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Chapter 498: Long Time No See, Kid

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The world was desolate.

The sky was filled with a grayish-black destructive aura.

The crimson sky couldnt even shine on the space near the Spirit Fusion Swamp at this moment.

However, the first thing Xu Xiaoshou did was look at Ajes shoulder.

“Blood… ”

Even if he didnt walk over, he could still see the scene from his “Perception”.

Although Ajes back had already healed, the large patch of blood was still shocking.

Xu Xiaoshous gaze narrowed.

“Aje, hes bleeding…”

This seemed to be the first time he had seen Aje bleed

In the past, no matter how powerful the enemy he encountered was, he always had the appearance of an undefeatable war god.

He pretended to be weak when he met the weak and became stronger when he met the strong.

When he was really stubborn and attacked crazily, he would kill anyone who stood in his way!

But today.

This explosion allowed Xu Xiaoshou to see another side of Aje.

It was not omnipotent.

It was not much different from his own guess.

If he did not use the Power of the Higher Void, Ajes highest combat strength might be about the same as a Cutting Path.

And under the combination of the two extremes, he could destroy an ordinary Cutting Path under the explosion attack.

Even someone as strong as Aje had to pay a price to protect the small space where his Yuan Mansion was hidden.

“Ma Ma”

There was a hint of doubt in Ajes voice.

He seemed to be puzzled as to why his “Ma Ma” did not show the same joy as he did when they reunited after such a long time.

Xu Xiaoshou was silent.

He brought Aje out from Tianxuan Gate and watched him grow step by step.

He could clearly sense that Ajes spiritual intelligence was growing rapidly.

Apart from his usual emotionless calling, the current joy and confusion in its voice sounded so clear to him at this moment!

“Youve worked hard.”

Xu Xiaoshou patted Ajes head lightly.

He did not say anything and looked into the distance.

It was completely different from the scenery before he entered the underground world.

This time, it was as if the world had been completely overturned.

Other than the black sky and some spaces that had already repaired themselves, there was nothing else.

“Wheres the fire seed”

Standing in a space that could barely be considered safe, Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” was activated as he searched for his target.

Very soon, he saw it.

The milky white fire seed that had absorbed enough energy from the underground and broke out of the ground did not escape like most spiritual creatures.

On the contrary, it stayed in the sky and quietly released its power.

“It didnt run”

Xu Xiaoshou was a bit surprised.

This fire seed seemed to be obedient.

However, if one combined it with the scene of the Apocalypse from before, one would know.

Since this thing appeared in such a high-profile way, the word “obedient” couldnt be related to it.

After all, the condensing method of infernal heavens couldnt blow up the entire White Cave.

This move was merely a fuse.

What truly caused the world to turn upside down was the terrifying power of the fire seed itself, as well as…

The ice power!

“Right, what about over there”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly looked to the other side.

He remembered the instant when he had followed the fire seed out of the ground.

There was an icy aura in the world that could rival the infernal power.

As expected.

With this look, he saw an ice-blue flame under the shadow of an ancient tree that was upside down in the sky above the shattered void.

“Three Days Frozen Calamity”

Xu Xiaoshous pupils constricted, and he immediately understood.

This thing must be a precious treasure that even Yu Zhiwen admired.

If he didnt insist on going underground, perhaps, Yu Zhiwens target was also this cold flame!

The Three Days Frozen Calamity was also silent in the void.

It seemed to be facing the milky white fire seed, releasing its own power.

However, surprisingly, neither side made a move.

“Are they fighting”

Xu Xiaoshous expression was strange.

This kind of emotion that only exists in the human world, he could feel it clearly from these two treasures

This was simply absurd!

“Thats not right.”

“Although these two things have no humanity, their power is so terrifying.

They each may have a little bit of spiritual intelligence.”

“Therefore, under the mutual checks and balances between the ice and fire treasures, none of them are willing to retreat or give in.

This is the so-called leaving…”

“On the contrary, theyre both staying here”

Xu Xiaoshou was overjoyed.

What was he most afraid of

It was nothing more than the moment the fire seed was unearthed, it was like a famed sword Flame Python without any restraints, constantly yearning to fly freely.

And once the situation was like that…

He had delayed because of the explosion.

When he came out of Yuan Mansion again, it was very likely that he would not even be able to touch the shadow of the fire seed.

But now…



“Startled, Passive Points, 1.”

There was a sudden movement under his feet.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

Then, he heard a few painful growls.

