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Chapter 536: Storm and Hibernation

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“This is theFourth Sword”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the fierce sword that was continuously spinning and trembling in the air.

“Perception” could clearly see the Divine Path Chain hanging on the sword.

With just a glance, he felt the violent desire in his body was about to be awakened, and he hurriedly averted his gaze.

On the other hand, Mu Zixi, who was at the side, was staring straight at him.

Nothing happened.


Xu Xiaoshou clicked his tongue and looked down.

Below the Fourth Sword, a group of red robes surrounded them.

The person in the lead looked very familiar.

It was Yu Zhiwen.

“As expected, this lady… has finally gone to the place that belongs to her.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed in his heart.

There was nothing much to say.

They belonged to different camps, so it was natural that they could not walk together.

Behind Yu Zhiwen, he saw a group of familiar red robes.

They were the experts who had shown up when the Teleportation Array in the Eighth Palace was activated.

According to Yu Zhiwens information.

The woman in red who controlled the spirit array was called Lan Ling.

The bald one should be Xin.

However, why did this Red Robe who was covered in armor look so unfamiliar..

Xu Xiaoshous gaze landed on the third red-robed man who he felt had an extremely terrifying aura.

He was a little hesitant.

He wasnt the only one.

There were around ten to twenty ordinary red-robed men who had appeared in this place.

There were also quite a number of red-robed men whose auras were a little more terrifying, similar to Xin Xin and Lan Ling.

“Good heavens, if the throne starts, there should be at least twenty thrones in this place.”

“Who knows how many Cutting Path Levels are there…”

Xu Xiaoshou was extremely shocked.

Was this the foundation of the Holy Divine Palace

As expected, the people from Tiansang Spirit Palace were really limited in their horizons.

The thrones that they usually fought to the death were rarely seen.

At this moment, they did not even have the right to be called out by him.

And this was just the people sent by the Holy Divine Palace to a mere white hole.

There were countless secret realms like this on the Shengshen Continent.

Then, if the so-called number one force on the continent combined all their powers..

“The throne is everywhere, and the Cutting Path Level is as cheap as a dog”

Xu Xiaoshou shivered and didnt dare to continue thinking.

One had to know that he was only at the upper stage of the Innate realm at this moment!

So he had to snatch the “Fourth Sword” from the hands of the thrones

“Wait for the opportunity to move, wait for the opportunity to move…”

Xu Xiaoshou changed his tactics.

“Its impossible to snatch anything.

Its better if its a little messy.”

“As long as the Fourth Sword dont end up in the hands of the Holy Divine Palace, everything will be fine.”

“After all, this one isnt the only one who cares about this thing.”

Xu Xiaoshou swept his gaze over.

His perception could see everything clearly.

At this moment, the entire Lijian grassland was just like him.

Countless people were crouching on the ground, waiting for an opportunity to make a move.

With just a sweep, he saw many familiar faces.

Luo Qinglang, Rao Yinyin, little Monk Bu Le, Xin Gugu..

It was obvious that these fellows had evil intentions.

However, it was also true that theFourth Swordstatement was impressive.

If one said that they werent tempted, it would definitely be a lie.

With so many people watching, even the red-robed person wouldnt be able to handle it for the time being.

Even locking down theFourth Sword in the Abyss was a little strenuous, so how could they have the time to clean up these ants

And even in such a large environment, it also gave everyone present a slim chance to spy on them.

Everyone was gambling.

After all, an existence like theFourth Sword was not necessarily something that could be obtained just because there were many people or the quality was high.

What if..

What if the red-robed person could not take down theFourth Sword at all and flew out to recognize its master.

And what if he was the chosen one What if he was the “What if”

Xu Xiaoshou knew very well that in front of so many red shirts, even if he was hit by the “What if”, he probably wouldnt be able to take away the “Fourth Sword”.

But, what if

What if the “Fourth Sword” could take him away and fly away

This, perhaps, was a fluke in the hearts of the onlookers.


Looking around, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly saw a slightly familiar but slightly unfamiliar person.

This was a woman in a black dress with shoulder-length makeup.

Her eye makeup was rather dark, but her big red lips were so eye-catching.

And on the side, there was a man with sharp sword intent on his body.

His handsome face was covered with magic patterns.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know that man very well, but this woman in a black dress..

“Lan Xinzi”

He raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Wasnt Lan Xinzi the big shot among the 33 people in the inner court whom he had defeated in the past, the woman by Zhang Xinxiongs side

He still remembered that after he had killed Zhang Xinxiong, this girl had already been scared out of her wits by him.

But now, from the looks of it..

“Has she gone dark”

The corner of Xu Xiaoshous mouth twitched slightly, and he immediately thought of Elder Sangs exhortation.

