request to change it.

According to the agreement between the two of them, no matter what happened, Xu Xiaoji could not make a sound and could not leave the top of Xu Xiaoshous head.

But now, Xu Xiaoshou took the initiative to ask a question.

If he answered a little, he should not die… right

“How is it strange” Xu Xiaoshou grabbed the straw hat and asked.

He was actually not as overbearing as the other party thought.

“I dont know either.

I just feel that its quite strange… the body,” Xu Xiaoji replied.

“IsFourth Sword related to you”

“Im not sure…”

“Dont say its not clear.

You just need to answeryes.”



Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the information bar but there was no movement.


“No, no”


Passive value, 1.”

As expected..

Xu Xiaoshou made up his mind.

Xu Xiaoji must be related to theFourth Sword.

This had already become a conclusive conclusion.

And this was also the reason why he, Xu Xiaoshou, still dared to come to the Lijian Grassland to fight for theFourth Sword even after losing the Black Scabbard.

If there was anything more powerful than theSacrificial Carving and the Black Scabbard to fight for the capital..

“Xu Xiaoji.”

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath and asked the question that was hidden in the deepest part of her heart, “Are you the sword spirit that hasFourth Sword”

“Huh” Mu Zixis eyes immediately widened.

She looked at the straw hat on Xu Xiaoshous head in disbelief.

This cowardly guy was this domineering and mighty sword spirit that hadFourth Sword

“Uh… Im not sure.”

Xu Xiaoji hesitated for a moment.

To be honest, it was beginning to doubt itself at this moment.

But if it was theFourth Sword sword spirit, why didnt it know about it

“What did I say When I ask a question, dont give an ambiguous answer.

Just sayyes orno.

Thats enough,” Xu Xiaoshou said.

“UH, yes.”


Passive value, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous heart palpitated when he saw this.


Xu Xiaoshou was not a sword spirit

Impossible… he was slightly flustered.

He still remembered that when he was at the gate of the city Lords mansion, he had used the information bar to guess Xu Xiaojis identity.

At that time, the answer showed that this guy was neither a ghost beast nor a human.

What else could it be other than the sword spirit that was mixed in withFourth Sword

“Let me ask you another question…”

Xu XiaoshousPerception looked atFourth Sword, who was still running away under the pursuit of a group of figures, and vaguely felt that the temperament of the two was vastly different.

“You were born fromFourth Sword”

Xu Xiaoji was stunned when he heard that.

Just as he was about to say something, he recalled Xu Xiaoshous words just now and hurriedly replied, “Yes!”


Information Bar did not move.

Xu Xiaoshou let out a deep breath.

Not a sword spirit, but born from theFourth Sword

Was this… another consciousness

He could not help but frown.

This small change was a bit beyond his original expectations.

But it was still okay.

If Xu Xiaoshou really was born from theFourth Sword, then everything would make sense.

After losing the Eighth Sword Deity, theFourth Sword were used alone to suppress the “Infernal Hell Sea”.

But how could the power of theInfernal Hell Sea be suppressed year after year by an uncontrollableFourth Sword

Therefore, after some reason, the original sword spirit of theFourth Sword either died or fell asleep..

In short, under the restriction of several decades,.

Xu Xiaoji appeared!

Then, according to what Xu Xiaoji said at that time,.

This guy broke through two spaces that even he didnt understand and came to the Shengshen Continent.

The first space should be the internal space of theFourth Sword.

The second dimension was the White Cave.

Even Xu Xiaoji himself could not understand why he had to go to the city Lords mansion.

It was only because theCardinal Wheel that had been stolen from the City Lords mansion had relied on the intimate connection with theFourth Sword to summon Xu Xiaoji to save him.

“This should be it.

If there are no other important factors…”

Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fists tightly.

All of this was not much different from his own speculation.

Then, after this incident, he was basically certain that his brain was still working.

In short, he was smart!


Xu Xiaoshou turned to look at the dispute outside.


According to his intuition, he only needed to wait.

WhenFourth Sword could not break out of red-robes encirclement and needed someones help, it would definitely seek help on its own.

Perhaps it was the man beside Lan Xinzi, or perhaps it was Yu Zhiwen..

However, Xu Xiaoji, who was similar to the second sword spirit, was here.

was there a need for theFourth Sword to beat around the bush and seek help from others

Xu Xiaoshou let go of his fist with a smile.

Everything was under control!



“TheFourth Sword is mine.

All of you, get lost!”

“Get lost!!”

The group of people who were fighting for the lead in the air were thrown far away by theFourth Sword.

Instead, they started to fight in midair.

There was only one person who was hiding in the Lijian Grassland

They were ambushed from all directions!

When theFourth Sword reached a certain place, the people who were hiding there could no longer resist the temptation and flew up.

In an instant, several figures flew up and were about to take down theFourth Sword.

At this moment.

A figure appeared out of thin air and appeared on the body of theFourth Sword.

He grabbed the sword with his palm.


With a light sound, the ferocious black sword that was traveling at a high speed and seemed like it was about to pierce through space actually lost all momentum under this palm and froze.

This time, even the air froze a little.

“Sorry, this sword is mine.”

The man who appeared from the side whispered.

However, his voice directly passed through more than half of the Lijian Grassland and entered everyones ears.

“There areFourth Sword wielders.” The sword wielder had appeared

Xu Xiaoshou, who was hiding in the dark, immediately used his perception to probe.

This person was very unfamiliar.

He had an extremely ordinary square face and there was nothing outstanding about him.

Xu Xiaoshou felt as if he had seen this person before.

It was not his face, but his temperament!

“Ghost Beast Host!”

His pupils suddenly constricted.

He remembered that when the teleportation array in the eight palaces was activated, he had seen a few men with special auras.

And earlier, he had encountered one of them.

That person had already been executed and taken down by the night watchman.

Without a doubt, it was the Ghost Beast Host.

Although this person who had a similar aura had a different face, in the words of the Night Guardian..

A stinky smell was a stinky smell.

No matter how he changed his face, the smell would not change.

In the air, the human figures who were still chasing stopped in their tracks.

After a few breaths, exclamations were heard.



Faraway, Information Bar flew to Lan Lings side and whispered in her ear.

“The first big fish has fallen into the net.”

Lan Ling immediately chuckled and flew up.

With a flick of her finger.

The “Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array” that seemed to have been shattered by Fourth Sword instantly flashed with light.

The next second.

A huge barrier suppressed from the air and covered the entire Lijian Grassland.

“Whats going on”

The contenders who were still standing in the air turned around in shock.

Lan Ling opened her red lips and sighed.

“Ghost Beast Host, take it down!”


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