Even though they were growls, Xu Xiaoshou was still shocked until his scalp went numb.

When he lowered his head, he saw the White Skeleton trying its best to turn its head upwards.

“Resisted, Passive Points, 1.”

With a sweep of his Perception, he could see that the White Skeleton, whose body was mostly buried in the spatial fragments, was now in a completely disintegrated state.

The explosion had caused its Sovereign Physique to rot.

However, this did not seem to be the fundamental reason for ending its combat strength.

In essence, because its body was too large, it had lost the cover of the safe space.

It lay in the spatial fragments and was constantly being cut by the squirming space.

Every move was equivalent to the terrifying output of the space blade.

The damage caused by the dislocation of space basically ignored physical defense.

Therefore, no matter how strong the White Skeletons body was.

When the space cracked, its body would also be cut apart.

And with such a large body…

Aje could choose a place to hide in the explosion.

The White Skeleton was obviously powerless!

“Roar –”

A weak and angry roar resounded.

Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly covered his ears.

He laughed.

Even if the White Skeleton had a complete head, it would be difficult for it to display any combat strength at this moment.

The white flame had a sufficiently powerful recovery speed.

But the White Skeleton was too big.

The recovery speed of the injuries on its physical body could not even compare to the speed at which the cracks on its body increased with time.

“Little fellow, you dare chase after me This is what you get!”

Xu Xiaoshou was immediately overjoyed and laughed wildly.

“Mycondensing method of infernal heavens blew you up so badly that your parents couldnt even recognize you.”

He vaguely remembered that back then, he had taken a glance inside the Heaven and Earth Great Array.

In the end, this big fellow was like a widow being spied on while taking a bath.

It directly rushed out of the Heaven and Earth Great Array from the white bone door and circled around half of the Spirit Fusion Swamp.

It chased after him for several hours.

Several hours!

God knows how he, Xu Xiaoshou, had managed to survive these past few hours!

Carrying Yu Zhiwen and fleeing in such a dangerous place like the White Cave, how thrilling was that.

If it wasnt for the White Cave map instructions in his mind…

If it wasnt for Yu Zhiwen waking up at the last moment…

If it wasnt for the two elders of the Zhang Mansion coming over…

Perhaps some special circumstances would really happen.

Xu Xiaoshou was very likely to be captured by this big fellow!

“What are you shouting for Quiet down!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately kicked down.

With a bang, the broken bones on the White Skeletons body were directly smashed into bone fragments.

However, these bone fragments were simply a drop in the ocean for their strong body.

They werent worth mentioning.

“What a good fellow.”

Xu Xiaoshou exclaimed in surprise.

As expected, a Master Physique was able to deal with a Sovereign Physique.

Even though this fellow became so weak, it was still unable to deal any substantial damage.

“Aje, follow me!”

Xu Xiaoshou flew to the front of the White Skeletons skull with a swoosh.

He was not afraid of the burning “Perception”.

As his mind was in great pain, he saw a spherical fire seed that was as tall as a person from within the skull.

“Advanced Infernal Fire Seed…”

Xu Xiaoshou held his head, and his eyes immediately widened.

It was so big!

Only a fire seed that he could not hold with his arms was worthy of being called the “Advanced Infernal Fire Seed”!

In just an instant, he was certain.

What was inside the White Skeletons skull was the prerequisite for him to cultivate the “white flame” and the “Dragon Melting Realm”.

Then, there was a problem.

“If whats inside the skull of the White Skeleton is the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed, then what is this”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyes again and looked at the milky white fire seed in the sky.

This milky white fire seed was about the same size as the Infernal Fire Seed, but its power and temperature had completely surpassed the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed by several levels.

Moreover, the power came from the same source!

With such an existence, even if Elder Sang came and saw it.

He would definitely be tempted!

“This is a treasure…”

“Ma M…”

Aje silently appeared behind Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand, and his emotionless voice fell.

“Knock its skull and help me to dig out the fire seed.”

He did not have a good impression of this big guy who only knew how to hammer people.


Facing Ajes fist that was coming, the White Skeleton actually cried out in fear.

It shook its head, trying to move its body away from the shattered space.

But it was impossible.

It was too big.

Its injuries were too severe.

Whatever it thought, its body could not react at all.

The only thing it could do was to tilt its head back as much as possible before Ajes fist landed.

“Roar Roar Roar!”

“Received Plea, Passive Points, 1.”

The information bar jumped.

Xu Xiaoshou was slightly stunned.

The next second, his expression returned to indifference.