As expected, if you dont remove the root of the problem, the spring breeze will come again… right

Lan Xinzi wasnt scary at all.

Even though this girl had already broken through to the grandmaster realm, from her aura, it seemed like she was only slightly stronger than an ordinary grandmaster.

To Xu Xiaoshou, a grandmaster of such strength could be destroyed with a single hand.

But the man beside him..

“Very strong!”

Xu Xiaoshou could actually feel a sword intent that wasnt inferior to the three swordsmen on his body!

Even when he looked at the demonic patterns on that guys face, he could vaguely see that it was a sword intent that belonged to the sacrificial ground carving piece!

“This guy also obtained the iron chips that were separated from the body of theFourth Sword sword.”

“And then, he even succeeded in comprehending it”

Xu Xiaoshou was a little surprised.

The strength of the sacrificial ground carving piece was so strong that he didnt even dare to comprehend it.

Because with just a glance, he would be unable to suppress the violent desire in his body and wanted to transform into a violent giant.

But that man..

“The person who found the sacrificial ground carving piece and successfully comprehended the sword intent on it has a very high probability of being able to make Fourth Swords acknowledge their master”

Xu Xiaoshou recalled Yu Zhiwens words.

For a moment, he was extremely shocked.

As expected, these people who had the guts to spy on the Fourth Swords were all prepared!



The spirit sword in his hand trembled, and He Yuxing turned his head warily.

However, when he swept his gaze over, all of the experts in the surroundings were well-hidden, and he couldnt see anything at all.

“Whats wrong”

Lan Xinzi asked in a low voice.

“There seems to be some movement.

I feel that someone is watching us”

He Yuxing did not dare to be careless.

Even though his sword cultivation had soared because of the sacrificial ground carving piece, he was still fearful of snatching food from the tigers mouth.

“Watching us Isnt that normal”

Lan Xinzi could tell that he was nervous.

She gently held his hand and said, “There are so many people here.

Not only are we watching others, others must be watching us too.”

“After all, they are all competitors.”


“Okay.” He Yuxing frowned and looked away.

She still could not relax.

Lan Xinzi lowered his head and whispered, “Pay attention.”

“Red-clothed cant take down theFourth Swords.

Even if they have the sacrificial ground carving, there are not many who can comprehend the Eighth Sword Deitys sword intent like you.”

“Even if there are, the sword intent they can comprehend isnt as profound as yours.”

“You have to know that its impossible for a ferocious sword like theFourth Swords to recognize its master easily.

But once it recognizes its master, its basically hard to change its mind.”

“It has just been born at this time.

All you need to do is release your sword intent after it wreaks havoc.

When theFourth Swords feel an intimate connection with the Eighth Sword Deity, your chances of success will be the greatest.”

“As long as you getFourth Swords, no matter how many thrones there are in this place, it will all be empty talk.”

“One sword breaks the air and runs away.

No one can catch up to us.”

“At the very least, we can make a small sacrifice and borrow the power ofFourth Swords.

We can even kill everyone in this place!” Lan Xinzi comforted.


He Yuxing nodded silently.

After a long pause, he suddenly said, “But all of this is just a deduction…”

“Who isnt a deduction”

Lan Xinzi chuckled and interrupted, “Since ancient times, only the Eighth Sword Deity has made the Fourth Swords recognize him as their master.”

“Everyone here, including the red-robed man, is confident that they can take the Fourth Swords themselves”

“Its all a deduction.

Its all a fantasy!”

“Right now, all were fighting for is our heartbeat and patience.”

She held He Yuxings hand tightly, leaned her head close, and said tenderly,

“Dont be the first to stand out.

Bear with it.

When theFourth Swords have completely escaped, you will choose to take action at the last moment.

Only then will you not marry someone else.”

“Okay.” He Yuxing nodded.

“There are Fourth Swords.

We must get them!” Lan Xinzi said solemnly.

“Dont worry.”

“For us…” Lan Xinzis voice suddenly lowered.

He Yuxing was stunned.

He could not help but look sideways at the beautiful and moving face beside him, as well as the burning eyes.

He held Lan Xinzis hand tightly with a determined look in his eyes.


“For us!”


“Lan Ling, they cant hold on any longer!”

In the red-clothed camp, Xin looked at the red-clothed people who were struggling and couldnt help but say,

“Right now, everyone has spent all their efforts to bindFourth Sword and also completely restrain the Wrath of the Devil, but they wont be able to hold on for long!”

“Once the chains of the Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array are broken and the Wrath of the Devil is raging, everyone will be finished.”

“Those trash…”

He could not help but glance at the ants kneeling outside the Lijian grassland.

“Dont bother about them.” Lan Ling waved her hand.

“I want to, but these guys are blinded by greed.

