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Chapter 525: You Know Nothing About Power!

“What kind of spiritual technique is this”

Lu Ke, who was carrying a long sword, was also confused.

Xu Xiaoshou was holding a famed sword the Flame Python, which meant that this guy was an outstanding swordsman, which was why he was recognized by the famed sword.

But now, besides the Way of the Sword, the ability that Xu Xiaoshou showed was much more than what Lu Ke knew about him.

“This pressure…”

Lu Ke couldnt believe it.

This kind of pressure that could only be felt by a senior at the Sovereign Stage was created by Xu Xiaoshou.

Not to mention that this aura was still rising with time, just the fact that Xu Xiaoshou could use this aura to cause real damage was already sensational.

“I have to break it first!”

Lu Kes expression became serious.

Although Xu Xiaoshous aura was strong now, it was not formed yet.

It could only imprison many Innate Stage experts that were present.

A spiritual cultivator at the Master Stage would have some influence, but it was definitely not as serious as the Innates.

If he wanted to take action, his movements might be a little sluggish.

But with the famed sword in his hand, if he wanted to break this aura, it was not impossible.

However… he glanced in Yu Zhiwens direction hesitantly.

Lu Ke hesitated.

He had indeed never seen this woman in the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace.

However, on this continent, Hallmaster Dao was not the only one who could master such a Divine Secret at such a young age.

“Did she came out of the Holy Emperors secret realm”

This thought only lingered in Lu Kes mind for less than a second before it was instantly denied.

How could those people who were above the secular world fall into such a small mortal world as the White Cave

It was ridiculous!

“Clang –”

A sword chime broke through the clouds.

A loud dragons roar followed closely behind.

Lu Ke unsheathed his long sword and pointed it at the sky.


The void suddenly shook.

At this moment, everyone immediately felt that the pressure that was restraining them had disappeared in an instant.

“Its done!”

Almost at the same time, Yu Zhiwens face revealed a look of joy.

As her hands danced in the air, the Path Pattern Initial Stone shone in the air and the opportunity of Great Path was withdrawn.

In the next second, the path mechanism returned and covered a radius of dozens of miles.



This time, clearly many people wanted to soar into the clouds.

However, the spiritual source in the energy reserve exploded and killed most peoples thoughts.

Close to dozens of people broke through at the same time.

The Heaven and Earth spiritual energy gathered crazily, making a rustling sound, and directly turned into mist in mid-air.

“What a guy!”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed secretly.

This scene was too spectacular.

He thought that he could rely on the Swallow the Mountains and Rivers skill to suppress the entire scene, but Lu Kes sword had obviously broken his plan completely.


“The Path Pattern Initial Stone is just above, whats the point of breaking through If I get my hands on this thing, wouldnt I have a chance to breakthrough in the future”

“Hurry up and attack!”

Someone took advantage of the chaos and shouted.

Immediately, most of the people were jolted awake.

They hurriedly suppressed the situation where they were about to break through and chose to pull out their swords and fly into the sky.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Yu Zhiwen was exhausted.

The moment she let go and landed on the ground, dozens of light shadows pounced on her.

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to make a move, but a weak voice sounded beside his ears.



Xu Xiaoshou turned to look at Yu Zhiwen.

Yu Zhiwen landed beside him and explained, “Its not that simple.

If it was that easy to get the Path Pattern Initial Stone, I would have just taken it.

Why bother”

“Thats true.”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately understood and asked, “But what do you mean bynot simple”

Yu Zhiwen heaved a sigh of relief.

“Divine Array!”


Only then did Xu Xiaoshou place his Perception completely on the Path Pattern Initial Stone.

As expected, he saw the familiar, obscure and difficult pattern of the Divine Arrays pattern on it.

The white skeleton sculpture was very small.

However, the Divine Array that was nested layer by layer outside was like an ancient tower that was as tall as a person, firmly holding it in place.


The crowd rushed to the side of the Path Pattern Initial Stone in a flash.

This time, even if there were people who were similarly puzzled as to why Yu Zhiwen did not take the Path Pattern Initial Stone along with her, however, under such circumstances, they were unable to think too much.


