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Chapter 534: Fourth Sword Were Born!

White Cave.

Lijian grassland.

If one wanted to say which place was the most famous in the white cave, and even those who had never entered the white cave had heard of it, it was none other than the “Lijian grassland”.

There was no other reason.

It was because on this grassland that covered an area of dozens of kilometers, there was a majestic, palace-like formation — the Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array!

At this moment.

This formation connected to the azure clouds and blocked off the outside of the great grassland.

They stood in groups and surrounded two or three groups of red-robed men.

The red-robed men each held an array flag in their hands.

They either stood still or moved..

But without exception, all of them had solemn expressions, as if they were preparing to fight against a great enemy that could threaten their lives.

Behind the red-robed men, there were Spirit Array Casters of different ages.

Their expressions were hesitant as they waited for their orders.

The teams were not far from each other, only a few miles apart.

This distance ensured that if any accidents happened, the surrounding people would be able to arrive in time to rescue them.

At the headquarters of the red-robed deployment.

Lan Ling was in a special tent.

In front of her was a long table.

On the table was the set of structural molds for the “Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array” outside the white cave.

Each of the nested structures had been broken down and piled up to a height of a few feet.

In front of them.

Xin, Black Flames, and the other guards in red stood there silently.

“Hows the Night Guardian Is he not back yet”

Lan Lings attention was drawn away from the diagram of the great formation in front of her as she looked at Xin.

Xin looked at the two dark circles under the womans eyes that were becoming clearer and clearer.

He did not dare to look too much and turned his head to look out of the window.


“He said that Xu Xiaoshou has completely disappeared without a trace.

He cant even find any signal, but he wants to look again.”

“However, the formation is about to be broken.

At this time, he has no choice but to come back.”

“Humph!” Black Flames sneered, “Xu Xiaoshou… is this the person who said that its more important than sealing the Ghost Beast”


Xin nodded and said, “Thats what the Night Guardian said.

Im not sure about the rest.”


Black Flames said furiously, “Hes just an ant with innate cultivation.

No matter how important he is, how important can he be Could it be that hes the host of the Ghost Beast”

“No.” Xin shook his head.

“No… Heh, other than the Fourth Sword and the Ghost Beast, which is more important in the white cave Tell me.” Black Flames waved his hand.

“There are more important things.

Maybe there are more than two.”

Before the letter could open its mouth, Lan Ling said,

“First of all, if nothing goes wrong, the Saint Servant might come into contact with the spatial crack left behind by the Infernal Hell Sea.”

“However, the guy inside has sealed off all the spatial auras.

We red-robed cant find that place at all.”

“If we send more people over, theres a high probability that it wont be of any help.”

Black Flame immediately sneered, “You know it very well.

Why would you send more people over”

“If we cant find it, it doesnt mean that we have to do nothing.”

Lan Ling didnt care about his attitude.

She only shook her head slightly and said, “At least, we have to try our luck and try the possibility of thewhat if.”

“What if”

Black Flame immediately raised his head and laughed loudly.

Before he could continue speaking, Xin took a step forward and arrived in front of this fellow.

“Black Flame, pay attention to your attitude!”

“Its not your consul now.

The outside is not properly guarded.

Once you come in here, just stay obediently and dont cause any trouble for us!”

“Oh” Black Flames head flattened.

The two tall and burly fellows immediately confronted each other.

“You silly big fellow, are you teaching me how to do things”

The air immediately froze.

The other red-robed men standing in the tent subconsciously took a few steps back.

These rookies were completely unable to interfere in the battle between these top-notch big shots.


Lan Ling shouted and said coldly, “The formation hasnt been broken yet, are you going to panic first All of you, retreat a Little!”

With a swish, the cold eyes under Black Flames helmet swept over.

Lan Ling narrowed her eyes and raised her head.

“Black Flame, this is my territory!”

“If you really want to ask… Im teaching you how to do things right now!”

“Stand down!”

With a thud, Xin immediately retreated to Lan Lings side and gave her an appreciative look.

This wave of scolding was simply too venting!


Lan Ling glanced at Xin and raised her eyes to look at Black Flame, who was much higher than her.


Black Flame pondered for a long time and finally chose to take half a step back.

“Hu ~”

Lan Ling finally heaved a sigh of relief in her heart.

To be honest, the person who did not want a fight here was herself.

Admittedly, Black Flame still did not submit to his leadership at the moment, but he was also very clear about what was right and wrong in front of him.

To the red-robed person, starting a battle at such a critical moment was definitely an internal conflict.

“How is it How much progress are we still lacking in breaking the formation” Xin asked as he looked at the heavens secrets formation that towered into the clouds outside the window.

“Everything is ready.

We only need the East Wind.”

“The East Wind”

Xin turned around in confusion.