He knew that this guy in front of him had spiritual intelligence.

But so what

The world was vast, and there were many things with spiritual intelligence.

But this guy only knew how to wreak havoc with its own strength and vent its emotions…

His life was as insignificant as grass!

If he had not turned back, Qu Qing-er and the others would have died long ago.

If he had not been there, Yu Zhiwen would have definitely died under that roar!

Taking a step back.

It was true that they had recklessly set foot into the Spirit Fusion Swamp, disturbing the White Skeleton first.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou was also at fault.

But so what

The strong preyed on the weak, and the fittest survived!

In this cruel environment, with Elder Sangs constant edification, Xu Xiaoshou was no longer the indecisive person he used to be.

He should be decisive, and he should die if he deserved it!

If he dared to chase after me, Xu Xiaoshou, he would have to pay a painful price!


Ajes fist landed on the White Skeletons skull.

The air currents in the air exploded.

A large number of bone fragments flew out.

What also flew out from the skull was actually a liquid-like infernal white flame.

“Be careful!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately pounced over and was about to suck away the white flame on Ajes hand.

Who knew that Ajes palm curled up.

The white flame instantly turned into light spots of energy and was directly absorbed into his body.

“Ma Ma”


Xu Xiaoshou stopped in his tracks.

“Thats right.

This kid fought with the White Skeleton for so long up there.

How could he not have a way to fight against the white flame”


Xu Xiaoshou sized up Ajes slightly swollen hand after he absorbed the energy.

He was a little surprised.

What kind of ability was this

The Infernal Heavenly Flames could burn anything.

This was the first time he had seen someone not use the Way of the Heavens to wrap the white flame and throw it away, but directly swallow it!


Xu Xiaoshou knew that Aje could absorb the monstrous power from the bronze carving piece.

But after seeing it today, he was completely sure.

It wasnt just the monstrous power.

He reckoned that as long as it was something in the form of energy, Aje might be able to absorb it!

Even the Power of the Higher Void…


Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to think about it anymore.

If he could also absorb the Power of the Higher Void…

Then how strong would Aje be

“The Holy Divine Palace…”

“Hallmaster Dao…”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered.

Even an existence like Aje could be developed.

Other than the first generation, the others could also be mass-produced…

Just how terrifying was the power of the Holy Divine Palace

“Roar Roar Roar!”

Cries of pain sounded once again.

“Received Plea, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head to look.

The White Skeleton was not dead yet.

There was a large hole in its skull.

However, the hole was adjacent to the white flame and was quickly recovering.

“Good fellow, you must be a cockroach.

With Ajes punch in his attack form, you are still not dead”


Xu Xiaoshou did not show any mercy at all.

Aje disappeared without a trace.

When he reappeared, he had already raised his more powerful fist and smashed it down on the wound.


At this moment, a bright light suddenly appeared in the distant sky.

The patterns of the spiritual array appeared from the direction of the Three Days Frozen Calamity.

Following that, an extremely low-temperature breeze blew past.

“Ill throw it!”

Xu Xiaoshou stood on the spot with goosebumps all over his body.

Being in a hot place and being swept by such a low temperature out of nowhere, he felt that the spiritual sources in his body were about to go into chaos.

However, in the next second, the light of the spiritual array in the distant sky dissipated.

Wherever the cold wind passed, half of the Spirit Fusion Swamp, including the shattered void, condensed into a thick layer of frost.

“Crack crack crack –”

It was like an ice age.

The previously dark image of the shattered space was suddenly covered in ice blue.

Ajes fist fell halfway, and even the White Skeleton underneath instantly turned into an ice sculpture.

Xu Xiaoshou was no exception.

When a bone-piercing chill seeped through his skin, he realized that he had already been frozen!

“Spiritual array!”

“Theres someone over there”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately thought of the grey mist figure he had seen in that direction.

But in the next second, he denied it.

The grey mist figure couldnt use a spiritual array, let alone an ice-type power.

Moreover, with the explosion earlier, it was too late for it to escape and save its own life.

How could it stay here


Who could it be

“Perception” probed.

Under the “Three Days Frozen Calamity”, in a frozen space, there was a sudden cracking sound.

Another White Skeleton that was 100 meters tall stood up!

“An Ice Blue White Skeleton”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He placed his “Perception” on the body of the Infernal White Skeleton in disbelief.

“So, its not alone”

His heart seemed to have suffered a critical hit.