The first to strike seemed like he was about to touch the true body of the Path Pattern Initial Stone.

However, the invisible multi-nested Divine Array suddenly flashed, and with a boom, it directly blew this guy hundreds of feet away.

Blood sprayed onto the faces of the people at the side.

Those who were still behind were all stunned.

However, the momentum of the first persons attack was like an arrow leaving the bow, and it was difficult to retract it.

Originally, everyone wasnt too far away, and it could even be said that they were very close.

With just a hairs breadth of the distance between them, even if they saw someone being sent flying at the first instance, it would be difficult for them to stop.

This time around, the scene was a little spectacular.

“Boom Boom Boom…”

More than ten continuous explosions sounded.

Those fellows who wanted to strike first were directly blasted unconscious by the multi-layered Divine Array.

“Oh my God, is it that scary”

The blood splattering in the sky finally calmed the people behind them down.

Everyone stopped in mid-air and didnt dare to move.

“Is this the Divine Array”

“Thats not right.

Didnt the lady just undo the Divine Array and complete the repair action”

“Why is there such a thing now”

“Could it be… she set it up when she withdrew her hand”

The discussion was in full swing.

After a short while, everyones eyes were fixed on Yu Zhiwen.

“This lady…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Xu Xiaoshou, who was standing beside Yu Zhiwen, could no longer listen to the discussions.

These people who were blinded by benefits could really think of anything!

From the looks of it, they were planning to ask Yu Zhiwen to help them solve the array after she fixed the problem of the early birth of the Path Pattern Initial Stone

Could she solve it

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at Yu Zhiwens pale face and couldnt hold it in any longer.

He took a step forward and tilted the famed sword in his hand.


His voice was like thunder.

As his shout fell, the air currents in the air swirled, as if a cannonball had been thrown into the crowd.


Those guys who had turned their heads in unison were directly shaken to the ground.

The terrifying pressure once again covered the entire area.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked as well.

However, he quickly came to a realization.

It turned out that the aura accumulated by the Swallow the Mountains and Rivers could indeed be broken.

However, being broken did not mean that the aura accumulated previously would completely dissipate.

On the contrary, along with Xu Xiaoshou standing idly by the side for a short time, all of this aura was once again hidden.

At this moment, the anger in his heart surged, and he was able to suppress it once more!

“Darn it, what the hell is this thing”

“Why does it feel even more terrifying than before…”

After Xu Xiaoshou had taken a glance at them, all of the people in the air were obediently pushed back to the ground.

At this moment, even Master Stage experts felt extremely restricted.

Not to mention those Innates…

These people only bent their bodies, but they already felt that they had used up all their strength.

And when they wanted to move their spiritual source, their energy reserve also felt as if it was under the weight of Mount Tai, obscure and difficult to move.


Every one of them struggled with all their might like they were constipated.

Even their veins popped out, but they couldnt say a word.

The scene once again fell into a strange deathly silence.

Rao Yinyin was behind Xu Xiaoshou, and she didnt know how many times she had been shocked.

Xu Xiaoshous aura attack was truly too powerful.

If he also applied the pressure on the people of the Spirit Palace…

Their team would probably be able to stand up straight…


There really werent many who could stand up straight.

“Xu Xiaoshou… how did he advance so quickly” Rao Yinyin was silent.

From the corner of her eyes, she caught a glimpse of the Path Pattern Initial Stone in the air.

She silently took a step back and hid her fingers in her sleeves, as if she was going to withdraw from the fight.

“Its this pressure again…”

Lu Ke felt the heavy pressure on his shoulders, and his back couldnt help but bend.

He drew his sword again without any explanation and was about to slash upwards.

“You, stop it!”

How could Xu Xiaoshou let him get what he wanted

He immediately swept his gaze over, and when his gaze focused, the overwhelming pressure gathered on Lu Ke alone.


It was only now that Lu Ke finally felt why those guys from before were so unbearable.

He only had time to place the Green Scale Ridge in front of his chest.

The invisible pressure was like a grenade being fired, sending him flying backward.


Everyone was shocked.

The young man with the famed sword was also forced to retreat

“What is this spiritual technique”

“Who is this person!”