Lan Ling also looked over and said slowly, “The formation cores of the Divine Secrets Array have basically been excavated.”

“Ive ordered all the people to stand by and wait for the last step to completely solve the array.”

“What are we waiting for” Xin was a little anxious.

“Cant we solve it first”

“No, we still have to wait.” Lan Ling shook her head.

“Wait for what”

“Waiting for people!”


“The Divine Array must be cracked by the Divine Sorcerer.

No matter how strong I am, Im only a spirit array master.

There are some things that I cant touch,” Lan Ling explained.

“Divine Sorcerer…”

Xin hesitated.

He had heard of such an existence before, but that was a figure that only came from the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace.


Could he wait

Black Flame casually dragged a chair behind him and sat down.

He was not in charge here.

Since talking too much would only lead to unnecessary arguments, he might as well just wait and see.


At this moment, a gust of wind came from outside the door curtain.

Creed turned around.

“Who is it”

“Sister Lan Ling, Master Xin!”

A figure rushed into the tent.

“Xiao Ke” Xins attempt to attack suddenly stopped.

“Yes, yes.”

Lu Kes face was full of excitement.

He was like a child who had escaped from school and never returned home to play.

Every time he returned home, he would choose to suppress the anger in the adults hearts with the joy on the surface.

“Hes here.”

Lan Ling muttered in a low voice.

Her gaze was not on Lu Ke at all.

As expected, in the next second, Lu Ke pointed outside the door curtain and said loudly, “Sister Lan Ling, Lord Xin, look who Ive brought.”


Xin followed his finger and looked over.

At this moment, even Black Flame turned his head silently.


Lu Ke jogged over, lifted the curtain, and said with his head facing out,

“This is the personal disciple of Aunt Dao Xuanji from the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace.

He is the second on the Heaven Roll of one of the six tribes.

He is also the Super Genius who broke Uncle Daos record of being the number one Divine Sorcerer on the New Continent…”

“Yu Zhiwen, Sister Zhiwen!”

Crimson Sky was lifted into the tent along with the curtain.

With a bang, Black Flame stood up from his chair.

Xin Yang lowered his head hurriedly, retracting his thoughts of teaching Lu Ke a lesson.

Even Lan Lings pupils constricted in an instant, and a storm raged in her heart.

Dao Xuanji, Dao Qiongcangs sister..

The Heaven Roll of the Dao Department, one of the six departments, was the strongest ranking list for a bunch of lunatics who were studying the mysteries of the world..

And the person who came was a direct disciple of Dao Xuanji, the second on the Heaven Roll of the Dao Division!

Lan Ling was shocked.

She had received news that the headquarters would send someone to take over the final breaking formation.

But she did not expect that the person who came would have such a powerful background!


With the sound of footsteps, a woman walked in from outside the door.

The moment she entered, she bowed and looked up.

Under everyones astonished gazes, a face that was covered in a veil was revealed.

Even though they didnt see much of her appearance, just by relying on her pair of star eyes that could capture ones mind, they were completely unable to shift their gazes away.

“This little girl, Yu Zhiwen, greets all seniors.”


Somewhere in the White Cave.

In front of a rather spectacular spatial crack.

This place was completely dark, and one couldnt even see ones own fingers.

Even when ones spirit consciousness probed, it was a stretch of nothingness.

“This is the Abyss Islands crack”

Cen Qiaofu tore out from another spatial crack in astonishment.

Subsequently, he gently placed the masked man who was covered in blood on his back onto the ground.

“Its not a problem, right”

Looking at his chief monk who had not even engaged in battle yet being reduced to this state by a mere spatial crack, the corners of Cen Qiaofus mouth could not help but twitch wildly.

“Cough cough!”


A large pool of blood spurted out as the masked man struggled to get up.

“No, its fine… Pfft!”

Cen Qiaofu: “…”

“I knew that I would run into a dead end when looking at the mountain, but after I really became a Spiritual Cultivator, I was trapped in the spatial crack for so long and was even tricked into going to so many similar places…”

“This is the first time.”

After he helped the masked man up, he looked at the spatial crack in front of him and sighed.

Regarding his chiefs injuries..

Well, this guy wouldnt die anyway, so there was no need to waste the pills.


The masked man spat out another mouthful of blood.

The sticky blood could already drip out from the mask.

Cen Qiaofu hesitated for a moment, but he still took out a pill.

“Why dont you eat some”

“Theres no need.”

The masked man waved his hand.

It wasnt a wound that could be treated with a pill, so why waste it

He struggled for a while before finally lifting his head and seeing the crack in front of him.

“After all, its the Holy Emperors method, and hes guarding against the upper echelons of the Holy Divine Palace.

With the strength youve displayed so far, its already pretty good that you can crack this maze and find the final place.”

He sighed, and suddenly..


He spat out a mouthful of filthy blood again.