When the demonic qi explodes, all of them will die!” Xin looked anxious.


Lan Ling smiled indifferently.

“Xin, dont underestimate these people who dare to come here.

Everyone here will be prepared.”

“We cant underestimate them just because they are weak.

When the Wrath of the Devil explodes, these people might be our first layer of protection.”

“Protection” Xin was stunned.

“Do you still remember the plan I told you about”

Lan Ling glanced at Yu Zhiwen and said telepathically, “These people were put into the White Cave for a reason.”

Xin was stunned.

Only now did he fully believe that Lan Ling was serious.

Was she really going to use these people as cannon fodder


“Its their own choice.

No one can be blamed!”

Xin wanted to say something, but Lan Ling interrupted him:

“Everyone has to be responsible for their own choices, even if the price is death.”

“What I did was only to make their deaths slightly beneficial to the situation.”

“Not for me, not for the red-robed man, but for the small world of White Cave.”

Xin took a deep breath.

“I understand the logic…”

“But you cant accept the means, right” Lan Ling smiled and looked back.

Xin nodded stiffly.

“Perhaps this is why Xiao Ke is closer to you!”

Lan Ling smiled in relief and reached out to pat his arm.

“Go to the rear and help.

Leave this to me.”

“I dont need to protect you…”

“The Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array has been broken.” Lan Ling pointed to the formation below and said, “It will protect me.”


Xin hesitated, turned around, and flew away in silence.

Xiao Ke, close..

He thought of the fight between him and Lu Ke in the red-clothed base of the eight palaces.

Indeed, he was gradually accepting such methods.

However, this kind of consciousness was transmitted to the next generation, and it was not surprising that it aroused strong resistance.

Children resisted because they did not understand, but adults accepted because they were mature

Xin was confused.

Everyone had their own consciousness.

Everyone would change with time.

But was this change good or bad


“Can you still hold on”

Seeing Xin turn around and leave, Lan Ling stopped smiling and looked at Yu Zhiwen.

The womans black hair had already been soaked through with sweat.

It could be imagined that with her current strength, she had already used up all her strength to break the final step of the thirty-six heavens sealing no formation.

It was impossible to maintain the chain that could seal theFourth Swords!

“I cant hold on for too long.”

Yu Zhiwen said with difficulty, “I need to rest for a while.

When the time comes, you can take over.”

“No need.”

Lan Lings gaze was cast towards the completely suppressed “Fourth Swords” in the void.

It looked like it had appeared in the world without much movement.

“When you cant hold on, let go!” She said softly.


Yu Zhiwen looked back in astonishment.

This time, as his hand trembled, the void exploded with a “Boom”.

“Fourth Swords” shook violently.

As the Wrath of the Devil expanded, the four sides of the space cracked open simultaneously.

Everyone was shocked.

They did not understand what had happened.

“I say, if we cant hold on, we can let go,” Lan Ling said.

“Let go”

Yu Zhiwen was anxious.


“We were waiting for all the stowaways, Ghost Beasts, and the people from the hidden Saint Servants to come.”


Lan Ling looked into the sky.

Indeed, she could not see these people coming.

But her intuition told her that they had arrived.

She did not need to look to feel that it would come true!

“Let go.”



Lan Ling pointed with her finger.

Time seemed to have stopped.

A light bead rose into the sky leisurely.

Amidst the dense demonic aura, it pointed into the divine path array that Yu Zhiwens trembling hands were still maintaining.


A light sound spread through the area.

As a grandmaster of spiritual arrays, Lan Ling still couldnt see through Yu Zhiwens divine path array.

But spiritual arrays were spiritual arrays.

Even if the divine path array was more noble, others couldnt see through it.

Breaking the array was just destroying one of the dao patterns.

The moment the light dot messed up the divine path arrays dao patterns, the sealing chain formed by the Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array finally couldnt hold on to the Fourth Swords anymore.


The Space Crack in the void exploded in an instant.

The boundless Wrath of the Devil seemed to have rebounded after being suppressed to the extreme.

It exploded in an instant and engulfed the entire area.

“Charge, charge, charge –”

Weeds flew everywhere and the ground danced.

The Galaxy Sword Aura brought along the Wrath of the Devil and tore the area within dozens of miles into pieces.

In an instant, the area was filled with mournful cries and the ground was filled with screams.

“Crap, is it that scary”

When Xu Xiaoshou saw the Wrath of the Devil tearing towards her, her heart suddenly constricted.

She immediately opened the Abrogated Origin Residence Space and allowed her junior sister to take refuge inside.

“Master, dont be afraid.

Ill protect you.”

At this moment, Mu Zixi took the lead and raised her eyes to glare at the front.

Her pair of God Devil Eyes were filled with Wrath of the Devil!


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