Everyone turned around, and their eyes finally focused on the only young man who could still fly in the air.

Without a doubt, this was the great demon king of this place!

“Perhaps all of you didnt hear clearly earlier, but it doesnt matter.

I can say it again…”

Xu Xiaoshou slowly sheathed his sword indifferently.

He raised his chin and his eyes were filled with arrogance.

“I, Tan Ji, have taken a fancy to this Path Pattern Initial Stone! If there is anything that you are unhappy with, just take it lying down!”

Tan Ji who had been sitting cross-legged on the spot to recuperate, suddenly trembled.

The instant his energy reserve was in chaos, he spat out a mouthful of blood.


“Xu Xiao…”

“Shut up!”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced back and swept a cold glance over.

Tan Jis mind buzzed, and his mind went blank.

He seemed to have seen a giant from ancient times stomp down on him, and his soul was almost smashed into pieces.

This time, even though Xu Xiaoshou had withdrawn his strength, Tan Ji was still sent flying with a glance.

With a bang, his body fell to the ground.

Tan Ji was stunned.

He turned around and looked up again, but Xu Xiaoshou had already turned his head.

However, that slightly skinny figure was deeply imprinted in his mind under the Crimson Moonlight.

Tan Ji guessed that the nightmare in the future would be related to this figure.

“So, this is the real gap between us…”

“In Awe, Passive Points, 1.”

“Too strong!”

“Where did this Tan Ji come from How come Ive never heard of such a person before”

“Oh my God, this pressure, is this the Sovereign Im facing”

“Could this be a stowaway Otherwise, how could he suppress us like this with just his aura”

Everyone whispered to each other.

They either transmitted their voices or looked at each other.

However, without exception, they faced Xu Xiaoshous powerful suppression.

Almost no one present could resist.

“Suspected, Passive Points, 121.”

“In Awe, Passive Points, 135.”

“Glared At, Passive Points, 36.”

“So weak.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the message box and could not help but sigh.

He did not know when it started, but his opponents were no longer his peers.

Perhaps the ones gathered in the White Cave were from those few counties, and there were not many true geniuses.

So when Xu Xiaoshou faced these people, he did not even use one-tenth of his strength.

Everyone was helpless.


“Its not that theyre too weak.”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly came to a realization.

He flicked his sleeves and looked up at the sky.

“Im the one thats too strong…”

“Xu Xiaoshou, I need to rest for a while before I have the strength to undo the Divine Array.

However, there are many layers of the Divine Array.

Itll probably take a lot of time and effort,” Yu Zhiwen said.

“Theres no need to go through so much trouble.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the sky while he was at it.

At this time, more and more people were attracted to this place.

However, surprisingly, none of the people who came this time were big shots like the powerhouses above the Sovereign Stage.

However, that was also true.

In the White Cave, how could every time a treasure appeared, it would attract stowaways at the Sovereign Stage.

Perhaps this kind of pure young generation fight was the norm

But to Xu Xiaoshou, as long as a Sovereign wasnt there, no matter how many of these small fries came, what would they do

“Do you have a way to cut open the space where the Path Pattern Initial Stone is located As long as the Divine Array can not affect the surrounding space, it can be transferred,” Xu Xiaoshou said.

Yu Zhiwens eyes lit up.

“You mean…”


Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

Indeed, he did not need to directly crack the Divine Array.

Such a small area of shackles was not a great array similar to the icy realm.

With the Yuan Mansion around, he could directly transfer this thing into the array.

However, he had tried it just now.

Due to the isolation of the Divine Array, or perhaps due to the attraction of the Way of the Heavens power, as well as the rejection of external forces.

As soon as he placed his spiritual senses onto the Path Pattern Initial Stone, it was instantly dissolved.

Even if he wanted something, he wouldnt be able to put it into his Yuan Mansion.

However, this wasnt a problem.

As long as he could cut off the connection between the Path Pattern Initial Stone and the Divine Array and the surrounding space, he believed that in that instant, the connection between the White Cave Small World and the Path Pattern Initial Stone would dissipate for a short time.

He could definitely take this opportunity to keep it in his Yuan Mansion.