“Dont, I followed your guidance to find this place.”

“If you hadnt given me the general direction, I wouldnt have been able to find this place by myself.”

Cen Qiaofu patted the back of the masked man worriedly and clicked his tongue.

“By the way, is the person inside really the Holy Emperor…” he looked at the crack.


The masked man nodded.

“Even a half-saint is not qualified to force those people to act.”

“Not even a half-saint is qualified… how did you sense this place the day after tomorrow” Cen Qiaofu frowned and deliberately provoked him.

“I went in, so I naturally know.”

The masked man obviously didnt want to talk about this.

He asked, “What about the storyteller has there been any new news”

Cen Qiaofu said, “I cant sense his aura here anymore, but I did receive some news earlier.”

“He said that he met a red-robed man called the Night Guardian, and he killed one of his incarnations.”

“Oh” The masked man was surprised.

Cen Qiaofu continued, “He mastered the Power of the Higher Void with just one slash.

It might be related to the latest research of the Holy Divine Palace.”

“Ghost Beast…” the masked man murmured, “Is there any more”


Cen Qiaofu laughed, “He also said that he has prepared a big surprise for you and will personally give it to you.”

“Big surprise”

The masked man suddenly quivered, “What big surprise”

“I dont know, you guys can talk to each other by yourselves!” Cen Qiaofu also felt a chill and did not dare to interfere in the affairs of these two people.

“Could it be that they found Wen Ming and took him here” The masked man laughed lightly.

“Im not sure.”

Cen Qiaofu composed himself and said seriously, “Oh right, there is another very important message.

The sissy didnt give the storyteller the book, but the people outside sent it over.”

“What message”

“Gou Wuyue seems to have arrived, just outside the White Cave!”

“Gou Wuyue”

The masked man was startled, and memories flashed through his turbid eyes.


“Not only did he come here, but he was also injured.” Cen Qiaofus expression also became solemn.

“Tell me.”

“Mm.” Cen Qiaofu nodded and said, “Gou Wuyue personally led a group of white-clothed people and rushed over from the eastern region, blocking the entrance of the White Cave.”

“From the looks of it, that guy, the storyteller, didnt come here specifically to help.

Its possible that his central region branch was destroyed, and he came here on the run.” He couldnt help but ridicule.

“Continue.” The masked man wasnt interested in this matter.


Cen Qiaofu helplessly replied and continued:

“Gou Wuyues team encountered an ambush when they were passing through Azure Dragon Prefecture.

They suffered heavy casualties.”

“White-clothed sealed this information to the outside world, but there were too many people who saw the battle at that time.

It was impossible to seal it.”

“There were two types of forces that appeared in the battle.

One was the ember lineage, and the other was the ambusher.”

“I heard that the battle with Gou Wuyue was so intense that the sky was dark and the earth was scorched.”

“You should know who it is.”

When the masked man heard this, a hint of a smile flashed across his eyes.

“Revenge, huh…”

“Its still that hot-tempered person.

He doesnt even know what hes capable of.

Based on his situation, is he able to fight against the Seven Sword Deity”

“What about the other type of power”

As he asked, his words suddenly changed.

“Is he dead”


Cen Qiaofu said, “At the end of their desperate battle, a great Buddha appeared.

Sword qi slashed in all directions, splitting the world into two.”

“The person was taken away.”

“But this second power, the rumor of the world… The Eighth Sword Immortal!”

Cen Qiaofu looked at the masked man, wanting to see his reaction.

“The Eighth Sword Immortal”

The Masked Mans eyes did not waver, and he said softly, “The continent has finally produced another sword immortal Not bad.”

“Not again.”

Cen Qiaofu shook his head and said calmly, “The eighth sword immortal, there is only one!”

The masked man was silent.

“Who is he” Cen Qiaofu asked.

“How would I know”

The masked man laughed mockingly, “This question, shouldnt you ask those who have seen him before I have been with you all this time, and I havent even seen him before.

If you ask me, who should I ask”

“Thats thegreat buddha chop!” Cen Qiaofu raised his voice.

“Thegreat buddha chop is just a small use of the illusory sword technique.

There are many people in the world who know how to use it.”

“But the sword will isnt!” Cen Qiaofus tone was resolute.

“There are many people in the world who can comprehend theGod Punishment Tribulation.

Isnt it normal to have one more person who can comprehend the sword will”

Cen Qiaofu: “…”

He wanted to say something more.

But suddenly, the Land of Darkness Shook.


An intense sound came from the outside world.

Cen Qiaofu was stunned.

“What kind of movement can tear apart the power of the Holy Emperor and affect this place” He couldnt believe it.

The masked man also looked over.

This time, his turbid gaze seemed to break through the darkness and the sky and see the world of the White Cave.

“The Fourth Sword is born…”


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