Xu Xiaoshou had never expected that such a pair of behemoths would exist in such a small Spirit Fusion Swamp.

And the powers they possessed were completely opposite.

“Judging from this attack range, this Ice Blue White Skeleton is a real mage”

“Oh my God…”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

“Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh…”

The next second, the coldness broke through his defense and his muscles began to tremble.

It was too cold.

After being sealed for just a moment, Xu Xiaoshou felt that his muscles were beginning to die.

There was an unspeakable ice-type calamity power, and he was not afraid of his infernal aura at all.

He even carried the power of freezing his energy reserve and started to seal his meridians all the way to his energy center.

“Darn it!”

“Dont tell me Im going to die under this unknown little move”

His body couldnt move at all.

He couldnt use his finger swords.

He couldnt take out the bronze carving piece, and he couldnt transform into the Berserk Giant either.

As such, Xu Xiaoshou started to talk about changing his form to break through this terrifying layer of ice.

“Something is wrong with this ice-type power!”

Xu Xiaoshou felt a little drowsy.

He felt cold!

This sudden attack seemed casual, but the power it contained was too terrifying.

It was completely out of his range.

After being hit, Xu Xiaoshou realized that his passive skill, which was normally like a fish in water, seemed to have completely lost its effect…

It was completely useless!


“It can be saved!”

Xu Xiaoshou struggled to clear his spiritual altar.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through his mind, and golden spots of light appeared around him.

He wanted to use the “Exploding Posture” to directly explode this layer of ice.

Crack! Crack!

However, the golden light dots appeared less than an instant later.

No spiritual veins were appearing in the distance.

Just by relying on the remaining low temperature, Xu Xiaoshous exploding golden light was also frozen.

His face was as pale as death!

Despair appeared in Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

He completely didnt believe that he would be pushed into a desperate situation just like that…

But at this moment, there seemed to be no other way

“Somethings wrong.”

“Even that Ice Blue White Skeleton is at most at the peak of a Sovereign Stage.

It cant possibly possess such a power that can completely suppress my passive skill…”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that his brain was about to slow down, and his mind was about to collapse.

Suddenly, his gaze fixed on the ice-blue flower that had been quietly hanging in the air.

“Three Days Frozen Calamity!”

Thats right!

The ice calamity power in his body that completely suppressed his infernal aura was definitely the power of the “Three Days Frozen Calamity”.

With its support, the Ice Blue White Skeletons spiritual array could completely freeze him and…


Crack crack…

Ajes ice layer was loosening.

Obviously, it was also struggling inside.

But once the ice crack cracked, it was immediately sealed again.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that his eyelids became very heavy, but even his eyelids were frozen to the point that he couldnt close them.

He even realized that they were about to stiffen.

Aje… Aje couldnt break free


Forcing himself to focus on the “Three Days Frozen Calamity” again, Xu Xiaoshou became serious for the first time.

“Three Days Frozen Calamity!”

This thing was definitely not as simple as what Yu Zhiwen had described!

It could be seen from the fact that the Ice Blue White Skeleton could completely seal Aje with just a trace of its power…

At the very least, it had completely surpassed the “Advanced Infernal Fire Seed” and was on the same level as the milky white fire seed in the sky!

“There are others who can fight against a power that I cant!”

Almost at the instant, he thought of the milky white fire seed, Xu Xiaoshou forcefully raised his eyelids and placed his gaze on the fire seed in the air, which remained unmoved and silent.

“They have already used their power to provoke us, yet youre still standing there like a fool.

Go and fight them!”

He roared in his heart.

Xu Xiaoshous pupils dilated.

This entire world suddenly became an invisible oven to him.

This included the snow-capped mountains that had been blasted into pieces by the explosion, as well as the originally uneven terrain of the Spirit Fusion Swamp…

At this moment, the rivers, lakes, seas, ice, fire, wind, and thunder no longer had any substance.

In Xu Xiaoshous eyes, there was nothing else.

There was only the alchemy cauldron!

“Heaven and earth are furnaces, and nature is work…”

Chants sounded in his ears.

Xu Xiaoshou directly skipped the steps of refining the elixir and screamed in his heart.

“Condensing method of infernal heavens, condense it for me!”


An explosion sounded.

The milky white fire seed in the air could no longer remain calm.

It felt a majestic and thick Way of the Heavens energy directly gushing into its body.

After a huge tremor, it scattered in all directions and spurted out white lava.

A grayish-black destructive aura spread out from the lava.

When it flowed down from above, without even waiting for it to get close, Ajes ice layer exploded with a loud bang.