After all, Yuan Mansion itself was formed by the fall of a complete extradimensional space.

It was true that its rules were severely lacking.

However, in terms of the level of the Small World, it was on the same level as White Cave.

“I understand.”

Yu Zhiwen took a deep breath and swallowed a pill.

Her hand movements began to change.

“Theyre going to break the Divine Array!”

The crowd below immediately cried out in alarm.

It was very obvious that these fellows who couldnt move, no matter how aggrieved they were, could clearly see through Xu Xiaoshous attention.


“What can we do”

“Isnt this fellow a little too unsolvable Just this spiritual technique alone isnt enough to break it.”

“Even if he wants to resist, who else can do so”

This question left everyone speechless.

It was obvious that it was unsolvable!

“Also, that famed sword in his hand…”

“That fellow should be a swordsman.

If Im not wrong, this spiritual technique might be just a small move from the other party.”

“If its really broken, how are you going to fight against the famed sword in his hand”

The crowd fell silent once more.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the screen that kept jumping, and he felt a little powerless.

Im too strong.

How can the enemy fight against me

If the situation develops according to this current situation every time I were to collect a treasure, then I would be simply obtaining something without working hard, alright

Look at this, just by standing there, I am already invincible.


What was the meaning of this

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

Yu Zhiwen suddenly called out.

She clapped her hands together, and the space where the Path Pattern Initial Stone and the Divine Array were located suddenly cracked.

The next second, a familiar Sky Screen flashed past, directly blocking the Way of the Heavens energy movement of the Path Pattern Initial Stone and erasing it from the sensing of the Small World in White Cave.

“Ang –”

But right at this moment, just as Xu Xiaoshou was about to make a move, a loud and clear dragons roar resounded from afar.

In the blink of an eye, a green sword ray arrived.

“Its you again, kid!”

Xu Xiaoshou was annoyed by Lu Ke, so he turned around and slashed out with his sword.

“Fleeting White Clouds!”

Shua Shua Shua!

In an instant, countless dark red scorching sword rays flew past.

Not only did they break the green sword lights, but they also seemed to have eyes.

They directly rushed towards the direction where the green sword lights were whistling towards.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The smoke and dust exploded.

With a boom, all the swordsmen present felt their scalps go numb.

In the next second, all the spiritual swords whistled up, directly condensed in the air, and gently bowed towards the back.

“All Swords to the Master!”

Lu Ke rushed out from the dust with his long sword in hand.

He pointed the tip of the sword, and dozens of spiritual swords pierced toward Xu Xiaoshou.

Facing such a dangerous situation, Xu Xiaoshou seemed to be unaware of it.

He glanced back at the speed of light, and his cold eyes directly swept toward Rao Yinyins pretty face behind him.

“I advise you, its best not to!”


Rao Yinyins fingers that were hidden in her sleeves stiffened, and her expression instantly froze.

Xu Xiaoshou accepted her words and did not say anything more.

With his back facing the dozens of spiritual swords behind him, he could only barely raise the Flame Python in his hand.

“Crack crack crack –”

The void instantly split open.

Pieces of space condensed, turning into a sparkling small sword.

There were over a thousand of them, and they charged toward the spiritual sword that was passing through like a flood.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

At this moment, the sound of the miniature swords of the void and the spiritual sword colliding and exploding was so loud that everyones eardrums were about to burst.

“Void Solidifying Sword Technique”

Many swordsmen were dumbstruck.

One by one, they were using the All Swords to the Master and the Void Solidifying Sword Technique.

Together with Su Qianqian, who had also displayed the Master Sword Intent…

When did master swordsmen become so common

“Somethings wrong!”

Soon, everyone reacted.

“This, this darn, what exploded was my sword!”

Looking at their own spiritual sword, which had been completely blown to smithereens in the duel, all the swordsmen were dumbfounded.

A fight between Immortals and mortals

This, this, this…

After struggling for a while, everyone still found that they couldnt break free from the oppressive force.

Therefore, not only did they have to watch their own spiritual sword being shattered, even the aftermath of the battle swept over, and none of the people present could escape

“Oh my God, can you all change a place and not fight on my head ah ah –”

“Feared, Passive Points, 143.”