Following that, Xu Xiaoshou could feel the high temperature outside, as well as the icy force that trapped his body was gradually melting.

He struggled, and it was earth-shattering.


The magic staff in his hand directly shattered the ice layer under his feet.

Xu Xiaoshou flew out with lingering fear.



His teeth were chattering, and his face was pale.

After being sealed for just a moment, his entire body felt weak as if it had been hollowed out.

If he did not forcefully raise his strength, he even felt that his physical body was no longer his.

He crashed onto the ground with a loud bang.

Only then did Xu Xiaoshou realize that the nerves in his feet had already been frozen to death in this short time.

Even though he had the power of “Eternal Vitality” recovering, he was still unable to recover.

That wisp of ice-type calamity power that could not be removed from the mouth of his energy reserve was like the five decays of heaven and man forcefully hanging on his body, completely blocking off all the self-healing process of his body.

“What a guy…”

Xu Xiaoshou was truly shocked by the power of the “Three Days Frozen Calamity”.

He was already so strong.

That Ice Blue White Skeleton could restrain him to such an extent just by using a trace of frozen power

Xu Xiaoshou had seen the grey mist figure before.

Therefore, he already knew that the power that could restrain passive skills in the world did indeed exist.

However, throughout the entire journey, there was only one type of seal attribute.

Now, with the addition of the Three Days Frozen Calamity…

This thing could even restrain him to such an extent.

If he could take it down as well…

Then in the future, if he met someone that the infernal power failed to deal with, he would release this ice flame to burn them…

“Darn it, how dare you use the ice flame to deal with me You are mine now!”

Xu Xiaoshou did not even turn his head.

He did not even take the “Advanced Infernal Fire Seed”.

Under the coverage of his spiritual senses, he directly stored the powerless Infernal White Skeleton, along with its head and body, into his Yuan Mansion.

In the next moment, he charged in the direction of the Three Days Frozen Calamity.

“If I want to get the treasure, I have to get rid of this Ice Blue White Skeleton that is attacking from an extremely long distance first.”

“Otherwise, regardless of whether its the Three Days Frozen Calamity or the fire seed if this fellow uses an ice seal, I, Xu Xiaoshou, will die on the spot…”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered in his heart, and he directly locked onto his target without even turning his head back.

“Aje, follow me!”

“Ma Ma…”

Aje muttered in a low voice, indicating that he would never leave his side.

“Huo Huo!”

The Ice Blue White Skeleton looked at the two figures charging toward it, and after calling out two times without the slightest fluctuation of emotion, his hand speed directly increased to the maximum, instantly transforming into an endless afterimage in front of him.

Xu Xiaoshous eyeballs immediately popped out.

This hand that was the size of a small hill could still have such hand speed…

“Oh my God, so the two of you are not a couple”

“How many years have you been staying single!”


He did not dare to be careless.

As Xu Xiaoshou flew, he used all his strength to ignite his infernal power.

In the past, he was afraid that if he used all his strength, his Infernal Heavenly Flames would burn his enemies to ashes.

Now, he was afraid that if he moved too slowly, he would turn into an ice sculpture before his body started to heat up.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz…

When they were still some distance away, Xu Xiaoshou found out in despair that the patterns of ten spiritual arrays had completely appeared in front of the Ice Blue White Skeleton.


It wasnt a half-finished product.

It was complete!

This guys hand seals were too fast.

The two barely set off, and this fellow combined ten formations into one.

In the next second, the “Three Days Frozen Calamity” hanging in the void hummed and trembled slightly, as if it was about to release its terrifying ice power that could wreak havoc in the entire Spirit Fusion Swamp.


Right at this moment.

Dense gray mist surged out from the void, instantly enveloping the Ice Blue White Skeletons massive body as well as the “Three Days Frozen Calamity” that was about to release its power.

The world suddenly fell silent.

Once the power of the seal was released, even if it was a dragon or a tiger, it had to lie down!

Even though he knew that the attack in front of him had stopped and that it was the best time to retrieve the treasure, Xu Xiaoshou still acted as if he was facing a great enemy.


His pupils constricted and his footsteps paused.

Then, he pulled on Aje with all his might.

As expected.

The next second.

“Tch tch…”

The grey mist figure staggered out from the void.

It seemed to be a little weak, but the effect was not great.

Stepping directly on the head of the Ice Blue White Skeleton, the grey mist figure looked down at the familiar figure below.

“Kid, long time no see”


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