“Received Plea, Passive Points, 32.”

“Void Solidifying Sword Technique”

Lu Kes expression was cold as he looked at the dozens of spiritual swords that were completely at a disadvantage.

He raised the Green Scale Ridge in his hand again.

“Crack crack crack –”

It was similar to the noise caused by Xu Xiaoshou earlier.

But this time, the sound of space cracking was actually coming from the miniature swords of the void!

“I will return the favor!”

Lu Ke chuckled and pointed his long sword.


The small sword that was born from Xu Xiaoshous miniature swords of the void changed its direction and stabbed toward the Spirit Palace.

The sound of a thousand swords.

It was obvious that in terms of control, Lu Kes Void Solidifying Sword Technique was much better than Xu Xiaoshous.

“Its endless, isnt it”

Xu Xiaoshou became even more impatient.

He didnt want to fight with this guy.

In other words, he didnt want to provoke anyone with a background.

That was the disciple of the Moonless Sword Deity.

What he hated the most was to beat up the young and bring out the old.

But now… there was nothing he could do!

He had to admit that this Lu Ke had some skills.

However, his sword technique was no longer his strongest technique!


His eyes widened in anger.

The icy blue mist swept over the heads of the people on the ground and instantly filled the surroundings.


After a sound, thousands of miniature swords of the void flew over and turned into lifelike ice sculptures.

With a crack, they froze in midair.

“Dong Dong Dong –”

The swords fell.



“What the heck…”

Everyone felt as if their skulls were about to be pierced.

It was fine if that was all.

However, when they wanted to use their energy reserve to block the damage, the freezing force from the miniature swords of the void froze everyones spiritual source.

Even their body temperature dropped to the freezing point.


Everyone gasped.

They were not shocked but they were cold…

“Cursed, Passive Points, 156.”

“Feared, Passive Points, 155.”

“Ice-type” Lu Ke was shocked.

The famed sword in Xu Xiaoshous hand, the Flame Python, was a fire-type supreme treasure.

If his attribute was ice, how could he make this fire-type sword recognize him as its master

“Thats not right.”

Lu Ke thought of something and exclaimed, “Your ice attribute… is a flame Three Days Frozen Calamity”

“Youre quite knowledgeable.”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered and his eyes focused again.

He realized that he didnt need to do much in a fight now.

After all, it didnt take him much effort to kill an enemy with his eyes.

“Infernal Heavens!”

He shouted in his heart.

The air, which had been lowered to a low temperature by the frozen power, instantly boiled.

The void instantly distorted.

The majestic infernal power raged.

The people below suddenly shivered.

This kind of pleasure of the two worlds of ice and fire…

“Big Brother, let us go.

We dont dare to do it anymore!”

Everyone wailed helplessly but it was useless.

Their energy reserve was still enduring the indescribable frozen power and their bodies were burning with extreme heat.

Their entire body was almost burning up, okay!

“What kind of ability is this!”

“Isnt this guy a swordsman How is he an ice-type”

“Forget about being an ice-type.

Now, tell me, he is still an extreme fire-type”


“Surprised, Passive Points, 128.”

“Feared, Passive Points, 149.”


Lu Ke subconsciously wanted to dodge.

However, how could he dodge the upgraded Infernal Heavens

Within the range of Xu Xiaoshous vision, even a Sovereign would spontaneously combust!

“Pu Pu!”

A slight sound came from the energy reserve.

The Infernal Heavenly Flames instantly burned through the energy reserve and burned through his entire body.

“Pu Pu.”

The flame made another sound and directly penetrated his body.

Its form was no longer invisible, but it was definitely… white flame!

At this moment, Lu Kes pupils constricted.

He realized that he had used all his methods, such as spiritual source, sword intent, Way of the Heavens…

All of them were unable to extinguish this strange white flame!

On the contrary, all of his methods were like adding fuel to the fire, all of them were ignited!

“What the hell is this”

Lu Ke raised his eyes in horror.

For the first time, panic finally appeared in his eyes.

“You want to fight with me”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed from afar and said indifferently, “Little brat, you know nothing about power!”


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